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When you’ve got the itchiest, scratchiest kid on the block there’s nothing a mum won’t try to ease their suffering.

Nothing could be truer for Mum Central writer, Victoria.  She jumped at the chance when invited to trial the brand new Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier fan heater for this very reason and here’s what she discovered.

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“We’re one of those families. We cough, sneeze and scratch our way through the seasons. My son Oscar suffers the worst. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t nights I’ve wanted to cry at his level of discomfort.

I’m already a long-time Dyson fan, it’s my go-to brand for vacuums. I currently spend a lot of time vacuuming in an effort to minimise the potential allergens Oscar is exposed to. We’ve already made changes such as switching to hard floors from carpet and dusting the house head-to-toe every few days.”

Do I want to be an obsessive cleaner? No. But I don’t have much choice.

“When I read all about the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier fan heater, I realised that I’d only been fighting part of the battle. Sure, I was removing the allergens from the surfaces in my home, but what about what was in the air? I was shocked to realise that the inside air of your home can be five times more polluted than the outside air[1].”

dyson-hot+cool-loungeExactly what were we all breathing in?

And, if I improved the air quality in the home, well I’d be helping my family not to breathe in as many allergens and pollutants including potentially harmful gases”

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Firstly, how does it work and what does it do?”]

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier fan heater is a heater, fan and air purifier in one. Genius!

Offering both heating and a fan to cool you, it’s suitable for use all year-round. It even connects via a  Dyson Link app for smartphones to advise you of the ambient air quality[1]. Further, this clever tech will show you what improvements it’s making in your home. (The app has a host of other features but we’ll get to them later!)


At its most basic, the air in your home could contain pollutants. These could be gases, pollen, pet dander, chemicals and mould spores. Using an air purifier, you can reduce these pollutants in the home.

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier fan heater’s HEPA filter has an extra layer of activated carbon for improved gas capture. It sucks in the air at a full 360 degrees, pushing it through the filter chamber to capture nasties and then recirculates the air back into the room.


[mc_block_title custom_title=”Like Everything Dyson, It’s Smart in Design”]

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier fan heater is different to your average fan or heater and pretty clever on the safety front. You’ll find there are no fan blades or visible heating elements so it’s an intelligent re-invention of the everyday heating/fan appliance.

Despite being multi-function, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier fan heater is a compact unit. It stands only 60cm tall and has a small footprint of just 22cm. Sure, it looks streamlined and has ample design-cred, but it’s also important you don’t need a dedicated ‘purifying’ room to house it making it perfect for the family home.


The air purifying function of the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier fan heater helps combat indoor air pollution.

This model can capture 99.95% of particles down to PM0.1 which could include pet dander, pollen, allergens and the tiniest of airborne particles. Other purifiers can struggle to trap as much, releasing potentially harmful ultrafine particles back into the room.

Of course, another great thing about Dyson products is their two year warranty and exceptional customer support and service – important and valuable peace-of-mind.Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link

[mc_block_title custom_title=”It’s seriously smart tech”]

Okay we alluded to the Dyson Link app and how it reports both the air quality and impacts of the machine. You can also use the app to schedule how often the appliance will run, change its settings (like an extra remote) and use it in a handyauto mode where the machine will turn on if it detects compromised home air quality.

Basically, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier fan heater can almost think for itself. Set it up, walk away and know day-in-day-out this little genius is purifying the air in your home. As the brochure says, it’ll automatically monitor, react and purify. How reassuring as a mum to think there’s something in the house that doesn’t need your attention…


If you work to a family budget it’s a relief to know the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier fan heater lets you select the target temperature to the degree and uses an intelligent thermostat to maintain your desired temperature.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”As a Fan/Heater, It’s Ultra-Safe and Very Effective”]

As a mum one of the biggest concerns in heating and cooling around children is safety. The Dyson has no fan blades for curious children to catch their hands in removing the risk of fingers getting caught.  It’s also worth noting the unit weighs under 4kg so if you desire to move it from room-to-room it’s super-easy to handle.

As for controlling room temperature, the unit has a range between 1 and 37 degrees. It oscillates at the press of a button and also offers jet focus control. This means the choice between long-range person heating or fast, even whole room heating.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link

[mc_block_title custom_title=”It’s Jam-Packed With Other Features”]

It’s also worth mentioning some of our other favourite features in the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier fan heater. The filter requires no fiddling and is long-life. (If you run the unit 12 hours a day for a year, you’d need to replace the filter after one year). The model is wipe clean, you only have to run a damp cloth over it to keep it pristine. The night time mode means you can switch to a quieter operation if you’re sensitive to the fan noise while you sleep. Plus, the remote control sits tidily on top of the unit with a concealed magnet. Dyson really pays attention to the little details and this ‘never lose the remote again’ functionality really takes my fancy.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link

So What’s Our Verdict on the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Purifier Fan Heater?

Clever, modern design and intelligent functionality means the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier fan heater not only looks great but actually performs.

As a heater: We trialled the product in winter and the soft, toasty warmth is gentle and enjoyable. It is worth noting that the cooling function is not actually an air-conditioner but a fan that performs in the same way as a pedestal fan.

The app: The app is easy to connect (even if you’re not at all tech-savvy) and it became my immediate new addiction to check and improve the air quality of every room in my house! Thankfully the unit is lightweight and it was no effort at all to move it, nor find a place to position it, due to its compact size.

The remote: The remote is easy to make sense of and operationally, despite the multiple and sophisticated functions of the product, it’s extremely user-friendly.


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If you or your family want to support a healthier home environment we definitely recommend trying the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier fan heater for yourself!

We’re looking for 20 Mum Central readers to trial and review this amazing product as part of our next Mum Central Reader Trial!

To apply, simply complete the entry form below in full, tell us in the comments what feature you’re most looking forward to testing and of course, don’t forget to put your best foot forward and tell us why we should pick you to review the Dyson Hot+Cool Link.

We’ll need you to take some good quality lifestyle shots and create video content for us as part of your review (we’ll give you the questions we want you to answer on your video so it’s quite easy). We can’t wait to hear from you!


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This has been a sponsored review for Dyson

[1] Supported by data from the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate research.

[1] App functionality may vary by location. Requires WiFi and app enabled device. Standard data and messaging rates may apply.

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    • Avatar of Kbifield

      I can’t wait for an awesome night sleep for my three kids and myself with better quality air and without all the nasties floating around.

      • Avatar of Prema

        I’m excited to see how well the air purifier mechanism works. With all of us with an assortment of allergies, hayfever and skin conditions, it would be great to have to breathe easier.
        And to not have yo vaccum daily.

    • Avatar of ClareMoore
      ClareMoore Reply

      My daughter is five and her and I both suffer with eczema and allergies. We are both never far from the tissues and SO itchy always. I also have asthma and between us it can get a bit miserable.

    • Avatar of KetrinaNPaul Stowers
      KetrinaNPaul Stowers Reply

      Hope to see how it can help my children’s’ asthma problems and how it clears the air.

    • Avatar of Jacinta

      Would love to try the purifier to help with my daughters asthma.

    • Avatar of Julie

      The air purifying is a winner for us. We have an old house that gets quite dusty and has areas susceptible to mould. Being an old house it can also be too hot or too cold at times so the heater and fan would be very handy.

    • Avatar of Philippa

      The purification function to capture dust and pollen to see if it could help my daughter and my eczema and my husbands hayfever which we are all badly suffering with at the moment

    • Avatar of Steph&Spence
      Steph&Spence Reply

      I would love to be able to control the air quality in my little mans room at night once he is bed. Peace of mind knowing he is receiving optimal temp control. I also love that the screen dims as night as other items used in his nursery light up his room like its plain daylight!

  1. Avatar of Alexandrak
    Alexandrak Reply

    I think that the app feature looks amazing how cool that you can check how the air is in your home. Ha ing 2 young children I feel we would be great to test and review the Dyson air purifier

  2. Avatar of Kate

    I’m most looking forward to the air purifier. Living in the country, there’s a lot of dust around, this time of year hayfever is bad

  3. Avatar of Jesskab

    I’m super excited to test this product! This looks amazing and I am really interested in the automated system it has specifically altering the temp for the weather and the nighttime mode, correcting the air purity all along with the app! Genius!

  4. Avatar of Lisa Swoboda
    Lisa Swoboda Reply

    The main reason i am looking forward to trying the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ Purifier Fan Heater is to ease the asthma and ezema in our home. My daughter and myself suffer terribly. I have asthma, ezema & dermatitis and its very frustrating.

  5. Avatar of Caroline

    Wow this looks amazing! We have so many allergies in our house that bring on Asthma and Eczema! We also have a heartkid that suffers with croup so the warm air on cold nights would help so much

  6. Avatar of Jas

    Loving the app feature which informes you on the air quality of your home and how the Dyson is performing. Having 3 children-one 7 month old, a son in childcare and a daughter at school the winter season is always a battle with sickness and anything that can hopefully give some relief would be much welcomed!!

  7. Avatar of Rachel

    I really want to try this to see if it makes a difference with my kids asthma and eczema. And also my hayfever.

  8. Avatar of Theresa Harris
    Theresa Harris Reply

    I am really looking forward to trying out the app feature, being able to see what the air quality is like and what I can do to improve my home for my family, my partner and children regularly suffer from allergies, colds, skin issues, after reading what this awesome device can do, i feel it could be a real life changer for my family.

  9. Avatar of Doreen Lim
    Doreen Lim Reply

    I am very interested to try out the air purifier mode and the automatic settings to temperature set. Love Dyson products for the sophisticated design and functionalities.

  10. Avatar of Chontelle

    Really excited to get the chance to trial this product my daughter has eczema and husband has asthma so would be great to see how it improves. We have always had Dyson vacuumes love Dyson!!!!

  11. Avatar of Kim Featherstone
    Kim Featherstone Reply

    With 5 children and 2 adults in our house, my youngest with severe allergies to nuts, dust and pollen. This would be amazing to test the air purifier to see what a difference to her day would be. Especially with spring almost upon us..

  12. Avatar of Sarah

    Id love to try this for my son whom has asthma and my husband whom has severe hayfever. Would love too see if this would help them sleep at night breathing cleaner air.

  13. Avatar of Amanda

    The app looks amazing! With a son who suffers terrible croup and asthma during the colder months and a daughter with a complex medical condition, it would give me peace of mind that I was doing something proactive for them! Oh and the remote – we can all be a little lazy sometimes! How awesome is this??!!!

  14. Avatar of Kelly P

    The possibility of better sleep. My boys are constantly up and down all night coughing. Love to see if it really does “clean the air” and would it really help with our families Eczema

  15. Avatar of Janina Graham
    Janina Graham Reply

    Have a child with major dust allergies and behaviourism issues . Would love to help clean up and support him

  16. Avatar of Amy astbury
    Amy astbury Reply

    I love that it has a thermostat on it and that you can also control it with an app. Would be good to see how it goes with my asthma.

  17. Avatar of Sarah Mckenzie
    Sarah Mckenzie Reply

    I would love to see if mine and my kids skin clears up!! Especially as we are appropriating Spring which is always the worst time for eczema and very itchy skin!

  18. Avatar of Anna

    Hayfever tragic here!! Absolutely not looking forward to spring and stuffy night sleeps and would love to give this a go as we are also looking for nursery cooling options… basically I’d be dragging it around to every room we are in to trial it

  19. Avatar of Tisha

    Would love to be able to review this awesome product. My daughter, husband and I all have allergies. My daughter and I both have eczema. So the fact that this product offers a filter system that maintains the quality of the air and purifies the air would be extremely valuable to our overall health. I am also pregnant with our second Bub who has a high chance of also having allergies. Would probably not be able to afford this product on our soon to be one income so would be so thankful to be given the opportunity to try it out in our home.

  20. Avatar of Anne B

    The feature I most like about the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link purifier is the ability to heat or cool the air while purifying it with that amazing HEPA filter. I and my toddler have terrible allergies to dust, pollen and mould and suffer from asthma. Often just putting our regular heater on spreads the pollutants around the air in the house making our allergies and asthma so much worse. I love that this can purify the air – it would be so great for our health issues!

  21. Avatar of Kellie

    Would love to review the Dyson purifier living a cross the road from a race cource it’s quite dusty hopefully will help the asthma in my 8 year old
    If its anything like the vacume I know it will be amazing product
    I am honest will give my honest opinion about the hot and d cold link fan

  22. Avatar of Jess

    I am most looking forward to it purifying the air and heating. But most of all it has a remote that magnetically sticks to the top of the machine you will never lose it!! Ingenious!!

  23. Avatar of Erin Govers
    Erin Govers Reply

    This fan looks amazing! My favourite feature would have to be the remote operating/control from an app, amazing!!

  24. Avatar of Allie Payne
    Allie Payne Reply

    I would be super keen to try the Dyson purifying fan heater for my family. It gets pretty cold down here in Tasmania. My 8 year old son has asthma and has suffered regular bouts of croup since he was a baby. The cold Tasmanian night air certainly doesnt help his breathing. We currently have to have a heater in his room and a seperate air purifier which are both bulky and take up room in his not so big bedroom. I love that the heater and air purifyer are in the 1 smart little compact unit, and if it’s anything like our other dyson products, it would be amazing. I would love to try this product to see if it could help my little man breathe easier of a night time.

  25. Avatar of Lisa

    The app would be great to monitor the air quality especially in an area where it’s so dusty from outside construction. It would be interesting to see if it helps with allergies and asthma.

  26. Avatar of Trinity Dowell

    As a mother of two (3 if you include my husband with man flu or commonly known as kindy cold) who suffer ezcema and sinus from environmental allergies, and myself with life long dibilitating ezcema, I can’t wait to add to my Dyson collection and “purify” my home.

  27. Avatar of Tracey s

    My son has eczema and he wakes with red patches on his face. Would love to try this heater and air purifier to see the difference in his eczema. And help improve the air we breathe in our house.

  28. Avatar of Corrinne

    The purifier ! My daughter has asthma and eczema and gets croup and so does my 1 year old had croup and lately they both are getting sick all the time that I have had heaps time off work and I get asthma and sinus and hay fever so by the sounds of it this will be a life saver!

  29. Avatar of Alicia Thoman
    Alicia Thoman Reply

    Love the quiet night time function! My husband is such a hot bod at night. He can’t sleep when he gets hot so he turns the fan on but then the fan keeps him awake cause he’s such a light sleeper! It’s a vicious cycle! Would love to review this! Please help us both get a good nights sleep!

  30. Avatar of Kathleen Usher
    Kathleen Usher Reply

    Definitely the app feature and the auto detect of the air quality feature.

  31. Avatar of Renee

    Would love to monitor when the conditions change in the air! Having a couple of Dyson fans now, would love to see how well the heat setting is on this one 🙂

  32. Avatar of Karley Farham
    Karley Farham Reply

    The purifier! My 4yo son has asthma, allergies and eczema and would love the opportunity to see if this would help. Love how you can monitor the air quality and all from the convenience of you phone

  33. Avatar of LouiseJ

    My youngest son suffers with hayfever, dust allergies & mild asthma, he also suffers horribly with dry nasal passages and often gets blood noses. My oldest has psoriasis. I would love to trial the Dyson for the air purification!

  34. Avatar of Laura M

    I would love to use this to improve the environment for my multiple allergy and eczema suffering son. Anything that will make his room a less allergic place would be wonderful.

  35. Avatar of Renee

    My family would absolutely love to trial this amazing product from Dyson, especially the air purifier as two in my home suffer from hay fever. A friend had a similar Dyson product & has told us it was fantastic for her baby.

  36. Avatar of Naomi

    The purifier, with eczema and asthma in our house and a pet dog a good air purifier could make all the difference.

