Want to Save Money on Groceries? Here’s 90 of the Best Products to Slash Your Bill at ALDI Supermarkets

Ready to save big on your grocery bill? Check out these Top 90 ALDI Supermarket products voted by regular shoppers! From pantry staples to household essentials, ALDI has everything you need at unbeatable prices.

If you’re on the verge of switching supermarkets and don’t know if ALDI is any good?, we asked ALDI shoppers what their favourite items are and now we have the most comprehensive ALDI shopping list for first-timers!

Look, I’m not going to lie, when it comes to grocery shopping, I’m loyal to my supermarket of choice (and its loyalty program) but the price increases in everything related to living have me convinced I could save some money by shopping at the holy grail of bargains, ALDI supermarkets.

And there are indeed BIG savingsmore than $1500 a year – to be had according to The ALDI Price Report.

The ALDI Price Report confirms that a basket at ALDI is at least 15.6% cheaper than at other supermarkets, meaning an average Aussie family can save $1,555 a year by making the switch and that’s if they are already buying the cheapest products at a competitor store.

10 Most loved ALDI products of 2022

ALDI asked their shoppers what they loved to pop in their trolley week after week last year and the results are in. Here are their 10 Most Loved Products of 2022 in their annual Peoples Choice Awards – ALL UNDER $10!

  1. Ready, Set…Cook! Boneless Butterflied Chicken, $9.99 per kg.
  2. Logix Platinum Dishwashing Tablet, 40pk, $8.49.
  3. Moser Roth Dark Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate Bars, 5pk, $2.99.
  4. Essential Health Paw Paw Ointment, $2.69.
  5. Brookdale 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup, $5.99.
  6. Oh So Natural Organic Coconut Oil, $4.29.
  7. Deli Originals Fresh Hommus, $1.99
  8. Blackstone Vegetable Straws, $1.99
  9. Urban Eats Roti Paratha, 8pk, $4.29
  10. Urban Eats Spanapokita, $8.99
ALDI Supermarkets 10 most love products 2022
ALDI’s 10 most loved products of 2022. Source: ALDI Unpacked

ALDI-loving mums tell us what they love

No one wants to waste money on things that aren’t any good so I asked members of ALDI Mums Facebook group as well as Mum Central staff for their favourite two items from the supermarket juggernaut. When I say the ladies came through the checkout with the goods, they really did. From lunch box snacks to dinners for any night of the week – here’s what they recommend.

Trolley coin ready? Let’s go shopping!


90 finds worth trying at ALDI supermarkets

It’s worth mentioning that part of ALDI supermarket’s charm is that items aren’t always available – what might be in stock one week, you might not see for a few weeks if it sells out quickly. So if you love something, it pays to go back and grab another while you can!

1. Bread and breakfast

  1. Gluten-free Cocoa Puffs
  2. Wheat Biscuits
  3. Bagels
  4. Bakers Life lower-carb high-protein burger buns
  5. Turkish bread
  6. Brioche burger buns
ALDI supermarkets gluten free cereals
ALDI Supermarkets – where even gluten-free cereal is a BARGAIN at $2.99! Source: Mum Central

2. Go nuts for nuts

  1. Forresters cashews
  2. Trail mix
  3. BBQ mix nuts
  4. Macadamia nuts
ALDI supermarkets nut range
Nuts about nuts. ALDI Supermarket’s Trail Mix ($6.99) is *chef’s kiss* good! Source: Mum Central

3. Fresh salad and vegetables

  1. Wasabi salad mix
  2. Pesto pasta salad
  3. Fresh fruit and veg
ALDI supermarkets fresh fruit
Fresh and pre-packed salads and veggies all at a great price. Source: Mum Central

4. Miscellaneous convenience

  1. Pesto chicken penne bake
  2. Beef lasagne
  3. Cashew chicken jar sauce
  4. Authentic mayonnaise
  5. Triple choc brownie mix
  6. Buttermilk pancake mix
ALDI supermarkets fresh pasta
Actually bought these for midweek heat-and-eat dinners, both under $10! Source: Mum Central

5. Drinks

  1. Coffee pods
  2. Hot chocolate (keep an eye out for the limited edition one)
  3. Organic green tea
  4. Flying Power tropic energy drink
  5. Grove Juice cold-pressed mandarin juice
  6. Soda water

6. The dairy case

  1. Hummus
  2. Garlic dip
  3. Emporium Triple Cream Brie
  4. Quince paste
  5. Cream cheese
  6. Kids’ yoghurt and custard pouches
  7. Cheese stringers
ALDI supermarkets chiller range
The dairy range is vast – spoilt for choice! Source: Mum Central

