Merry Christmas Mums! ALDI to Release a Wine Advent Calendar

Tis the season to get a little bit tipsy.

Need a reason to love ALDI even more than you already do? Well , here it.  The supermarket chain is about to release a Wine Advent Calendar. Because a mini bottle of wine a day keeps the grinchy mum away…

Forget fruit cake… all I want for Christmas is wine. And, thanks to the marketing geniuses over at ALDI, mummy gets her Christmas wish.

Every. Single. Day.

Wine for the Christmas win!

ALDI Wine Advent Calendar

This silly season (1 November, 2017 to be exact) ALDI will release an adult-only calendar with a window of wine just for mums. The calendar will feature 24 wee bottles of wine, from reds, white, rose and bubbly. All wines come from France except the sparkly bottles, which hail from Italy and Spain.

The Christmas box of delicious retails at $83 which works out to just $3.35 a bottle. Plus, the wines are actually pretty classy with brands such as JP Chenet and Calvet on offer.

I know where I’ll be shopping this Christmas…

mum central

Count down to Christmas… with champers

But that’s not all. Because ALDI has also confirmed a three litre bottle of Prosecco will hit the shelves just in time for the festive season. Three litres – that’s 24 glasses of wine, which sounds just right for Christmastime.

Combine your three litre bottle of Prosecco with your wine advent calendar and Christmas is looking pretty jolly! Because nothing takes away the Christmas stress quite like a mini bottle of wine each day. No word yet on whether the ALDI Wine Calendar will make its way into Australian stores, but we’ll certainly let you know as soon as we hear.

So, let’s all toast to this brand new holiday tradition. And ALDI, perhaps you could look into making a School Holidays Wine Calendar in the future… just an idea.

Cheers mums! Be sure to check out our article on why drinking TWO glasses of wine a day can help you lose weight (science says so). 



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