  37. Avatar of Leisa Jenkins
    Leisa Jenkins Reply

    I would love the idea of my kids sleeping through the night without coughing and sneezing and itching. My son is asthmatic and gets hay fever and my daughter has eczema. It would make an amazing different to our lives. I also love I can use my phone to see when the air quality changes and monitor it! Also the filter life is amazing and it tells you when it needs to be replaced! I’d love to see if this makes a difference with my kids!!

  38. Avatar of Shell Reeve
    Shell Reeve Reply

    The purify set up looks great and add the option of using that for heating and cooling. And super kid friendly! Amazing.

  39. Avatar of Kirsty j

    I would love to try this as 4 out of the 5 people who live in our house suffer from allergies,asthma and eczema. Winter is a terrible time for our family (living in Ballarat doesn’t help that either) as all of their asthma and eczema flare up. I love how this monitors the air purity. I could see myself addicted to checking the app to make sure all rooms are at their optimum. Ultimately I would look forward to the air being purified to best aid the health of my family.

  40. Avatar of Caroline Watts
    Caroline Watts Reply

    We are most interested in the air purifying feature, we live on a high traffic dirt road and even closed up the house fills with road dust. I have foster children with eczema and allergies who I am sure would benefit from improved air quality.

  41. Avatar of Lauren

    My 2 year old daughter suffers terrible eczema, it first happened last year, we made dietary changes and by summer it had cleared up only to return with a vengeance in the first week of winter. She gets relief with cortisone cream but you can’t use that long term, we’ve tried washes, lotions and recently noticed a small reduction in redness and how much it bothers her by turning the reverse cyclying off in her room and using an oil heater to keep her comfortable. A humidifer/purifier is out next option to try so to be able to trial this first would be amazing!

  42. Avatar of Sarah

    Looking to trial it in different rooms to see if the kids air quality is much different to ours over a period. We are a large family in a relatively small house and would love to get the air quality better so we can live a happy healthier life.

  43. Avatar of AmyScollen
    AmyScollen Reply

    My 5yo son has had eczema since 6 weeks old and 4 weeks ago he had his first serious asthma attack, which has since been linked to a severe dust mite allergy. He has now had a combined two weeks off school and I am at my wits end. We don’t have carpet, the house has been scrubbed beyond recognition, bed linen has all been swapped out, the house vacuumed constantly (with my Dyson) and he is still having issues. Just today I was looking at an air putifier for his bedroom and then saw this pop up in my news feed … serendipitous. The air purifying feature along with the ap are the main features u am interested in (the heat function can’t hurt either)

  44. Avatar of Chaslyn Miles
    Chaslyn Miles Reply

    I am looking forward to see how the air purifier will work with my 3 young children. Also if it will work on a little one I care for in weekends who suffers with asthma & ezcema.

  45. Avatar of Tammy crane

    I’m looking forward to the air purifyer! My mum (who lives here- im her carer) is currently on her 3rd round of chemo for bowel cancer, so with a weakened immune system, this nifty gadget would ensure the air she’s breathing isn’t doing her any unnecessary harm- to stop her getting further unwell.

  46. Avatar of TracyBushy
    TracyBushy Reply

    I’m always concerned about the dust and allergensntjat our air conditioning k Be around the house and it certainly makes a difference to the allergies and asthma in our family! I am looking forward to trying out the purifier and heating rooms in a way that doesn’t increase allergens!

  47. Avatar of SarahC

    I would love love love to test this out. The past 3-4 months my son and I have been so unwell with asthma and influenza. If this cleans the air when it’s either heating or cooling a room, that would be amazing!! We have tried other air purifiers in our home but they have not worked.

    I also love how you only have to wipe it down to clean it.

  48. Avatar of Elisha Treasure
    Elisha Treasure Reply

    Every aspect of this machine sounds perfect for my allergy sensitive children but more so for my mother who has fibromyalgia and is really sensitive to dust, pollen, perfumed sprays, chemicals. My dad has even been known to cook meat outside as she can be very sensitive to that smell also. For her to breath normally in her own home would be a godsend.

  49. Avatar of Hayley

    I love everything but my fav is how it’s bladeless and it’s making a much better environment for my toddler to be able to breathe

  50. Avatar of Kelly

    I’m most excited to try the air purifier function my 3 year old son has bad asthma and eczema and will b interesting to see if it makes any difference.

  51. Avatar of Emma

    A few months ago after my son’s latest asthma flare up I was googling to see if a product like the existed and thought it must be too good to be true! I cannot believe exactly what I imagined exists.
    I would love to try out the purification features as well as the smart technology, I love that it interfaces with an app and can automatically adjust to the needs in your home.
    I think our family would be the perfect test subjects for this product and our home would look great on video too!

  52. Avatar of EmmaW

    A few months ago after my son’s latest asthma flare up I was googling to see if a product like the existed and thought it must be too good to be true! I cannot believe exactly what I imagined exists.
    I would love to try out the purification features as well as the smart technology, I love that it interfaces with an app and can automatically adjust to the needs in your home.
    I think our family would be the perfect test subjects for this product and our home would look great on video too!

  53. Avatar of Melissa pasko
    Melissa pasko Reply

    I really want to try this to see if it helps with my families asthma issues

  54. Avatar of Emily M

    What a smarty, effiecientvdevuce! Heat, cool and purify all in one

  55. Avatar of Danielle

    Looking forward to trialling the air purifier. Would love to be able to have this in my home for a healthier environment.

  56. Avatar of Paula

    I’m excited about trying everything! Even our dog has allergies and is on a daily dose of antihistamine so would love to be chosen to see if this helps with our eczema, hayfever, asthma and various other allergies.

  57. Avatar of Susan Mitterman
    Susan Mitterman Reply

    Wow! Looks AMAZING! We live in a bushland area and so have a lot of pollen, as well as some smoke from bushfires and fireplaces. Our valley locations means we can trap dirty air a bit and we are beside a main road. The app looks fantastic and I love that it monitors the filters use and reminds you to replace it! I am so curious as to how healthy our air is at home, I wonder what this little machine would tell me? I have been looking for an air filter and a heater for our house so this review is perfect timing! I would love to try it please!

  58. Avatar of Kylie CB

    Being a mother of 3 children who all suffer from asthma, eczema & dust mite allergies, I am willing to try ANYTHIG that will help relieve all of that, in saying that I think my household would be the perfect candidate for this Dyson! I really look forward to the air purifier feature to see if it makes any difference to any 3 of my children in which I trust being a Dyson, it will!

  59. Avatar of Laura kerr
    Laura kerr Reply

    Would love to test the air purifier as myself abd my youngest both have ezchema and would love to see if this would help

  60. Avatar of Kelly

    Having an air purifier in the baby’s room would be so good for her feberal health…the heating and cooling option is a big added bonus

  61. Avatar of Sarah

    I would love try this because my 6 year old son has multiple allergies and my husband has asthma. My son is allergic to cat dander and mould spores. Suffers hayfever, asthma and eczema. My poor little guy always has something going on and I’d love for this product to be able to help him combat his problems. My most favourite feature would be the app, being able to control it from my phone will be very handy because as a mum of 3 i am very busy and can do it on the run.

  62. Avatar of Julia

    I love the feature where the air quality is monitored and the air purifier being activated automatically when it detects air pollution in the home.

  63. Avatar of Em

    I’m very excited about this! My husband suffers from asthma and my son suffers from both asthma and eczema. It would be a great addition to our home!

  64. Avatar of Kelly

    I am most interested in trying it for for the allergies of pollen as my whole family suffer from it. We have not been able to get a fresh bunch of flowers in our house for years. Each time the lawn gets mowed we have to make sure all windows and doors are shut and have extremely rough night sleeps. Hopefully this will ease the eczema too

  65. Avatar of Kirsty

    I’m most looking forward to the air purifier. Anything to help Miss nearly 5 with her asthma!!

  66. Avatar of Ashleigh

    This definitely does seem a dream come true. Not only as a mamma who suffers Eczema dust alleries and Asthma myself, but for my toddler who suffers Keratosis Pilaris and Post Nasal Drip and my 7mth old suffers Eczema too. I would be super exited to test out the filter and to be able to hear my baby’s room overnight without it drying the air and activating his eczema!

  67. Avatar of Terri Klause
    Terri Klause Reply

    I would love to see if this could help with my sons eczema, he has pet and dustmite allergies.

  68. Avatar of Rebecca Evans
    Rebecca Evans Reply

    I love my tech so being able to check the purity of the air is pretty spaceage. I also love that there are no fan blades, ordinary pedistal fans scare me with small children in the house.

  69. Avatar of Melissa Rapa
    Melissa Rapa Reply

    My family and I would benefit greatly using the Dyson Air purifier. My husband has asthma, my 10mth old eczema and myself chronic sinus & hayfever. The technology behind this is AMAZING! And would love to put it to use in my home and see the healthy benefits it could have to myself & family! If it means we can stop taking some medications than it’s a true winner in my eyes!

  70. Avatar of Tracey

    The HEPA filter with the extra carbon layer. Will be so nice to be able to breathe on a spring/summer morning and to wake up not having scratched my legs to bleeding in my sleep due to eczema flaring up.

  71. Avatar of Natalie

    I am very interested in the air purifier feature on this product. As a family we are constantly been effected by allergies and breathing issues as well as never fully recovering from cold and chest infections. Despite having tiles and a clean home I can see the all the dust particles thick in the air when I open the front door and the light shines in. Having a one stop shop for heater, fan and purifier is fantastic and I’d love to try it out to see what it can do and if it makes a difference.

  72. Avatar of Kirsten

    Looking forward to a healthier home for my family, with less allergies and asthma and eczema!

  73. Avatar of Kristina Eisel
    Kristina Eisel Reply

    I am looking forward to see if the dyson can help ease my sons excema, asthma and allergies. My son is 4 and suffers from croup half of the year due to allergies and asthma. I clean and clean yet sometimes it isn’t enough

  74. Avatar of Snezana

    My 11 year old has asthma and echzma. I would love to see how this works

  75. Avatar of Narelle Walker Duffill
    Narelle Walker Duffill Reply

    As we do not know the reason for our intermittent asthma issues for all four members of our family the purifier would help eliminate any of the household triggers and a healthy heating and cooling option for our bedroom yay

  76. Avatar of Sara

    I have itchy eyes and sneeze my way through every season! I would love to give this Dyson a go and see if it could help reduce the number of Anti-histamines I need to take.

  77. Avatar of Shanna

    Oh how I would love to trial this in my house!
    After 4 weeks of sick kids & also myself suffering from asthma and allergies, this would be a very welcome addition to our home.
    The remote control, the app, the way it fits on a bench and doesn’t take up much room – what a great product!!

  78. Avatar of Holly-Anne
    Holly-Anne Reply

    My daughter and I suffer from eczema and would love this opportunity. Before I watched the video I questioned would the noise impact on our life, how would I clean it etc but Dyson seem to have thought of everything. Now I just need to try it out and get some relief.

  79. Avatar of Michelle

    Hay fever leading to sinusitis and then onto sinus infections. I would love to minimize hay fever in any way possible!

  80. Avatar of Tash

    With a house full of very sensitive skin, eczema, asthma, and hayfever, as well as some allergic reactions to plants or chemicals, it would be amazing to see how the air purity would affect our skin. Itches be gone, no more scratching til we bleed!

  81. Avatar of Mrissy

    We’re about to move to a house with no heating and cooling. Our one year old has always slept in a temperature controlled room and I’m worried about how we can keep his room at a comfortable temperature. This will be a perfect solution and it means we won’t need multiple appliances to purify the air too!

  82. Avatar of Sarah Giammarco
    Sarah Giammarco Reply

    I love the idea of cleaner air, controlled temperature and all with a easy remote monitored by an app. Sounds like heaven. Having asthma sufferers in our house this will help regulate the air quality and temperature, especially at night when it gets cooler. I would love to test one of these with my family. Thank you

  83. Avatar of Kelly P

    I like the fact it can be used all year round with heating or cooling fan option.
    To clean the air and hopefully to help reduce the severity of my kids and my asthma is amazing. We live in Kal and dusting/vacuuming everyday due to the blastings -everyday… its tiring but to breathe easy would be great. Dont get me started on the other allergies/eczema and dermatitis !

  84. Avatar of Horsey_13

    We would love to try it. No official diagnoses of allergies but have 2 cold air coughers and one prone to croup. This looms like a much safer and more efficient heating/cooking option than portable hearters and fans. All four kids are in one room so can see hoe it helps with their sleep.

    • Avatar of Horsey_13

      We also live in an omd house and the bedroom are damp in winter (lovely big wimdoes that face south that only open a little bit)

      • Avatar of Horsey_13

        and i could use it in the kitchen/playroom in summer. Ee have an air con unit but no fan to help circulate the cool air.

  85. Avatar of Shaylee

    The look on my sons face when he see’s this in his room will be amazing. The fan will be the best for him. He has a fan on him all threw the year summer to winter. Because he gets so hot and itchy with his ecxma and allergies. I use to joke it would be easier to use a paint brush to apply his skin creams. He is also into making videos so to be able to put hos new skills to the test to make a review would also be great for him. Our family consist of 6. I have excema, my son has excem, asthma and dust and pet allergies. My daughter has pet allergies and food allergies and one of my other sons pet and dust allergies. We would be so excited to trial the Dyson please

  86. Avatar of Jodie Dorricott
    Jodie Dorricott Reply

    I would really like to try and see if the quiet night time mode works. This is the time that our little man finds the hardest to sleep, especially in the cold. With his allergies and asthma, our old house is more of a hinder to him, no matter how hard I try and i would love to see if this actually helped him breathe easier and put us all at ease.

  87. Avatar of Popest

    Keen to see how much it pulls from air, i know that i have to dust everyday, sometimes twice a day, and i can still see dust. Clean fresh air is what i love!

  88. Avatar of Jo Bro

    My son has been living with severe allergies, including eczema and hayfever for all of his 19 years. Not only does he develop huge itchy welts when exposed to allergens he also has constant red itchy eyes and sneezes all the time. He is on a daily dose of antihistamines (on medical advice sometimes 4 a day) and still is reacting to the environment. It would be so wonderful if this could relieve some of his symptoms so he can enjoy being a normal teenager and for me if he could get a good night’s sleep.

  89. Avatar of Katie

    As an asthmatic myself and with my toddler suffering from chronic asthma and numerous allergies that all set his ezcema off I am really interested to see if the air purifier would assist it relieving his reactions. We decided to move 40kms from the CBD to beach living in hopes of cleaner air. This relievied our sons asthma until a year ago when hes allergies increased and include pollen, olives, dirt and a few others. All of which are local to us due to living at the beach with neighbouring agricultural land.

  90. Avatar of Kate

    I’ve love to trial a Dyson filter! My 9yo has allergies but after testing the doctors don’t know what he’s allergic to! His eyes are itchy most days, red and sore & at their worat the skin flakes under his eye lashes.
    We live in Darwin, our home is open to fresh air most times due to the heat. Otherwise the house is closed with ac to battle humidity. If I can clean the air for my child, hopefully his skin and eyes will improve without constant medication.

  91. Avatar of Bonita

    I cannot wait to test out the night time mode both myself and my daughter have allergies and asthma and if this can truly help with those things that would be amazing.

  92. Avatar of Kelly Hayward
    Kelly Hayward Reply

    This would be amazing in my boys room! A fan that I don’t have to worry about tiny fingers for one! But also knowing it could help his breathing and allergies would be wonderful if it works! I live in a mining town with a Lead Dust problem, I wonder if it could help keep that at bay as well?!

  93. Avatar of Christina

    Would be interesting to see our air quality beforehand & then after the air is purified. I am conscious of keeping our home clean with one son suffering asthma related symptoms plus my husband is an asthmatic. My younger son & I both suffer from allergies. As a mum, anything I can do to give my family a healthier home & ease symptoms is so important to me.

