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Aarons Outdoor Cubby House and 6-Person Outdoor Spa for Family Fun


The world was once our playground. Now, it’s not. Now, our playground is in our homes and our backyards. It won’t be like this forever but, as we continue to thrive, or simply survive, in quarantine, we are depending more and more on our indoor and outdoor toys to keep the kids occupied and to do our part to #stayathome. 

We all have our assortment of go-to activities – backyard cricket games, trampoline time, skipping ropes, hulahoops, Bocce ball, but nothing compares to the hours of endless play that a cubby house can provide.

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Aarons Outdoor is one of the leading Australian cubby house builders. We’ve loved these cubby houses for years. Their quality is second to none, they are designed for all-Aussie weather (cyclones, rain, hail, you name it) and they are made in Melbourne, from sustainable Aussie timber.



A cubby house for the kids and a spa for you. Honestly, does it get any better? During these uncertain and often tedious times at home, this backyard package is a dream come true, for both your kids and yourself.

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All-day play with an Aarons cubby house 

There are so many reasons why a cubby house is such great fun for kids, especially now when we are home more. Let their imaginations run wild as their cubby transforms from a house to a pirate ship, from a castle to a spaceship and beyond.

Aarons cubby houses come in 10 different styles – including the elegant Taj Majal, the supersized PlayHouse, and the spacious Villa, which we’re giving away. You can choose four elevation levels too and the cubby houses come with an internal height of 1.9 meters so adults can play too.

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Plus they come with heaps of add-ons for both pretend play and active play. We’re talking steering wheels, skylights, letter boxes, even a servery for the perfect backyard cafe. They’ve also got slides, ladders, climbing ropes, monkey bars and swings to build their coordination and strength.

But perhaps the best thing about an Aarons cubby house is that it gives kids a playspace to go when the confines of indoors get too much. We’re all in each other’s pockets 24/7 now and it can be difficult for both us and our kids. Having that little place to call their own can mean the world to them. 

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It’s great for us parents too – after all, there are only so many blanket forts we can make, then clean up and remake the next day. 

Have a browse of the various Aarons cubbies – they really are the best value cubbies on the market and, with so many choices, you can literally build their dream house in your backyard.

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Okay, so that’s the kids sorted. But what about you? You need a place to debrief too. And, while a she-shed is a good idea, we’ve got a much better option. A spa!

Get comfortable in an Aarons Spa

Aarons Outdoor has recently added spas to their selection of outdoor toys and we’re thanking the outdoor gods for that! Because chilling out after a long day in a spa sounds like heaven right about now. And we all deserve our own little slice of heaven. Aarons spas are designed to last and come with some pretty impressive features.

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Relax the days away (kids free if you choose) in a gorgeous spa. Bliss!  Source: Aarons Outdoor

The Santorini Spa, which we happen to be giving away, comes with a Canadian Gecko control system, Bearingless jets and LED lighting for a relaxing experience day or night. It uses an ozone filtration system which means the water remains clear and comfortable and is built to last with an Aristech Acrylic Shell and super tough stainless steel frame. Plus, maintaining an Aarons spa is easy as pie with easy-care cartridge filters.

The Santorini is purposely built for bigger families with 6 seats offering different levels of hydrotherapy and arrangements of jets.

The biggest question you will have with the Santorini is what massage do I want today? Enjoy yourself finding the answer to that question in the best way possible.

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If you’ve been wanting a spa or even a swim spa to add another dimension of awesome to your backyard, then we reckon now’s the time to go for it! We’re going to be spending a lot more time at home so we might as well make our backyards the best they can possibly be.

Plus, if you’re looking for a solid work from home solution, check this out!

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Check out the full range, from the luxury swim spas, mobility spas and affordable spas such as the Santorini, on the Aarons website.

Follow Aarons Outdoor Living on Facebook and check out the HUGE range of spas and cubbies on their website! mum central

Win the kids an Aarons Villa Cubby
The Villa Cubby – great for kids and adults. Source: Aarons Outdoor

If you’re planning a backyard makeover or just want to make the most of your space and inject some fun, be sure to check the Aarons website for their full range of amazing backyard goodies!

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    what a great way to get the kids outdoors but really indoors as well

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    Would love to win the cubby house prize for my Grandchildren thankyou

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    love win a spa as I have a big family and I have never been in one and the kids would love a new cubby as their is falling apart

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    Both prizes looke great – Cubby dynamic for growing children and th spa is just my style!

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    My 2 year old daughter is missing her neighbour hood friends very much and would love to have a chubby house in the garden to share when COVID-19 restrictions are over.

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