8 Biggest Benefits of Drinking Water – What Is Your Body Missing Out On?

Ladies, if there’s one promise you make yourself in 2023, let it be that you WILL be drinking more water. The benefits of drinking water are HUGE, from a better mood to glowing skin and even helping lose weight, hydration REALLY matters. So let’s dig deep and ask ourselves … how much water do I REALLY drink each day?

How much water should women drink every day?

Recommendations can vary by a cup or two but the consensus is that adult women need to drink around 8 to 10 cups of water a day – that’s at least two litres of water for those trying to convert the water bottle math.

Breastfeeding mamas, you need a few cups more than the average woman to compensate for the extra water the body uses to make milk. After all, breast milk is more than 80% water. A handy rule to have is when baby drinks, mum drinks. Cheers!

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8 brilliant benefits of drinking water

Many of us don’t find water to be at all satisfying to drink, downing a glass only when super thirsty. But now is the time to nip that habit in the bud, your body (and mind) will thank you! Hydration is SO important. Check out below the eight amazing benefits of drinking water has on our bodies – from our moods to our waistbands and beyond.

1. Improved mood

It’s easy to think that being moody comes with the territory of being an overworked, sleep-deprived mum – and you’re right, being a mum is a hard gig! But dehydration plays a role in low mood and can make you feel depressed, nervous, confused and an all-around grump. So, drink up!

2. Water boosts your energy

If keeping up with the kid’s energy levels is becoming harder and harder, you should know that the first sign of dehydration is the feeling of tiredness. One of the biggest benefits of drinking water is that it helps enzymatic activity, producing more energy and putting the pep back in your step.

benefits of drinking water
One of the benefits of drinking water is MORE ENERGY to move your body! Source: Bigstock

3. Puff-mummy be gone

Puffiness in your face, dark circles and under-eye bags are all commonly caused by water retention. Whatever the reason – up all night feeding your baby, too many celebratory drinks or a love of yummy salty food, your water bottle will help. Drinking more water helps flush out waste from your system, reduces puffiness and helps restore your youthful glow.

4. Headaches

Thought being tired, eye strain and stress tension were causing your headaches? Maybe not. In most cases, headaches are caused by dehydration. Simple, but true. Reach for a glass of water more often and prevent those annoying niggling headaches and taking gross painkillers.

5. Weight loss and being less hungry

More often than we care to acknowledge, we think we’re hungry when we are actually thirsty. It’s reported drinking water and weight loss are closely connected so if you’re trying to shed some of those Christmas kilos, be mindful of drinking enough water throughout the day. Your body will thank you!

Benefits of drinking water
Drinking enough water can even contribute to shifting unwanted weight. Source: Bigstock

6. Water is nature’s anti-wrinkle

The benefits of drinking water include this favourite – proper hydration plumps your skin, fills in subtle lines and wrinkles while brightening up your complexion. Head to the rainwater tank for a refill instead of booking that botox or filler!

7. Hydration eases joint pain

Water is your body’s joint and muscle lubricant! If you’ve been feeling pain in your muscles and joints, don’t underestimate the benefits of drinking water to ease things up by moving nutrients through your blood as well as moving waste out of joints faster. Grab the kids and a water bottle, Park Run here we come!

8. Your fake tan will last longer

If you’ve stripped down to a paper G-string and bared all for a stranger to spray tan your body, you bet you’ll do anything to keep that tan in tip-top condition for as long as possible. Drinking water helps keep your skin hydrated and won’t shed as fast, preventing patchiness and holding onto your tan colouring for longer. Remember that this summer, you bronzed Goddess.

benefits of drinking water
Lift your mood and your spray tan lasts longer – just two benefits of drinking water!  Source: Bigstock

Making drinking water less of a bore

Two litres of water EVERY DAY is daunting if you’re not used to it. Once you realise how much better your body is going to function and feel from ALL the benefits of drinking water, you’ll be keen to start working on your hydration straight away. Here are some helpful tips to improve your water-drinking habits:

  1. If room-temperature water isn’t your jam, try drinking ice-cold water in an insulated cup.
  2. Drink hot water instead of coffee. Your body needs MORE water to metabolise a cup of coffee, so that kettle water doesn’t count, sorry!
  3. Set hourly drink reminders on your phone to have a quick guzzle or glass of water.
  4. Carry a water bottle with you, just as you would your phone. Reach for your phone and reach for a sip!
  5. Keep track of how much you have drunk – and still have to drink – by prefilling a day’s worth of water bottles. One look in the fridge and you can easily see where your water consumption is at throughout the day.
  6. Get yourself a cool, motivating water bottle such as the gorgeous selection from 8 a Day Hydration with tracking on the side to motivate drinking and a flip or sip lid or the  Ion 8 LeakProof Motivator Drink Bottle 1L, $29.99. Just drink to the line and time!
  7. Finally, in a somewhat clever twist, you can get water from food as well as drinks. Water-rich foods like cucumbers, watermelon, tomatoes and carrots will add to your water consumption tally.

There you have it, ALL the brilliant benefits of drinking water and the effects it has on our mum-bods!

Who’s joining me in vowing to drink more of the clear stuff (water, that is, not gin or vodka) this year? For those who are already blitzing the hydration trail, what’s your secret to keeping on track? Let us know in the comments below!

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