  94. Avatar of Katrina Watson
    Katrina Watson Reply

    Both myself and my toddler suffer from asthma and allergies. The vaporiser has been running almost non stop this winter!! My son’s hayfever has also been particulary bad this season and it would be interesting to see if an air purifer makes difference. We live in an area where it’s super cold in winter, (a few nights got down to -10 this month!), but our summers are also really hot. Having one appliance that i could use all year round would be great.

  95. Avatar of Peta

    we have extensive allergies. I am looking forward to the filtering air features in addition to diverse temp control. needing to stop the overnight cold air cough.
    plus bladeless is always good with a curious toddler.

  96. Avatar of Suz

    I’d love to try this and we if the removal of 99.95% of particles from my son’s room to see if it makes a difference to the number of sneezes he has every morning. It’s usually 7 with lots of mucus. Also my other son (who shares a room) loves to have the fan on every night so this does two jobs in one!!

  97. Avatar of Nessieduck
    Nessieduck Reply

    I’d like to try out the HEPA filter and easy no drama maintenance. Not only do my 2 boys share a room but the share athsma, eczema and allegies too. So do i, there fore emptying out and cleaning filters sets off my athsma and allergies normally. Sonething like this could really change the health of my household.

  98. Avatar of Kristina

    This would be an amazing product to use in my family , especially for my one year old son who suffers allergies . He constantly sneezes and coughs , and we have recently discovered mould in the bedrooms , due to vapourizers that we have been using to try and clear his allergies .
    My husband also suffers severe asthma and I have Dermitis . We also suffer hayfever .

  99. Avatar of mitch araya
    mitch araya Reply

    The Dyson pure hot and cool link purifier heater would be an excellent addition to our home to capture the fine particles and pollutants.
    I would welcome anything to help my sons asthma and this device would help give him some relief, particularly with the changing temperatures!

  100. Avatar of Nicki

    Our family would love to trial this product. With a mixture of asthma, allergies and eczema in the family, I’m interested to see if this will reduce the symptoms and attacks.
    Anything to improve my children’s living conditions with cleaner air would be great to try.

  101. Avatar of Vickie

    Would love to try this out as my family live in an older style home my grandchildren tend to suffer with Asthma and excema and tends to be worse in the colder months when the house seems a bit damp.

    • Avatar of Vickie

      So the combination of heating cooling and purifying would be a great advantage for people with respiratory and allergy conditions.

  102. Avatar of Kristy T

    I am always paranoid about the unknown pollutants and allergy starters hidden in my home. Being able to get an accurate reading on my homes air quality, and then knowing that the air is being purified would be amazing. Our whole family has issues with sleeping at night and with hayfever all year round. With spring on its way this would be a godsend in our household!

  103. Avatar of Lynette

    We live in country WA and I have had my second son 17 weeks ago. Since 5 weeks old, he has suffered a terrible blocked nose which wakes him up at night and makes him miserable. On top of that, about 4 weeks ago, he started showing symptoms of ezcema which is red and weepy and at which he scratches at (he looks like he’s been in a fight with a feral cat as his mittens fell off the other night 🙁 ), no matter what creams and lotions we use. We would live to trial this product to see if it brings my poor bubba any relief!

  104. Avatar of Kim

    I suffer allergies in which the specialist cant quite work out yet.. sever itchy hands everynight, I also suffer asthma.. my four year old has various skin allergies and may also have asthma.. the app to show changes in air quality would be fantastic to monitor if anything in the air is aetting our asthma or allergies off.

  105. Avatar of Amanda B

    The purifier between pollen, dust allergies, eczema and day care illnesses my kids can’t catch a break

  106. Avatar of Jey

    My son had phenomena a few years back and has suffered with a low immune system since. He gets a bit of mould in he’s room which I continually remove. I would be interested to see if this would help with the mould and possibly improve he’s health.

  107. Avatar of Reneeka

    I am most curious to see how much this system collects from our air and inadvertently impacts on our health. Especially that of my two year old who struggles with allergies and eczema.

  108. Avatar of Alana Gee

    I’d love to be able to see how clean (or dirty) the air we breathe actually is. Having something like this could hopefully help with the families asthma & eczema.

  109. Avatar of Samantha

    I would love to see how it purifies the air to create less allergies and asthma in our house hold. I suffer from bad allergies from pollen and animal fur and my 3 year old son suffers from eczema and asthma.

  110. Avatar of Lisa Summerell
    Lisa Summerell Reply

    Loving that dyson have introduced the feature with the app. To be able to see and monitor the purity of your household air and it to be able to adjust its other features to maintain the quality of the air we are breathing daily. With several fantastic features to compliment it. The fact that it can be used all year round in one small unit saves me spending thousands on something else that is not going to be of such quality and most likely to make the air worse. Plus a magnetised area for the remote, means the remote should never got lost by sliding off the fan and kicked away. Sounds like the Dyson crew really have been working hard and listening to their fans.
    If chosen i would give an honest and reliable view on the positives and negatives (if there are any negatives) about this machine and the differences it has made on my growing family.

  111. Avatar of Mel

    I like the option of being able to see and control the air quality in the room. The added benefits of heating a room for children like mine with cronic asthma can significantly improve their quality of sleep and the amount of wake ups for ventolin which in turn creates a more restful sleep

  112. Avatar of Carley

    The peace of mind and sound sleep for my boy who has trouble with airborn allergens that trigger his asthma. The no blades for added safety look pretty awesome too.

  113. Avatar of Jodie Dobson
    Jodie Dobson Reply

    Looks as though Dyson has once again thought of everything, Hopefully I get to trial this Air Purifier and see if it is as amazing as their Vacuum cleaners. I’m looking forward to cleaner air for my two Asthma sufferers. Loving the idea of the app also!

  114. Avatar of sarah

    I would be pretty excited about all the features. My daughters colds or even a runny nose turn into acute croup and the products i have currently seem to cause mold

  115. Avatar of TC

    Am a big fan of Dyson vacuums, so am hoping that this fan/heater/purifier will do the trick to solve my family problems!
    1) My baby suffers from eczema and I have used a million creams to try and prevent flareups to no avail. Hopefully the purifier will assist in removing any household triggers
    2) Hayfever season is no fun for me. As the years go by, my hayfever seems to get worse. it was pure hell to go through hayfever season while pregnant and not being able to take any medication, except for saline spray as advised by my OB, which of course did nothing for me. Purify purify purify.
    3) We always have the fan on at night, even in winter as my husband runs too hot. A bladeless fan – yes please; and safe for the baby.

  116. Avatar of ShellyMc

    We have a family who suffer from numerous allergies and skin conditions in the hoursehold so we are really looking forward the automatic controlled air purifier monitoring and adjusting the air quality in our rooms and the glass hepa filter removing dust & pollen from thr air. We also have massive issues with regulating heat and cold in our children’s bedrooms so the Dyson Pure Hot/Cool bladeless fan would be perfect for regulating the tempreture in their rooms whist no interuption to our Childrens sleeping patterns as the fan is so quiet. It would so stop the constant worrying about safety issues as to Dyson Pure Hot/Cool fan is bladeless and safe for use around Children.

  117. Avatar of Tanya Ma

    Living in the hay fever capital of Australia is a constant battle for my children and I as we suffer from asthma and environmental allergies such as pollen, dust and mould. I try to help alleviate the triggers within our home by keeping it clean and free of the nasties aforementioned. We have removed all carpet and have allergy friendly bedding too. We would love to trial the Dyson air purifier to see if it really helps to improve the air quality in our home, thereby offering my family a little extra reprieve. I love the heating and cooling functions, that it is portable and unobtrusive and the fact that it is designed to remain clean – unlike some other air purifiers that rely on recirculation of water which can end up harbouring mould and other nasties due to the inability to properly clean the units. Please consider choosing my family to trial this unit. We’d love to share our honest thoughts with fellow sufferers of asthma, eczema and environmental allergies. Thanks for considering this application.

  118. Avatar of Romina Belli
    Romina Belli Reply

    Would absolutely love to try this. Both my children have constant eczema which never goes away even with always using steroid creams. My one year old has allergies also and has had croup about 6 times and could possibly have asthma. Love the auto mode, couldnt even imagine what is in the air that we cant see. The remote and thermostat would also be amazing and make life so much easier. Love dyson products couldnt live without them. I really hope this product will help my kids i feel like a bad mother constantly using steroid creams on them but dont have a choice

  119. Avatar of Taneil Willing
    Taneil Willing Reply

    Our 10 month old baby has Cystic Fibrosis and ?asthma. I would love the opportunity to trial this in or house to see if it makes a difference to his breathing and coughing.

  120. Avatar of Leigh Masterson
    Leigh Masterson Reply

    Here our of four of my family members have severe hayfever allergies. The smallest things sets them off sneezing. Their eyes get puffy and noses red raw. It’s heartbreaking to see. We’ve tried all sorts of air purifiers in the past and none seem to do much. I’d love to try a dyson and see if it makes the much needed difference to them.

  121. Avatar of Candice

    I’m looking forward to trying the air purifier. I would love to see what the air is like in our home and how much that contributes to the asthma and possibly eczema in our house.

  122. Avatar of Emma

    After being up all night with master 4 who suffers asthma, alergic rhnitis and eczma. We have been itching, coughing and sneezing.
    The air purifier wiuld be amazing to test in our house.
    With bub no 2 (1year old) after 2 bouts of bronchiolitis this winter, it looks like we are heading in the same diagnosis as his older brother.
    We love the dyson brand for their quality. We have 2 vacuums that are so easy to use, master 4 is a pro at them as we vacuum daily.

  123. Avatar of Tamara Cazzulino
    Tamara Cazzulino Reply

    I would give my right arm to test drive this hot cold purifier because with two little ones that have asthma, eczema AND allergies; keeping them healthy and safe is my number one priority.
    Dyson has such wonderful products that I have high expectations for this one too!

  124. Avatar of Bianca Romeo
    Bianca Romeo Reply

    We live in one of the worse places for asthmatics. You would think the country would be great for air quality. Unfortunately it has not helped our family of four asthmatic and allergy sufferers. I’d love to see what the Dyson app tells us about our environment. My daughter is the youngest and suffers the most. I would love to see if we can improve her asthma, allergies and eczema. Waking up sneezing and coughing every morning is not fun for an 8 year old. If we could improve her health in any small way it would be a god send.

  125. Avatar of Alannah Moran
    Alannah Moran Reply

    My 3 year old son has had respiratory problems ever since he was born. Never been able to breathe through his nose. He had be diagnosed with Asthma when he was 2 years old & has ALWAYS been a noisy sleeper. Only since March his year when he woke up not breathing had we found out that not only does my 3 year old son have asthma, he also has no cartledge that holds his airways up, kissing tonsils & swollen Adnoids which makes his airway the size of a straw hole, he also has swollen sinuses & sleep apnea. Due to all of the his he has lost some hearing due to fluid being built up. He has constant chronic bronchitis & in our house any bit of dust or dirt or mould that he breathes in can really effect him. An air purifier can really really help benefit my son’s way of life with something as simple as breathing. I would love to try the Dyson Air Purifer to help my son breathe easier at night & during the day.

  126. Avatar of Rebecca H

    I’m really looking forward to testing the app feature and to just be able to have a fan without blades as my kids love to try and touch them when they’re going. Pick me Pick me!

  127. Avatar of Robyn

    The purifier. Our household has allergies, hayfever, polyps, eczema, asthma, serious lung problems and more. To minimise the nasties floating around and improve the quality of our air and ultimately our breathing, look of our skin and sleeping, as a result, would be fantastic. Life and our health can’t be perfect but I’m hoping it can be much better with the hope of this machine!

  128. Avatar of Sandy

    I would love the HEPA feature to rid mould spores in my bedroom which seem to be contributing to my sinus problems. And to rid the pollutants in air for my bubba who still suffers eczema Esp triggered by heat!

  129. Avatar of Kelly plu

    Would love a magic cure for the eczema! We use lotions, potions and Medicines to manage the outbreaks.
    Also have other sensitivities like asthma, hayfever and cat allergies within our family so a smart hot/cold HEPA filtered fan would be a little miracle.

  130. Avatar of Tamara

    3 kids, 2 with allergies! We’ve just finished 3 months of light treatment for eczema, The purifier would be fantastic to test run to see the improvement to their eczema and asthma. We’re already Dyson lovers! Our vacuum is the best!

  131. Avatar of Danni Schaefer
    Danni Schaefer Reply

    I would love one of these they look amazing the benefits for all of us would be great would really love to give it a try

  132. Avatar of Lee Kennedy
    Lee Kennedy Reply

    This looks so A-MAZ-ING! I have a 3yo with ongoing eczema and a 9mnth old who is heading that way. If this could help control that I would be forever grateful!!!! Husband has dust allergies too, so would benefit from this. Wow!!!

  133. Avatar of Anna Lam

    My 10 month old’s room averages 14 degrees at night and I’m constantly checking on her throughout the night to make sure she’s tucked in. I’d love to review this amazing creation by Dyson and test the heater purifier feature by controlling it via the app to ensure her room is at the right temp at night. Due to terrible condensation on our windows the purifier will definitely make a difference in minimising the mould spores on our windows, especially in bubs room.

  134. Avatar of Kylie

    Wow so many entrants. Would love to try this to see if it helps my son with his asthma and excema. He is on a tablet each night to help control it. If he doesnt have it he gets sick. The last time he got sick he got the begining of pneumonia. It was so scary. Hopefully i can trial this machine and help relieve some if not all the issues my son has

  135. Avatar of Kristy-Lee Powell
    Kristy-Lee Powell Reply

    We have been looking into this product for our 2 year old son. Due to a medical misdiagnosis his lungs tend to be weaker so he suffers asthma attacks, coughing and even vomiting when the attacks are server. I have tried so many things, hypo allergenic pillow cases ect

  136. Avatar of Karmie

    I have 3 hildren. 15, 11 and 7. My 2 boys suffer from chronic asthma both relying on preventers everyday amongst others. My daughter missed the asthma but got eczema. She has been prescribed atriod creams and yes they work but they are very strong medication. I seen this and thought hiw amazing the aur purifier would be. We live in the country and its extremely flat country. Alot of harvested dusts and things flying in the air. The purifier would help illuminate these are make itmore comfortable environment to be in for my kids. Thanks

  137. Avatar of Jade O

    An all in one amazing machine, ensuring not only myself and my family stay warm during the colder winter months, but come the Summer heat we can all stay cool. Plus with Spring just around the corner and the abundance of allergies my family suffer from this will come in handy to keep them at bay

  138. Avatar of Shanblue07
    Shanblue07 Reply

    Heaps of features to try but looking forward to the cool & dry features as well as my little one gets croup and be handy to have all the features in one item instead of running multiple appliances

  139. Avatar of Melinda

    I am most interested in the air purifier as i have really bad asthma and i think my 2 year old son might have a few of the same sensitivities

    • Avatar of Veronica

      I’d love to try this product for my 5 year old son. He suffers severe eczema and allergies to dustmite along with others. It’d be amazing to see if this would help him finally have a full night’s sleep without waking and scratching.

  140. Avatar of Emma.a25

    I am looking forward to the air purifier function the most living in the country with a child that has chronic lung disease can be challenging also love the fact that it has no blades having a one year old Safety is very important!

  141. Avatar of Kate Smith
    Kate Smith Reply

    This latest Dyson product looks AMAZING! I would love to see if it helped with my chronic allergic sinusitis, my husbands asthma, and my son’s dust allergy which also triggers his asthma.

  142. Avatar of Nic Dugo

    I would love to try this for the air purifier. My daughter gets very bad Hayfever, my husband has Asthma and Hayfever, I have bad dustmite allergies, that make my throat and ears itch and close up. This would be amazing!

