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30 Baby Names that Have Terribly Unfortunate Meanings


You’ve found the perfect name. It’s cute, it’s unique, it’s easy to spell. But, the baby name meaning? “Deformed Head.”


Back to the baby name drawing board.

Cute name, shame about the meaning

If you are on the hunt for a baby name, make sure you always CHECK THE MEANING before filling out any birth certificate forms. You never know what strange backstory your baby’s name may have. 

Here are a few seemingly cute baby names that you may not want to use after discovering what they mean. 

Nightmarish names

Akuji – “Dead and awake”

Lilith – “Night monster”

Makai – “Hell” 

Azazel – “Evil demon”

What lovely names for your little devil/zombie baby. 

Appearance is everything 

Kennedy – “Deformed head”

Courtney – “Short nose”

Calvin – “Bald”

Brendan – “Stinking hair”

Cameron – “Crooked nose”

Campbell – “Crooked mouth”

Gideon – “Having a stump for a hand”

We don’t know which one of these is worse – Stumpy Hand or Stinky Hair. 

The sad factor

Lola – “Lady of sorrows”

Cessair – “Sorrow”

Mary and Molly – “Bitter”

Brennan – “Descendant of sorrow”

Mallory – “Unlucky”

Claudia – “Lame”

Huxley – “Inhospitable place”

Ares – “Ruin”

Animal instincts

Portia – “Pig”. 

Coriander – “Bed bug”. 

Byron – “Cowshed”. 

Caleb – “Dog”.

Evil is out there

Persephone – “To murder” 

Sidero – “Evil nymph” 

Mara – “She whose singing lures men to destruction” 

Samael – “Venom of God”

Arron – “Slaughter”

Rue – “Regret”

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