The ALDI Chicken Range is a Cut Above the Rest – Share Your Fave Chicken Dish & WIN!

I have to admit I’m pretty fussy when it comes to buying my meat. I want it lean, fresh, full of flavour and quite simply, I don’t want to pay through the nose for it.

Even better if it’s from a local supplier, and even better if I know it’s going to be guaranteed fresh every time!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a meat snob, but given it’s generally forming some integral part of every dish in our house (yes we’re big meat lovers at our place, especially so with chicken!), good quality meat at an affordable price is a non-negotiable.


So when ALDI hit SA shores earlier this year I was somewhat apprehensive as to what the meat was all about. First off, the range? I ‘assumed’ it would just be your stock standard entry level range – breasts, thighs, wings and drumsticks. BOY WAS I WRONG!

ALDI-Meat-RangeALDI actually stocks an impressive range of chicken (both standard and free-range varieties) with ready made meals you can just pop in the oven, marinated varieties great for the oven, grill, BBQ and pan plus the whole range of your traditional cuts – breast, thigh, wing and drumstick!

Best of all their meat is 100% Australian grown fresh meat at permanently low prices.

With a great range of products across beef, lamb, chicken and pork, together with a pretty impressive range of ready-to-cook meals and variety of cuts to suit all budgets!

ALDI-Meat-Range-PoultryALDI offers two chicken brands, with cuts and quality to suit your budget and your taste!

divider-3Broad Oak Farms is ALDI’s contemporary range of chicken are cage-free chickens and contain no added hormones.  The range includes chicken breast fillets, thighs, drumsticks, wings and whole chickens.  Always fresh and never frozen, Broad Oak Farms chicken is delivered daily ensuring quality, freshness and value for money!

ALDI’s Broad Oak Farms chicken range is their everyday contemporary range of chicken. They’re cage-free chickens and contain no added hormones, plus they’re never frozen and delivered daily ensuring quality, freshness and value for money!

divider-3Willowton Free Range Chicken has no added hormones and is antibiotic free.  Their chickens are free to access outdoor pastures during daylight hours and have access to natural food sources such as grass, bugs (yep!) and grain (rather than a strict grain only diet like barn raised hens).  We believe this results in a more enjoyable natural meat taste and texture.

ALDI’s Willowton Free Range Chicken is free from added hormones and antibiotics. Chickens roam free during daylight hours and access natural food sources such as grass, bugs and grain.

divider-3About ALDI:

Since ALDI Australia established in 2001, they have opened more than 420 stores nationwide and plan to open 120 stores in South Australia and Western Australia in the coming years!  It’s no surprise if you’ve shopped there before, that a recent CHOICE survey* found Australian’s could save up to 50% on their weekly groceries just by shopping at ALDI. This just goes to reinforce their position of the price leader.  Better in your own pocket don’t you think?




Thanks to our friends at ALDI, we’ve got $300 worth of ALDI Gift Cards up for grabs to three lucky readers!  Simply complete the entry form below (in full) and share your favourite chicken recipe – you know the one that everyone raves about, the one you could do with your eyes shut or perhaps the one that keeps them coming back for more!


We’ll choose our favourite three dishes, and then we’ll hit the Mum Central kitchen with some ALDI chicken and recreate them for you and share them with you, our readers!

IMPORTANT: Be descriptive in your comments, whet our appetites as we’ll be using your comments to judge our winners!

Best of all, to say thanks for inspiring us, we’ll give all 3 readers a $100 ALDI Gift Card and you can spend up a storm (well as much as $100 will take you!) on your next shopping bill (or maybe save it for when you see a little something come up in the weekly Special Buys catalogue!) #winning

Share Your Fave Chicken Dish and Win 1 of 3 ALDI Gift Cards

divider-3This is a sponsored post for ALDI Australia and all of the opinions are my own.

* Basket items prices in the CHOICE survey included brands and private label equivalents across 31 product categories, including fresh food items, bread, cheese, chocolate, tuna, toilet paper and frozen peas

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  1. Avatar of Patrick

    Our favourite chicken dish is Chicken Satay. Thumbs up from all the family.

  2. Avatar of Kathy Bowdlert
    Kathy BowdlertReply

    My ‘easy as’ chicken recipe is a family staple, I use Aldi Broad Oak Chicken Breast Fillets thinly sliced, browned in a little butter with some diced onion, seasoned with salt, pepper and some mixed herbs. Then add in a tablespoon of wholegrain mustard, several cups of frozen vegies, a tub of cream and some semi sundried tomatoes and leave to simmer for about 10-15 minutes. It is so yummy and warming on a cool night.

  3. Avatar of noomby

    Roast Vegemite chicken, vegemite, butter, minced garlic and fresh thyme , melted and mixed together baste chicken and whilst cooking

  4. Avatar of luigi costantino
    luigi costantinoReply

    Chicken strogannoff in the slow cooker with lots of mushrooms and sour cream!

  5. Avatar of Alicia Bardsley
    Alicia BardsleyReply

    One pot Greek chicken and lemon rice. The chicken is cooked on top of the rice so the juices from the chicken seep into the rice along with the tangy taste of lemons … Wow everyone will be coming back for more.

  6. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey EvansReply

    Honey Soy Chicken & Noodles (chicken pieces coated in corn flour, fried, then tossed in honey & soy sauce. Served with 2 minute noodles and vegetables).

  7. Avatar of Charl Lowther
    Charl LowtherReply

    Lemon Chicken on a bed of fluffy rice. Yum! Even my fussiest child loves it 🙂

  8. Avatar of jody buhagiar
    jody buhagiarReply

    I make a mean Feta-Stuffed Chicken Breast. Sundried tomatoes and danish feta, its delicious.

  9. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea NicolescuReply

    I love the traditional Roast Chicken with stuffing and roast vegetables

  10. Avatar of Eamond Tomaszewski
    Eamond TomaszewskiReply

    Roast Chicken Stuffed with green and red Bell peppers from our garden and served with fresh rooty vegetables from our garden as well

  11. Avatar of Andy G

    What amazing chicken ideas in the comments so far.. Makes me want to rush off to buy ALDI’s chicken to try some of the recipes…but for nostalgia I do love traditional MURGH MAKHANI (Butter Chicken)

  12. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TANReply

    I love the traditional Indonesian Fried Chicken (Ayam Goreng). The drumstiks are first coated in tumeric, garlic, coriande, salt and pepper then boiled in marinade, spices, herbs, stock and water (ensures meat is tender). Deep fry chicken until skin is crispy. They are then served with tumeric rice (yellow rice). Yum!!!

    • Avatar of Gilda Cuman
      Gilda CumanReply

      1 tbsp cinnamon 1 tbsp garam masala 1 tbsp turmeric 1tbsp coriander 2 tbsp fresh ginger 1tbsp fresh garlic marinade chicken 1 hour fry 2 cm chicken fry capsicum & snow peas & French beans optional & 2 brown onions add 1 can coconut cream to chicken & stir in vegetables simmer 3 minutes serve with your favourite long grain rice garnish with pine nuts or almond Silver’s or fresh coriander

  13. Avatar of Jennifer B.
    Jennifer B.Reply

    We all love HONEY MUSTARD SATAY CHICKEN! The Aldi organic honey and peanut butter make it appealing for the little ones, the adults love the CHICken chic of the grainy mustard.
    And it cooks itself perfectly in the slow cooker!

  14. Avatar of Anna Wakeling
    Anna WakelingReply

    Nothing better than Butter chicken simmering away in the slow cooker on a winters day – smell of garam masala, cumin, ginger, cardamon wafting through the house and the anticipation of digging into that soft succulent chicken packed with flavour.

  15. Avatar of Sally Jones
    Sally JonesReply

    Ginger & Citrus Roast Chicken! Fresh lemons, oranges and a large knob of ginger is the key! Smothering the chicken in coconut oil, rub the ginger and lemon under the skin and add remainder lemon into cavity. Juice oranges, mix with coconut oil and drizzle over the top, baste in the juice every 15 min until the roast chook is cooked!

  16. Avatar of Lorna M

    “Claypot” Chicken Rice. Succulent pieces of boneless chicken in caramel sauce, dried shrimps, mushrooms, sliced chinese sausages, carrots, spices, all cooked together than mixed with raw rice and finally cooked through in the rice cooker. Gloriously fragrant and delightfully delicious.

  17. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    CHICKEN CORDON BLEU- with chicken, swiss cheese, prosciutto instead of ham , paprika and creamy white sauce is divine tempting my taste buds with mouth-watering and nutritious flavourful ingredients. Served with a wild rice salad. A medley of texture and tastes.

  18. Avatar of Kacey

    Chicken Primevera baby YEAH!! Cook garlic, onion and zucchini then add some dry white wine and reduce. Add cream, cooked asparagus, broccoli, peas and cheese. Stir all that creaminess together. Then add your tomatoes at the end and serve with butterfly pasta. Delicious and packed with plenty of veggies. A total winner!

  19. Avatar of Neeky_Neeks

    MUMMAS FAMOUS CHICKEN. Mix up in a bowl cup soya sauce, 1/2 cup honey and 3 tablespoons of minced garlic, marinade full chicken breasts in sauce, then pop in the fridge for an hour. Wrap chicken up in foil pocket, leaving enough room to steam, cook for 40 mins, open foil pocket up and then cook for a further 20 mins, serve half a chicken breast per person on a bed of fried rice!

  20. Avatar of Jade o

    I love nothing more than Southern Fried Chicken. Allow chicken to marinate in butter milk with salt and pepper overnight, make up your flour and spice mix (I like to add whatever I find as well as drying out my own herbs to add) then shake the buttermilk chicken in the flour and shallow fry or oven bake (or be naughty like me and add to the deep fryer when no one is home!) YUM!!!

  21. Avatar of Paula Harris
    Paula HarrisReply

    Bacon Babies. Great to make if you’re cranky……mallet (hard and loud hahaha) 4 chicken thighs until thin. Cut 2 puff pastry sheets in half and pop the chicken in the centre of each. Put a slice of cheese and cooked bacon on each, with a wee bit of garlic and mixed herbs or pesto. Fold the chicken over to cover the filling. Fold pastry over and squish the ends together to make a parcel. Brush with egg or milk. Bake for about 45 minutes at 180. Enjoy 🙂

  22. Avatar of Melissa

    The best chicken roast that tastes heavenly yet isn’t hell to make!