  143. Avatar of Lisa Stringfellow
    Lisa Stringfellow Reply

    With a four year old and two year old that love to touch things they shouldn’t, I’d love to test out how they’d go with the no blades on the Dyson Pure Hot/Cool purifier fan heater, it makes it a much safer option to have around children. As well as the hot/cool functions as in Queensland it’s gets cold enough in winter for the kids to feel it at night and wake constantly and it gets super hot in summer!

  144. Avatar of Emma D

    Love all the features especially the app this product would be amazing for my family as my son has very bad asthma and is constantly sick this would help us so much and would be so handy when we have to travel interstate

  145. Avatar of Stephanie Carroll
    Stephanie Carroll Reply

    I would love to try out the purity heater, my childrens bedrooms get so cold so we have to sleep with the ducted heating on overnight which im sure is a contributing factor to their terrible dermatitis and my asthma

  146. Avatar of Casey Guerin
    Casey Guerin Reply

    Honestly all the features but mostly the heater. We currently have a combustion heater and the amount of dust and smoke it releases is unbelievable. To have a heat source that draws in dust and allergens would be amazing.

  147. Avatar of Melissa Simcocks
    Melissa Simcocks Reply

    I’d love to test the air purifier, as our home is prone to mould, I am constantly trying to find new, easier ways to keep it away. With 2 yound kids its important I make sure they aren’t around toxins.

  148. Avatar of Nikki Montague
    Nikki Montague Reply

    To have a constant room temperature for my 3 kids who all have asthma would be half the battle won. With dust, cold and fragrances as triggers this unit would certainly make a difference to their sleep and life quality.

  149. Avatar of Connie

    Would love the opportunity to test this in my home as my home is prone to mould and also to see if it helps my kids and I sleep through the night with no scratching or sneezing!

  150. Avatar of Sharna

    I would love to try this for both my boys that suffer from eczema and asthma,

  151. Avatar of Lois Foster
    Lois Foster Reply

    For me this could change our lives and has potential to improve the family’s quality of life. With daily regimes of medications, cleaning, bathing, avoidance I can only dream that something so simple and small could be the answer.

  152. Avatar of AmyT

    Awesome!!!! Love that it purifies the air. Perfect for helping with my son’s asthma. Love that it heats and cools as where we live gets super cold and super hot. My fussy husband can get toasty and warm in winter without roasting the rest of the household!! Finally…love everything Dyson

  153. Avatar of Kate

    I would love to test the use of the app so that I could use the Dyson in conjunction with doing extra things to help around the home. Is it a windy day and the pollutants inside are extra high? Maybe I could try putting draft stoppers at the doors to reduce the pollens coming inside, and check the app to see if it has helped in conjunction with the Dyson to bring the levels down faster. What a great help for our family!

  154. Avatar of StuMik

    This would be very handy for my family. My son has asthma, my daughter has dermatitis and my baby has a rare lung condition. The air purifier would have a huge impact on our quality of life. My baby also needs to be kept extra warm so the heater would be great on cold days.

  155. Avatar of Tina

    How amazing does this look! The app is awesome we are well known for losing remotes in our house so being able to control with my phone would be great. I’d just want to test the air quality in every room!

  156. Avatar of Lyjoho

    With 3 asthmatic children at home, I’m always looking for ways to improve air quality within the home, to make breathing easier for them. This would be amazing, and the the added convenience of an app to help do this would be ideal for any busy mum!

  157. Avatar of Annette D

    Would love this in my home. My daughter is allergic to dust and pet hair and dander. I have asthma and my doc is trying to help me figure out why I have started with a dermatitis on my leg that is spreading. My other daughter is allergic to grass and fertilisers and her 2.5yo son has allergies we are trying to figure out too. Knowing we had clean air space would be a peace of mind. Can’t wait to use the purifier for all of these reasons and in the kitchen as fish is a major part of my diabetic diet

  158. Avatar of brookstar

    This Dyson air purifier heater fan would be an incredible addition to my family home. We already own 2 Dyson vacuum cleaners. One is 10 years old and is still going strong and we have just purchased the handstick which is perfect for everyday use. The air purify component is what makes me excited about this product. We live on a busy road and it concerns me what my family breathes in everyday. My 7 year old son has always suffered from hayfever and allergies to dust. He wakes up every morning sneezing and with itchy eyes. He often wakes up thru the night with a blood nose as he itches throughout the night. My husband also suffers from hayfever and survives everyday by taking hayfever tablets. My youngest son suffers from eczema which often has to be controlled with steroid creams. I would love to try this air purify in our home and hopefully provide some comfort for my young family.

  159. Avatar of Jojo

    I have 1 son with ASD and OCD, and 2 boys with ADHD (one possible ASD as well). Their behaviour is harder to deal with in spring and we believe airborn allergens may be part of the problem. I would love to test one of these and track our journey to see if an airpurifier can assist my boys to control their behaviour better so enjoy their lives more.

  160. Avatar of Kg

    The purifier feature excited me because my son is allergic to many things in the environment such as dust mites, pollens, molding, dander, pet hair. He constantly has eczema, blocked sinus, asthma and sleep apnoea and we have to constantly clean to keep these things at bay. It’s such a BIG job! I’d love to see the difference this air purifier would make and being a Dyson, I’m sure it’d be a massive improvement.

  161. Avatar of Melinda Mahlberg
    Melinda Mahlberg Reply

    I am so looking forward to the air purifier function to see the health and quality of life of my family members improve. We are a family of 5 and suffer from asthma, eczema, hay fever, dust/dustmite, pollin, cat, dog and grass allergies.

  162. Avatar of Selina Hoyer
    Selina Hoyer Reply

    I love that there isnt any fan blades, less surface area for dust and inquisitive little hands

  163. Avatar of Danica

    Im most looking forward to the heating and cooling options being in australia and the weather always being crazy haha

  164. Avatar of Dee Susan

    A fantastic product from a well-known worldwide Brand. A must have in every home to check air quality, I would love to try it and review it. Hopefully it would help my eczema.

  165. Avatar of Natalie Lucas
    Natalie Lucas Reply

    I love that it’s multi-function but am particularly keen to try the air purification! My 3 year old suffers bad asthma & eczema and my 1 year old is looking down the asthma path too. I would do anything to help my boys breath and really feel this could make a huge difference to not only my young boys life but to my whole family! Bonus for the cooling feature in Queensland’s hot summers!

  166. Avatar of Michelle

    Looking forward to being able to test the air purifier. With a 5 year old that we have to manage her asthma for, if this feature really works, it would help greatly.

  167. Avatar of Kristymc

    I think the pollution monitoring feature in the machine/app would be really interesting and useful in our family. Having a child with hay fever and asthma the air quality is very important to us and very variable from day to day in our area. I would be interested to see how well it works for us

  168. Avatar of Ceinwen

    We have a lot of excema and asthma in the family so having the air purified and hopefully some health improvements would be a huge bonus . I also run a Family Day Care in my home so personalised heating & cooling plus purified air would be great.

  169. Avatar of haydi

    One twin has allergies and excema and is awful to see her struggling with her skin. Anything that could help would be wonderful

  170. Avatar of Alana

    I love the automated feature that can tell if your air quality is compromised and adjust itself accordingly. Also think it’s awesome that it’s just a quick wipe clean. My daughter is an allergy kid. She’s allergic to nuts, grasses, pollens and airborn moulds found out in the garden which means she suffers badly through spring and summer and has poor sleep as she’s always so blocked up. Would love to see if this helps her. Being an allergy kids also means she suffers from eczema. Please pick me to test!!

  171. Avatar of Kylie

    With a young baby in the house and an awfully cold winter, heating that covers sensitive skin and allergies has been an issue.
    The house is multi level so air conditioning doesn’t reach the sleeping areas.
    A fan forced heater seems to have drawn out lots of dust and allergies have flared. I would love to see if this heater rectifies the issues.

  172. Avatar of Lisa Cook

    I would love to trial this to see if it helps eliminate dust in my home. We love in a small coal mining community, only hours after I dust it sems nothing has been cleaned at all. I would love to use this in my bedroom to see if it can help my shiftworking hubby get a better day sleep on his night shifts, nd minimise the allergies he has developed.

  173. Avatar of Amanda M-A
    Amanda M-A Reply

    With 3 children under 5 that have allergies to dust & all have had slap cheek & scarlet fever over the last 6 weeks I’m looking to improve their quality of life & get them healthy again. Being able to ensure the air quality in our house is the best it can be and be able to monitor it would be the most important feature for me.

  174. Avatar of Monica Burley
    Monica Burley Reply

    I would love to try this for my daughters. Asthma is bad in this household and makes me hesitant to use heating. And with this, I wouldn’t have to worry about my dog irritating my daughter if she ventures into the bedroom to play. They are the best of friends!

  175. Avatar of Liza taperell
    Liza taperell Reply

    I am excited about reviewing the Dyson Purifier is its ability to capture 99.95% of pollutants. With a husband and newborn son who are both allergic to dust mites it would allow me to give them the gift of no sneezing and a healthier environment.

  176. Avatar of Mel Y

    I’m especially keen to test the thermostatic control so I can leave it on through the night (with the night time mode too of course!) to see if it helps my family sleep more soundly through the night. My little boy has eczema and I’ve never been able to pinpoint what causes his flare ups. It’s been tiring during the winter when I need to leave a heater on during the night, but sometimes he wakes in the middle of the night drenched with sweat!
    My husband has eczema, asthma and is allergic to dust mites (which causes him to scratch constantly even in his sleep!), so I’m very keen to see if the Dyson purifier will help him sleep more soundly as well as the impact on his overall health! We live in a rental property with old carpet, and also quite close to the city, which means allergens and pollutants are in abundance! The fact that the Dyson air purifier doesn’t have blades is an added bonus especially with a busy 1 year old running about!

  177. Avatar of Nicki

    For he last 4 years I have suffered from urterica. I’ve had blood tests and appointments with specialists but have found no known cause. I would love to see if this helps my condition.
    My son also suffers from hay fever and often has runny and also blocked noses especially when he sleeps.
    Living in Kalgoorlie is a very dusty environment so anything to help eliminate some of that I am sure will help us both.
    Plus my partner loves to sleep with he fan on so having a quitier option would be fantastic!!

  178. Avatar of Sarah H

    I would love to try this in my home as most of my family (myself, my daughter (age 3.5) and soon (age 2) all suffer from eczema and dermatitis. My hubby , daughter and myself also have hayfever so would love to see what difference this can make to our lives!

  179. Avatar of Tammy Filmer
    Tammy Filmer Reply

    I would love to see the air quality change at home for my kids. The purifying function would be amazing and so beneficial for my 7 month old’s allergies to dust and pollen. I also love the heating and cooling function and having all year round purified air in one device.

  180. Avatar of Amy Hannah
    Amy Hannah Reply

    I would really look forward to seeing the amount of pollutants and allergens are in our home when I already consider it ‘clean’ and am fanatical about ‘fresh air. My son has asthma and my youngest our daughter suffers terribly from eczema, if this was to help them I would about it from the rooftops for everyone to go get one!

  181. Avatar of Jo

    I would love the opportunity to try out this product and show how it can impact positively upon the lives of those affllcted with allergies. I am a mum to three sons all of whom suffer a dust mite allergy and severe asthma! My eldest has such a significant allergy he is robbed of sleep, of clear breathing passages and the ability to smell at all and even to taste! This boy can eat whole packets of wasabi at a time and not feel a thing! I think trialling this new product in the home of rela people who are allergy sufferers and seeing the positive results would give great credence to your product and also show other families the benefits of purchasing a Dyson purifier over other brands! Besides any product hosting the brand name Dyson has to be good!

  182. Avatar of Amanda cotton
    Amanda cotton Reply

    Love to try as the purify of the air would be soo benificial for my family and especially me and my daughter who are allergen and. Asthma suffers, she’s spent soonmuchbtime on antibiotics it’s not funny, and the safety of this is soo awesome so would feel safer to use around my young children with no worries at all

  183. Avatar of Tkim

    Would love to win this new gadget so I can ditch the separate purifier and heater that I have in my sons room to one unit that can do it all and hopefully help with his allergies. Am most looking forward to the link app so I can moinitor and control it from my bedroom without disturbing his sleep.

  184. Avatar of Emily F

    Definitely would love to test the air quality in our house with this beauty! We all wake up with snotty noses coughing and splattering all day, would be fantastic to all wake up all clear for once

  185. Avatar of Juanita Torr
    Juanita Torr Reply

    The part of the Dyson Pure Hot & Cool Air Purifier that is my favourite is just the beautiful, sweet pure air that my household would get to breathe. There is so much cat hair & dust in my home, and I am constantly plagued with sinus problems, just having an awesome contraption that can eliminate the majority of nasties in the air, would be a life-saver for me and my household.

  186. Avatar of Caseii Green
    Caseii Green Reply

    I’d love to try the Dyson Air Purifier – our family have dust allergies that cause eye itching, nose stuffiness, rashes, even headaches! My current heater is the wall air conditioner which needs to get its filters cleaned every other week or we end up using nasal sprays, eye drops, asthma puffers just to get by. It’s terrible! So I would love to trial the product to see how much of a difference it’d make to our health.

  187. Avatar of Kerryn

    All three of us suffer from asthma and hayfever so I’m looking most forward to the air purifier. Hayfever is driving us insane!!@

  188. Avatar of Elle

    I would love to try this as we have recently had to replace the blinds, carpet and repaint 2 bedrooms due to mould from a steam vaporiser….

  189. Avatar of Tina KRAJA
    Tina KRAJA Reply

    I want to try the feature that shows me exactly what I have floating around my home. I get such bad dermatitis, itchy body and roof of my mouth and my oldest daughter has eczema and asthma and youngest has asthma and a bad cough alot. 3 cats and a dog also oops

  190. Avatar of Vanessa G

    One child with eczema and one with dust allergies. So hard to get it all under control. I’d love to test this DYSON and make life a little more comfortable for my kids.

  191. Avatar of Renee Lane
    Renee Lane Reply

    My partner and son are chronic asthmatics and suffer allergies. My husbands constantly taking pills for it and my 5 yr old son has a nebuliser and predimix to get through bad nights and days. This could change our lives.

  192. Avatar of Kim155

    My 9 year old could really benefit from this the poor girl drew the short straw when it came to health issues. She has chronic asthma and goes to hospital often and she has eczema which are like little blisters all over her body. But to make matters worse she has a genetic disorder that makes it hard to fight virus,s so every winter she is so sick. I have to have her sleep in the lounge room when she is sick as there is no heating in her room. This Dyson would be perfect to have in her room all year round to make life easy for her and me.

  193. Avatar of MJ

    I’d love to see if there’s a correlation between the air quality and increased eczema/asthma in this house so would love to try the air quality feature of the app. Too see that quality would be awesome.

  194. Avatar of Hayley Brennan
    Hayley Brennan Reply

    I’m looking forward to a restful nights sleep esp for my 4yr old whose constantly got respiratory issues esp with his asthma flare up with all the back burning happening ATM

  195. Avatar of Hollie

    I would like to try to see if it helps with my daughters asthma at night. There is nothing worse than not being able 6help when your child can’t sleep due to coughing.

  196. Avatar of Melissa Cross

    My 2.5 year old has Cystic Fibrosis and Asthma so this would be AMAZING with helping to keep the air clean and keeping him from picking up cold & flu and help in keeping him out of hospital!!

  197. Avatar of Michaela

    We have a little bubba due to arrive any day now. We live in a fairly new apartment block that often gets condensation build up on the windows. Therefore We be very interested to try out the air purifier mode and the automatic settings to set the temperature. Most importantly see if it helps improve my health with my dust allergies. Thank you for this opportunity!

  198. Avatar of rachel

    Not only does my son have allergies and asthma ,we currently have a huge main road renovation happening, its already been a year,still have another year to go,being only 100 metres away from it all the dust in the air is horrific.Cannot keep it out of the house.For my son to get a good nights sleep,not have a constant stuffy nose.cough,sneezing id love to give this dyson a try.I can’t pick one particular function i like because it has so many and it really sounds fantastic.

