BABY NAMES: Find the Perfect Baby Name with our Roundup of over 1000 Baby Name Ideas

Looking for the perfect baby name but not sure what it is yet? You want something vintage but original, something that’s not on the top 100 baby name list and that comes with a cute meaning. Perhaps something to honour your heritage, your child’s birth month, or even a miscarriage before you were blessed with a baby?

You’ve come to the right place, my friends, because this is the place where ALL baby names live. Some are sweet, some are strong, some are strange, and probably not worth adding to your list (but definitely worth a giggle). Whatever you’re after, you’ll find it on our baby name lists.

Take your time, peruse through the thousands of names your leisure and good luck in your hunt for your perfect baby name. It’s a big decision!

The Most Popular Names 

Popular baby names 2020 predictions
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Let’s start the search for your perfect baby name with the most popular baby name lists of the past few years. Many parents are concerned that their faves are also everyone else’s faves and their child might end up in a classroom with five other kids with the same name. #happensallthetime. 

Here’s what other parents are naming their kids.

The Trending Names 

Another important thing to consider when naming your baby is whether it’s quickly becoming a favourite.

Names like Ezra, Arlo, Theo, Archie, Luna, Millie and Aria, for example, aren’t in the top 10, but they are becoming more and more popular every year. Below are a few names that experts predict will be big this year.

2020: The year of Covid (and Covyds)

lockdown baby name trends

There’s no denying the elephant in the room when it comes to 2020 … we’re looking at you COVID! We see you, and, as expected, the global pandemic has played a massive role in baby names as well.

Mum Central’s picks for baby names

baby names birth month

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to baby names but below are a few that we especially love over at Mum Central. Do you agree?

And our picks for the weirdest names out there

You can’t have a baby name bible and NOT include these bizarre baby names. Definitely worth a read and a giggle!

Names inspired by…

If you want to name your baby something with meaning, below are a few baby name lists that may help you decide.

august babies

Grandparents: Vintage baby names

Such as Millie, Violet, Hattie, Winnie, Theo, Harvey, Artie and Vinnie.

Royals: Regal baby names

Such as George, Victoria, Arthur, Amelia and Frederick.

Nature: Names inspired by plants, food, animals and bodies of water

Such as Lyric, Everest, Avalon, Bronte, Poppy and Bodhi.

Rock Stars and a love of rock and roll

Such as Zepplin, Hendrix, Lennon, Florence, Stevie and Diesel

Disney characters: A whole new world of cute baby names

Such as Flynn, Jessie, Nala, Cleo, Felix and Hera.

Disney baby names, belly beautiful portraits
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Alcohol: Name your bub after your favourite tipple, if you dare!

Such as Stella, Summer, Syrah, Hunter, Jameson and Jager.

The 80s: Calling all Coreys!

Such as Jovi, River, Kylie, Dylan, Bastain, Milo and Sloane.

Footy: Love AFL or NRL? ‘Try’ these names

Such as Easton, Maverick, Kade, Tristan and Korbin.

Your child’s birth month and seasons

Such as August, Wynter, Emmy, Luna, Holly and Archer.

Loss or stillbirth: Rainbow baby names

rainbow baby names

A rainbow baby is a baby born after a loss (miscarriage, stillbirth or terminated for medical reasons) and a popular way to honour your lost baby within your next child’s name. Such as Iris, Mira, Chance and Mia.

Geography: Names that hit home

Such as Tasman, Logan, Bowen, Victor, Jarrah and Tilly.

Naming in general

best baby names of all time

Real-life naming stories

Get some inspiration from these interesting name choices. Parents in the past have chosen to name their kids after hurricanes, pasta, breakfast food and Halloween. And, check out Usain Bolt’s baby’s name – GOLD!

We hope our baby name lists help you uncover the perfect name for your little one.

We’d love to hear your choice in the comments below.

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