    One whole chicken
    Italian Herbs seasoning (in a jar)
    Aldi chicken salt

    Rub, sprinkle and cook! Yum yum yum!

  23. Avatar of laureneve

    chicken with wild rice salad with crunchy spring onions and toasted pecans. It’s super delicious and a really family pleaser.

  24. Avatar of Shannon Wotton
    Shannon WottonReply

    Our favourite are my quick and easy baked chicken strips. I use 500g chicken breast which I cut into strips. This is coated in whole egg mayo and then coated in the “crumbs” and baked in the oven till golden. The “crumbs” are made up of 1/2 cup almond meal, 3/4 tsp Paprika, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp ground coriander and 1/4 tsp ground cumin. Delicious served with a sweet chilli Mayo dipping sauce!

  25. Avatar of Karen Stevens
    Karen StevensReply

    My favorite and super, super simple recipe for scrumptious chicken with no fuss.

    Use either chicken drumsticks or Chicken thigh or breast fillets.
    This recipe works with either.

    1 kilo chicken
    1 large jar (or 2 smaller jars) of pasta sauce ( I choose garlic and herbs)
    200gm frozen chopped onions
    200gm bacon pieces

    Put all ingredients in an oven proof casserole dish.
    Cook for approx 1.5 hours at 180 Celsius

    Serve on a bed of steamed rice and a side salad.

    This is so delicious and easy and is always a winner at my place.

    Inexpensive, easy and oh so delish.
    I dare you to try it,

  26. Avatar of Angela

    My favourite chicken recipe is a chicken and leek pie. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees.
    In a large pan cook 2 sliced leeks in olive oil till soft. Remove from the pan and set aside.
    Add 500 g diced chicken to the pan and cook until brown. Add the cooked leeks to the pan, together with 200 ml cre https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/63e7814d79fb61ac9392a2bca7755c990f32f56043afdfb422dfd18f0e257379.jpg am, some salt, some turmeric powder and some tarragon. Cook until the cream is nicely reduced.
    Spray a baking dish with olive oil and gently put one puff pastry sheet on it, covering the borders as well. Pour the chicken and leek mix on the top of the pastry sheet. Close the pie with another puff pastry sheet.
    Brush some olive oil on the top of the pie and bake for 25 minutes.

  27. Avatar of asilcim

    Double crumbed chicken, crunchy goodness with a hint of garlic, parmesan cheese, salt and black pepper in the crumb mixture to give it a lift from the bland. The kids think its better then KFC chicken nuggets!

  28. Avatar of Brianna Taylor
    Brianna TaylorReply

    My absolute favourite chicken dish is a sundried tomato chicken pasta recipe I learned in high school and have been cooking it often for the last 14 years!
    500g chicken breast, cut into bite size pieces
    1 onion, sliced thinly
    Butter or olive oil
    1 jar sundried tomato pesto
    3/4 jar of sundried tomatoes, drained well and chopped
    250-300ml cream
    Your choice of pasta (i use penne or spiral)

    Brown chicken pieces in large frypan with butter or oil. Add onion and cook until chicken and onions are both cooked. Add pesto and sundried tomatoes and stir for a few minutes. Add cream and let simmer for 10 minutes. Season and serve with pasta


  29. Avatar of JessK

    My favourite chicken dish at this time of year is a super simple recipe I cooked up for the fussy eaters in my house. I dice up approximately 500g of chicken breasts into bite-size pieces, add 1-2 tsp of crushed garlic, 1 small onion finely diced, 1/4 cup of grated parmesan cheese, and enough thickened cream to cover (around 200ml). I cook this in a pan on the stove, seasoned with freshly ground pepper. Cooking the chicken in the cream this way makes the meat really tender, and insures your sauce stays creamy and not oily (as opposed to pre-cooking the onions and chicken in oil). The garlic, onions and parmesan perfectly compliment each other without overpowering the creamy flavour of the sauce. If needed I thicken the sauce with a little flour and milk. Once the chicken is cooked I pour it all (with the sauce) into an ovenproof dish, and top with a slice of puff pastry – brush the top of the pastry with milk, a little ground pepper, and place in the oven until golden and flaky. This simple chicken pie goes fantastically either with a garden salad or some fresh steamed veggies – it’s a great indulgent dish for winter, and the easy and forgiving recipe can be adapted according to taste with optional additions of leeks, bacon, mushroom – anything that takes your fancy!

  30. Avatar of Deb Peters

    My Favourite using chicken is Fettuccine Chicken and Bacon
    Cut Broad Oak Farm Chicken Breast Fillets into bit size pieces, mix in a bowl with 1 tablespoon cornflour 1 teaspoon water, 1 tablespoon oyster sauce, 1 tablespoon soya sauce, mix together and place in fridge 1 – 2 hrs, remove from fridge about ½ hr before using
    Cook packet dry fettuccine as per instructions, drain and cool, while noodles cooking heat pan with tablespoon Just Organic Virgin Extra Olive Oil and tablespoon Beautifully Butterfully Butter
    Add chicken and bite size bacon cook 2 mins on each side only, remove from pan and set aside
    Heat pan with tablespoon Just Organic Virgin Extra Olive Oil, tablespoon Beautifully Butterfully Butter, 2 garlic gloves crushed (chopped onion Optional), salt and pepper to taste, careful not to burn garlic, add Farmdale Sour Cream 300mls, heat through and let cream thicken.
    Add cook Chicken continue to stir cook through about 5 mins, add fresh chopped parsley, extra salt and pepper if required, add fettuccine stir through until noodles hot. Crack 1 Lodge Farms Free Range Egg and beat well, add beaten egg stirring through mix, remove from heat, serve immediately into bowls. Serves 4 (Optional prawns, scallops, cappers)

  31. Avatar of Sarahmary92

    Cornflake crumbed chicken breast. Juicy and crunchy it’s a perfect combination.

  32. Avatar of Sammie Hammond
    Sammie HammondReply

    Shredded Mexican Chicken in the slow cooker! It is delicious in burritos, tacos, enchiladas, everything! Such a perfect Mexican flavour, it satisfies my whole mexi-crazy family!! You put two lean chicken breasts in the slow cooker, add a can of diced tomatoes, a packet of taco seasoning and extra cumin, paprika and garlic to your taste! Let it cook for 8 hours on lowwwww, let all that amazing flavour soak into that chicken (and try not to smell it all day because you will be starving!). Shred the chicken with two forks and serve with your fave accompaniments! Mine is in a tortilla with lots of guacamole, sour cream and lettuce! Perfection!

  33. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle BudgeReply

    I make the best Sweet & Sour Chicken.
    Pineapple, ginger, onion, rice, soya sauce and brown sugar. It’s so yummy, you cant stop at one serving.

  34. Avatar of Coolridge

    Bone out 1 tray of ALDI chicken wings, stuff them with your favourite mix (for me that’s mushrooms, herbs, sun dried tomato’s and goats milk cheese) then fry or bake, don’t forget the wheat beer!

  35. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole WoodsReply

    My absolute favourite chicken recipe is done in the slow cooker and is sooo quick and easy, yet incredibly delicious all at the same time. It also combines almost all of my favourite ingredients!

    1 jar Chicken Tonight Cheese & Bacon Simmer Sauce
    Milk (to rinse the jar)
    1-2 cups grated cheese (I always use 2 because I loooove me some cheese).
    300g bacon (diced)
    2 chicken breasts (diced) **We generally use the breasts from a cooked roast chicken – if using raw chicken it would be best to seal it before adding to the slow cooker**
    2 tsp crushed garlic (or 1/2 tsp garlic powder)
    1 cup dried macaroni

    1. Pour sauce into slow cooker, then rinse jar with milk and add to sauce.
    2. Add cheese, bacon, chicken, cream and garlic. Stir to combine.
    3. Cook on high for 1 hour.
    4. Add dried macaroni and stir through.
    5. Cook for another 30-45 minutes until pasta is cooked.
    6. Serve, eat and send yourself to creamy cheesy chicken bacon heaven!!

  36. Avatar of marypreston

    Chicken Stir Fry: brown up some chicken breast strips, add sliced onions – caramelise the onion. To this add any vegetables you like. We like capsicum, beans, peas, celery and carrots – cut to bite size. Pour in a generous slug of plum sauce and soy sauce. Toss & simmer until veg is softened to taste. Bon Appétit

  37. Avatar of Alison

    Our family favourite is Creamy Chicken pasta.
    2 large chicken breast – diced
    1 jar roasted peppers
    6-8 strips bacon – diced
    4-6 large mushrooms – cut into large pieces
    1 shallot
    500ml chicken stock
    Cooking cream – 300ml
    minced garlic
    minced chilli
    dried basil
    dried parsley
    dried chives
    Your choice of tortellini (we use a cheese and vegetable one)
    Cook chicken in pressure cooker with stock for 10 mins (medium pressure)
    Start Pasta
    Cook shallot, bacon, peppers, garlic and chilli, until sticking to the bottom of your pan.
    Add mushrooms, stir
    Slowly add stock from pressure cooker until evaporated. Then continue adding until mostly all is used.
    Add herbs.
    Add Cooking cream
    Add Chicken
    Add cooked pasta
    The family all love this dish and keep coming back for more

  38. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara FehmelReply

    Chicken Drumsticks. for a party.
    1 large packet of Aldi Chicken drumsticks.
    Beaten Egg
    Aldi Breadcrums.
    Tomato soup
    Roll Aldi chicken drumsticks in flour, dip intop beaten egg and roll in the breadcrumbs.
    Place in the fridge for 30 minutes. Fry in Olive oil until brown.
    Place in oven roasting tray, and cover with Tomato soup. Bake 1 hour 15 minutes or until cooked.
    Drain off the remaining soup, and serve on a platter.

  39. Avatar of Jane

    Incorporating meals every week is a must for my family, I get so much joy out of creating meals that will last 2 nights, lunches and freeze, Yes omg I’m addicted but I love the challenge. I know alot of Mum Central readers would agree. This is a recipe I regularly make using aldi branded products it keeps the cost down and its very much winter comfort food. Don’t you just want to make it now? Enjoy !!Tip -Use a rectangular casserole dish.