  199. Avatar of Teja Roberts
    Teja Roberts Reply

    I’m most looking forward to cleaner air, clearer lungs and calmer skin, as well as the portability and flexibility it offers.

  200. Avatar of Karen Merrill
    Karen Merrill Reply

    Looking forward to mine and my son’s eczema settling down – and the constant sneezing from dust allergies calming, too! (we live across the road from a very dusty park)
    We currently have just the Dyson Hot and cold fan – but the air purifier looks amazing! We most definitely need to invest in one. ❤️

  201. Avatar of Dani

    My son has many aerallegens, including dust mites, mould and animals. This is on top of asthma, eczema and food allergies. We have a Dyson vacuum, which helps, but the Dyson air purifier would make such a difference.

  202. Avatar of Kate Fenerty
    Kate Fenerty Reply

    As a mother with allergies myself and two children, aged 2 and 5 with severe dustmite allergies as well as some grasses and moulds, I’d most look forward to testing out the air purification function!

    Currently I hotwash all bedding weekly in eucalyptus, we spray the mattresses and vacuum them every 6 weeks with our Dyson that has a hepa filter. Carpets are vacuumed daily and the walls have to be damp wiped every other day. Hubby and I also work fulltime, so we spend a lot of our hometime ensuring out kids have the cleanest environment possible.

  203. Avatar of Lauren Ibbotson
    Lauren Ibbotson Reply

    Id love to try out the app to see the quality of the air in my daughter’s room. How awesome!

  204. Avatar of Jo

    My 3 young daughters share a small bedroom. While they’re happy with the arrangement, 3 bodies in that small space makes the room stuffy and a bit smelly! I’d love to see if the Dyson Pure Hot & Cool Air Purifier could help reduce the number of respiratory and skin issues for my kids, and improve their quality of sleep.

  205. Avatar of Belinda

    I’m about to have another baby so would love to see how well it heats while it purifies.

  206. Avatar of Josie Brown
    Josie Brown Reply

    I would really like to try this for my kids with the extreme temperatures in Canberra, I need to have a heater on all night, but I think this is contributing to the extremely dry skin my kids are getting and it’s even causing their hands to get so dry and crack, I’d love to know what the air quality is at home overnight and use this to heat their room while they sleep with the quiet mode (or even not on quiet mode if it helped as white noise).

    It would also help when it gets to summer with the fan mode

  207. Avatar of Lynda

    How exciting I absolutely love dyson products and would be great to try this.
    With a daughter that suffers from asthma and eczema the purifier would be of great help.

  208. Avatar of Belinda Collier
    Belinda Collier Reply

    I would love to trial this for my family as my son has eczema and dust allergies and it would be great to see if it works on him, he has had it for 10 years and drives him crazy. Would be a great opportunity for us, thank you

  209. Avatar of kellyamy

    I would love to see if this helps with my allergies. Im allergic to our cats but my kids love them. Also my oldest son has ezcema and so do I. I am a fan of dyson and have always wanted to buy their cooling and heating fans so would love to review to see if it would be good to have a few in the house. My family would really put this product to the test.

  210. Avatar of Jem dunn

    I think the variety of features combined into one appliance is the best feature, the dyson company have such a great reputation for quality products which combine quality and versatility into a product that is powerful as well as quiet.

  211. Avatar of Krystle m

    I would love this please! My 2yo gets multiple bronchitis and chest infections every winter and gets eczema on his face and hands.

  212. Avatar of laurie jennings
    laurie jennings Reply

    Would absolutely love to see if this could help improve our families lives! 3 kids with allergies & hubby & 1 son with severe asthma, dust, pollen allergies I am constantly battling to keep everyone from getting sick or reacting to something. Even when the floors sparkle I can never understand where all the dust & ezcema reactions come from I didnt even consider there was something I could get to filter the air in our house. As an allergy mum & wife I’m just always on alert to have just 1 night I can actually sleep & know that I’m sharing the load & maybe they will sleep through the night without pain, coughing or being unable to breathe that would be amazing xx

  213. Avatar of Chantelle Mitchell
    Chantelle Mitchell Reply

    With my daughter who has asthma and now cancer this would be really good in my house for her

  214. Avatar of Tabitha

    I’d love to have this in my home. We are a household full of asthma and allergies so to try a product that has these capabilities would be incredible. I am especially interested in the purification ability of this fan. Exciting!

  215. Avatar of Madeline

    I would love to try this for my little family, all have allergies and 3 with asthma.. Would love to find something that works other than medication

  216. Avatar of Samantha Barnes
    Samantha Barnes Reply

    Not only a family with lots of allergies such as dust mites, pet hair, asthma, allergies we also have a child who has an immune disorder meaning he has a higher allergy intollerance then everyone else and when he gets a standard cold this will cause bronchitis and pneumonia . To help with this he must live off antibiotics throughout winter, floor boards through out, various allergy and asthma medications and when at home his room will always have to have an air purifer for when he sleeps as his body produces excess mucus. We have tried various purifers such as a air purifer, nature direct water air purifer and even a salt lamp. All work to varying degrees however as a beloved dyson owner (we own two different dyson vacuums) would love to try this air purifer hoping it works as well as their other products because of it does would be excellent in helping not only our family but our sons day to day help tremendiously.

  217. Avatar of Deborah

    The automatic feature for purifying, how great is that. To sleep knowing healthy air is being processed for better health is a great start to the day for all of us.

  218. Avatar of Rachel

    No Blades!!
    Our 3 little ones fingers are safe from harm! Plus it’s easy clean to keep dust mites away!

  219. Avatar of Claire

    We have three asthmatics in our home and air quality is a major issue. We need new flooring as it causes health issues but while we save this would provide us with a great fix! Thanks MumCentral

  220. Avatar of Louise Ferris
    Louise Ferris Reply

    I would love to try this out. My son has really bad air born allergies and his Dr has been telling me for 2 years to get a purifier. Unfortunately due to lack of funding I haven’t been able to. It would be great to see if he wakes up without sneezing his head off and wheezing. He is also Athsmatic and suffers from eczema and dermatitis. The thing I am most looking forward to besides all of the amazing high tech features, is seeing if my son wakes up more comfortable than he usually does 🙂

  221. Avatar of Rosie

    The entire Dyson fan functions sound absolutely amazing I’d want to try out all its features and do look forward to trying it. The app connection feature is very intriguing and just the purifier feature that could take mould out of the air would do it for our family. We live in a rental house that has always continued to produce mould on every window, window frame, wall and now floor boards. We are constantly scrubbing and siliconing the windows every few weeks but nothing stops the mould from reproducing. Since moving into this rental I myself have developed asthma- as an adult with no prior family history of asthma that is strange to me. Now my austitic 6 year old has developed asthma too- along with his allergies to pollens and dust. My 3 year old daughter seems to be a lot sicker than usually this winter and I fear she is being affected. My husband has always suffered from allergies and asthma and continues to suffer. Even if I don’t get to try this product, I would highly consider buying one in future, I know it would be very expensive though for its technology and out of our reach, but if we tried it first in our home on a free trail and it actually made a significant difference I’m sure I could find some family members who may be able to sponsor our family a unit as they all know about our severe mould issue in this rental, and due to circumstances out of our control at this time, we are unable to move and are stuck here with this problem. Thanks for the opportunity, really hope we can try this fabulous product!

  222. Avatar of Karla

    The thought of the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Purifier Fan Heater being able to help my family in so many ways helps blows my mind! To be able to help with the relief of eczema, dermatitis and asthma, this Dyson would improve our day to day living in so many ways. My husband sleeps with a fan on every night and now my kids do this to. To think they could do this with so many benefits (without them even realising) would make me a happy mum knowing they were being protected when even sleeping

  223. Avatar of Rachel H

    We have the Dyson blameless fan and use it constantly in Summer so I am super excited that they now have an option for heating also!
    My daughter also suffers from croup so I am really interested to use the app feature to see what our air quality is like and improve it!

  224. Avatar of Laura Marneros
    Laura Marneros Reply

    My little guy suffers from severe dust allergy and eczema and would love to see if the dyson helps him!

  225. Avatar of Amy

    For my kids I always want the best,
    In their diet, environment, sleep and rest,
    But itchiniess is keeping,
    My daughter from sleeping,
    So I’d love to give the Dyson air purifier a test!

  226. Avatar of Amanda

    Im looking forward to using this in my sons room. Hes 5 and constantly gets bad coughs and croup in the cold months which triggers asthma. Also my husband gets really bad allergies at the start of spring due to the pollen in the air.

  227. Avatar of Cat

    I would love to see what my air quality is like before & after the dyson air purifier is at work in my home. We have pets, kids & live in the sandy remote region of SA.

  228. Avatar of Raj

    I have a child with asthma, eczema and allergies. She have been to hospital so many times with breathing problem and i am always stuck in finding correct balance in temp of air at home so its not cold to make her breathing worst and not hot to make her eczema flare up.
    Best feature of this fan would be the app monitoring of air quality. It will be so nice to see if my daughter is breathing in clean air.

  229. Avatar of Anna G

    What a wonderful opportunity to try such an innovative appliance. My middle child is forever sneezing, is prone to colds/hayfever and itchy eyes/throat and was hoping this would be an opportunity to see if a device like this would make a difference. Thank you

  230. Avatar of Debbie

    I’d love to see if this could help improve allergies and asthma for both my son and me. We both suffer terribly and it would be nice to be able to avoid the emergency department visits in the middle of the night for croup and asthma attacks. Fingers crossed.

  231. Avatar of MelindaD

    So many things to love about this, but the main thing would be helping with the constant asthma in our house. The fact it picks up 99.5% of pollutants is amazing, and so easy to clean and change the filter!

  232. Avatar of Brooke

    My son has ASD and suffers from severe dust allergies, most nights are disturbed with blocked noses, unable to breathe properly. And with the ASD its hard to calm him down. Id love to try it to help with his sleep

  233. Avatar of C Chan

    Would love to see my son enjoying life, rather than reaching for tissues every few minutes as soon as he wakes up. Hope that this machine will help a lot of people.

  234. Avatar of Darel F

    We seem to have an endless battle with my toddler’s eczema & allergies. My oldest has mild asthma, most noticeable in the colder months. The heating function on top of the air purifying would be my favourite function of the Dyson Air Purifier. I also like that it is simple to clean and lightweight!

  235. Avatar of Rachel Harvey
    Rachel Harvey Reply

    We live in a suburban area with lots of of new estates being built. The side effect of all the construction is the dust that is in the air. For a family which has 3 children (twins 2yrs old, 4 yr old) all with allergies/eczema/asthma it is quite the inconvenience. It would be a godsend for us to be selected for this trial. An air purifier would change our environment and immune systems!

  236. Avatar of Jessica kavanagh
    Jessica kavanagh Reply

    My husband is a chronic asthmatic, I have really bad hayfever and my son has eczema, which is particularly bad. Our reverse cycle air con has been great at keeping us warm but not so much for our conditions. It would be nice to trial the Dyson to see if it really is worth the money and helps us all out

  237. Avatar of Julie WT

    Very much looking forward to the purifier as the 3 of us have allergies to either dust or pet hair or both. Before our son arrived late last year, we shared our home with our beautiful bunny who after surgery, constantly sheds fur everywhere. Our baby is allergic to pet hair but we can’t bear to give her up or move her outside so vacuum (thank goodness we have a Dyson handheld) everyday and use lint rollers to remove fur from our couch and his playmat. We’d been considering purchasing this but weren’t sure of its effectiveness. Our apartment doesn’t have door or window screens so we can’t get fresh air without dust flying into the house so of course, means we have to vacuum and dust constantly.

  238. Avatar of Laura watkins
    Laura watkins Reply

    The thing I’m most interested in is checking the air pollution in our house which could unknowingly be triggering my asthmatic son.

  239. Avatar of Benjamin

    I am looking forward to seeing how the air purifying feature will affect the hayfever the whole family suffers from.

  240. Avatar of Beth Streten
    Beth Streten Reply

    I am excited to trial the intelligent features of this amazing Dyson Pure! With automated features monitoring and adjusting the environment it would mean less stress and worry as we battle childhood asthma and allergies! Capturing 99.95% of fine particles & pollutants will also make the air we breath so much healthier!

  241. Avatar of Renee guljas
    Renee guljas Reply

    I would love to try this out in our home with my 2 babies under 2 who have excema and myself who has asthma and many allergies including dust, animal hair etc.
    I am also very passionate about reducing chemicals in my house and would love to see if this helps.

  242. Avatar of Lu Whitby

    Id love to see how well this works for our household with our asthma, eczema and other allergies. Testing out the purifier will be the biggest thing for our household with the added benefits! We really need to try this as my son’s eczema and allergies are out of control. Thank you for the opportunity.

  243. Avatar of Kate A

    I need to treat my grandchildren with an asthma free environment

  244. Avatar of Carol

    All in my home (myself and 3 and 14 yo boys), suffer asthma and eczema, but especially my 3 yo and our house is so cold during winter and hot during summer, this really takes its toll on the little one. I’ve a cheap humidifier but it doesn’t control air temperature and to know the new Dyson does is bloody amazing! I’d just love a night where I don’t have to get up to my little one for medication or cream for him
    If we don’t get picked to trial then I’ll certainly be saving to get one in time for summer – hopefully!
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  245. Avatar of Robyn fox

    I love the sound of everything this has to offe would love to see the difference the air purification and the heat to cool function would be of great benifit love how u can operate and check eveything on the app this would really be fantastic to have to a better the health of my loved ones and myself

  246. Avatar of Kimmy Alts
    Kimmy Alts Reply

    I would be excited to try the heating side of it for my daughter’s room. We have a two storey house and her bedroom is upstairs. My step son is only here half the time so I hate wasting electricity on heating all of upstairs or cooling it all instead of just her room when he isnt there. Would interesting for my allergies too. Windy days where the pollen still somehow gets inside the house, I blow up like a balloon and can’t breathe because of it. Air purifying would be interesting to test out.

  247. Avatar of NickiTrembath
    NickiTrembath Reply

    My youngest suffers with eczema all over his body, I myself am allergic to dogs & cats. My husband is battling cancer & is currently doing chemo & he doesn’t get outside alot for fresh air. We use are heating & cooling alot at home and we live right next to the main road.
    We would look forward to using the app on our phones to track the air in our home and to manage the appliance. We would greatly appreciate bring chosen for this appliance to help make sure my family are breathing in the purest air they can while in our own home.

  248. Avatar of Sophie W

    I would be thrilled to test out and provide detailed reviews of the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link. We have just found out our 10 month old son suffers from eczema – it’s all over his poor little body in patches, and we’re just now starting to get it under control. My husband also has asthma, so I’m super excited about the Air Purification feature of the Dyson, and truly believe it would make an incredible difference for both my husband, and our son.

  249. Avatar of N P

    Like myself, both my boys suffer from childhood eczema. I’ve become (not qualified)”queen eczema consultant” amongst my mum friends because, through loads of trial and error (you name it, weve tried it!), we have managed to get the symptoms under control for the boys and keep them comfortable . I am always on the look out for simple and natural ways to improve management and heating/cooling that isn’t drying to the skin and doesn’t stir up the dust is one of the major factors I’ve discovered for keeping the boys cool and not itchy!

  250. Avatar of Lorraine R
    Lorraine R Reply

    I’m so looking forward to the Air Purifier feature of the Dyson. My asthma is especially worse in winter, and especially at night. I am very excited that this can help me to breathe easier.

