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Apply to Review: Energise, Breathe and Sleep with Bosisto’s Aroma Mists

If you could ask for three things, what would they be? A million dollars? A better night’s sleep? More energy? The ability to swan through sniffle season, even when the kids come home from daycare sneezy and stuffy?

We may not be able to help you with the million dollars, but we do have a solution for the other three. Enter Bosisto’s Aroma Mists, three unique spritz style sprays designed to help you relax (sleep), rejuvenate (energy) and remain in control even when under the weather (breathe).

We have a golden opportunity for five lucky Mum Central readers to test out Bosisto’s aroma mists – the natural solution to life’s everyday problems. Because, let’s face it, we could all use a clearer head, a little more sleep and A LOT more energy.

Bosisto's aroma mists collection

Aroma mist to the rescue!

Kids bring us mums so much happiness, pride and joy. But, in between the joyful moments and happy times, they also have an uncanny ability to steal our sleep, zap our energy and cause our immunity to plummet.

Sure, there are plenty of different ways to combat these minor parenting dilemmas. Like caffeine. And wine. But if you’re looking for a natural, healthier and hangover-free solution, then we highly recommend Bosisto’s aroma mists.

Bosisto’s have three different aroma mists in their range, which can help with the three things that all parents need – more energy, sleep and the ability to power through when you might not be feeling the best.

Keep calm and SLEEP

It’s possible with Sleep Aroma Mist! No, the mist won’t keep your little one from creeping into your bed at night, but it can create a sense of calm and tranquillity at bedtime, helping you to fall asleep easier, even when there is a toddler kicking you in the ribs.

bosisto's aroma mist sleep

Infused with lavender and chamomile, both known for their restful properties, this gentle mist is a soothing way to unwind at the end of your busy day.

Keep up with the kids with ENERGY

Kids have an endless stream of energy running through their veins. To keep up with their crazy, try Energy Aroma Mist.

bosisto's aroma mist energy

The secret to this spray is rosemary oil, which is known to sharpen the senses. Plus, each spray contains a zesty burst of lemon and peppermint for freshness, clarity and balance. A gentle spray in the morning may be the thing you need to kick-start your day and keep up to the kids. All. Day. Long.

Keep stuffy noses at bay and BREATHE

For those moments when you can feel the sniffles coming on or are run down, the Breathe Aroma Mist is like a secret mum weapon.

bosisto breathe aroma mist

Blended with eucalyptus oil and menthol, both renowned for their head-clearing properties, it helps to clear and refresh your senses when you’re feeling under the weather.

Aromatherapy made simple

Bosisto’s has 160+ years of essential oil experience and their new Aroma Mists are the breath of fresh air that all parents need. The spray allows you to enjoy the benefits of pure essential oils without the need for an oil burner or diffuser.

Simply spray and enjoy! Choose from Sleep, Breathe and Energy blends to suit your mood. You can get them at Woolworths for RRP$12 each.

mum central


mum central

Looking to test drive the Bosisto’s Aroma Mists range? Well here’s your chance!

We are looking for five Mum Central readers to trial the sprays and report back to us. So what are you waiting for? Let the sleep, breathe, energise process begin!

Apply to Review Bosisto’s Aroma Mists!

Avatar of Jenna Galley

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of sandra

    I really need the Energy Aroma Mist.
    I have 3 kids that have way too much energy and i need to be able to keep up 🙂

    • Avatar of ANDREYA

      I would love to try the sleep mist out, though I am lucky enough to have a toddler that sleeps well I still find it difficult to get to sleep, would be good to see if this works so I can wake up as fresh as my little one

    • Avatar of Mandy

      I need to sleep!! I need energy too!! I would try either one of these.

      • Avatar of Im with

        Im with you Mandy. I need more sleep and energy because i cant sleep

    • Avatar of Samantha

      I would love to try the sleep with our special needs son. He has multiple special needs due to being a micro prem and one of the biggest inhibitors to his days, are how long it takes him to get to sleep

    • Avatar of Marion

      Sleep – I struggle to sleep well and without a good sleep I am not fun to be with.

    • Avatar of Lisa

      Hubby needs the breathe cos he snores like a freight train. My tween needs the sleep blend cos she is like an energiser bunny at night and i need the energy blend to get through each day 🙂

    • Avatar of Michy

      I’d love to test ‘Breathe’ I have a pet and a household full of allergy sufferers. They need ‘breathe’ and it’s something I find myself often pausing to do! Om….