    Beef Sheppard’s Pie with Spinach Mash.

    •I kg of Highland Park Beef Mince
    •2 can’s Remano Italian diced tomatoes in tomato juice
    •1 teaspoon of brown sugar
    •1 teaspoon of white vinegar
    •1 cup of tomato pasta sauce
    •1 teaspoon of garlic
    •1 tbs of basil
    •Salt and pepper
    •2.5 cups Market Fare peas, carrots and corn.
    •2 sheets of Puff Pastry
    •4-5 brushed potatoes
    •4 pieces of Market Fare Spinach
    •1-2 Tablespoon of Butter
    •Add your liking of Milk to mash

  40. Avatar of Gayle Richardson
    Gayle RichardsonReply

    Chicken with pumpkin, cashews, green beans and a simple sauce. Sweet chilli, lime and soy sauce – you play with the amounts. Strips of chicken, cook, add cooked pumpkin pieces and beans and at the end add the cashews. Simple, yummy and everyone in the family will eat it!

  41. Avatar of Valerie Wee
    Valerie WeeReply

    I love roast chicken and insert the sourdough bread with apricot jam. yummy!

  42. Avatar of Carly B

    8-10 skinless thigh fillets coated with a mix of Dijon mustard ( 1 teaspoon ) & whole egg mayo ( 2 tablespoons ) – covered and baked in oven till chicken cooked remove cover brush a little more mustard / mayo mix on & back in oven for 5 min or until golden – we serve with veg or salad – delish & easy

  43. Avatar of paulie

    We have had Aldi in Canberra and it’s been a blessing. This is my* Buttered Chicken Recipe is quite simple even dad’s like myself can make it (*well I’ve borrowed from my girlfriend)

    125g butter
    1 medium brown onion, finely chopped
    2 cloves garlic, crushed
    400g can tomato puree
    600ml cream
    2 teaspoons salt
    1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
    1 teaspoon garam masala
    700g chicken breast or thighs, cut into 3cm pieces
    2 tablespoons vegetable oil
    2 tablespoons tandoori masala

    1) Preheat oven to 180 degrees C.
    2) Melt a 1/4 of the butter in a large frying pan over medium heat. Cook onion and garlic, stirring for 15 minutes or until the onion caramelises.
    3) Meanwhile melt the remaining butter in a large saucepan over medium-high heat. Add the tomato puree, cream, salt, cayenne pepper, and garam masala. Bring to the boil then reduce heat to medium-low. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in caramelised onions.
    4) While the sauce is simmering, toss chicken with oil until coated, then season with tandoori masala and spread out on a baking tray.
    5) Bake chicken for 15 minutes or until just cooked through. Add chicken to the sauce and simmer for 10 minutes before serving.

  44. Avatar of ChickenYum

    Honey Chicken dish a with mouth watering breadcrumbs, roasted walnuts, and organic honey is right on the money.

  45. Avatar of catherine helbig
    catherine helbigReply

    I love making satay chicken parcels with chicken mince mixed in satay sauce with onions and lots of vegies wrapped in either puff pastry or filo pastry even works well adding some crushed pineapple to it aswell. My son just loves them

  46. Avatar of Lynne Lillington
    Lynne LillingtonReply

    Salt and pepper chicken Cesar salad, 1 packet Aldi Chicken breasts, rolled in salt and pepper and cooked in the oven. Add to your regular Cesar salad with cherry tomatoes and 6 boiled eggs, a meal all on its own

  47. Avatar of May

    My delicious chicken parmigiana! I first take my Aldi chicken breasts, cut them into medium sized pieces and I coat them in flour. After I dip it in flour I dip it into a mixture of egg yolks and milk. Then I put it into a plate of bread crumbs seasoned with garlic, onion powder and oregano. Make sure it’s fully coated and fry it into a hot skillet filled with canola oil for 15-20 minutes. I cook them on both sides till they are golden brown and crispy on the outside while the chicken is juicy and tender on the inside. I then put all the chicken into a baking dish, top it off with homemade marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese. I put it into the oven for around 10 minutes until the cheese is all gooey and bubbly. I serve it with a plate of spaghetti because come on, you got to have spaghetti with this dish! The chicken just melts in your mouth and you’ll definitely be back for seconds, even thirds! With the crunchy coating of the breadcrumbs, the juiciness of the chicken, the sweetness of the marinara sauce and the saltiness of the mozzarella, it’s heaven in your mouth!

  48. Avatar of Chelsea Lee
    Chelsea LeeReply

    My best ever roast chicken
    Perfect for the busy food loving family!

    Line the bottom of a medium sized slow cooker with 3 egg rings or a few small alfoil balls and coat cooker with spray oil.

    Prepare chicken: pat dry skin and inside of chicken with paper towel. Season top of chicken with 1tb season-all, 1tsp garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste. The flavour seeps into the chicken and gives it a beautiful golden colour. Fill cavity of chicken with a lemon cut in half (optional: and any fresh seasonal herbs from the garden- thyme, rosemary and sage are perfect). Place chicken on alfoil or egg rings and spray with cooking oil. Put lid on- no other liquid required!

    Cook for 8 hours on low or 4 hours on high. The chicken will cook above it’s own juices creating the most delicious, succulent, tender chicken. When you pull out the chicken it will just melt off the bones. Serve with veg or salad of your choice.

    Bonus tip: you can put the skin and bones back in the cooker with the juices and add onion, celery and carrot, a bayleaf and 6 pepper corns, fill with water and leave on low cooking overnight. You will wake up to a rich flavoursome chicken stock that you can strain and add leftover chicken, a handful of barley or noodles and veg of your choice for a rich hearty chicken soup for the next nights dinner!

  49. Avatar of Bex

    Tom Kha Gai. This is a Thai chicken coconut soup This extremely appetising and silky aromatic soup is a complete meal in a bowl. I just adore consuming this impressive soup which consists of gorgeous fresh ingredients such as lemongrass and ginger, lime leaves, herbs, chicken, mushrooms and coconut milk!

  50. Avatar of Chrissy07

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d390409a6e5e16518705898393b1b65b028ac7a81bebdfbc16191fcf57bd8109.jpg Just roast a chicken and de-bone it. Cut chicken into pieces, Cook up a packet of instant lasagne and layer the chicken, chopped parsley, chopped spring onions, white sauce, chicken pieces 3 times then put more white sauce on top of last layer and 1 cup of grated cheese. Bake for 30 mins at 160 deg. This meal is warming, nourishing, wonderful for leftovers even and everyone will really like it. Especially vegetarians.

  51. Avatar of Laurina Ainscough
    Laurina AinscoughReply

    For dinner parties I serve up juicy browned skin on chicken marylands that have been braised in an aromatic mixture of onion, garlic, Rosemary, white wine, chicken stock and cream. Accompanied with sweet potato mash and some buttered greens this is a winner every time!

  52. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn TaylorReply

    This is so easy, but a real favourite. When the children were getting ready to home, this was the first dish they learnt how to make, and all three of them still cook it.
    1 kilo chicken thighs
    1 can cream of chicken soup
    1 tub sour cream
    2 to 3 tablespoons whole grain mustard
    Remove excess fat from thighs, place flat in lasagne type dish, mix all other ingredients together and pour over chicken. Cook in 180 degree oven until cooked. Really delicious.
    If you prefer you can use plain yoghurt, instead of sour cream
    You can use curry powder, instead of mustard
    If you don’t have cream of chicken, I’ve used cream of asparagus/celery/ or mushroom, depending on what I’ve had in the pantry.
    You can serve with rice, mashed potato and veg, or I’ve even used it as a filling for pastie type thing, or pot pies. Really just delicious.

  53. Avatar of Josette

    Baked chicken . Simply use Maryland chicken, salt & black pepper. Baked for 2 hours and voila! Have it with rice and veggies. Yum!

  54. Avatar of Rachel amanatidis
    Rachel amanatidisReply

    BBQ grilled chicken with Tangy pinapple sauce … Dry rub onto chicken pieces a mix of thyme , salt,black pepper and paprika .. Cook chicken pieces on the BBQ grill and caramelise pinapple slices .. To make sauce added blended pinapple , apple juice , brown sugar and garlic salt soy and ginger stir over low heat until it thickens pour over chicken and serve .. So easy and Delish !

  55. Avatar of Rebecca Costa
    Rebecca CostaReply

    My chicken dish is simple but yummy. Its taking breast chicken cutting it in half and then pounding down alittle. Now dip chicken in egg whipped with a fork, making sure it completely covered with egg and then dip chicken into a bowl with crushed cornflakes. Make sure chicken coated with cornflakes, before taking to a hot pan with olive oil and a little margarine or butter and pan fry till golden brown.

  56. Avatar of Rachel K

    My JULIENNED CHICKEN BREAST AND VEGETABLES IN A FILO POUCH is a family favourite and a hit at dinner parties. It consists of succulent chicken, mushroom, red capsicum, avocado and oozy cream cheese with onion, garlic and Cajun seasoning baked in filo pastry. The Cajun seasoning, garlic powder and onion flakes really make this dish tasty as the flavours develop inside the pouch as it cooks. The Philadelphia Cream Cheese is to die for as it oozes out each time you cut it. Sometimes I mix it up and add different herbs and spices because variety is the “spice” of life!

  57. Avatar of Lauren barnes
    Lauren barnesReply

    Chicken cacciatore, it’s simple, affordable and full of rich tomato flavour. The best part is put all ingredients into slow cooker with chicken things, can tomatoes, olives and mushrooms and by dinner time you have this melt in mouth dish perfect for winter warming.

  58. Avatar of Andieharrie

    Caribbean jerk Chicken all spicy and nice
    cooked to perfection and served with rice
    a touch of chilli to give it bite
    Jerk chicken you’re out of sight
    marinated in the fridge during the day
    then on to the BBQ it’s quite a display
    salad to cool the tongue too
    Aldi chicken treated with love, delicious thank you

  59. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon MarkwellReply

    So simple and easy and tastes like a little bit of heaven, that’s my Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings. Buy some wings from Aldi, place in a roasting dish and sprinkle with Lemon Pepper (from Aldi of course!). Roast till crisp and dark and serve with any roast vegies your little heart desires (cook at the same time as the wings). This recipe has turned me into a domestic goddess.