  251. Avatar of Natasha Clark

    I have been very interested in the Dyson Hot+cool link fan since I discovered it existed about a month ago. I would love the opportunity to trial it in my home as I have 3 children who suffer from allergies and I am woken by at least one child most nights due to these allergies. My oldest child is a 13 year old boy who always struggles with the change in the air at night times he’s a very noisy sleeper and wakes me often with his noises, my other 2 children an 11yr old girl and 2yr old girl they both have very dry skin especially during Winter along with air quality issues they are unable to use any soaps, laundry powders or other personal deodorant due to their skin always reacting. Please help me And my children

  252. Avatar of Alysia Sheehy
    Alysia Sheehy Reply

    Would love to see how well it purifies the air. As a household that consists of a fair few allergies including asthma (me and my daughter) eczema (me) dermatitis (my mum) hay fever (me and my mum and daughter) dust allergies (me) we really need something that’s going to help alleviate the symptoms!! Also as we live in the blue mountains a safe kid friendly heater would be great!

  253. Avatar of Cassandra Ladesma
    Cassandra Ladesma Reply

    I’m interested to see how the purification works. My son has 18 allergies and 10 of these allergies are environmental.
    He is highly allergic and at risk of anaphylaxis to a type of mold which can be found in the air.
    My husband and I also have allergies to dust and suffer with hayfever currently from the time we wake up!
    This could be an extremely effective product for our household.

  254. Avatar of Nicole j

    I would love to try this to see if it would help my son and myself with our asthma and allergy to dust and thrn see if we can reduce the amount of medications if the fan and filter are effective

  255. Avatar of Steph Boikov
    Steph Boikov Reply

    This sounds fantastic! Our family would absolutely benefit from giving this a trial, we have 3 kids all with allergies ranging from food allergies to cat dander, mould & dust mite allergies. Our son also suffers asthma and eczema. We keep our house as clean as possible and have timber floorboards, leather lounge but still have symptoms from his dust mite allergies. This Dyson air purifier sounds amazing !!!

  256. Avatar of Taegan Stevens
    Taegan Stevens Reply

    I really wanna try out how well it purifies! My son is severely disabled and is very sensitive to dust and gets skin irritations easily. The heater/cooler intrigues me as well as my son seizures increase when in uncomfortable tempretures so keeping him regulated is a top priority for us. Between my son and his dad the two of them have allergies to pollen and extremely sensitive to dust. Its a nightmare trying to keep things clean enough.

  257. Avatar of Spikentobes
    Spikentobes Reply

    Name the allergy my kids have it. This would be a game changer.

  258. Avatar of Stacey B

    True story. ..we had a fire scare last night with our cheap pedestal fan. My toddler had somehow broken it and the cage had dropped down enough that it was only half pushing on a button. I went into my son’s room and could smell wires burning! The fan was so hot and it scares me to think what ‘could of happened’. A bladeless fan/heater sounds so wonderful as my toddler always plays with his fan. He also suffers eczema so I hope it will help him with his skin and we can all get a better nights sleep zzzzz

  259. Avatar of Rhiannon

    I would love to try it out for air purification. My 18month old daughter has extreme allergies and eczema meaning alot of steroid creams, sprays and allergy medications, we have to vaccum and clean several times a day and have tried everything to help except air purification!! Her nostrils get so inflammed that she is unable to breathe and turns blue… how amazing if we can use this product to eliviate some nasty medications and help our whole family be healthy.

  260. Avatar of Joan

    I am a mum with dust and cat allergies. I have 3 chn (plus one bigger one) 🙂
    My eldest is autistic so I am always looking at ways to help. He is 12 and has already had sinus surgery and will need more when his nose stops growing. He has to have 2 nasal sprays daily. My girl is severely asthmatic and has a steroid preventer twice daily. Along with Ventolin during the day. She also gets ecsema in the change of weather. My youngest is also autistic and has a very sensitive nose. I’d love to purify our house for them.

  261. Avatar of Lira

    I would love to see how the air filtration works. With 5 people with allergies in a unit we are always dusting and wiping just to help keep them at bay

  262. Avatar of Linda

    I have a house full of allergens. With a family of 3 Boys all suffering from Asthma and 2 with eczema as well, I struggle to keep my boys healthy and free from symptoms.

    I would appreciate the opportunity to discover the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ Purifier Fan Heater

  263. Avatar of Kathy storer
    Kathy storer Reply

    I love the fact that it detects Nasty particles in the air, not only can it blow cool air it also blows hot air, it will also help my sons with there allergies, I love how it keeps the air clean in homes

  264. Avatar of Oakley

    Can’t wait to trial this heater! We live on a farm so the air can get pretty dirty & dusty. My little boy gets eczema & it would be amazing to find a product that works!

  265. Avatar of Michelle Hay-Chapman
    Michelle Hay-Chapman Reply

    I love that I can control via an app we have a lot of different things going on in our household but the latest is symptomatic dermographica with other things thrown in which I am told anything could trigger an anaphylactic response so I am hoping the Dyson can help

  266. Avatar of Amy M

    We NEED this in our lives!! Desperately! If the air purifier works like Dyson say it does I need them everywhere in our home! My 3 yo son has terrible eczema which flares up in winter so our household isn’t a very happy one at the moment! He is also allergic to grass, peanuts and eggs so he has a pretty rough time with his skin… His scratching is so bad at the moment that it keeps us all awake at night… the poor little guy! I know so many kids suffer with worse but if this gives him one peaceful nights sleep I will be forever grateful! It seems we have tried everything so this might just be the answer! I also love the fact it can all be controlled from my phone… perhaps I will get a peaceful nights sleep too… I can dream right?!

  267. Avatar of Danielle harty
    Danielle harty Reply

    My son has eczema and im willing to try anything to help it especially with his flare ups. Would love to get the opportunity to trial and hope that it helps

  268. Avatar of Daniela Bressan
    Daniela Bressan Reply

    This would be very useful in our house for our youngest child is not only a sever asthmatic he is allergic to the environment. He has to be on immune suppressants just so his body could cope with every day life. His first 3 years we only left the house for specialist appointments at RCH. His also been told he suffers hay fever full time. Dust mites and heat control in our house are issues. To see how much the purifier works not only with the heating but air conditioning our child would benefit from it. The fact you can control from your phone would make life easier from when your away from home

  269. Avatar of Melissa Kagie
    Melissa Kagie Reply

    The air purifying feature sounds amazing, it would help the whole family breathe easy.

  270. Avatar of Sam Allen-Stephens
    Sam Allen-Stephens Reply

    I’m most looking forward to heating my son’s room without triggering his asthma!

  271. Avatar of Amanda Tudosa
    Amanda Tudosa Reply

    I would love to review this for my baby who was recently diagnosed with a few different allergies including dust mites and suffers with eczema. a few of the family members have asthma and dust mite allergies as well so this would be amazing.

  272. Avatar of Kylie Embury
    Kylie Embury Reply

    I LOVE that the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ Purifier Fan Heater can automatically maintain the air quality inside our home! With asthma, hay fever and dust allergies in our family, someone is always wheezing and coughing all year round. From my 6 year old, to his 17 year old brother who lives in our roof space where dust abounds, this Dyson would see the start of better health for the whole family! We’d love the chance to discover the Dyson difference!

  273. Avatar of Kate jones
    Kate jones Reply

    The fact that it takes the impurities out of the air, as we live in the country there is usually a lot of dust and with three kids tracking dirt in and out of the house it is impossible to manage. I’m hoping it will help our eczema and my sons asthma.

  274. Avatar of Trish

    I would love to try this! Both of my kids and I suffer from allergies, eczema and asthma. I looked into buying this because it sounds amazing and am saving up. I love that it automatically captures gases and 99.95% of fine particles such as allergens and pollutants! This would make a huge difference for our whole family.

  275. Avatar of liz

    I would love to see how this fantastic, futuristic looking machine can help with my daughters eczema and breathing issues. It would be amazing to see her not be itching and scratching herself to bleeding!

  276. Avatar of EmmaM

    Both my husband and oldest daughter suffer from asthma, and my 2 younger children suffer from skin allergies. I would love to experience the difference the Dyson could make to our lives. All the features sound amazing, my fave being the no fan blades or visable heating elements which allow for it to be used in our home/ children’s rooms without the worry of them hurting/burning themselves.

  277. Avatar of SarahU

    I’m really looking forward to trialling the air purifier in my young son’s room to help his asthma. It would be great to be able to monitor the air quality using the app & make sure it’s optimal for his good health. what an amazing invention!

  278. Avatar of Courtney Waldron
    Courtney Waldron Reply

    I would be most interested in testing the air purifier. I have serious hayfever allergies to dust, pollen, food etc and have passed this condition down to a number of my kids. Have tried every drug available and nothing ever helps so would be amazing to try this out. Maybe we could all be able to breathe again.

  279. Avatar of Le V

    I would love to test out the air purification.
    My place gets so dusty so quickly so I would like to see whether the Dyson helps with this. Also would want to see whether it makes a difference to my son’s eczema.

  280. Avatar of Susannah Dellaverde
    Susannah Dellaverde Reply

    We have a son with extreme allergies, eczema and asthma. He is allergic to pollen, grass, dander, dust, sensitive to chemicals. He wakes up congested in the morning, his nose is constantly blocked.
    He has recently been tested for Hyper IGE syndrome, which means allergies effect him worse than others. He produces mucous in chest overnight. He also has thickened skin in his nose from breathing in pollens. The ducted reverse cycle heating pushes dust around the house (no matter how much I dust!). I’d love to see if we could heat rooms of our house and remove dust at the same time. It might help him sleep better and ease his congestion.

  281. Avatar of Tmeeka Henricks
    Tmeeka Henricks Reply

    This product looks amazing!! Heater and air purifier in one, able to easily adjust it as needed from my phone – fantastic!! My 4yo son is asthmatic and winter is always hard on him, we’re in Tassie so it’s cold and the heater is on and he often ends up needing his reliever more often over winter. I’d love to try this and see if it helps him breathe easier.

  282. Avatar of Tash

    This would be great in my daughter’s room, it’s a bit colder/warmer in there (dependant on season). As she has asthma, allergies and sleep issues I’d love to see if they would all improve with this fan/heater!

  283. Avatar of Lydia T

    I look forward to testing the air purifying feature. I’m allergic to dust and have been recently looking at purifiers.

  284. Avatar of My Duong

    I’m a millennial FTM to a 15 month old and I’m not going to Lie, I’m really looking forward to testing out the app because I’m all for ‘smart’ tech living. But more than that I’m looking forward to seeing how this fan /heater can purify the air. I suffer from asthma and Hayfever, my husband Hayfever and cat hair allergies and my poor daughter with eczema due to food and environmental allergies. It’s been tough managing this and I’m all up for testing a product that could change our lives! Pick us please! 😛

  285. Avatar of Claire C

    The fact that it is a 3-in-1 would definitely and greatly help us. Would be greatly convenient. With air purifier, would benefit my 2 girls who has eczema and allergic rhinitis. Being a working mum, it’s very exhausting but I have to make sure that our house is clean ALWAYS.

  286. Avatar of Vanessa Lebumfacil
    Vanessa Lebumfacil Reply

    Would love to see if this would help my kods with asthma, allergies, my pollen allergy and sleep plus over all health and if the cold and heat settings are also good.

  287. Avatar of LizzyR

    I love that you can control it with your phone! So handy. My hope is that it would make sleeping a lot more comfortable for my itchy preschooler

  288. Avatar of Mel

    Would love to try the Dyson hot/cold purifying fan. Not only would I like to see how it handles pet dander, I am also curious as to how it handles dust, due to living in an town surrounded by cane fields. Having children in the house I do often wonder how the dust and ash could potentially affect their health in the long run, and have long been considering getting an air purifyer. It’s just so hard to choose one that will definitely do what it claims do.

  289. Avatar of Kate hoad

    I would love the opportunity to use the Dyson and APP to see just how bad the different rooms in our house are for our known allergens and how we might be able to affect that through both the use of the dyson, as well as doing proactive things like shutting windows during windy days or vacuuming more often than we are to keep counts down.

    It would also be a great way for me to convince my husband that it would be a worthwhile investment for both himself and the kids, which would ultimately help ME in the long run through decreased whinging and less tissues purchased!

    Finally, healthier air equals healthier sleep and we could ALL do with some more of that!

  290. Avatar of Amanda.m

    Our boys share a room and they take turns in coughing all night. We believe there could there could be mould spores in the air, hopefully this would help with stopping the coughing and increasing the sleeping.

  291. Avatar of Melissa henderson
    Melissa henderson Reply

    I’ve got a husband with terrible eczema all over his body and he scratches all night long. I’ve tried so many things over the years to help him but nothing makes a huge difference. My eldest daughter has asthma too so I’d love to see how this could help my family!

  292. Avatar of Kimberley De Luchi
    Kimberley De Luchi Reply

    I would love to trial the Dyson as i would be reluctant to spend that amount of money on any product to see if it could help allergies, asthma and a number of skin conditions only because we have spent so much already over the years to no avail. I really would like to say that i am the best housewife who always has her dusting done but my mother told me not lie so i would like to see if it really does make a difference in a house that isn’t as clean as a hospital.

  293. Avatar of Shannon rose mccarthy
    Shannon rose mccarthy Reply

    I would love to see this help my little babes at night with their allergies so we can all get a better nights sleep and be happier and healthier! ❤️

  294. Avatar of Amie K

    This would be fantastic to try for my little boy. He suffers terrible asthma especially of a night time (this causes him to wake up almost every night coughing and wheezing) I would love to see how the heating system on this Dyson could help warm and purify the air in his room of a night.

  295. Avatar of Trudy Mylrea
    Trudy Mylrea Reply

    The air purifier sounds amazing and would make all the a lot family healthier

  296. Avatar of Lazzie

    The purifying and cooling features, currently pregnant and the baby’s room is the only room in the house without air conditioning so worried about her first summer…plus if she anything like my allergies, anything that helps with that would be amazing!!

  297. Avatar of Evelyn Hubbard
    Evelyn Hubbard Reply

    Basically a heater that doesn’t humidify the air so much that it upsets my asthmatic daughter. She gets wheezy around all the heaters we’ve tried so she’s had to resort to sleeping in a sleeping bag for extra warmth. Would love to see the purifier feature in action and for my daughter and her sister who shares her room, (well all of us!) to have a good night’s sleep.

  298. Avatar of claireh simmons
    claireh simmons Reply

    good bye worries that allergies may be stirred up, what a nifty and stress free way of warming the house

  299. Avatar of Allmaree

    This sounds like a comfort provider for all the family heating and cooling and the clarifying the air so we can all breath freely . A fantastic product and made by a most reputable company. I can’t wait to try it out.

  300. Avatar of Jody Taylor
    Jody Taylor Reply

    The small foot print and energy saving is of great interest but the purifying feature would be most important. I really sm concious of what my family puts into their bodies would like the air quality to match

  301. Avatar of Liz Donnellan
    Liz Donnellan Reply

    I’m so keen to see if it helps both my son and daughter, in particular while they sleep.

  302. Avatar of Liz B

    I would love the opportunity to trial as I have allergies and asthma I believe it would make a hell of a difference in my place

  303. Avatar of Carmen Park
    Carmen Park Reply

    I’d love to test out the air purifying feature for my husband who suffers from seasonal and cat allergies. We recently bought an air purifier, but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference, so we’d love to give the Dyson a go, always hear great things about thw brands quality! Would love to test a product that could help my husband breathe easier!

  304. Avatar of Jennifer Cutler
    Jennifer Cutler Reply

    Living inner city in a unit is a nightmare for my three children who have allergies/asthma and a husband with a dust allergy. Would love to see how effective the air purifier is especially during the night when we are frequently waking with coughing attacks. Our place even with cleaning everyday accumulates a lot of dust: would love to try this product as I have heard fabulous reviews about the Dyson.

  305. Avatar of Kristy Bidwell
    Kristy Bidwell Reply

    I would love to see if this helps alleviate my daughter’s cold weather night time cough.

