Growing up what was the one thing you wanted more than anything?

A Sega Genesis? A Totally Hair Barbie? Probably yes to both. But also, a cubby house!

It’s been 25 long years since Sega and Totally Hair Barbie were must-have items on every kid’s wish list, which is ironically the same amount of time Aarons has been making fantastic cubby houses for kids. But unlike our fave toys of the 80s and 90s, cubby houses never seem to go out of style.

I loved ours growing up and, 25 years later (give or take), my kids LOVE theirs too.

Cubby houses provide kids with an amazing outdoor space, encourage imaginative play, help build coordination and strength and are the landscape of countless positive childhood memories.

If you’re thinking about adding a cubby house to your backyard, then we highly recommend having a closer look at Aarons Outdoor Living, your all-Aussie choice for the best in cubby houses for kids.

We even have a way for you to ENTER TO WIN AN AARONS VILLA CUBBY HOUSE (details at the bottom of the page). 

Aarons Cubby House double cubby
Cubby house goals with this mega cubby house from Aarons Outdoor Living

5 reasons why kids (and parents) need a cubby

1. Gives kids a place to call their own

Sure, they have their bedrooms, but a cubby house gives your child his or her own space, a safe sanctuary to be alone and a chance to organise their stuff just the way they want it. This little bit of freedom and responsibility at a young age can do wonders for kids.

inside aarons cubby house
Pretend play comes to life in an Aarons cubby house

2. A cubby house nurtures imaginative play

Cubby houses are more than just houses. They are castles in the mountains, boats splashing along a river or spaceships hurling into new galaxies. They provide kids with a base to let their imaginations take them anywhere they want and a secret getaway that is only a few metres from their back porch.

Smiles all around in the Castle Cubby

3. Great for coordination and strength

You can get cubby houses that are elevated or come with all sorts of outdoor play equipment to help strengthen little bodies, develop coordination skills and improve critical thinking. We’re talking ropes, monkey bars, swings, rock walls, fireman poles, slides and scramble nets – to name a few.

A ladder, slide and rockwall – the trifecta of cubby house fun in the beautiful Taj Mahal

4. A cubby house encourages outdoors play  

Put down the iPads and go play outside! With a cubby house in the backyard, you won’t have to ask them twice. It gives them a reason to be outside, to play in the backyard and to connect with nature.

A cubby house for the ultimate outdoor fun

5. Promotes hours of play!

And we all know how important play is for kids. Cubby houses are great for independent play, for shared play with siblings or friends and even for parental play. That’s one of the things we love most about Aarons Cubbies  – they are tall enough for mum and dad to easily fit inside too!

Aarons Cubby House Manor
Room for the whole family in the Manor Cubby

Why Aarons Cubby Houses

There are heaps of cubby houses on the markets these days. But none boast the same standard in quality as Aarons.

It’s the little things that count

Hardwood trims. Kid-friendly treated pine inside and out. An internal height of 1.9m for adults to play too. Quality Colourbond roofing and trims. These are only some of the things that make Aarons stand out from the pack. Aarons’ cubby houses are made in Australia, using quality Australian materials.

Aarons Cubby house australia
The elegant Castle cubby house

10 amazing styles to choose from 

From the modest cottage to the towering Taj Majal, Aarons delivers heaps of cubby house options at different price points to suit your budget and your backyard. Every cubby is slightly different in style, size and design. The Cottage, Tower and Lookout are great space-saving options while the Playhouse, Taj Majal, Palace and Castle are supersized for extra play space.

The Villa Cubby, which we happen to be giving away, is an ideal mid-range size for playtime, with its own deck, windows all around the playhouse and 1.7m by 2.6m of imaginative space.

The Villa Cubby House
The Villa Cubby House is perfect for kids and adults!

Five elevation heights and heaps of extras 

You can also choose to elevate your cubby to five different heights. This means you can put in a slide, add a sandpit underneath or include a rock wall.

There are also plenty of extras to add to your cubby too – letterboxes, skylights, boat wheels, even serveries, not to mention climbing apparatus like monkey bars, scramble nets and fireman’s poles. These are only some of the extras you can get to inspire imaginations and build their climbing skills.

Cubby Houses from Aarons
Elevate and add-on to build your dream cubby, like this Castle Cubby

Durable all-weather play

Aarons cubby houses are built to last. And we’re not just talking a couple of years here. They can last through the rough and tumble of generations of your family, sun, wind, heavy rain, ALL the weather.  They will continue to enhance your outdoor area, add value to your property and most importantly, enrich your lifestyle for years and years to come.

All-weather play in the natural elevated Bungalow Cubby

Have a look at all of the amazing cubby houses at Aarons Outdoor Living.  Plus, you can also buy now, pay later with up to 48 months interest-free with ZipMoney – click here to find out more.

Engage your kids in outdoor play and watch in wonder as their little imaginations run wild. With 10 cubby styles to chose from, five elevations plus plenty of optional add-ons to create your own unique house – your kids’ dream cubby awaits!

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Here’s how to WIN an Aarons Cubby House for Christmas!

GIVEAWAY CHANCE It’s time to get the kids to put their colouring skills to the test for a second chance to enter this amazing competition. All you have to do is follow the steps:

1. Simply click the Find Out More button below and download the competition entry form.
2. Let the kids go wild with their fave pencils/markers/crafty bits and let them work their wonder.
3. Drop it into any Aarons Outdoor location.



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  1. My kids would LOVE to get grubby, in their own little cubby! Outdoor play, everyday! Thanks Aaron’s for the chance at this AMAZING prize, whoever wins will get the BEST surprise!
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