  60. Avatar of Nichole Mckee
    Nichole MckeeReply

    My husband rubs butter under the skin of the breast along with parsley, then oils the outside skin, grinds plenty of salt over the skin and gently massages it in the skin, leave’s it to sit for a while then places the whole chicken into a baking tray and into the webber cooker that’s he’s so carefully prepared with iron bark chips and coals for that perfect smoke flavour and then slowly cooks the bird for the next few hours. The result is extremely moist chicken on the inside whilst the whole skin on the bird is crispy and crackly and My Goodness…Oh So Delicious…and just quietly I Looove that man so much more when he cooks din din 😀

  61. Avatar of Becky

    Friday night pizzas with Shredded chicken

    Bowl of Aldi Roast chicken – marinated with honey, soy and garlic, wait to cook. Cool. Shred. 4 pitas or whatever your heart desires, pizza sauce cover over pitas or homemade perri perri sauce – add mushrooms, diced capsicums, onions, diced bacon and cheese – top all them on top. Add pizza stone in oven for 10 mins and add your homemade pizza’s. So good. Enjoy!

  62. Avatar of Catherine

    Roast chicken for dinner then the next day have chicken wraps for lunch.

  63. Avatar of Ebony Carr

    We love chicken, stuffed with sun dried tomatoes and feta, then wrapped in bacon. We cook it in the oven in a bed of diced tomatoes and serve with roasted vegetables

  64. Avatar of Deborah Bolam
    Deborah BolamReply

    Chicken stir fry with rice pretty simple I use chicken breast cook with garlic and ginger then add some stock and loads of fresh vegetables serve with rice

  65. Avatar of DR_0607

    Honey Mustard Chicken –
    1kg chicken breast cubed
    1 onion diced
    2 carrots chopped
    1 tblspn whole grain mustard
    1 tblspn honey
    220ml coconut cream

    Brown chicken, mushrooms, onions and carrots. add mustard and honey. Simmer for about 10 minutes. Add coconut cream, simmer for 5 more minutes. Serve with greens and/or rice. My favourite dish every!!

  66. Avatar of Melissa

    I love the Aldi marinated chicken thighs. The lemon and herb is fantastic! The meat is tender and juicy and the marninade is just delicious! The kids love it too, which is always a bonus. I like to cook it on the BBQ so it gets nice and charred and then serve it cut into slices with salad on a platter, chutney or mayo and wraps, so that everyone can help themselves and make up their own favourite combination. The best family dinner!

  67. Avatar of robfunk

    I love butter chicken, we have a favourite Indian take away place we love to get it from and we cook our own rice to save a few dollars. Such a great warm winter dish, especially with garlic and cheese naan bread.

  68. Avatar of Joanne Parkinson
    Joanne ParkinsonReply

    Chicken and pasta. First you brown the chicken legs in a the pot then add a can of diced tomatoes, 1 cup of water, 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, salt, pepper and basil and oregano cooked until sauce thickens and chicken is cooked through. cooked spaghetti pasta until done then drain and stir through the pot with the chicken and sauce and then lick your lips because it is ready.

  69. Avatar of Kim

    Has to be Chicken Schnitzel – with vegies/salad or in a wrap. We make our own schnitzel to mix the flavours up using Aldi chicken breast, breadcrumbs or cornflakes and a variety of herbs and spices or Parmesan

  70. Avatar of RLRowberry

    Chicken drumsticks marinated and braised in a marmalade, tumeric and honey blossom glaze. Serve with Roasted Vegetables carrots and fennel cooked in orange zest and juices.

  71. Avatar of Vanessa Di Cicco
    Vanessa Di CiccoReply

    Coconut Chicken Curry! Chicken breasts, Sri Lankan chicken curry paste, potatoes (with the skin on!) and coconut milk. Leave it bubbling away for 3-4 hours in the slow cooker, so easy! So mild and creamy, the kids absolutely love it with rice and papadums.

  72. Avatar of Brooke Parker
    Brooke ParkerReply

    Sweet and Sour Chicken served with rice. With this recipe it can be served with just about anything that you want.

  73. Avatar of Tania Hardman
    Tania HardmanReply

    French Creamed Chicken! (Oo La La)
    Oh so simple but Oh so delish – this easy dish will have your guests begging for the recipe. (Don’t tell them – just relish in the kudos)
    Slice a large chicken breast into strips and place in an oven proof dish. Mix a packet of French onion soup mix into 300ml cream (I love strong flavours so always add a pack & a half, and you may want a bit more cream if you like lots of sauce).
    Pour over the chicken, give a little stir to coat and pop in the preheated oven for approx 30mins. The sauce miraculously thickens and sticks to the chicken which has a beautiful soft poached texture. Serve with fresh green beans, brocollini and julienned carrots and Bon Apetite!

  74. Avatar of CocoaLoco

    My Mum used to make this awesome southern style chicken casserole. I’ve never been able to recreate it so that it tastes amazingly good like hers, as she passed away before I was wise enough to ask for the recipe. The chicken was coated in a southern style seasoning mix, browned with onions and capsicums and then put in the slow cooker with whole tinned tomatoes, carrots potatoes and sometimes peas. She served it with rice or mashed potato. Oh how I wish I could have some now 🙁

  75. Avatar of Selena Baker
    Selena BakerReply

    My dish is quick and simple and can be served with what ever your taste buds require. But best of all the kids loooove it.
    :Oven crumbed chicken strips:
    2 chicken breasts (cut into strips)
    1 cup bread crumbs
    1 tsp paprika
    Salt, pepper and a lil shake of dried thyme and dried garlic granuals
    1 oven bag and olive oil spray
    Mix all dry ingredients together in a ziplock bag, coat all chicken strips in mixture. Lightly spray oven bag with oil and place chicken in without doubling up. (Make sure to cut 3-4 little incisions at the tie end)
    Cook for 20 mins on 180 degrees
    VOLLA – there you have it, beautifully moist chicken strips better and healthier than KFC!!

  76. Avatar of Gayle Vos

    Delicious Chicken & Leek Pies, ingredients are:

    tablespoon olive oil
    800g Chicken Thigh Fillets (skin removed) cut into 2cm pieces
    20g butter

    2 leeks, thinly sliced
    1/2 cup (125ml) dry white wine
    2 tablespoons plain flour
    1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
    1 cup (250ml) chicken stock
    2 spring onions, thinly sliced
    2 tablespoons sour cream
    2 sheets frozen puff pastry, just thawed
    1 egg lightly whisked

    Preheat oven to 200C.
    Heat oil a frying pan over high heat. Season chicken and cook, in
    batches, for 5 mins or until browned. Transfer to a plate

    Melt butter in same pan. Cook leek for 3 mins or until tender. Return
    chicken to pan with the wine. Simmer, uncovered, for 7 mins or until
    wine has almost evaporated. Sprinkle over flour. Cook, stirring, for 1
    min. Stir in mustard, stock and spring onion. Bring to a simmer. Simmer,
    partially covered, for 5 mins or until thickened. Stir in sour cream.
    Season. Set aside for 15 mins to cool.

    Divide chicken mixture among four 1 1/2-cup (375ml) capacity ramekins.
    Cut 4 discs from pastry to cover top of pie dishes. Place pastry discs
    over chicken mixture, pressing down edges to seal. Brush pastry with
    egg. Bake for 20 mins or until pastry is puffed and golden.

  77. Avatar of Sarah Ky

    Ricotta, Bacon, Fetta and Spinach Stuffed Chicken wrapped with Honey Glazed Prosciutto has always been a family favourite of mine! It is so simple too! All you need to do is:
    1. Butterfly a large chicken breast
    2. Line a slice of bacon, fresh ricotta cheese, feta cheese and spinach in the middle of the chicken breast
    3. Roll the chicken breast around the filling and stick toothpicks in the opening to seal it
    4. Wrap a few slices of Prosciutto around the sealed chicken breast
    5. Lightly grease a frying pan and fry the chicken breast on each side of a few minutes to seal in the chicken juice and tenderness
    6. Transfer chicken onto a greased baking tray and brush chicken breast lightly with honey
    7. Bake at 180 degrees for 15 minutes (give or take 5 minutes depending on size of chicken)
    8. Remove from oven and reapply a layer of honey
    9. Return to oven for another 5-10 minutes
    10. Chicken is cooked when juice on the bottom of tray come out clear
    The end product is a delicious sweet, sticky, salty, cheezy chicken breast that is jam packed with flavour! My family loves it when I serve it with a Mediterranean style rice and some grilled vegetables!

  78. Avatar of spog777

    Chicken Breasts with Tomatoes and Olives (Simple and tasty)
    Serve with fresh veggies like red or orange bell pepper, cucumber, or scallions. We add kalamata olives and anchovies for a salty zing

  79. Avatar of Carley 2711
    Carley 2711Reply

    Creamy Bacon Chilli Chicken, always a family favourite, Easy, tasty and filling. Easily changed to GF as we have a coeliac in the family now. Simply change out spiral pasta for good quality gf spiral pasta and southern chicken coating for a mix of 1/2 cup gf breadcrumbs and spices (1/4 tsp ground cayenne pepper, 1/2 tsp freshly ground cumin, 1/4 tsp ground mace, 1/2 tsp freshly grated nutmeg, 1/2 tsp paprika, 1/2 tsp freshly milled black pepper, 1/2 tsp ground ginger, 1 tsp crumbled dried basil, 1 tsp bay leaves ground to a powder, 1 tsp crumbled dried oregano, 1 tsp crumbled dried sage, 1 tsp dried thyme, 1 tsp salt) I make up a multiple batch and store it in an airtight container.

    500g chicken breast, cubed
    1 brown onion, diced
    3 rashers of bacon, diced
    1 red capsicum sml, diced
    4 mushrooms, sliced
    Southern chicken coating mix
    3 spring onions, sliced
    500ml cream
    Chilli flakes
    2 cups of spiral pasta

    1. Prepare all fresh ingredients.
    2. Fill a medium sized saucepan with water and bring to the boil, add a pinch of salt. Add pasta as soon as water boils.
    3. Coat chicken in southern chicken coating mix.
    4. Brown chicken, bacon and soften onion in a large fry pan over med-high heat.
    5. Once chicken is sealed add capsicum and mushroom to pan and stirfry till veges are tender.
    6. Add cream and simmer on low heat for 5 mins adding chilli flakes to taste.
    7. Drain pasta and add to pan mixing through sauce.
    8. Garnish with spring onions.