  306. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia Warrick Reply

    My son has allergies requiring an epi-pen. My oldest is a chronic asthmatic. I recently had allergy tests done which confirmed that I have multiple allergies to pollens, dust and dust mites to name a few. All my children suffer from multiple allergies, eczema and asthma, so combined with living on a main road, I would be VERY excited to try the air purifier, and then see the results on the Dyson app! Thank you for the opportunity.

  307. Avatar of Kellie

    The filter looks so easy to clean and maintain. I might even trust my husband with it.

  308. Avatar of Yvette Seamons
    Yvette Seamons Reply

    I would love to see if it could help with breathing difficulties after having pneumonia last year. Also DD has breathing difficulties, similar to croup and would think that it could also help her.

  309. Avatar of Michelle Sommerville
    Michelle Sommerville Reply

    I am almost 26 years old and have suffered from non-allergic rhinitis for years. After numerous tests, the doctors discovered I have little to no allergies, but have a condition that means my body has allergic reactions to things even though I’m not allergic. Confused yet? lol. Me too. My body is extremely sensitive and flares up constantly. I can’t remember a day when I haven’t felt overwhelmed by symptoms. I always assumed this was how every felt. Hopefully something like this can help settle my body and make sure the things that irritate me are neutralised.

  310. Avatar of Jodie Westcott
    Jodie Westcott Reply

    Wow, what an amazing invention! I love the way the app shows your air quality and the ability to purify the air. We live on an acre and have a 9 month old baby who struggles with sleep due to dust which gives her an asthma cough. I’d love to trial this new Dyson product and see if it helps her – which I’m sure it will!

  311. Avatar of Veronica Dench
    Veronica Dench Reply

    So many features, is hard to select just one, but as this is the task, I would have to say the monitoring and purifying of the surrounds sounds just great, giving more comfort for all around. Breathing a sigh of relief, as we play, work and sleep.

  312. Avatar of Laurenp

    Love Dyson and all their products to be able to try this would be fantastic

  313. Avatar of Megan Crichton
    Megan Crichton Reply

    It would improve my quality of life as my husband loves the fan on all year round but I aways wake up with a stuffy nose from allergies. In winter I love the heater on so that would be a huge benefit being one product that can do all year round with air purifier too.

  314. Avatar of Caroline Lissaman
    Caroline Lissaman Reply

    Would love to test the air quality app. Especially for my son who is asthmatic. I can remedy the air in his room before bedtime for a more restful sleep.

  315. Avatar of Jacqueline
    Jacqueline Reply

    I am interested to see if it helps with allergies especially dust as it disrupts my sleep.

  316. Avatar of Heather Hopley
    Heather Hopley Reply

    Frequently caring for our two grandchildren with allergies and asthma this fabulous purifier, heater and cooler will be so reassuring. Country living,with so many potential allergens,is not the best for such kids but I see help is at hand. So many great features it is difficult to decide my favourite but I’m thrilled that the filters are so easily removed and replaced, and that there is a quiet feature for blissful sleep at night (and day naps)

  317. Avatar of tracy wedding
    tracy wedding Reply

    I wake every night with a blocked nose I love that this may help with that

  318. Avatar of Sarah H

    I would love to use the air purifying function. My son has had bronchiolitis 9 times, pneumonia 5 times and croup 4 because of his asthma. This would be really helpful for him especially in winter

  319. Avatar of Courtney Foster
    Courtney Foster Reply

    I am excited about using it as an air purifier, I wpuld be really interested to see how pure the air is and the effects it will have on not only my sleep but also my kids it might just be the thing that keeps my son asleep throughout the night

  320. Avatar of Rebecca

    The heating and cooling functions in the one unit is great. The app would also be handy, so we can monitor the air purity quickly and easily. But most importantly, the fact that the unit purifies the air by automatically reacting to contagions in the air. We would be guaranteed a better night sleep with this amazing machine in our home!

  321. Avatar of Frances McCann
    Frances McCann Reply

    I would love to try it. We have a lot of dog hair, an itchy kid and the 2 animals that won’t stay away from each other

  322. Avatar of Karina

    I’m interested in the air purifier function, my son always has a runny nose in Spring and he struggles to sleep because of it, I’d love to see if this Dyson could help alleviate that!

  323. Avatar of Vicki Smth

    The ability to monitor air quality, really appeals to me. It woukd
    Also the silent mode as I hate fans going while I’m sleeping.
    This looks like another quality product from Dyson, which I would love to

  324. Avatar of Kayla Thomson
    Kayla Thomson Reply

    I love the idea of a heater and air con with air purifier – one device that can maintain any comfortable temp shile producing better air quality. With tje range of allergies and health conditions anything that makes a mums life easier is worth a shot

  325. Avatar of Rebecca Costa
    Rebecca Costa Reply

    I love that it has a night time mode so it quieter at night, so if you have it on at night in your bedroom its not going to keep you awake all night with the noise it makes!!

  326. Avatar of Carlyb

    The purifying of the air to see how much it helps my son & I who suffer from chronic hayfever all year round

  327. Avatar of Katie

    I think I would be excited to try all the features of this amazing machine. But, mainly I want to be able to breath a bit easier in my own home!!! (Sinus/allergen issues are just the worst) I love the fact that it looks so stylish, and would be a perfect addition to my home…

  328. Avatar of Kate Fuller
    Kate Fuller Reply

    So many things are amazing about this handy device, but the fact that it is bladeless and light its a huge safety factor I love… need to worry about little fingers and being so light makes movement to needes rooms is a sinch….thanks Dyson

  329. Avatar of Laureneve

    Super quiet, dimable LED, so light at 4kg and having no blades is a must in our household! This is the perfect heating and cooling for kids bedrooms and all rooms of the house and can easily be monitored by the intuitive app.

  330. Avatar of Ineedcoffee
    Ineedcoffee Reply

    This would be great i think to help keep kiddo asthma under control and my eczema

  331. Avatar of Marsha McInerney
    Marsha McInerney Reply

    I’d love to see how whether my breathing is better overnight and whether my daughter’s stuffy nose clears up and her rashes clear away.

  332. Avatar of Bianca Hensman
    Bianca Hensman Reply

    My beautiful city is nicknamed ‘Coughs’ Harbour because of our plentiful rainfall & moist, sub tropical climate. My hubby occasionally suffers severe psoriasis outbreaks & I believe the poor air quality we breathe in may be to blame as his diet is good. No doubt this will help us both wake up less stuffy in the mornings.

  333. Avatar of Gail smith
    Gail smith Reply

    I have two little boys and one is asthmatic and the other is too young to be diagnosed but is showing the same symptoms. For us as a family it means two little boys with bronchiolitis and cold like symptoms that go on for weeks, eczema prevention, sometimes not much sleep, running a humidifer every night, bouts of medication and me as their mum constantly worrying about the temperature of their bedrooms, soft toys and dust, cleaning with harsh chemicals to prevent mould (what’s worse for them?) and general paranoia about letting fresh air into the house versus potentially letting pollens and other allergens into the house. The Dyson air purifier may just be the machine of my dreams! I would love to trial it and see what a difference it makes for us.

  334. Avatar of Rob F

    I’m really interested to see how it impacts my wife’s asthma, if there’s a noticeable difference in breathing the air and how it might improve our sleeping.

  335. Avatar of Amy W

    We suffer from allergies and eczema in our household, so I am interested to see how the purifier helps with those issues. I like how it “reads” the air quality and automatically adjusts.

  336. Avatar of Kyra Gilbert
    Kyra Gilbert Reply

    I would love to trial the HEPA filter I would love the hot and cold as well
    As air purifying. My daughter is immunocompromised and hospitalised quite often due to asthma flares we currently use diffusers and steam to help cleanse the air, I would love to see if this improves her quality of life and if it does invest in one for each room.
    Thank you for this opportunity

  337. Avatar of Marlene

    I would love to try the heating function- living in an old victorian rental there is a constant draft coming and it has been hard to keep the kids room at an optimal temperature, that would also stop the from waking up at night and from constant running noses.

  338. Avatar of Tracey Hall
    Tracey Hall Reply

    Would love to be able to live in a dust and allergen free home that would allow me to sleep better and been able to breath better.

  339. Avatar of Sharon Mcnair
    Sharon Mcnair Reply

    I would love to try this, I struggle to get to sleep when there are things floating in the air and it would also help the rest of the family aswell

  340. Avatar of Nicole Holaj-Vos
    Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    I would love to mostly try the air purifier component of the Dyson. Eventhough I’m also really keen to try the cooling and heating settings on it. Thank you

  341. Avatar of Nicole

    I have twins that were born prematurely. This has meant that their lungs struggle with dust. It breaks my heart hearing them sneeze and cough. I would be interested to see if this machine helps them especially coming into spring with pollen. I am slso excited to trial the app features of it. I feel that the two year warranty also gives peace of mind.

  342. Avatar of Tazzimish

    My husband and 3 of my 4 boys have asthma, I suffer with terrible hay fever and it gets cold in Tasmania! A heater that also purifies the air… Awesome!!!

  343. Avatar of Karina Lee
    Karina Lee Reply

    I just love the idea that it purifies the air, and doesn’t just circulate and share the manky cool/hot air around the room.

  344. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    The air purifying function and associated app to alert me to potential issues. Talk about amazing!

  345. Avatar of Rachel K

    We live in an old, cement walled unit with little ventilation and mould in the bedroom. I am Asthmatic and my husband has just gone into remission from lung cancer so I would be hopeful that this would help not only warm our icy abode but also clean/clear the air. I love the sound of the app which would enable me to monitor its use to it’s optimum capacity and the fact it is energy efficient is a plus for my sky rocketing electricity bill!

  346. Avatar of Amber Cubis
    Amber Cubis Reply

    I’d love to see an improvement on both hubby’s and my daughters asthma as well as helping ease the hubby’s allergies.

  347. Avatar of Christina

    There is. 5-fin heater in my mum’s bedroom. She needs an upgrade for the warmth, as well as air purifying.

  348. Avatar of Kayla Sibley
    Kayla Sibley Reply

    I’m a pregnant mother who has suffered with hayfever and allergies my whole life. Because I’m pregnant I can’t take anything for my allergies st the moment. The air purifier would be perfect to help me out with this for the meantime until bub comes out

  349. Avatar of Mum to 3

    Cannot wait to trial and see if it helps reduce our issues with hay fever (a all year round problem) and helps without general well being

  350. Avatar of My

    I’m interested to see how well the Dyson purifies the air with the added feature of heating and cooling. My child sometimes wakes up with a congested nose and the room feeling stuffy so it would be good to see the dyaon in action. Being blade-less and quiet, I would be rest assured that the safety of my child won’t be compromised and have a peaceful night sleep. The app sounds easy to use which is always helpful and the features it has, sounds like an easy set up, keen to try.

  351. Avatar of Amanda Evans
    Amanda Evans Reply

    I would love to see how the purifying aspect works. My little one suffers with severe pollen/dust/pet hair/eczema/hayfever allergies (plus food allergies) and is on a daily dose of anti-hystamine and still sneezes like mad. The poor thing sounds constantly nasal (like the nanny lol) and has sneezing fits day and night.

  352. Avatar of Michelle MacKay
    Michelle MacKay Reply

    This product is a fantastic idea. I’m most excited about the purifyng the air and the heating aspect. We all suffer from hayfever allergies including dusts asthma and excema. I believe it would make a huge difference to our health and quality of life.

  353. Avatar of Mumof2

    What a clever little appliance. I have 2 lil ones who have multiple sensitivities for which they are on a super strict eliminatation diet for & 1 has asthma & dust allergies too. We live in a new housing estate which is still being developed & our house is often surrounded in a dust storm. So we need to keep all the windows & doors shut, so I can only imagine all the toxins & pollutants that are being trapped in our home & despite the house being shut up, it’s amazing how much dust still gets in. I would love to try the Dyson Air Purifier Heater Fan for the air purifying function & the health benefits that would bring. The heating & cooling functions are an awesome added bonus.

  354. Avatar of Rehannon Roempke
    Rehannon Roempke Reply

    My 7 year old step-daughter (8 in THREE DAYS!) is highly allergic to feline saliva and dust and has extreme allergies, there have been NO days in her brilliant little life that she has been able to smell properly – BESIDES the two days we stayed with her Grandmother two months ago, who had one of these AMAZING Dyson air purifiers! Those two days, she was entirely SNIFFLE FREE! (when inside) and I could not imagine the improved quality of life my baby girl could have if we were able to afford one of the amazing little devices (or win one, because we have no chance of affording one).

  355. Avatar of Stephanie Veljanovski
    Stephanie Veljanovski Reply

    The air purifier for sure, my sons eczema keeps him up almost every night and us too. We have tried everything and I am hoping that this would give him a restful and comfortable night sleep.

  356. Avatar of Karen N

    Wow the features are amazing love the simplicity of the app to control the machine. I’m a clean freak so the ease of cleaning and the idea of cleaner air gets me instantly. If it’s a great ad it looks I would look at purchasing multiple machines for the upstairs/downstairs and to benefit the kids in each of their rooms.

  357. Avatar of Alyce

    I love that you can use your phone to control it. No more looking for the remote.
    Can’t wait to see if it help with my son breathing so we can all get a good night sleep.

  358. Avatar of Ashleigh White
    Ashleigh White Reply

    I need this in my house
    I have two toddlers with allergies eczema/asthma . Living rural it gets very cold inside very early morning and the wind creates a lot of pollen in the air so to be able to use this with a heat timer and air purifier is just amazing to know we are breathing in clean warm air!

  359. Avatar of Bronwyn nally
    Bronwyn nally Reply

    I would love to try this in our home, myself and my kids all have alot of allergies so it would be great to find something that helps

  360. Avatar of Kelly Godfrey
    Kelly Godfrey Reply

    I’d love to experience the purification element, we live in rural Australia so our home is often red dirt dusty. Both girls are asthmatic and my youngest suffers from eczema. I spend a lot of the time with red puffy eyes from the dust and pollen in the air. I’d love to see just how well this product would stand up against the elements where we live.

  361. Avatar of Cathy Bowdler
    Cathy Bowdler Reply

    The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link air purifier would be something my family would be interested in. We live in the bush in a dusty environment, I use a Dyson vacuum cleaner to help with the dust however with several children with eczema and asthma I can never get rid of enough dust particles in our environment. The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link would be a blessing in home, hopefully giving relief from itchy skin, red eyes and wheezy breathing.

  362. Avatar of Emily Zilm
    Emily Zilm Reply

    We have a lot of allergies within our household. I’d love to see if the Dyson helps alleviate some, if not all of them. I love how it has auto mode so it automatically monitors the air quality and adjusts airflow accordingly, it takes out any guess work.

  363. Avatar of Sarah Blockley
    Sarah Blockley Reply

    My poor hubby suffers terribly with allergies to dust and pollen and with all the renovating we’re doing at the moment he is just sneezing and sneezing I’m looking forward to giving him some relief and being that it’s also winter I am also looking forward to a nice little pocket of warmth in our lounge area- it gets quite cold with all our wooden floors.

  364. Avatar of Mumma B

    Very interested to see how the air quality feature works. Overall looks like a great product

  365. Avatar of Christina L
    Christina L Reply

    Would love to just be able to get warm this winter but the fact that it purifies the air is even better so the family can’t spread their germs to others and the dust allergies can bugger off

  366. Avatar of Kim

    I’d be so interested in trying this product – not for one particular feature but all. The ease of it looks amazing and having kids that suffer from allergies, anything we can do to assist with purifying the air is a bonus. This product looks too good to be true and has so many wonderful features/functions

  367. Avatar of Michelle fay
    Michelle fay Reply

    I love the thought that with all the summer trees and plants flowering and all the allergies and asthma suffers in our family this Dyson awesome invention will help us all immensely

  368. Avatar of Chantel King
    Chantel King Reply

    I look forward to trialing it for the heating and purifying features.
    My son is Asthmatic, suffers from eczema, dust and pollen allergies and is Autistic, all of which boil down to the fact that we have to keep his room a certain temperature and run a air purifier AND they can’t be super noisy otherwise they set him off into a meltdown.
    Add to this that he has an Autism Assistance Dog that HAS to sleep with him every night… and we need a really good Air filter. The one we are using now is currently expensive to replace the filter every month because of the dog hair and dust that accumulates in his room.

