Leggings. Tights. Activewear. Whatever you call them, they are a staple in pretty much every mum’s wardrobe. Some like them long, others like them short. Some like them high, other like them mid-waist.

Regardless of this, we ALL want tights that flatter our figures, keep those wobbly bits from wobbling out and ensure maximum comfort. From rushing to the gym to sprinting out of the grocery store because your toddler is doing a runner.

Active Truth leggings
Power to the leggings. Source: Supplied

Even more Active Truth collections

Everyone has their go-to for activewear and we adore the Active Truth leggings range. All of their leggings are squat proof and feature a high-rise waistband and firm compression fit. They are also constructed from 8-way stretch fabric that is moisture-wicking and breathable.

Active Truth is known for their tights, especially the pocket tights which have countless fans across Australia. Their collection is inclusive with extended sizes from 6 to 26 and designed to flatter every figure. They’ve also got tights for petite and tall women.

Many women have commented on how confident these tights make them feel and they really are suitable for all activities, from exercise to eating nachos and binging on Netflix. We at Mum Central LOVE this range and we know you will too.

Active Truth leggings pregnancy
Beach ready and bump-friendly. Source: Supplied

In other words? These tights will keep you feeling tight, toned, fresh, and sexy, whether strutting your stuff at the gym or cleaning up baby spit up at home.

Active Truth leggings and tights
Yas Queens! Work it with Active Truth. Source: Supplied


Need a new pair of tights? You’re in luck because Active Truth has best-selling pocket tights right across the range! Let’s have a look at the range, shall we?

Active Truth tights
Active Truth have something to suit every body. Source: Supplied

Find your perfect fit

Active Truth has tights for ALL the mums too – the active mums, the busy mums, the pregnant mums, the post-partum mums.  They’ve also got a massive range of patterns to choose from, including the ultra-fierce Black Zebra and Leopard Print collection.

It’s simply a matter of finding out which pair is right for you. So step right up and let’s find out.




For ALL the hot mess mums

How many times a day do you find yourself muttering, where the heck are my keys/phone/toddler’s lost sock/?

GIRL. Same.

But did you know, there’s activewear for THIS EXACT ISSUE? Yep. Tights. With. Pockets. Never juggle your phone, wallet, and child again. Smart Pocket Tights come with two large thigh pockets designed to fit the largest iPhone AND your sanity. #ThanktheTightGods

Whether you’re running errands or expertly trying to avoid eye contact with your trainer at Bootcamp, these are the perfect tights to keep your items contained and eliminate the risk of once again, misplacing your keys. No need to even bring a purse – you’ve got your pocket tights, you’re good to rock ‘n roll.

Smart Pocket Tights are available in:

  • Bike Shorts
  • 3/4 length
  • 7/8 length
  • Full length
  • Petite full length
  • Tall full length


Active Truth pocket tights
Tights…with pockets. Yes please! Source: Supplied


For the super active mums

If you like working up a sweat, then you’re going to LOVE the Active Truth Training Pocket tights. They feature two large hip pockets plus one hidden pocket in the back of the waistband, ideal for your keys, cash, phone, headphones, even a sweat rag to wipe off the ‘glow’ after an intense battle with the Stairmaster.

You can easily hold your things while on a run, at the gym or doing HIIT. These tights are also awesome for everyday wear too – you can squat, bend, vacuum, roll, crawl, pick up LEGO pieces from under the couch, and remain comfortable and contained.

Training Pocket Tights are available in:

  • Cropped length
  • 7/8 length
  • Full length


Active Truth Training Pocket Tights
Three pockets, one pair of leggings with Active Truth Training Pocket Tights. Source: Supplied


For the sexy-flexi mums

Get ready to strut your stuff with these minimal seams, ultimate fitness-goddess tights. Great for working out on the mat, pilates, yoga and everyday wear, the Essential Tights are pocket-free and designed to flatter every figure and curve.

These tights are also great for walking, running, biking, etc but also stylish enough to simply wear with an oversized jumper, jacket or cami for lunch dates or catch-up with mates.

Essential Tights are available in:

  • Bike Shorts
  • 3/4 length
  • 7/8 length
  • Full length
  • Petite full length
  • Tall full length


Minimal seams and maximum yummy mummy appeal! Source: Supplied


For the extra-coverage-please-and-thank-you mums 

If you’re a fan of the high waist look, then these ones have your name written ALL over them. They come with an extra inch added to the waistband, designed to sit just below your bra line. They also have a secure welt pocket in the waistband and provide ultimate coverage and core support.

Ultra High-Waisted Tights are available in:

  • 7/8 length


Wobbly bits, be gone! Source: Supplied


For the glowing (OK, sweating), mums-to-be

Active Truth has two different types of pregnancy tights – Mama Pregnancy without pockets and minimal seams for that more streamlined look or Pocket Pregnancy tights, with two large pockets to hold your essentials. Like snacks.

Source: Supplied

Either way, you’re going to feel like a glowing goddess in these pregnancy tights. Not. Even. Kidding. They flatter your bumpy bits to perfection and are incredibly comfy too. Great for pregnancy and postpartum, make sure you pack a pair in your hospital bag too!

Available lengths:

  • Bike Shorts
  • 3/4 length
  • 7/8 length
  • Full length
  • Petite full length


Active Truth pregnancy tights
Source: Supplied


For the “seriously-what-is-happening-to-my-boobs-right-now” mums

Hold on to your lady bits, ladies because the post-partum period is here and you’re in for quite the ride! But these post-partum pregnancy tights are quite literally the best thing you can squeeze your sore body into right about now, designed to aid in your recovery.

Perfect for post-partum bodies, these babies will hold you up in all the right places. Source: Supplied

Suitable after natural or C-section deliveries, they can even aid in Abdominal Muscles Separation repair. Plus they are extra high-waisted for maximum coverage and support with a low seam placement to avoid any scar irritation.

The designers at Active Truth have thought of everything to ensure these are the most comfortable post-partum tights you’ll ever wear.

Post-partum Pregnancy Tight available lengths:

  • Bike Short
  • 7/8 length
  • Full length


Active Truth post-partum tights are a new mum’s BFF. Source: Supplied

Active Truth also has a beautiful collection of swimwear, crop tops and exercise tops, loungewear and outerwear. Check out the full range of colours, styles and designs. If they’re as good as their tights are, well, we warned you!

Active Truth swimwear
Swimwear, outerwear and so much more! Source: Supplied


This is a sponsored post for Active Truth

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