  80. Avatar of Cathy Aplin
    Cathy AplinReply

    Chicken, bacon and cheese parcels with a port, cream and garlic sauce. Arrange chicken, bacon and cheese in puff pastry triangles and bake until crispy.

  81. Avatar of Jemma C

    All season garlicky lemon chicken. In a baking dish, mince fresh garlic and mix with freshly squeezed lemon juice and olive oil. Roll chicken thighs or drumsticks through the marinade, arrange, and lightly shake season-all over. Bake until golden. So simple but I always get repeat requests!

  82. Avatar of Renaye Hodges
    Renaye HodgesReply

    Creamy garlic Tuscan chicken. Go no further than Aldi for everything you need except the white wine. Succulent chicken tenders slow cooked in chicken stock with dried basil, rosemary, oregano, parsley and crushed fresh garlic. Sundried tomatoes sliced and a few good splashes of white wine. Let slow cook for you few hrs and then baby spinach, add cream and parmesan and cook further to thicken. Cook up some penne and when al dente lightly toss together. Fill up your wine glass because you can’t waste a good drop… and ENJOY

  83. Avatar of Lauren Jordan
    Lauren JordanReply

    In our house we love shredded Mexican chicken for burritos or tacos. Cook the chicken breast then add delicious spices and herbs and cook it down until it all falls apart. So moist and delicious!

  84. Avatar of Narelle Schwartz
    Narelle SchwartzReply

    Bacon wrapped cheese and garlic butter chicken.
    Butterfly chicken. Add garlic butter and cheese.
    Roll and wrap.

  85. Avatar of Law Yan

    Lemon garlic chicken


    In a shallow baking dish, add flour and season with salt and pepper. Add oregano and whisk to combine. Add chicken and toss until fully coated. Set aside.
    In a large skillet over medium-high heat, heat oil. Add chicken and cook until golden and cooked through, 6 minutes per side. Season with salt and pepper. Transfer to a plate.
    To skillet, add chicken broth, butter, garlic, lemon juice, and white wine and season with salt. Bring to a simmer then add lemon slices and return chicken to skillet, tossing to coat in sauce. Serve with pasta or bread.

  86. Avatar of Nicole D

    Mexican Chicken Lasagne

    So I’m a lover of traditional lasagne from way back. My mum taught me how to make it 15 years ago and I’ve loved every bite since!
    I make it. I eat it. I adore it!
    But having a toddler who likes to suddenly despise things at the drop of a hat, I had to think quick. So I came up with this. And it’s a hit. Time after time [love that song!].

    Into a frying pan: 500g chicken mince, 1 onion, grated anything (carrot, zucchini, capsicum etc), spinach (I use the frozen blocks).
    Add: 1 tin salt reduced condensed tomato soup, 1 packet taco seasoning.
    Into a base lined springform tin: 1 tortilla. Sprinkle of cheese then another tortilla (helps to keep it stable)
    Layer: chicken mix then sprinkle of cheese. Spread some sour cream onto a tortilla and place on so it sticks to the cheese. Repeat. And repeat. Top layer I add extra cheese. Because.
    Cook: oven at 180. cooked when cheese is melted.

    I have made this with a burrito mix and it’s just as good! Could also use tinned tomatoes instead of soup if you prefer 🙂

  87. Avatar of Ashley Beech
    Ashley BeechReply

    Tasty and easy chicken stroganoff…all you need is butter, garlic, onion, chicken breast, tomato paste, sour cream, past and salt and pepper to taste. A real mouth-waterer that the whole family will enjoy…and it won’t break the budget!

  88. Avatar of Kellie Tattersall
    Kellie TattersallReply

    Hasselbeck chicken its so easy as well.
    You simply cook up some spinich (i like baby spinich best) with garlic till it is just wilted let it cool a bit and combined it with equal parts ricotta cheese (for extra creaminess add some sour cream). With a whole chicken breast slice the top of it but not all the way through about 5 times on a diagonal. Stuff the the sliced sections with the spinich mix. Place them on a oven tray and top with grated cheese bake at 180 for 30 min. When its done the chicken is moist the sauce is creamy and has alot of flavour and the cheese ontop has a crunch to it. It is so easy to make its healthy and is so yummy. I know what im going to have for dinner tonight

  89. Avatar of lovelyloves

    I like anything that’s quick and easy. So I love putting in chicken breasts in a casserole dish, chop up some veggies like red onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn, sprinkle smoked paprika, parsley, salt and pepper and olive oil and in the oven it goes!! It’s delicious.

  90. Avatar of Alex He

    I do love spicy diced chicken with peanuts.
    Cut chicken into small pieces and marinate it with soy sauce, chinese cooking wine and pea starch for about 10 mins. Make sauce with pea starch, salt, pepper, sugar, vinegar and soy sauce. Cut shallots, ginger and dried chillies into pieces. Put them into the hot oil then add marinated diced chicken and stir them well. Add the sauce and keep stirring. Then add roasted peanuts. After stirring a while, this delicious dish is ready for serve. Enjoy!

  91. Avatar of jayla1987

    Hot and spicy wings, complete with a deliciously spicy hot marinade made from trident hot chilli sauce, cholula hot sauce,chilli flakes, black peppercorn, soy sauce, honey, extremely hot chillis the haberneros 5/5 on the hot scale! Cayenne pepper,marinadte wings in all those delicious hot ingredients and cook for about 2 hours, then enjoy these mouth watering and nose and eye watering beauties!

  92. Avatar of Leanne Baker
    Leanne BakerReply

    Every busy parent needs a quick go to dish and this is mine.
    It certainly isn’t the fanciest but due to its affordability, ease and mouthwatering taste it is a firm favourite in our house.
    We use chicken breasts with skin on but if these aren’t available or you are looking for a cheaper or different alternative then Maryland, thigh pieces or even whole chickens work well.
    You want to work the skin away from the flesh creating a pocket, slice the cheeks off a fresh mango and stuff under the skin along with a generous helping of cream cheese. If they aren’t in season then tinned works fine as well and apricots are a tasty alternative if mangoes aren’t your thing.
    Oven bake until your chicken is cooked through, the skin is a golden brown and the mango/apricot has cooked down with the cream cheese to a creamy hot filling of deliciousness.
    Serve with shoestring fries which are perfect for dipping in escaped filling otherwise it goes really well with a fresh Caesar salad. Enjoy!

  93. Avatar of Julie Ford

    my children love chicken burritos its tasty simple and amazingly yummy. fresh lettuce tomato and cheese capsicum peppers, anything you like and you can even flash fry them so the cheese melts and the wrap goes all crunchy

  94. Avatar of Belinda Bee
    Belinda BeeReply

    Surprise Chicken Meatballz!! kids loves the hidden melted cheese centre. Make meatballs using chicken mince, finely diced onion, minced garlic, grated zucchini, chopped sun dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese and oregano – mix to combine. Cut colby cheese into cubes and encase with chicken mix, roll into balls then roll balls into flour and fry until golden. Serve with salad 🙂 yummo

  95. Avatar of Kirstie Fray
    Kirstie FrayReply

    Being a busy mum with 3 children whilst juggling full time study – quick, easy and family friendly meals are a high priority for me. One of our weekly meals that the whole family loves is slow cooked chicken curry.

    In the morning just before we leave the house I put a pack of chicken thighs (we recently switched to aldi when I realised they stock free-range chicken) into the slow cooker with a couple of large spoonfuls of green Thai curry paste, some chunky chopped carrot, sweet potato and a tin of coconut milk. When I get home with all the kids after the childcare, kinder and school run the house smells AMAZING! Not only that but all I have to do at that hellish time of day is cook some rice, stir some baby spinach through the curry and serve up the creamy, melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness that the whole family devour week after week. And hubby loves it when there’s leftovers for lunch the next day!

  96. Avatar of Madelaine Howe
    Madelaine HoweReply

    Roast chicken – baste with some butter and salt for extra crunchy skin- cook for an hour per kg in an 180 degree oven. Boil potatoes for 30 mins and pop in with chicken. Get a fresh corn cob and boil that. Pick some peas from garden. Smother chicken and potatoes with gravy! YUM.

  97. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Chicken dumplings are my family’s favourite recipe, it needs chicken mince, soy sauce, ginger, salt, pepper, spring onion , egg, Chinese garbage and garlic, dumping sheets. Chicken dumpling can be deep fried or boiled water . It only take a hour to make them.

  98. Avatar of Natalie Stoute
    Natalie StouteReply

    What Mexican dinner dish could be better than tacos, enchiladas or burritos? My Mexican Chicken Bake! Apart from being super easy, it can be prepared in advance so when it comes to dinner time just pop in the oven and hey presto! You’re welcome 🙂

    1 cup rice
    300gm tin kidney beans rinsed and drained
    1 tablespoon oil
    600gm boneless, skinless chicken thigh fillets roughly chopped
    400gm spicy taco sauce
    2 cups grated tasty Cheddar cheese
    1/2 cup sour cream
    Fresh coriander to garnish

    Preheat oven and lightly grease a baking dish (I use a lasagne dish). Combined cooked rice with kidney beans and lighly press the mixture so it’s flat. Cover with half the cheese.

    Saute chicken thighs in taco sauce for around six minutes until just cooked. Place on the cheese covered rice and cover with the rest of the cheese and then foil.

    Cook for half an hour until bubbling and remove foil and cook for around another 10 minutes.

    Serve with dollops of sour cream and fresh coriander.

    Note – for my kiddies I use medium taco spice, smaller pieces of chicken and omit the coriander 🙂

  99. Avatar of Nicola Thomson
    Nicola ThomsonReply

    This is an old family recipe. It’s our version of chicken soup and when the family gets sick it’s a go to especially in winter time and it’s easy peasy. One whole Aldi chicken, 3 grated carrots, 1 grated potato, 1 grated onion, 1 cup of dried soup mix and two tablespoons of chicken stock, pinch of salt and pepper, throw it all together, cover with water and on a low heat cook for 1.5 hours. P.S it tastes better the next day. Lovely comfort food.