    I could see a product like this being a huge help in both improving the quality of the air in his room and hopefully improving the quality of his life and health in the long run.

  369. Avatar of Megan S

    I would love to try this fan out and love that it has an air purification feature. I have a child with environmental allergies, asthma, and she is prone to developing pneumonia. I think this fan would be a fantastic addition to our daily life.

  370. Avatar of Janis

    I have chronic sinusitis and so air pollution means I am a hermit for most of the year. But it still gets inside sometimes and I’ve been eyeing off this Dyson (as I love their vac) for a while as I think it would help me feel better within my own home rather than constantly fighting the dust, smoke (from neighbours fires) and pollen that creeps in side and makes my head want to explode.

  371. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    Definitely the app. Having the ability to check and improve the air quality of every room is amazing technology!

  372. Avatar of Shelley Meyers
    Shelley Meyers Reply

    I would love to test the smart features of this air purifier. Our house always has at least one family member with a respiratory in so would love to see if this machine helps. I love my dyson vacuum and would love to test if this is as good.

  373. Avatar of Erin L

    I’m hoping it would relieve my son’s allergies to dust and grass pollen and with that his eczema. Since we live in outback QLD there’s a lot of desert dust around and pollen. His allergies (and both mine and my husbands allergies/asthma) flare up worse when we visit his grandparents in Brisbane once or twice a year so if it’s small I’d take it with us on the car ride to help avoid that so we can stay longer.

  374. Avatar of Mel

    My 12 year old son Luke has severe asthma.. we just had our first terrifying stay in childrens intensive care after an attack … the scariest thing is not knowing why this attack was so bad.
    I know ill lie worrying.. waiting for the next one.. i dont know if our home is making him sick.. but id be so grateful for the opportunity to make our home more luke friendly.

  375. Avatar of Natalie Waite
    Natalie Waite Reply

    Having a household that suffers from allergies and asthma, I am very keen to try the Dyson air purifier to see if it will improve the quality of our environment. I also really like the app aspect of the unit and look forward to trying that out.

  376. Avatar of Deborah Osborne

    Cater of children we are very awasre of there asthma &what provokes a flare up no fun not breathing property &I get dermatitis from air conditioner &heaters .Love to revu

  377. Avatar of jenelle

    My daughter (7) is the worst sleeper, toss/turn/groan ALL night, to wake up tired the next morning. We have been to the sleep clinic for overnight testing and they have told us it is most likely allergies, and to just wait and see.
    Breaks my heart to see my little girl so tired she can’t focus at school etc. I would LOVE to test the air purifying feature and see if it makes a difference.

  378. Avatar of Elizabeth H
    Elizabeth H Reply

    I love that it is wipe clean and bladeless, nothing worse than a dusty fan pushing allergens around the room

  379. Avatar of Melinda

    My daughter suffers from eczema terribly in the winter mostly. And I would love to monitor what pollutants are happening in the house along with of course keeping us warmer and cooler. Thank you

  380. Avatar of Lorraine lee
    Lorraine lee Reply

    Would be great for our whole family since we all have itchy skin.. 🙁

  381. Avatar of Kristina S
    Kristina S Reply

    I’m so excited to see how it helps with my family and how warm it makes our rooms too

  382. Avatar of Mary Ann Mason
    Mary Ann Mason Reply

    i am most excited to see if the air purifier helps my little man’s asthma and eczema. I would do anything to try and stop his itching and wheezing.

  383. Avatar of Merryn EL

    Would love to try and see how it works to improve the air quality in my house given all my families allergies.

  384. Avatar of Korryn Malzard
    Korryn Malzard Reply

    I’m asthmatic, moreso since being pregnant. I struggle to breathe on a good day with everything around me. Anything that helps is a good thing! Can’t leave the doors or windows open, dirt comes in. Also with a new baby, and other kids it’s super important that they’re exposed to the best.

  385. Avatar of Paula L

    We have asthma, dust allergies, pollen allergies, dermatitis…. my daughter constantly complains that when she breathes it feels like she has dust stuck in her throat and chest, whichthen causes coughing fits. No matter how clean the house is, its just never enough. We would love to try this, to see if it helps our family with the amazing function of purifying the air, if it does i know we’ll be getting one for each room. i also love that its made with safety and sophistication in mind .

  386. Avatar of rebecca

    My daughter has asthma this would be perfect for her room and for the lounge we have a old house so winter isnt a good time.This looks amazing we would love to put it to the test 🙂

  387. Avatar of Nikki M

    Sounds really exciting to get the opportunity to trial this Dyson heater fan and purifier product … WOW!!!
    My family suffer sinus problems so sounds like it would make a huge difference in our lives! If I get the opportunity it would be great to see how it improves our lives.

  388. Avatar of Cass Wilson
    Cass Wilson Reply

    Hell yes this is a great idea! I like that it will be really quiet. Any cheap heaters we have used are really noisy and end up squeaking.

  389. Avatar of Emma Gunn

    After living my whole life with allergies to dust, pollen, pets, foods and waking up having itching eyes before even starting my day, it breaks my heart to see my 2 year old son itching his eyes every morning too cause of the dust floating through the house. It would be lovely to test the air purifier on this so my son does not have to suffer all through his life like i have.

  390. Avatar of Steph Hallen
    Steph Hallen Reply

    I’m very keen to test out many of the features but I’m most interested in the automatic setting on this product which allows the device to turn on automatically when impurities are detected. My daughter suffers from severe allergies, eczema and asthma and I am constantly having to clean my house from top to bottom (on a daily basis) let alone keeping a track on how many chemicals and allergens are become airborne. The fact that it can be controlled and monitored from an app is a bonus as it gives me ease of access to the data I require.

  391. Avatar of Toni

    I’m looking forward to trying many of the features and picking one will be hard. My 7 yr old suffers all yr from allergies and is part of reason she misses alot of school and i also suffer all of the year. Air purifying would probably be the one i would be most interested in testing out.

  392. Avatar of adrienne harries
    adrienne harries Reply

    Purified air
    Oh yeah
    With an asthmatic and dust allergies
    I say yes please
    warm and cool and keeping smells at bay
    It would be nice to have an asthma allergy free day

  393. Avatar of Susan Mc

    After suffering through another night of terrible sleep where i entreat my daughter not to scratch and she cries in frustration “me no like itchies!”, seeing this review seemed like fate! I’d love to see if cleaner, healthier air makes a difference to her eczema and leads to a better night’s sleep – for both of us!

  394. Avatar of Anne

    With 8 children, 2 adults and a dog in our family, we create a lot of dust! With a newborn baby at home I’m extra keen to ensure he has cleanest air quality possible. My husband also gets hay fever and has an alergy to dust. I would love to test the Dyson hot+cool Air Purifier Heater Fan in our busy household!

  395. Avatar of Claire

    I can’t wait to combat the air pollution in our house and see the results for our family’s health from colds and flus, dermatitis, asthma and hayfever we have it all. Would be great to get it in time for the pollen hit and even better it talks to me via the app that’s a great added bonus and will help educate us more on what more we can do. Very excited to trial an review!!

  396. Avatar of Nadien L

    Living in Sydney’s Inner East has it fair share of pollution and we’re constantly plagued by dry, bumpy, itchy skin, eyes, noses and throats. We’ve tried our hardest to keep clean and breathe free but as an asthma sufferer it is so important for pure air at home. And having a toddler with dermatitis makes it even tougher at times. We need economical, practical and SAFE products to keep a healthy home.

  397. Avatar of Rach

    Both my daughter and I have asthma and multiple allergies/intolerances and wake up sneezing and sniffling every morning. I’d love to see if something like this would help her especially, but both of us in the long run. Antihistamines and changed diets can only go so far. How do houses get so dusty?!

  398. Avatar of Mel D.

    With a number of allergies and a family member with a low immune system I am meticulous about having a clean house, and part of that is having clean air circulating. I have the windows and doors open even on the coldest melbourne winter day just to try and move airflow in the house. Would love to try the dyson and be able to track and measure the air quality in rooms as well as improve the quallity of air without the artic chill!

  399. Avatar of Melinda Davidson

    As an allergy sufferer myself and the mother of an allergy 8 month old, we would love to trial this product! We live within 3km of 3 coal minds so there is constantly dust in the air so our home would really be able to put the purifier through its paces!!
    Like yourself we’re big Dyson fans (currently own a Dyson upright for a big weekly vacuum and a Dyson handheld for a daily vacuum). Without them, our house would be full of coal dust! They both seem to be the strongest products on the market to keep the dust at bay!

  400. Avatar of Tina Strecker-Doohan
    Tina Strecker-Doohan Reply

    Does this also monitor humidity. Would also be interested to see if this helps my daughters excma

  401. Avatar of Fiona Charlton
    Fiona Charlton Reply

    Offering both heating and a fan to cool you! Love how you can sinc it with your phone to get an air quality reading!

  402. Avatar of Joni

    I have chronic sinusitis and would love to test the Dyson and see if it helps me sleep better without a constant blocked nose and headache! I love its smart features that connect with your phone so that you stay informed!

  403. Avatar of Jamie

    The purifier!! My 6 year old has asthma and he is up coughing half the night! Poor dude can’t catch a break and other purifiers don’t cut it!

  404. Avatar of Phoebe Totterdell
    Phoebe Totterdell Reply

    Definitely the purifier my husband is allergic to dust and pollen so even when our 1 year old sleeps I’m up listening to my foghorn snoring husband!

  405. Avatar of Katie

    My son and I suffer with asthma, son has eczema, hubby has sinus issues. And kids have allergies to pet hair, dust. I would love to see if this can help. If it does then fantastic I’d buy one and recommend it to others.

  406. Avatar of Chloe H

    As a family living in an area affected by a nearby mine fire in recent years, my daughter is a participant of a health study collaboration which includes monthly surveys about her health and we also supply dust samples from our home for testing. She suffers from eczema and hayfever, and my husband and I also suffer from seasonal hayfever. I am looking forward to seeing the positive health changes in my family with the use of the trendy and practical Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier Fan Heater in conjunction with the daily use of our Dyson upright vac and Dyson handheld vac too!

  407. Avatar of Kirst

    I’m most excited for the air purifier. Our little one has unfortunately inherited several allergies and to help him get a good nights rest and suffer less during the day while we are homr would be absolute bliss

  408. Avatar of Hannah Johnson
    Hannah Johnson Reply

    I suffer from asthma and hayfever that are triggered by so many things from dust, animal hair, pollen, grass and traffic pollution.
    Some days my symptoms are so bad that I can’t leave the house.
    I live close to the city so I have to watch out for traffic pollution too.
    I would love to test out this fan because of all my allergies. I have also heard that Dyson fans are safe around small children and I have 2.

  409. Avatar of Janene Morgan
    Janene Morgan Reply

    I’d love to help my family breathe healthier air and improve our sleep and our overall health. I think the personal cooling and heating options are perfect for us as my mum is always cold and turns the air con up way too high so our bedroom could be warmed without excessive heat. Perfect for my toddler and Bub on the way.

  410. Avatar of Amy Mulyk

    I really love the idea of using an air purifier as we have an older home and live in an area close to farm land and sometimes the allergens in the air affect my family quite badly, I really love that the Dyson air purifier captures all the nasties and the fact it’s also a fan and a heater is an amazing added bonus

  411. Avatar of Bellalouism
    Bellalouism Reply

    I love a clean house and I have a bad allergy to dust. I am ganun hbf a headache very frequently because of this and I am looking forward to test the Dyson and hopes it will help.

  412. Avatar of Lisa Abejja
    Lisa Abejja Reply

    I have two asthmatic children in my home who are aged 9 and 7. From the ages of 4 months to now they have been in and out of hospital with asthma attacks. Their little bodies are sometimes covered in itchy eczema due to their severe allergy to dust and pet dander (blood test confirmed as the allergens) We already own a dyson vacuum but it simply doesn’t do ENOUGH to keep them healthy, they’re on asthma action plans for home and school, they’re on steroids every single day of their lives through puffers for the asthma and their skin for the eczema. This, is, a, dream, trial.

    It could mean so much to my little family, better quality air, fewer allergens and lower admissions to hospital. Their average stays in hospital are from 2-4 days after an attack, they miss A LOT of school 🙁

    I really want to see that auto mode in motion, I would be extremely interested in the feedback to my mobile phone telling me when the times were that the allergen count was the highest, maybe then we can pinpoint that greatest causes and through this machine help to minimize them both by it’s air purifying ability and my own through looking into what are causing the high allergen counts at them times of day.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this trial, I’m sure we are all thinking this but I seriously do hope that you choose my family to trial this Dyson Pure Hot & Cold Fan Heater.

  413. Avatar of Madelaine

    I am looking forward to it purifying the air, particularly with Spring coming into season soon and a lot of pollens getting blown inside the house.

  414. Avatar of Kareen

    I look forward to it helping my son breathe better. We live in the goldfields and it’s very dusty from the mining!

  415. Avatar of ange

    WIth construction just started around us, even closing the windows no longer help us breathe easily- I was going to say the app for convenience but it would be nice to awake and not be suffering from allergies from all the dust

  416. Avatar of Milz

    I would love to try the air purifier heat/cooler for my daughters bedroom, she always gets croup and suffers from really dry skin!
    We have a Dyson heater in her room already but It would be amazing to see if the air purifier heater helps with her skin and cough!
    We are huge fans of the Dyson range! (No pun intended)!

  417. Avatar of Carla Koay
    Carla Koay Reply

    I’d love to try the purifier function in our home to see if it helps relieve my daughter’s grass pollen allergy symptoms and my son’s eczema and (suspected) dustmite allergy symptoms. It would be great to see if we can all get a better night’s sleep and reduce our need to use antihistamine to get by especially during the hayfever season.

  418. Avatar of Megan Jefferyes
    Megan Jefferyes Reply

    I have COPD and an enzyme deficiency.
    Id love to see if this will help

  419. Avatar of Dani M

    Would to love to try for the purifier and cooling components, my son suffers really badly from dust, mould, pollen,grasses and pet dander allergies, almost impossible to eliminate. He also suffers from eczema especially at night when he gets hot, in summer his sleep is severely affected. I have tried other purifiers but not convinced of their benefits so I would like to see how the Dyson compares. Thankyou!

  420. Avatar of Cate

    Looking forward to trialling the Wifi capabilities and the air purification feature.

  421. Avatar of Angela Vearing
    Angela Vearing Reply

    We are lucky enough to have purchased a house on a small farm a year and a half ago. We love the lifestyle but not the allergies and asthma flares up since moving in.
    Coughing and sneezing has almost become a constant part of life.
    I’d love this to try and see if the purifier can return our lives to a somewhat normal amount of coughing and such.
    I’ve often wondered what the air was like that my kids are breathing in, especially living between two farming properties and others surrounding us that burn off at the end of crop production. I’d love to eliminate some of that worry.
    I also love that it’s not just solely a purifier and would definitely use the heating and cooling functions all year round.

  422. Avatar of Sophie

    Air Purification has to be number one benefit, but I’m also curious to see how the air quality tester goes. That’s something we have always been curious about in our house. We have a central chimney (that doesn’t function) and my partner keeps insisting on getting rid of it because he thinks it is unhealthy. It’s gorgeous but I don’t want to be putting my little ones at risk so would love to test the air in that part of the house.

  423. Avatar of Judi Damon
    Judi Damon