    • Avatar of Reply

      Breathe aroma mist would be the best. It would clear my nasal passages and is get some rest. Sleep deprived with congestion and allergies galore, my son and I snore. This product would be our best friend, a real lifesaver ans trend.

  2. Avatar of Mel

    I need the Breathe Aroma Mist. With the change of seasons, we always seem to get sick!

    • Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
      Barbara Fehmel Reply

      I agree with you Mel, I am 83 and most of my adult life has had me snuffling and sniffing with a blocked nose. The doctors give me sprays but they only work for a short time .
      This “Bosisto’s ” sound like a very pleasant way to help with the blocked nose.
      I would love to give it a go and try it.

  3. Avatar of Alyson

    I really need Sleep with busy days a restful sleep would be amazing sure help me get through the day

  4. Avatar of Josie

    I would love to trial these as with kids and a dog in the family. Smells stress and headaches are definitely on the radar at our house.

  5. Avatar of Lynne Fallows
    Lynne Fallows Reply

    I would like to try the Sleep Aroma Mist, waking up every hour pretty well on the hour and the cat jumping on the bed and then the grandson jumps into bed after a nightmare, after about 4 hours sleep I have to go to work

  6. Avatar of sue perry

    Like every mum sleep is the holy grail that we all wish we could find
    Forget mansions & jewels just give me a good nights sleep

  7. Avatar of Lisa

    Love to try breath aroma mist as i have a 7 year old who struggles to sleep due to allergies this might help him out ☺

  8. Avatar of Amanda Giffard
    Amanda Giffard Reply

    I’d love to test out the Breathe Aroma mist with my family, we always seem to bring home every little bug going around from kinder and school and this sounds like it could be my secret weapon against the nasty germs to help us breathe a bit easier and feel better for longer! Always on the look out for natural products that actually work, as I’m not keen on chemical based products, so would love to put this through its paces!

  9. Avatar of Erin

    I would really like energy, I very much need energy with a threenager who has a lot of attitude and a newborn, I would love something natural as coffee upsets bubs tummy.

  10. Avatar of Kylie

    I would love to try the sleepy aroma as I struggle to relax at bedtime..

  11. Avatar of Alicia

    I really need the energy one because I have to keep up with my toddler, and I struggle after she and her 5mo sister keep me up all night. Or maybe I need the sleep mist. Or maybe the Breathe mist because they both have colds and can’t breathe which is why they are always awake!

  12. Avatar of Jacqui G

    Would definitely need the Sleep blend as a busy mum i need some relax time!

  13. Avatar of Elyce

    We need sleep! Our 18 month old has not slept through the night once since the day he was born and we have a 10 week old baby girl! This mum is exhausted and is willing to try anything!

  14. Avatar of Kathy

    I’d love to try the Sleep – I suffer Fibromyalgia and never seem to get enough refreshing sleep on top of everything else going on in our house – Mum of four and Nanny to a 7 month old that lives here too <3

  15. Avatar of Kelly

    I would love the energy blend as my 2 year old is constantly on the go from the time he gets up till he goes to bed at night, then he wakes numerous times a nigh, plus running around with a 12 and 10 year old doing extra curricular activies it never feels like I stop and it fills my day, I feel exhausted all the time. I need an energy boost.

  16. Avatar of Alexandram
    Alexandram Reply

    With a 2.5 yr old who is a little Pocket rocket & a 6 month old who is about to take off I am in need of some serious energy. I love to review products, take photos & share my thoughts and experiences with the online community

  17. Avatar of Laurina Ainscough
    Laurina Ainscough Reply

    I would love to try the energy mist so I can keep up with my boys and all their sporting commitments.

  18. Avatar of Melita Malone
    Melita Malone Reply

    Energy Mist. To get a better balance between working full-time, kids school and after school activities. With the right help I might also be able to get out and reenergise within my own me time recreational activity. With increased Energy, anything could be possible.

  19. Avatar of Kate

    The energy aroma mist sounds just what I need for my busy life style. I am Mum to 3 beautiful energetic boys – 5 &1/2, 2 &1/2 and an 8 month old. I love them to bits but can count on my hands the number of times they have actually slept past 5am so it makes a long day for Mummy over here!

  20. Avatar of Jacqui Elaluf
    Jacqui Elaluf Reply

    Energy! I work long hours and would love a pick-me-up during the day.

