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A Different Take on Newborn Photos. This Hospital is Dill-ivering Baby Pickles!

A hospital is dressing their newborn babies up as sweet pickles. While they sure do make cute newborn photos, it’s likely I will never sink my teeth into a dill pickle EVER AGAIN.

Pickles – you either love them or you don’t, but these newborn photos of babies dressed as pickles have us wanting allllll the pickles. Plus extra!

But why are they dressed as pickles? Read on to find out!

Picklesburgh is a BIG dill

2019 marks the 5th annual Picklesburgh weekend, bringing all the pickle lovers to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! A food event unlike any other, Picklesburgh celebrates ALL things pickles. There are vendors serving delectable delights including fried pickles, pickle cupcakes, pickle jerkey, pickle slushies (ewww), even pickle cocktails.

And then there are pickle babies…

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Baby pickles dill-ivered just in time

Pickle juice cocktails aside, it’s the local hospital’s contribution to Picklesburgh which we love best! The folks at UPMC Magee Womens Hospital are dressing freshly dill-ivered (see what I did there?) babies as TINY SWEET PICKLES. And boy, do they make the cutest newborn photos!

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Every newborn bub in the nursery is adorned in a ‘special dill-ivery’ onesie and topped with a gherkin-green coloured beanie and swaddle bag (complete with knobbly gherkin bobbles) to celebrate their timely Picklesburgh arrival.

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If catching a glimpse through the maternity ward nursery window of the line-up of adorable baby pickles doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, then I don’t know what will.

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The sweetest hospital newborn photoshoot EVER

We all have those first newborn photos, little burrito babies wrapped tightly in a hospital-issued baby blanket to mark their arrival into the world, so imagine the delight at being able to send a snap of your very own pickle out to the world, what fun!

newborn photos
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DIY fun newborn photos

Of course, we Aussies aren’t likely to be delivering a Picklesburgh baby unless relocation is on the cards, but don’t let that stop you from having some newborn dressing up fun! We adored this Toy Story newborn photoshoot and let’s not forget these stunning Christmas photoshoots featuring babies and Kmart goods (two of our greatest loves, right there!).

But wait, there’s MORE on the pickle front

Indeed, there’s extra good news for those who REALLY love pickles – the person who can chug a litre of pickle juice the fastest at the event is crowned mayor of Picklesburgh. ALL HAIL PICKLESBURGH!

For even more newborn baby laughs, check out our post on babies with teeth, we promise you’ll find it hilarious!

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