  100. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura ScrivenReply

    Gorgeous greek chicken with herby vegetable couscous & tzatziki

    It’s flavoursome and tender chicken with wholesome cous cous that can be adored by all in both Winter & Summer!


    For the couscous
    1mug (300g) ofcouscous
    2mixed-colour peppers
    1fresh red chilli
    4spring onions
    ½a bunch offresh dill
    200g raw or frozen peas
    1small handful ofblack olives (stone in)
    2tablespoonsextra virgin olive oil
    40gfeta cheese
    For the chicken
    400gskinless chicken breasts
    1heaped teaspoondried oregano
    1teaspoonground allspice
    olive oil
    For the tzatziki
    250gfat-free natural yoghurt
    ½a bunch offresh mint

    Put 1 mug of couscous and 2 mugs of boiling water into a bowl with a small pinch of salt and cover • On a large sheet of greaseproof paper, toss the chicken with salt, pepper, the oregano, allspice and finely grated lemon zest • Fold over the paper, then bash and flatten the chicken to 1.5cm thick with a rolling pin • Put into the frying pan with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, turning after 3 or 4 minutes, until golden and cooked through
    Using a box grater, coarsely grate the cucumber • Sprinkle it with a small pinch of salt, then squeeze and scrunch with clean hands to get rid of the excess salty water • Pop in a bowl with the yoghurt, juice of ½ a lemon and a pinch of pepper, finely chop and add the top leafy half of the mint, then mix together • Remove the stalk and seeds from the peppers and chilli, then pulse in the processor with the trimmed spring onions and the dill until finely chopped • Scatter over a large tray or platter
    Add the peas to the veg (if using frozen peas, blanch them in boiling water for a couple of minutes first), destone and tear over the olives, then squeeze over the juice of the zested lemon and add the extra virgin olive oil • Fluff up and scatter over the couscous, toss well and season to taste • Move the cooked chicken to a board, slice it up, then lay it around the couscous • Crumble over the feta and serve with the tzatziki

  101. Avatar of Sacha Pech

    Roast Chicken Puff Burgers

    Roast Chicken
    Puff Pastry
    Sour Cream
    Dijon Mustard

    Roast the chicken until cooked. When close to being ready defrost the puff pastry and cut into equal quarter squares (one square = 1 burger).

    Mix the ‘secret’ delicious sauce together; 300ml sour cream and one tbs dijon mustard, a half handful of freshly chopped chives and a squeeze of lemon juice. Slice lettuce and tomato and put to one side.

    When chicken is cooked take out of oven and let cool for a bit before tearing meat off and putting into a bowl ready to assemble burgers.

    Brush puff pastry with milk and pop in the oven until golden. Take puff pastries out of oven and cut in half.

    Here’s the fun part; I put all now cooked ingredients on the table and let the kids and hubby assemble their own chicken burger (they eat more that way).

    The result is a deliciously tasty twist on a roast dinner and not as heavy as a regular burger. Always a mess; but always have full bellies and smiles on faces afterwards.

  102. Avatar of Jacinta Roberts
    Jacinta RobertsReply

    As have child with allergies, I very limited but love chicken soup.
    Aldi whole chicken, cooked already.
    Mussels 7s chicken stock cubes
    Garlic and onion infused oil
    Any other vegs on hand

    Put in slow cooker on low for 8 hours.
    Strain to get rid off all bones
    Re add chicken and vegs.
    Add rice noodles

  103. Avatar of Sarah Kennedy
    Sarah KennedyReply

    For all the busy parents, this is a 3 ingredient recipe that never fails, is kid friendly and husband approved. 2 kgs of chicken drumsticks, olive oil and any Aldi dried herbs mix. Coat drumsticks in olive oil, generously coat in herbs and rub well. Place on a shallow tray in a very hot over- 200-220 degrees for 20 minutes or until very crispy! Serve with rice and homemade satay sauce if you have time. Satay sauce is also a cinch- in a microwaveable jug, preferably glass, two big tablespoons peanut butter, one can coconut cream, 2 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tsp each of tumeric, and coriander seed (ground). Some fresh ginger and garlic if you have it too ( tsp of each, finely chopped) and a tsbp of honey or raw sugar. Sooooo good, and a total people pleaser!!

  104. Avatar of Neumanas

    our (brazilians) favourite snack!anytime anyday! the famous Coxinhas… (chicken croquettes like)


    1 quart vegetable oil, for frying
    3 1/2 cups low-sodium chicken broth
    1 onion, peeled and quartered
    1 carrot, peeled and quartered
    1 celery rib, quartered
    Chicken Filling
    1 large chicken breast
    8 ounces packaged cream cheese, softened
    1 ear corn, kernels cut off the cob
    2 green onions, thinly sliced
    1 garlic clove, minced
    Salt and pepper, to taste
    1/2 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
    2 cups all-purpose flour
    1 egg
    1 tablespoon whole milk
    1 cup plain Italian bread crumbs
    Salt and pepper, to taste

    1. In a large pot, preheat oil to 350°F. In another large pot, combine broth, onions, carrots, and celery and bring to a simmer. Carefully add chicken, cover, and reduce heat to medium-low. Poach chicken for 12 to 15 minutes, or until just cooked through. Turn off heat, but leave the pot of hot poaching liquid on the stove. Remove chicken from liquid and let it rest for 10 minutes.
    2. For the filling, finely chop or shred chicken into a large mixing bowl. Add cream cheese, corn, green onions, and garlic. Season with salt and pepper. Fold to combine.
    3. Strain 1 1/2 cups of the poaching liquid and discard the rest. In a saucepan over high heat, bring reserved liquid and oil to a boil. Add flour and stir vigorously until dough forms. Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth, about 5 minutes. Roll out to 1/4 inch thick. Cut out small rounds using a 3-inch circle cutter or the rim of a round cup. Place a small scoop (about 1 tablespoon) of the filling in the center of each round. Pinch dough together at the top to seal, creating plump little teardrop-shaped pouches. In a small bowl, lightly whisk eggs and milk together. Place bread crumbs in another small bowl. Carefully dip each pouch into the egg wash and then the bread crumbs until fully coated. Fry coxinha in small batches for 7 to 9 minutes, or until golden brown. Drain on paper towels, lightly season with salt, and serve hot.

  105. Avatar of Lyn SC

    Grilled Chicken, marinated in honey soy, garlic and spring onion. Place in wraps with leafy greens, tomato and cheese.

  106. Avatar of Fiona Turner
    Fiona TurnerReply

    Chicken Leek and Bacon Pie
    The good thing with this recipe is that you can made some adjustments to the ingredients.
    800g chicken thigh fillet (city in pieces)
    4 rashes bacon
    1 Leek (diced)
    Knob of butter or oil
    2 table spoons of plain flour
    Salt n pepper to taste
    2 cups chicken stock
    1/2 pouring cream
    Puff pastry

    Cook bacon first then set aside.
    Cook chicken in batches until brown.
    Add butter and sauté Leek.
    Return bacon to pan
    Add flour stir through then add stock.
    Simmer for 20 mins then add cream.
    Season as needed.
    Place in suitable pie dish and cover with puff pastry.
    Brush with milk or egg wash.
    Cook in over on approx 175 for around 30 minutes or until puff pastry is ready.
    Serve with mast potato and steamed beans my fav).
    Alternatives I’ve tried to the recipe include adding mushrooms and mustard. Yummo!!

  107. Avatar of Joanne sampson
    Joanne sampsonReply

    My kids fav meal chicken schnitzel which is super easy cut the chicken breast into thin slices or really small pieces (popcorn chicken) or a combo of both, dip the chicken into flour then egg and then bread crumbs ( I add pepper, vegeta, paprika to the bread crumbs for extra flavour) then cook with oil in a fry pan until it is golden brown. And serve with mash potato and mixed veges

  108. Avatar of Mikaela Cowan
    Mikaela CowanReply

    Chicken Cordon Bleu
    Serves 4

    4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
    4 slices Swiss cheese
    4 slices ham
    1 cup seasoned breadcrumbs
    Preheat oven to 180oC .Line a 20 x 30cm baking tray with baking paper.
    Pound chicken breasts to 1cm thickness. Season both sides with sea salt and cracked pepper.
    Lay one slice of cheese and ham atop each fleshy breast. Roll chicken, tucking in ends and secure with a toothpick.

    Place on prepared baking tray and smother with breadcrumbs. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes or until cooked.
    Remove toothpicks, slice and serve immediately.

  109. Avatar of Sue Bou

    Always always chicken soup. Made with 2 day organic chicken bone broth, piles of vegies from the farm stalls, vinegar & salt to draw the flavour. Sounds simple but is a lot of work and well worth it.

  110. Avatar of Samantha W

    My favourite quick and easy (but delicious and impressive) dish is Mexican Chicken. I can slap this together in a flash even on those nights when I’m completely done with adulting.

    To make this super-tasty winter warmer, simply lay chicken breasts in a baking dish and coat them with a packet of taco seasoning. Then take a jar of salsa (I like to use hot, but swap it out for mild if the kids are dining with us) and dollop it all over the seasoned chicken to cover. Finally, scatter a generous helping of grated cheese over the lot and pop it in the oven at 180C for around 30 minutes (until your house smells amazing and the chicken is cooked through).

    I serve this with rice and salad (and sour cream), making it lightning fast to assemble and prepare, as well as ridiculously yummy and satisfying.

  111. Avatar of Anda

    My family`s favourite chicken recipe is using this un-boiled method,it makes moist, flavorful meat — the flavor isn’t all boiled out into the broth, and it doesn’t get the sort of carmelised flavor of roasting, which I don’t care for in a chicken salad. If you do Once-A-Month Cooking, this is a great way to prepare a lot of chicken for the freezer. The 90 minute cooking time is actually 60 minutes of standing after (approximately) 30 minutes to boil the water twice.You only need chicken (you may use whole or as desired) and water. Fill a very large pot with water, enough to cover the chicken completely. You want a LOT of water. An 8 quart pot at least is best for ONE chicken or about 3 pounds of parts WITH bones. I do NOT recommend for boneless chicken, as the heat will not be able to penetrate the big pile of meat at the bottom of the pot.).
    Do not put the chicken in yet.
    Bring to a boil.
    Now put in the chicken.
    As soon as it STOPS boiling, take out the chicken.
    Return the water to a boil, then put the chicken back in and cover tightly.
    Turn off the heat but leave the pot on the burner.
    Leave it untouched for exactly ONE HOUR.
    Remove chicken from water.
    Let it cool just enough to handle, then debone your chicken.
    I’ve been making it this way since forever.
    You can use a whole chicken or parts.
    The large volume of water is important: I use a 15 quart stock pot, and do 2 chickens at one time.
    (then I save the skin& bones up in the freezer until I have a bunch, and use them to make broth). You will get the moistest, juiciest chicken you have ever ate.

