Mamia by ALDI: Try them. Love them. Save Over $500 a Year on Nappies and Wipes. Seriously.

When it comes to saving money as a Mum, nappies are the Holy Grail of uncompromisable purchases. We all love to pinch pennies but there’s nothing to be gained from switching to a lesser quality product than poo. Poo everywhere…

Mum Central knew there were savings to be made by giving ALDI’s much-loved Mamia Nappies a whirl – but we also knew that they needed to be seriously kid-tested too. After all, we would never recommend a product we haven’t tried ourselves! And just like you we don’t have time for crappy nappies. In any sense of the word…

So in the spirit of saving you some serious bucks and ‘taking one for the team’ in the testing department (I mean heck, we have cream carpet!) Mum Central is here to do the dirty work for you!

aldi-mamia-nappies-and-wipes-rockerAnd guess what? You’re going to be pretty impressed with what we’ve found.

Here’s how the numbers work. Spoiler: You’re going to save loads!

The average 1-2 year old uses 5 nappies per day. Using our ‘regular brand’ nappies this equates to $839.50 a year based on a 72-unit value box at Coles. Using ALDI Mamia this adds up to be $398.20 per year based on a 50-pack purchase at ALDI.

Mum, you just earned yourself a $440 pay rise this year*! (And that’s before we add in the additional $161 a year you can save by switching to Mamia Baby Wipes**.

Stop dreaming how you’re going to spend that money and pay attention. Because this is where the really important stuff starts…

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Mamia Nappies are made of dermatologically approved materials”]

In layman’s terms this means there’s no nasty irritants or chemicals to make that adorable little bottom irritated. They’re subjected to extensive laboratory testing and just like the other brands, ALDI’s Mamia Nappies are made to be gentle and kind to baby’s behind.

aldi-mamia-nappies-and-wipes[mc_block_title custom_title=”Mamia Nappies are designed to suit each stage of baby’s development”]

It won’t come as a surprise to any mum when we say babies change rapidly. That newborn that you need to make sure poo doesn’t spread violently up their back has very different needs to a toddler who’s jumping on the trampoline with a nappy full of wee. That’s why ALDI Mamia Nappies are different for each stage of your baby’s development from birth, to crawling, walking and finally toilet training. ALDI know what’s needed at each age and the unisex design of each nappy reflects this.

aldi-mamia-nappy-and-wipe-review[mc_block_title custom_title=”Mamia Nappies are literally high-tech”]

ALDI has extensively tested the Mamia range using consumer research and testing laboratories to develop quality nappies. They’ve got stacks of clever features including practical application and applied science to make them crazy comfortable, ultra-reliable and Kate Moss level thin. SUPA FIT® refers to the specific shape and fit of the nappy and incorporates the contoured Triple Layer core. Sounds like lots of words right?

But the reason you should care about this Mum is that this core brings greater, faster absorption and allows for an un-bulky fit. COMFY FLEX® sides means that the nappy has a stretchy, soft feel allowing for freedom of movement yet also ensuring a perfect fit and protection against leaks.

aldi-mamia-nappy-reviews[mc_block_title custom_title=”Mamia Wipes are as impressive as their nappies”]

All wipes are not created equal – and ALDI’s Mamia Wipes prove just that. Not only are they over $3 a packet cheaper than the leading brand**  but they tick all the boxes for strength, fragranced or fragrance-free options and importantly, are dermatologically tested. They’re also alcohol-free and have the nourishing and softening properties of added Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

aldi-mamia-wipes-reviewSo, this all sounds good but what about, you know, wees and poos?

As we said at the beginning Mum Central will never review anything we haven’t literally tried ourselves. The dollars added up no doubt and all the fancy words about fit, comfort and developmental appropriateness sounded impressive.

But when poo came to shove, what are ALDI Mamia Nappies like?

They’re actually amazing. Make that AMAZING. Our resident almost two year old put these wiz-bang nappies through their paces and we’re pleased to report the following… They fit snuggly and thinly but without rubbing. They move with an active toddler. The tabs are strong and durable. There wasn’t a whinge about itches, scratches or bulges.

And number one mum goal of all – there wasn’t a leak to be found.

So, here we are. THE VERDICT.

The Mamia Nappies versus our original brand – they’re neck on neck for all the factors you want in a nappy.

ALDI Mamia are undoubtedly as good as, if not better, than that ‘well known’ brand. There, we said it.

The ALDI Mamia Range includes:

  • Mamia Newborn Unisex Nappies up to 5kg 28pk $4.29
  • Mamia Infant Unisex Nappies 4-8kg 60pk $10.99
  • Mamia Toddler Unisex Nappies 10-15kg 50pk $10.99
  • Mamia Crawler Unisex Nappies 6-11kg 56pk $10.99
  • Mamia Walker Unisex Nappies 13-18kg 48pk $10.99
  • Mamia Junior Unisex Nappies 16-25kg 44pk $10.99
  • Mamia Supafit Nappy Pants 23pk – Walker $9.99
  • Mamia Supafit Nappy Pants 21pk – Junior $9.99
  • Mamia Baby Wipes Fragrance Free 80pk – $1.89
  • Mamiia Baby Wipes Scented 80pk – $1.89

What we love most of all however Mum is the fact that the switch to Mamia Nappies and wipes will save you over $500 a year combined (as at 6 December 2016, Coles). The biggest decision now is how are you going to spend it? (After all, you changed all those nappies – you literally earned it!)


* Nappy savings based on 72 unit toddler girls value box $33 (46c per nappy) COMPARED to Mamia unisex 50 pack $10.99 (22c per nappy) at ALDI. Annual comparison based on 5 nappies per day.

** Wipes savings based on 80 pack leading brand $5.00 COMPARED to Mamia wipes $1.89 at ALDI. Annual comparison based on 1 pack per week.

Prices all based on Coles Online as at 29 November 2016.

About ALDI:

Since ALDI Australia was established in 2001, they have opened more than 450 stores nationwide and plan to open 120 stores in South Australia and Western Australia in the coming years!  It’s no surprise if you’ve shopped there before, that a recent CHOICE survey* found Australians could save up to 50% on their weekly groceries just by shopping at ALDI. This only reinforces their position as price leader.

Better in your own pocket don’t you think?

This is a sponsored post for ALDI Australia although our opinions are definitely our own!

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