We love a good baby name blunder here at Mum Central and in recent years, we’ve seen a fair few cheeky name choices. There’s been baby Pancake, baby Frankenstein (born on Halloween), baby Abcde and baby Sanitiser in honour of Covid-19. I know. The Worst.

Anyhoo, we’ve discovered another baby name blunder that’s too tasty not to share, especially if you happen to love pasta!

The name: Elizabeth

A classic, vintage and pretty name. One of the most popular names, in fact, for over 100 years. But the loving new parents decided to pair baby Elizabeth with another pretty choice Anya, in honour of Grandma.

The new mum shared this information on Reddit:

Reddit post

Liz Anya 

Elizabeth Anya. Except Elizabeth actually goes by Liz because cute nicknames are all the rage.

So what are we left with? Liz Anya.

Say it out loud with me. Liz. Anya. Las-agna! 

Parents decide to change name

The new parents didn’t seem to take notice of their baby name blunder but it didn’t take long for the extended family to work it out and start calling the baby Lasagna. Worried she will forever be known as a dinner staple, the new parents have decided to legally have her middle names switched around.

Of course, this isn’t the first time parents have made a baby name blunder. Amy Schumer named her kid Gene Atell which is so obviously “genital”. She’s since changed his middle name to David. Wise choice.

But our all-time favourite baby name blunder has to be the time an American couple decided it would be a good idea to name their 14th son Finley Sheboygan. She. Boy. Gan.

Nope. Nothing wrong (or bogan) about that. Nothing at all.

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