9 Tips to Taking Great Photos of Your Kids

Photographing children can be a challenge when you first start out. Here’s our top photography tips for taking great photos of your kids!

1. Get down to their level.

There is nothing more daunting than someone looking down on you, so get done to their level and mirror their body language. They will feel much more comfortable. In saying this though don’t forget to play with different angles of view as well.

2. Play!

A Kids job is to play as much as they can and have as much fun as they can each day. It’s what they seek out. So find ways of interacting with them that is fun and make sure they can enjoy having their photo taken.

3. No camera face.

I don’t know when it happens but kids get trained early to do camera face!! “Smile for mummy” or “Say Cheese” is not what they want to hear. We want actual happy faces, or sad faces, or funny faces, but not camera face. Again this can be fixed by having a great time and enjoying the shoot.

4. Leave all forms of dignity and concern for how you might look around others at the door.

Kids like to be entertained by a clown and if that what it takes do it, be silly, be fun, be crazy, who cares what you look like while you’re doing it!! It’s the result of a great shot at the end that matters.

5. Choose the best light before the best background.

Look for beautiful light. Look for light that will complement what you are shooting. Amazing backgrounds can be found everywhere but brilliant light is going to make your images amazing.

6. Be Quick.

Kids have a short attention span, have a plan of where and what you will try with them, if something isn’t working just move on. Kids are not always willing to do what we ask of them so if they don’t want to do something don’t make them, move on to something else.

7. Always be aware of safety.

It’s great to do fun things and have a great time but above all make sure that the kids are always doing safe things in a safe environment. Be adventurous but you are still the adult here so safety should always be in your mind.

8. Wear your running shoes.

Don’t try to photograph kids in restrictive or inappropriate clothing, be comfortable so that you can do all the fun stuff we have already talked about.

9. Finally, Take the time to take a deep breath every now and then.

Sometimes within the chaos of the shoot you just need a moment clear your thoughts and think straight. And above all have fun with photography. Every time you photograph your kids it will be different and you will discover new things you do.

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