Social Media Video

The following terms and conditions apply to all social media video bookings made with the Mum Central Network:

  • Available times are Monday-Sunday 9:30am, 10:30am or 5:30pm.
  • A premium 8:30pm timeslot is also available for an additional fee. This is our most popular time slot and receives the most clicks.
  • Please advise us of your preferred date and time as soon as possible.
  • Creative is due one week before the live date. Penalties apply for late delivery, and may result in a change of date or additional fees. See terms and conditions for details.

Social Media Video Creative Requirements:

  • Please upload your video to a file transfer site (e.g. Dropbox, wetransfer, etc). Then copy and paste the link from which to download the video file, into the box on the submission form below.
  • If you’re exporting your video from editing software (e.g. Final Cut Pro, Avid, iMovie) we recommend these custom settings:
    1. Videos must be less than 3 minutes long and ideally under 60 seconds.
    2. Instagram videos should be ideally square format and under 60 seconds.
    3. Settings should be: 264 video with AAC audio in MOV or MP4 format – other formats are supported, but these are the recommended formats.  An aspect ratio no larger than 1280px wide and divisible by 16px.  A frame rate at, or below, 30fps.  Stereo audio with a sample rate of 44,100hz. (Your video software should have information on how to export your video to MP4 or MOV and other custom settings.)

Please complete the booking form below:

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