5 Ways to Find Your “Me Time”

Do you find yourself daydreaming about all of the lovely things you could do if only you had an ounce of ‘me time’?  There’s yoga, dinner with friends, a cheeky weekend away, or just sitting at the beach and enjoying the quiet.

Once you become a mum ‘me time’ goes out the window – along with g-strings, romantic dinners, sexy nightwear and any remote possibility of five-minutes peace. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The most annoying part of it all is that it’s not until you’re robbed of any time to yourself that you realise just how important ‘me time’ is. #mumlife

Of course, the good news is that once it’s gone it’s not impossible to get back, unlike those perky pre-baby breasts and tight pelvic floor muscles! (Darn you kids!)

How to reclaim your ‘me time’

First off, ditch the guilt.

Yes, we know, as soon as you start thinking or planning a few moments, let alone a complete weekend, of ‘me time’ the guilt kicks in.

It’s just SO easy to slip into any of these thoughts:

  • I should be doing the laundry/shopping/cleaning/cooking, instead of thinking of doing something for me
  • I should be spending my time playing with the kids, instead of planning my own ‘me time’
  • I don’t even deserve ‘me time’, hubby works hard too

OUR ADVICE: For Pete’s sake, ditch the negative thoughts and instead focus on all the positives your ‘me time’ will being every freaking one of your family members.

When you get your well-deserved (don’t you dare think otherwise) ‘me time’ you can give back to the family in so many ways. You will:

  • Have heaps of energy to play with the kiddies, pick up their sh*t, without losing your sh*t and do the housework (maybe even with a smile, instead of a scowl on your face)
  • Be happy and less shouty
  • Appreciate your kids and your hubby more (Yes, even when they’re being super annoying and/or lazy)
  • Be you again (As opposed to ‘Mum’, taxi driver, chief cook, nose wiper, etc)

Now that you realise that ‘me time’ isn’t just great for you, it’s good for your fam bam too, here are five ways to claim some time to yourself.

1. A night or a weekend away – no kids allowed

Just imagine a weekend away, eating, drinking, staying up late and lying in the following day. Ah bliss! A girly weekend away (aka ‘mumcation‘) is the perfect way to get a fully-loaded dose of ‘me time’. Think long walks in the great outdoors without the kids whinging they’re tired, long lunches without mopping up spilled drinks and no pre-bedtime meltdowns. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Woman driving away in car waving me time

2. A day (or even an hour) at the spa

Bliss out with friends or alone at your local day spa or beauty salon. A full body massage will soothe every bit of tension, while a facial will leave you looking refreshed and youthful. If you’re strapped for time, which let’s face it, most of us mums are, even a 30-minute pedicure will have you walking on air.

me time woman at day spa

3. Dinner with girlfriends

It’s official, mums need to go out with friends for health and happiness. Science says so and who are we to argue? Book that fancy restaurant or go to that swanky new bar in town for the sake of your wellbeing. Heck, even a night at the local pub is better than being at home and having to deal with kid sh*t. Plus, you get to dress up (even if it’s in your favourite jeans), maybe wear a little (or a lot) of makeup and zhuzh up your hair. Add a spritz of perfume and you’ll feel like a new woman. Now go enjoy yourself.

Evenings too hard? Go for a champagne breakfast with your friends. Take your time and enjoy not having to do the dishes afterward.

women having dinner

4. Create an at-home serenity zone

‘Me time’ doesn’t have to mean spending a wad of cash. You can just as easily grab some ‘me time’ in the comfort of home. All you need is a bath, bath soak (bath oil or Epsom salts are also fine), candles, your fave tunes, glass/bottle of wine (optional) and a lock for the bathroom door (This is a must!). Enjoy the peace and quiet of soaking in the bath, humming to your most-loved music and sipping on wine. If the kids knock on the door asking for food, water or any other necessity – just ignore them. Unless, of course, there’s no other adult in the house, they’re under the age of 10 or they sound like they really do need you!

woman in bath me time serenity

5. Go for a beach walk

There’s not much else that’s more relaxing than hanging out at the beach (without the kids, of course). The sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the tweeting of birds and the light breeze. Even in the middle of winter the beach makes a great go-to for some ‘mum time’. Enjoy a barefoot walk along the shoreline, go for a run (if that’s your thang) or sit and read a book. Just be you. Immerse yourself in the peace and you’ll return home feeling lighter and much more relaxed.

woman walking on beach

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A former Sydneysider, she turned her ideas of a sea change into reality and now lives with her family in beautiful South-West WA. A lover of yoga and travel, like most mums, she’s on a quest to create a better work-life balance. When she’s not pulling socks out from behind the sofa or sponging little hand prints off the walls, she’s in the kitchen trying to dream up exciting lunch box ideas for her three cheeky monkeys.

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