7. Snacks and treats

  1. Knoppers
  2. Apple bars
  3. Caramel popcorn
  4. Caramel wafer bars
  5. Vegetable Straws
  6. Salt and pepper hommus chips
  7. Sprinters chips
ALDI supermarkets chips and biscuits
School lunch box snacks are sorted for around $5! Source: Mum Central
  1. Salted pretzel chocolate
  2. Mini rice crackers
  3. Giant pretzels
  4. Hundreds and thousands biscuits
  5. Sesame snaps
  6. Choceur chocolate
  7. BBQ crackers
ALDI supermarkets chocolate
Did someone say chocolate? PHWOAR! And only $2.99! Source: Mum Central

8. Meat and seafood

It’s no surprise that shopping wisely with meat can slash your grocery bill. We have already shown how ALDI Supermarkets chicken range rates highly, here’s some others to add to your trolley while you’re there!

  1. Rosemary and mint lamb shanks
  2. Garlic prawns
  3. Beef dumplings
  4. Salmon parcels
  5. Boneless Greek marinated chicken
  6. Southern-style chicken pieces
  7. Stuffed chicken breasts
ALDI Supermarkets lamb shanks
Pack of two tasty lamb shanks, $15.99, voted a winner! Source: Mum Central
  1. Beef mince
  2. Ready, Set, Cook! Buffalo marinated chicken wings
  3. Ironbank pork mince
  4. Hamburgers
  5. Lamb rack roast
  6. Buffalo chicken tenders
  7. Marinated chicken wings
  8. Pork scotch fillet steak

9. Freezer items

  1. Market Fair potato bake
  2. Market Fair broccoli bake
  3. Market Fair cauliflower bake
  4. Potato stacks
  5. Chicken pies
  6. Frozen Hawaiian pizza slices
  7. Frozen Quesadillas (pulled pork, chicken or cheese & beans)
ALDI supermarket
Just put them in the oven and BOOM, done! Source: Mum Central
  1. Frozen prawns
  2. Frozen salmon portions
  3. Curly fries
  4. Prawn dumplings
  5. Roti Paratha
  6. Gozleme
ALDI supermarket
The freezer is home to amazing Roti Paratha ($4.29) and Mini Donuts ($4.49) YUM! Source: Mum Central

10. Desserts

  1. Mini donuts (perfect for the air fryer!)
  2. Tiramisu
  3. Mint chocolate chip coconut ice cream
  4. The entertainer ice cream bar
  5. Vanilla and boysenberry Crowns
  6. Spider stix ice blocks

11. Cleaning Products

  1. Logix complete dishwashing tablets
  2. Trimat laundry liquid
  3. Di-San pre-wash stain remover 🔥🔥🔥
  4. Mould Away spray
  5. Trimat washing powder
  6. Almat laundry powder concentrate
  7. Tandil Ultra dishwashing spray
ALDI supermarket
ALDI supermarkets must-haves: Tandil Ultra ($2.49), Logix dishwasher tablets ($4.49) and toilet paper ($9.49)

12. Personal care

  1. Juliet Body Shower Gel
  2. Lacura Essentials Caring Cleansing Gel
  3. Toilet paper

ALDI Special Buys: everything you didn’t know you needed

ALDI supermarket’s Special Buys are found in the centre of the store, containing different random items every week (or until stocks last).

It’s a fun game to play but if you’re on a budget – or rather if you’re trying desperately to stick to a budget – close your eyes and walk straight past the centre of the store, looking directly ahead so you don’t make eye contact with the Special Buys aisle. Any blink or slight faltering will see you loading a pink flamingo lawn ornament, a pack of highlighters and a tent into the boot of your car. Not even joking.

ALDI supermarket
ALDI Special Buys: If you’re keeping to a budget, close your eyes when walking past here.

And special mentions!

Not all ALDI supermarkets sell booze – in fact, only select stores in NSW, ACT, WA and VIC sell alcohol, but a special mention must go out to DeBortoli Prosecco when it’s in stock. Perfect for drinking straight or adding to your Aperol spritz, be sure to add a bottle to your trolley!

Of course, the only drawback of ALDI it seems is that you have to pack your own shopping – though it’s said to be bearable once you get used to it and have a system that works for you!

FYI: Each ALDI supermarket does have a designated bag packing area for you to sort yourself out before leaving the store. Or you can just load it straight from the trolley into your car boot. Good luck and may your savings be plentiful.

Do you have something that you LOVE at ALDI supermarkets? Drop it in the comments below so we can add it to the list, we’d love to know what it is!

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