  112. Avatar of Briana Corry
    Briana CorryReply

    Fruit chutney chicken.
    Chicken breasts in a baking dish, cover with a jar of fruit chutney and top with grated cheese. Cook in oven at 180°C for 30-45mins or until chicken is cooked through. My kids love this.

  113. Avatar of Juanita Munro
    Juanita MunroReply

    Apricot chicken!! It has been passed down for generations. Full of flavour and a family fovorite!

  114. Avatar of Noella Bloomfield
    Noella BloomfieldReply

    Chicken and Bacon Fettuccini, it is so quick and easy to make and yummy to eat, its one of the few dishes that all of my 3 boys and hubby always agree on. You simply diced up the chicken breast and bacon and brown, stir in cream and I use a premade packet mix for the fettuccini base (its easier with a 2 year old hanging off of me) then melt through the grated cheese and stir through the pasta ( I often just use spiral pasta as the kids manage it better) and serve with some garlic bread. So simple

  115. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Chicken and prawn fried rice is a simple and easy dinner in minutes.

  116. Avatar of ggrugger

    Chicken breast fillets, sliced open at the side, filled with a generous slice of Stilton cheese. Wrap each chicken breast with slices of streaky bacon ( can double wrap or single wrap in bacon ) using about 3 slices per fillet ( can double wrap in bacon if you like) Cook at 180C for about 35 minutes and serve on a bed of sliced avocado, lettuce, red capsicum, and continental cucumber salad. Quick and easy but sooooo delicious.

  117. Avatar of ggrugger

    Chicken and Stilton Cheese wraps. Chicken breast fillets, sliced open at the side, filled with a generous slice of Stilton cheese. Wrap each chicken breast with slices of streaky bacon ( can double wrap or single wrap in bacon ) using about 3 slices per fillet ( can double wrap in bacon if you like) Cook at 180C for about 35 minutes and serve on a bed of sliced avocado, lettuce, red capsicum, and continental cucumber salad. Quick and easy but sooooo delicious.

  118. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Honey Soy Chicken Wings are perfect snack for weekend. Just need chicken wings,honey, garlic, soy and love. It are delicious and easy recipe.

  119. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    ALDI Chicken has great price and quality to create my heart ‘s desire dishes from chicken spring rolls to lemon roasted chicken for my family. I love it.

  120. Avatar of Carolyn Wolff
    Carolyn WolffReply

    For my family I make the perfect succulent and crispy baked (not fried) Chicken Schnitzel using Aldi’s chicken breasts. My whole family loves this dish because it’s made with a crunchy coating, some delicious spices and most of all love!

  121. Avatar of Emma Clark

    My favourite Chicken recipe is my own Crispy Peri peri chicken pieces with sweet chilli Mayo. The herb and breadcrumb coating is so crunchy and delicious as you bite into it and then get mouth watering moist succulent chicken. Then you get the pop of the peri peri flovour that warms your mouth and makes your taste buds tingle. Yum yum!!

  122. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Butter Cream Chicken is one of my kids favourite Indina dishes because it has light spicy curry tase with golden colour sauce. It is easy to use Butter Chicken Sauce from ALDI and ALDI chicken for mouthwatering recipe . I only need some steam rice .

  123. Avatar of amandagorton

    A delicious, winter warming pie which enjoyed by all.
    Chicken, Leek and Corn Pie
    1 barbecued cooked chicken chopped
    50 g butter
    1 onion sliced
    2 leek washed sliced
    1/3 cup plain flour
    1 cup chicken stock (liquid)
    310 g cream-style canned corn
    1/2 cup cream
    2 sheets puff pastry
    Melt butter in saucepan, add onion and leek stirring until soft.
    Add flour and mix well, Gradually add stock and stir until slightly thickened.
    Add the chicken, cream and creamed corn. Simmer for 5 minutes.
    Put filling in a pie dish and cover with puff pastry, brush with milk
    Bake for 20-25 minutes at 200C until pastry is golden.

  124. Avatar of Debra Cheadle
    Debra CheadleReply

    Our favourite chicken recipe is Egyptian Lemon garlic chicken. Delicious succulent chicken pieces marinated in delicious lemon juice, olive oil and fresh crushed Australian garlic then baked in the oven until golden and crispy outside and moist and tender inside. Serve with fresh seasonal vegetables and you have a meal fit for a king!

  125. Avatar of Skye Douglas
    Skye DouglasReply

    My favourite chicken dish that help keep every healthy in the winter in my own home made honey, lemon and garlic diced chicken served with either lemon and rosemary potatoes or with brown rice. In the morning I get some fresh lemons off the tree and juice them about 1/3 of a cup of fresh lemon juice and a table spoon or 2 of honey in a mixing bold then grate 3 coves of Garlic and pop that into the mix stir it around and leave for a hour or so, so that the flavour combine. Later I dice my chicken breast and pop the into the lemon mix adding a cup of water and mixing it all around I leave that marinating for at least half an hour then in a pan with a teaspoon of olive oil until all the juice reduces and the chicken is cooked nicely. Serve with potatoes that have been basted in lemon juice and rosemary then baked in the oven or just on brown rice with some wilted spinach and cooked peas and corn throughout.

  126. Avatar of Amanda Holland
    Amanda HollandReply

    The Aldi tikka masala. It’s full of flavour that your taste buds go crazy for. With juicy chicken and the right amount of spices, serve with some light, fluffy, Crispy, melt in your mouth papadums, you’ll be wishing for seconds

  127. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Deep fried chicken wings with sweet & sour sauce have delicious flavour. It is great dish for party and snack .

  128. Avatar of Ashlea Malycha
    Ashlea MalychaReply

    My fav is a simple chicken dish. Throw some chicken (any cuts you like) into a slow cooker with fresh thyme, oregano, garlic, onion, lemon juice, salt, pepper and some a little home made chicken stock. Cook until the meat its falling apart. Dish up on top of some freshly cooked quinoa and serve with veggies. Delish! Chicken is definitely the hero in this one! Any left over juices in the bottom you can reserve for cooking with or make a gravy.

  129. Avatar of Penny Wo

    My easy, delicious sweet & sticky chicken!
    It has the sweetness from honey and a the tang from soy! I love this marinade as the chicken turns out to be such a versatile ingredient and can be used in multiple ways! It freezes well and it’s amazing served over rice, tossed in a stirfry, used as a fajitas base. Can also be skewered for a tasty party appetiser! And best thing is that left overs (if there is any!!) can be dished up the next day in a wrap or a salad topping! I mainly use chicken breasts but can easily (and we’ve had it many times) as a sticky Drumsticks marinade!

    You will need:
    400g chicken cut into strips

    3/4c Oil (i use macadamia Or rice bran)
    1/3c Honey
    1 tsp minced Garlic
    1/2 tsp minced Ginger
    1/3c Soy sauce (or tamari if gluten intolerant)
    1/4c Brown sugar

    What to do:
    In a large bowl, heat oil in the microwave for 30 seconds.
    It will be HOT.
    Stir in honey, garlic and ginger
    Then add the soy and sugar.
    Mix well to dissolve sugar.
    Let marinade cool for 5 mins.
    Once cooled stir again then pour over your chicken and let sit for a couple of mins.

    Heat fry pan and once hot enough layer chicken in pan. Pour marinade over top of chicken and cook through.

    Enjoy your dish!

  130. Avatar of Jemma Teal

    My favorite chicken dish is chicken with balsamic vinegar, orange and rosemary jus over a bed of fluffy white rice. Each bite is a massive hit to your taste buds. You can also make the jus on its own as a gravy. Its a versitile dish that can be adjusted easily for just 1 person or 10 and served with noodles or mashed potatoes instead. My family love it! And its easy to make.

  131. Avatar of Dani Franklin
    Dani FranklinReply

    Baked chicken risotto – white wine, arborio rice, baby spinach, mushrooms, roast chicken leftovers (more flavour than fresh breast or thigh, and uses the leftovers too!), stock (made from roast chicken carcass), pinenuts, stock and parmesan. Baking in the oven means no stirring and can do other things while being tempted by the delicious aroma! The white wine and creamy parmesan is enhanced with the crunch of pinenuts added at the end. The roast chicken stock and meat adds deliciousness!! OMG drooling thinking about it…. tomorrow nights’ dinner I think!

  132. Avatar of Luize

    Baked chicken risotto is a favourtie dish of mine. i know everyone wil leat it adn it tastes so good. never any left overs! Feedsa an army also adn a go to dinner if i know we have people over for dinner.

  133. Avatar of Anita Lang

    Apricot Curry Chicken (slow cooker and oven version)

    1 kg of drumsticks
    1x 820gm tin of apricot halves in juice
    1x pkt French onion soup mix
    1x onion sliced
    Curry powder to your taste.

    Cook on low for 6 hours or high for 3-4 hours.

    To cook in oven- brown drumsticks in a pan, add them and all the other ingredients to a casserole dish and bake in an oven 180 degrees for about an hour and a half.

    I serve mine with pasta and veg but it’s yummy with rice too.

  134. Avatar of Kat Smitheram
    Kat SmitheramReply

    Moroccan Chicken Tagine – filled with tasty chicken pieces, plump dried apricots, tangy tomatoes, sweet pumpkin (or sweet potato) and fragrant saffron, cumin & cinnamon. Served on top of fluffy couscous.

    Tasty AND low in calories. (And no one picks that it is a ‘diet’ recipe) WINNER

  135. Avatar of Ainslie Russell
    Ainslie RussellReply

    My favourite dish is Katsu Chicken!

