8 Reasons Five-Year-Olds Are Fabulous

Looking into the eyes of your newborn you know that in a blink of an eye she’ll be a stroppy teenager. Thankfully, there are the pre-school years in between to soften the blow.

From bouncing baby to tantrum-throwing two-year-old, but then your cutie pie turns five. And this is when the fun really starts …

Yes, it’s completely normal to forever wish for the ‘next phase’ of your child’s life. Because there’s the delusional idea that “it’ll be easier”. But in reality, it’s just different. Not simpler. No less work. Just different.

Yet the change from infant to pre-schooler is by far THE BEST. Why? Because now the real fun begins. Your little ‘big girl’ is full of excitement and incredibly funny. (Just not so much when she’s smearing toothpaste all over her bedroom – or the poor dog’s face.)

Here are just some of the many reasons that five-year-olds are freaking fabulous.

1. Best friends

Your five-year-old’s super friendly, no sh*ts to give nature sees her making friends with everyone at the park/beach/ pub beer garden/supermarket. It doesn’t matter what age the other person is, who they’re with or even what language they speak – your pre-schooler will make them a friend in a heartbeat. And it’s pretty heartwarming to watch!

2. The confidence to shine

If only you could bottle and sell (or spritz it all over yourself) their confidence. I love that my five-year-old will get herself dressed and then check out her reflection in the mirror and say, “I look FABULUS”.

Yes, my darling … you really do!

little girls best friends wearing sunnies

3. Full-size determination

While also a tad frustrating from time to time, particularly when you’re in a rush – or just not in the mood – my daughter’s determination is amazing. Her determination to carry her own dinner plate to the table (even though half of the food ends up on the floor). The determination to buckle her own seatbelt. It takes three times as long for her to do it in comparison to me doing it and she’s most keen to do it when I’m running late. Ah, fun times!

4. Unwavering love

My 11-year-old doesn’t mind a cuddle. Sometimes. But it’s not the same as cuddling a squishy five-year-old. Who smells of toothpaste, has chocolaty hands and continues to chatter and giggle through an entire ten-minute cuddle session on the sofa. #mummylove

mum and little girl hugging

5. Fabulous and funny

By the time your kid reaches pre-school age, they’re starting to develop a sense of humour. This is THE BEST. Whether they’re pulling faces in the most inappropriate places, like when you’re talking to the school headmaster, throwing out hilarious phrases or asking the funniest questions at the dinner table – five-year-olds make every day fun.

6. Big curiosity

As my daughter grows more independent and can verbalise even better, her curiosity grows. Like when you’re preparing dinner and she stands by your side asking: “What’s that?” “What are you doing?” “What are we having for dinner?” “What are you doing now?” “Why is the carrot orange?”

My reply: “Why do I love you so much?”

little girl dressed as princess playing in castle

7. Full of surprises

My daughter constantly surprises me. It might be with things she’s learned in school, her quick-witted response to a question, her bravery or even her fear.

The other day she was freaking out because her older brother had told her there was a bug on her back. I’ve seen her happily pick up ants and worms in the garden, but the fear on her face was real.

Sometimes five-year-olds are so brave. They act like such ‘big people’ that you forget they’ve only been on the planet for five short years. It’s not a bad thing to be reminded of their vulnerability and their need for a Big. Fat. Cuddle.

8. Bring out the big kid

Five-year-olds’ fun, sheer excitement and sense of adventure bring out the big kid in you. Us adults are waay too serious sometimes. Okay, most of the time. When you have a pre-schooler you find yourself randomly singing Baby Shark while out with friends. You become immersed in the colouring-in you’re doing. You even catch yourself talking to the teddy bears on the bed as you’re tidying up the bedroom – because that’s what your little girl does.

And you know what, there’s nothing wrong with channeling your inner child. Rolling around on the floor while singing “Let it be” is an awesome way to forget about all the tedious grown-up stuff we have to deal with!

mum and daughter playing dress up

Of course, when you have school-aged children mornings can be a challenge. Here’s our cheat sheet for surviving school mornings. Knowing how to put a positive spin on negative situations is also helpful when you’re living with a five-year-old. And why not channel your little one’s determination with a few household chores for kids of every age. Now who’s laughing?

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