  21. Avatar of Kate

    I would love to try the sleep mist for me and my kids. Sleep is so important with the busy lives we all lead.

  22. Avatar of Rochelle

    I would love to try them all but definitely the sleep mist as I can struggle to switch off and get to sleep. As a mum of three sleep is essential to me functioning day to day and keeping on top of everything. A well rested me is more likely to have more energy and better immunity, naturally!

  23. Avatar of Jody Taylor
    Jody Taylor Reply

    It’s Breathe for me – anything that may help with my sinuses would be much appreciated and a benefit to the whole family.

  24. Avatar of Breearna Cashman
    Breearna Cashman Reply

    Energy – first time Mum of an 8 month old and the lack of sleep and ability to function normally could use some much needed help!!

  25. Avatar of Deborah Bolam
    Deborah Bolam Reply

    Would love to try sleep please am that desperate for a decent nights sleep have such a busy life so need my sleep

  26. Avatar of Clare

    Absolutely need to try the SLEEP mist… my 9 year old is an over-thinker at bedtime and her worrying keeps her awake. This would be so helpful.

  27. Avatar of JulieGG

    I would love to have the energy blend to give me a boost every day. I should be picked as I am really meticulous with the stuff I use and I have experience with regard to testing and trialling products.

  28. Avatar of Sara

    We definitely need Breathe in our household. The toddler is now at daycare and is bringing home bug after bug! The only issue with this is those pesky colds always end up as croup and hospital trip for the little man. I’m at my wits end trying to make things easier for him.
    Hubby also works in a school so if it’s not the toddler bringing home colds it’s my husband! I don’t think we’ve had an a time when one of us isn’t sick since our son was born! It’s a tough gig this parenting business!

  29. Avatar of Carrie

    I would love the Sleep blend, sleep is so precious and sometimes hard to come by, I think this would benefit my family.

  30. Avatar of Vicka

    I would like to try Breathe Mist, I can’t afford being ill especially when I’m feeling under the weather..
    If I am well, healthy and calm I can have more energy to spend with my boys and with so much good energy I can have a good night sleep. All covered!

  31. Avatar of Emily Metelmann
    Emily Metelmann Reply

    If I can only pick one it would be the Sleep Mist. I’m a terrible sleeper. I’d be interested in trying to complement the Sleep Mist by using the Energy Mist in the morning

  32. Avatar of Alice S

    I’d love to try the Sleep blend to relax the mind after chasing after two babies all day. I’d give them a little spray too for sweet dreams for them.

  33. Avatar of Cat

    I can’t decide! At the moment the kids have colds and therefore no one can sleep and I severely lack energy – I’d love to try any of them.

  34. Avatar of Kat

    I’m currently 8 months pregnant and have a 6 year old and constantly running around would love to trial the energy mist to see if it helps uplift me while I have so much to do.

  35. Avatar of Becc

    I literally need all of these! Two toddlers plus mental health issues.
    I would love to be able to sleep properly.

  36. Avatar of Rachel K

    I’d love to trial the Breathe mist because at the moment I am using essential oils. They are indispensable to me. I use them on a tissue and breathe it in to soothe, aid in sleeping, relieve congestion and I also use them to combat stale air.

  37. Avatar of Louise

    Would love to try BREATHE…. our 10 week old baby gets very stuffy and mucusy and I will try anything to help clear her and help her sleep better!

  38. Avatar of Narelle Walker Duffill
    Narelle Walker Duffill Reply

    I have fibromyalgia so hard to choose for daytime the energy would be amazing for night the sleep would help me immensely and in between all of that the breathe would help me when my sinus decides to join the party forever in pain and discomfort so any small joys are so appreciated 🙂

  39. Avatar of Melissa

    Sleep… with 3 under 4 our sleep routine needs an overhaul. And with social media following, a twins support group and family, I will be singing praises when it works!

  40. Avatar of Mary Joanne Ruth Lao
    Mary Joanne Ruth Lao Reply

    Would love to try breathe, as our family has a sensitive respiratory tract, always sneezing and prone to respiratory allergies

  41. Avatar of Renee Spiteri-Elturk
    Renee Spiteri-Elturk Reply

    I definitely couldn’t go past energy!
    Having a 13 month old and struggling with morning sickness I feel like I need something to give me a boost and the lemony fragrance would hopefully ease my nausea.