    Delicious chicken coated in panko crumbs and fried to make the chicken moist and crispy. Topped on fluffy white rice and vegetables then drizzled with homemade Katsu sauce(tomato sauce, soy sauce, mixed spice, garlic powder and worstershire) with a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

  136. Avatar of Emma Brooks
    Emma BrooksReply

    Garlic paprika herbed chicken – 2 tablespoons of paprika, 2 tablespoons of garlic powder, 2 tablespoons of fresh chopped herbs. Cover each side of chicken in seasonings then pan fry in a tablespoon of oil and 1/2 tablespoon of butter turning every 2 minutes so the outside of chicken stays juicy. Generally served with loaded cauliflower mash.

  137. Avatar of Anita Neatz
    Anita NeatzReply

    My all time favourite, gorgeous, delish chicken
    dish is…
    Stuffed chicken breasts.
    With beautiful chicken breasts create a slit half way through across breast. Layer in each breast ham, pesto and sprinkles of feta cheese. Season and fry in olive oil and butter combined, both sides..To finish off bake in oven on 180 preheated oven so chicken cooked through. Serve with a ceaser salad! Yummy 🙂

  138. Avatar of Kathryn Monaghan
    Kathryn MonaghanReply

    This will probably sound boring and I’m totally not going to win, but my fav chicken dish is as follows… Chicken breast covered with paprika, salt and pepper baked in the oven and sliced. Serve with sweet potato chips, coleslaw and chipotle mayonnaise. I have this at least once a week, it’s the best.

  139. Avatar of BrisNed

    a traditional roast chicken with vegetables roasted in the oven and chicken sauce

  140. Avatar of Josie Mitzi
    Josie MitziReply

    I make a delicious chicken cacciatore with Aldi’s chicken thighs on the bone. I brown all the chicken pieces then add onion celery carrot pancetta garlic and mushrooms , fry till all are soft then add tomatoes herbs and chicken stock , bring to boil and then transfer to oven and cook for 30 minutes, add chopped black olives 10 minutes before serving. A family favorite .

  141. Avatar of domandlauren

    My husband makes Chicken and Vegetable lasagne and it is SO. GOOD! It has pumpkin, sweet potato and peas. On each layer of lasagne sheets you lay spinach leaves and the sauce that binds it all together is a white sauce made from scratch. It is literally the best dinner ever!

  142. Avatar of Kylie Servante
    Kylie ServanteReply

    Melt in your mouth Baked Chicken –
    4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
    170g plain Greek yogurt
    1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
    1 teaspoon seasoning salt
    1 teaspoon garlic powder
    1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
    Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Mix all ingredients and pour on top of chicken. Bake for 40 minutes or until chicken is cooked through and top browned. Serve with fresh green veggies! Yum!!!

  143. Avatar of Lorraine Reid
    Lorraine ReidReply

    My family love Chicken Stir Fry. It’s easy, healthy and delicious! I use 4 Large skinless Chicken breasts for our family of 4. Often there’s enough left over for the next day.

    I prepare the chicken by trimming it and cutting it into large dices or strips. Then I use a simple marinade of crushed garlic, soy sauce and honey, cover the chicken with it and put it in the fridge for 20mins or so while I prepare the vegetables.

    I prepare the vegetables (peel, wash, chop) and use as many different vegetables as possible. Usually Broccoli, Carrots, Snap Peas, Green Beans, Green & Red Capsicum, Bok Choy, Mushrooms and Bean Sprouts.

    Take the chicken out of the fridge and cook in preheated Wok. Once the chicken is cooked, I add all the Vegetables and with the wok at a high heat, keep stirring all the ingredients until vegetables are hot. We usually eat our vegetables quite crunchy so not much cooking. If you prefer vegetables a bit more well done, a tip is to lightly steam them before throwing them into the wok. Season with salt & pepper as required.

    I usually serve the stir fry on a bed of fluffy white rice for our hungry growing family.

  144. Avatar of Alison O'Gorman
    Alison O'GormanReply

    Chicken Casserole – simple delicious and hit with the kids.

    500g Chicken Thighs diced
    3 Rashes Bacon diced
    1 can Cream of Chicken soup
    1/4 cup sour cream
    1 cup brocoli, small prices
    1/2 cup of grated cheese
    1 tsp curry powder
    Pinch of paprika
    Boiled rice to serve

    1. Preheat oven to 190 degrees
    2. Fry chicken and bacon until just browned.
    3. Place brocoli, curry powder, sour cream, soup and cooked chicken and bacon in casserole dish and stir until all ingredients are mixed and coated.
    4. Cover with cherself.
    5. Sprinkle a pinch of paprika across the top
    6. Place in oven at 190 degrees for 1 hour.

    Serve over boiled rice and enjoy.

  145. Avatar of Andreas Stummer
    Andreas StummerReply


    That’s right. Hummus. The stuff we normally just dip things into. Combine with veggies (bake them alongside the chicken) and turn it into a quick and simple one-pot meal. Less than 10 minutes prep time, chop the veggies and add them and put the chicken breasts into a big baking dish, slathe the chicken with hummus and some lemon juice, sprinkle on a little smoked paprika and pop it in the oven. About half an hour later you’ll find out that “hummus-crusted” stands for amazingly flavourful and yum.
    The hummus is the rock star of the dish — it develops a light crust on the chicken and infuses the veggies with extra oomph. Add some herbs, or balsamic, or a little white wine to go with this. Pure deliciousness.



    4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
    salt and pepper
    1 zucchini, chopped
    1 yellow squash, chopped
    1 medium onion, chopped

    1 cup hummus, (store bought is fine)
    1 Tbsp. olive oil
    2 lemons
    1 tsp. smoked paprika or sumac


    Preheat oven to 225°. Prepare one large baking dish with cooking spray.
    Pat the chicken dry. Season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper. In a large bowl, toss the zucchini, squash and onion with olive oil until evenly coated. Season with salt and pepper.

    Place all of the vegetables on the bottom of the dish in an even layer. Lay the four chicken breasts evenly on top, then cover each chicken breast with the hummus so that the entire breast is covered. Squeeze the juice of one lemon over the chicken and vegetables. Then sprinkle the pan with smoked paprika. Thinly slice the remaining lemon, and place the slices in between the chicken and vegetables if desired.

    Bake for about 25-30 minutes, until the chicken is cooked through and the vegetables are tender. Enjoy !!!

  146. Avatar of VandaB

    I was mucking about in the kitchen one day and came up with Moroccan Chicken with Kale and Turmeric Rice. The chicken is cooked in a pan with garlic, onions and Moroccan seasoning and then in the last 5 minutes of cooking, I throw in chopped kale until it is softly wilted. Then I serve it on top of basmati rice that has been cooked in water with turmeric and salt. Tastes fantastic and all up takes about 25 minutes to make so a great mid-week meal that is very healthy too.

  147. Avatar of Hellen Wieten
    Hellen WietenReply

    Chicken Crema Pollo pasta

    Lovely chicken pasta in pink sauce with avocado and mushrooms.

    Ingredients (serves 4)
    – 500g Thinely sliced Aldi Willowtown or Oak Brook chicken breast or chicken tights
    – 200g Sliced mushrooms
    – 1 Tin of Aldi organic diced tomatoes
    – 300 ml Aldi cream
    – 2 Ripe “diced” avocado
    – 2 Tbsp Olive oil
    – 1 tsp Sugar
    – Salt and pepper

    1. Heat the water for your pasta in a large pan. Heat the olive oil in a deep pan and add the chicken. Once the chicken is “sealed” add the mushrooms and cook for a couple of minutes.
    2. Add the tomatoes, creamand sugar. Bring it to boil add the avocado and reduce the heat to simmer.
    3. Simmer until your pasta is ready and season with salt and pepper to taste.

    Voilà- enjoy

    – the sugar will assist with regulating the acidity of the tomatoes
    – this sauce is very liquid. You can thicken the sauce by adding some cornflour dilute with water during the simmering time.

  148. Avatar of Bec D'owney
    Bec D'owneyReply

    Sesame chicken an spinach salad + oriental dressing

    For the chicken
    ½ lime, juice only
    1 clove garlic, crushed
    1 tbsp soy sauce
    250g/9oz chicken breast, skinned and cut into thin slices lengthways
    1 tbsp groundnut oil
    2 tbsp runny honey
    2 tbsp sesame seeds
    For the dressing
    ½ clove garlic, crushed
    1 tbsp sesame oil
    ½tsp Tabasco
    1 tbsp soy sauce
    150g/5½oz spinach
    For the chicken, mix the lime juice, garlic and soy in a large bowl. Toss the chicken in the sauce.
    Heat the oil in a frying pan and add the chicken slices. Fry for 2-3 minutes, then add the honey and sesame seeds. Fry for about five minutes, or until the chicken is cooked through.
    For the dressing, mix together the garlic, oil, Tabasco and soy. Add the spinach leaves and toss together.
    To serve, spread the dressed spinach over a plate and arrange the chicken on top.

  149. Avatar of carbar

    Delicious Bacon and Mustard Chicken
    Put chicken legs in pan with olive oil, cover in any type of mustard you like, wrap in bacon and cook in oven 5 minutes and done delicious bacon and mustard chicken. Delicious, Quick and Easy!

  150. Avatar of Sharon Johnson
    Sharon JohnsonReply

    Warm honey mustard chicken tenderloins with rocket, cherry tomatoes, red onion and avocado wedges. Drizzled with balsamic vinegar and freshly squeezed lime juice. Topped with shaved parmesan cheese and a light twist of himalyan pink salt and cracked pepper.

  151. Avatar of john

    the chicken kebabs are gristly- cheap chicken meat- horrible- never again. Wish id just got the breast chicken. Plus the potato cakes- man o man- “all batter” oily as- and tiny weird potato chip type pieces of potato, in a giant bulk bag- same with the kebabs…

  152. Avatar of anne butler
    anne butlerReply

    So disappointed and cross about whole chicken (Broad farm) I bought yesterday. Popped it in microwave, which I often do when in a hurry-when I went to cut it found several broken bones & blood had seeped into the meat, which didn’t look too good. Maybe this was an unlucky chook that fell on the floor ? or not hung long enough to bleed out. I sometimes have bleedy legs, but this was the worst. I get a lot of chicken meals from Aldi, so not happy when something like this occurs. Quality control not good enough??

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