Competitions and Giveaways

Thank you for partnering with the Mum Central Network.

Please be aware of the following terms and conditions which apply to all competitions booked within the Mum Central Network.

Competition are very important to the Mum Central community! Our readers love to win and are motivated to secure new and exciting products. Competitions are a great way to leverage the Mum Central community as well as collect quality data for future use.

  • Client brief and supporting assets are due three weeks before the competition live date. Penalties apply for late delivery, and may result in a change of date or additional fees. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for further information.
  • Standard competitions have a minimum $500 prize pool (can be multiple prizes).
  • Premium competitions have a minimum $1,000 prize pool (can be multiple prizes).
  • No Mum Central competition winners must incur any cost associated with claiming their prize. All prizes must be genuine and unencumbered.
  • All entrants will be required to sign up to the Mum Central Newsletter
  • Winner/s will be notified by email by Mum Central within 7 working days of the competition end date
  • The sponsor is responsible for the cost to send the prize to the nominated winner within 28 days (as per the agreed competition Terms and Conditions). Failure to deliver prizes within the nominated timeframe will leave the sponsor in breach of our terms and conditions.
  • Mum Central retains full editorial and creative control for competition
  • Mum Central retains control of promotional positions throughout the competition via our media channels
  • You may be asked to supply a ‘question’ that all entrants must answer to be eligible to enter
  • Data collected as a result of the competition will be shared as agreed at time of booking.

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