Hurrah For Gin! The Advent Calendar Every Mum Needs is Here

Aaah December, the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time for sparkly dresses, glitzy Christmas parties and plenty of cocktails…

Unless of course you’re a mum. Then it’s time for beating your way through Christmas shopping crowds, ferrying kids to Christmas parties and hiding presents in places you won’t remember.

And you get to do all this while your kids gorge themselves on Advent chocolate and get even more over-excited.

But help is here in the form of a gin Advent calendar. Yes, you heard us right.  Gin. Advent. Calendar.

Gin is in

Just like the traditional Advent calendar, it has 24 windows, one for each day of Advent. But instead of cheap chocolate, behind each door you’ll find a 50ml bottle of Australian craft gin. No, this is not a joke!

24 bottles of Australian gin

In case you’ve been living under the rock (or breastfeeding 24/7), gin is in. The traditional tipple of choice for mums is now a must-have Advent calendar for mums. The Australian Gin Advent Calendar lets you taste award winning gins from 21 Aussie distillers, which will give you something to talk to the relatives about over Christmas drinks.

Gin o’clock

It’s not just about numbing the pain of writing Christmas cards for all 30 of your kids’ classmates either. The calendar includes ‘tasting notes and serving suggestions from the distillers as well as Cocktail instructions from The Martini Whisperer,’ so it’s really a learning experience too. You can glug it straight from the bottle or put the kids to bed and mix up a different gin cocktail each night. Either way, it’s gin for the win!

Hurrah for gin! The advent calendar every mum needs is here

Need a gin a day to get you through the Christmas chaos? Order yours now from Gintonica in time for delivery before December 1.

Gin not your thing? If wine is more your tipple of choice, check out this wine advent calendar from the wine gallery.

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