8 Unsuspecting and Clever Places to Hide Your Treat Stash!

Prying eyes got your stash? Isolation means fewer trips to the shop so our indulgences are even more sacred! Tough times call for tough measures so here’s 8 clever places to stash your sweet loot from the sweet tooth monster!

With everyone home and the kitchen being a whirlwind of activity day in, day out, I’ve developed a new fear. No it’s not that I’ll run out of flour or rice. It’s more self-indulgent than that. It’s that my pantry chocolate stash is going to be discovered ANY DAY.

Yes, that’s right. The treats that I buy JUST FOR ME. The treats that I buy NOT to share. Judge if you will, I can take it. But for those of us who need NEW secure treat hiding places, I’VE GOT YOUR BACK!

If you have stuff to stash, now isn’t the time to start that iso decluttering. Without further ado, grab your loot and let’s set off around the house hiding the bejeebus out of them.

8 hiding places for clever mums to stash their chocolate treats

1. The vegetable crisper

Like your chocolate cold? An oldie but a goody – the vegetable crisper is a sure fire winner. Hide it under a cabbage or something equally as unappealing to anyone looking for a quick snack and your treat stash can go undetected for weeks!

treat hiding places
The vegetable crisper – fools them every time. Source: supplied

2. Vegetable bag in the freezer

An excellent hiding spot, though the downside is your delicious treats will be frozen solid. What are the chances of anyone sticking their hand in the corn cob bag? #zerochancesofbeingbusted

treat hiding places
Genius – heroes do wear capes. Corn bag capes. Source: supplied

3. In with your pads or tampons

Level 1000 in the hiding ‘treat hiding places’ stakes. Particularly if you live with all boys, this hiding hack is pretty much like landing on Free Parking in the game of Monopoly. No one wants to go near mums pads or tampons. Ewwww. *eye roll*

treat hiding places
The most solid hiding hack of them all. Source: supplied

4. Dog food/treat box housing

If there’s no fear of anyone else feeding the dog, your delicious haul is perfectly safe within the dog treat box.

treat hiding places
Treats for all! Source: supplied

5. In the pantry (disclaimer: risky)

This is probably the riskiest of treat hiding places, given that currently, the pantry is a VERY high traffic area. There’s merit in sneakiness. A box of cereal no one likes so never gets reached for – PERFECT. No one at home drinks tea, it’s purely for visitors? EXCELLENT.

treat hiding places
Risky business in the pantry, but doable. Source: supplied

6. In the bookshelf

This can go two ways – you can hide stuff BEHIND the books or if there’s no room for that, IN with the books. The benefits to reading guys are HUGE.

treat hiding places
Hiding in plain sight on the bookshelf. Source: supplied

7. Tea towel drawer

Unless you have people rushing to help with the dishes, you’re GOOD TO GO with the tea towel drawer. Just to be on the safe side, do go at least a few tea towels deep. You never know your luck!

treat hiding places
Tea towel drawer – SNEAKY. Source: supplied

8. Back of the underwear drawer

Your underwear drawer is kind of an obvious safe spot for hiding anything, but one that should be noted of nonetheless.

treat hiding places
Chocolate bras, YES PLEASE. Source: supplied

We’d love to hear where you’re stashing your sweets or if we’ve hit all of your top hiding spots!

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