This is the Advent Calendar Every Family Needs this Christmas – and it’s AWESOME

Are you sick of cheap chocolate Advent calendars? Or maybe you just can’t bring yourself to buy yet another piece of Cars or Frozen junk to clutter up your house?

Well help is on hand from children’s cancer charity, Camp Quality.

The charity, which helps children with cancer and their families, is reminding us there’s more to Christmas than chocolate. Let me introduce the Acts of Kid-ness calendar.

Nope, that’s not a typo! “Kid-ness is the joy kids have for being in the world. Kid-ness is the way they give with all their hearts. Kid-ness is their boundless curiosity and enthusiasm. Kid-ness is about being present now,” according to Camp Quality, which is here to bring us all some kid-ness this festive season.

An Advent Calendar Full of Kid-ness

Each of the 25 cards that make up the family Advent calendar comes from a Camp Quality family. And there’s a new Act of Kid-ness for each day of Advent. All you have to do is find a spot to hang it and choose a card to pop in each date bag. Simple!

There’s More to Christmas than Presents

Not only is it super-cute, the calendar reminds kids that Christmas isn’t just about what’s in Santa’s sleigh. It’s about giving and gratitude, about family and sharing special moments.

So each day in December you’ll have a fun act of Kid-ness to share as a family. With cards like, “tell each member of your family three things they do that make you smile” or “go and see some Christmas lights”, you can all join in together. And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Camp Quality Acts of Kid-ness cards

If you already have your own Advent calendar and you don’t want to break with tradition, the great news is you can just buy the cards. Which saves the tricky business of trying to find something to fill it with too!

And as if that isn’t enough to give you warm, fuzzy feelings, when you buy a Camp Quality product, you are directly supporting children with cancer and their families.

That’s the kids sorted, now here’s an Advent calendar just for Mums.

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