Social Media Promotion – Instagram

The following terms and conditions apply to Instagram bookings made with The Mum Central Network:

  • Available times are Monday-Sunday
  • Please advise us of your preferred date and time as soon as possible.
  • Creative is due one week before the live date. Penalties apply for late delivery, and may result in a change of date or additional fees. See terms and conditions for details.

Creative requirements:

  1. Caption: Including tags and mentions. One or two sentences (max. of 35 words), preferably conversational and inviting readers to interact via a question.
  2. Image: Square image – min. 612 x 612 px, max. 1600 x 1600 pix (max 1MB). High quality lifestyle imagery and in-situ product images perform the best with our Mum Central audience. No logos or text except on products in the image.
  3. Tag: Your Instagram page (the inclusion of external urls is not recommended as they cannot be clicked on)
  4. Hashtags: Maximum two

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