  42. Avatar of Billie Campbell
    Billie Campbell Reply

    I would love the energy mist! I’m a busy mum of two with low iron and always tired, I’m always looking for ways to improve and be more energetic for my girls

  43. Avatar of Bianca Borthwick
    Bianca Borthwick Reply

    I would love to try the sleep mist! Always have trouble unwinding and falling asleep.

  44. Avatar of D Lee

    I’d love to try the Sleep Aroma Mist!, to help the kids & I to sleep better at night & wake well-rested

  45. Avatar of Caroline Avard
    Caroline Avard Reply

    I need to try your sleep mist. I’m not sleeping during the night. But in the day. I need to get my body clock working again hopefully you can help.

  46. Avatar of Renee

    I think the breathe would be amazing, my daughter and I both get hay fever and easily get colds

  47. Avatar of Marsha McInerney
    Marsha McInerney Reply

    I need the sleep aroma mist. We recently moved interstate and my 3 year old has had a hard time getting to sleep at a normal time. Getting her relaxed enough to fall asleep is hard work!

  48. Avatar of Shelly Bellinger
    Shelly Bellinger Reply

    It’s very easy to get overwhelmed with day to day life juggling kids, primary school, work, a household, family & friends, all while popping cherry on top.. with the name of isn’t just physically draining but it is forever mentally taxing too.. so something to help sleep.. or something to help relax would certainly be on top of the list.. but quite honestly, although they both would be welcomed with open arms.. taking a moment to breathe in the beauty of life and BREATHE out all the stress would be ideal! Something to encourage me to take a breath and give a minute to myself to get my bearings and take on the world !

  49. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise Patterson Reply

    I’d love to try the ‘Breathe’ aroma mist. Around our property is dry, we haven’t had much rain lately. With that and the dry grasses our whole family would love to be able to breathe some freshness 🙂

  50. Avatar of Nikki

    While I’d certainly use them all I have a newborn and with a newborn come the need for energy however I lean towards sleep things so honestly I’d love to try the sleep mist, with bub I could use all the help to sleep that I can get

  51. Avatar of Kylie

    The sleep mist would be a winner in my house. With 5 kids from 2 to 16 the house is constantly hectic and good night sleeps are few and far between

  52. Avatar of Juanita Torr
    Juanita Torr Reply

    In all honesty, I could quite easily mention Breathe, Energy and Sleep as mists that I need but I have whittled the choice down to the SLEEP mist. My sleeping patterns have been non-existent for over 2 years and bit by bit, it is having a major effect on many other areas of my health. If you choose me as a Bosisto’s Aroma Mist Sleep reviewer, I promise to put this product through the ringer, I’ll have plenty of opportunities to use it, and I’ll provide an honest, well-thought-out opinion.

  53. Avatar of Preety Ramdoyal
    Preety Ramdoyal Reply

    We would love to try the Breathe one because we are all so miserable when faced with blocked nose let alone we have to stare at each other mouth open

  54. Avatar of Sonia Chang
    Sonia Chang Reply

    As Bosisto is one of Australian’s favourite brands with famous essential oil products, I would love to try Sleep Aroma Mists for improving better quality of sleep experience. I have two autistic daughters, I have heavy loads of stress and worries everyday. It’ll be wonderful to try the Sleep Aroma Mist to claiming my mind and rejuvenate with delightful lavender blend essential oils . Plus, I would improve my memory for better mental health status.

  55. Avatar of Amber c

    With a baby and husband who suffer from allergies I would love to try the breathe to see if I can ease their troubles at night. Anything to offer a better sleep for everyone is a win for me.

  56. Avatar of Jo

    I would love to try the sleep spray. I’m a first time mum with a 9 week old. Though bub sleeps well, I often have issues winding down, and miss out on some hours of sleep that would be really beneficial.

  57. Avatar of Amy

    I would love to test Sleep. I have a 7 month old who is just starting to sleep through the night yet here I am wide awake at 5 in the morning filling out this… would love some help staying asleep or returning to sleep when I hear baby moving in his bed.

  58. Avatar of Lauren

    Breathe aroma mist – with 4 daughters in the house I need something that will help keep the germs at bay come the cooler months! Anything to stop the sniffles and spread of germs amongst the whole family would be an awesome addition to our household!

  59. Avatar of Wendy

    Aroma Mist Sleep spray – to soothe me back to sleep after feeding my baby in the middle of the night.

  60. Avatar of Mel

    As much as I’d love to try these due to many everyday factors of being a mum, I’d love for my best friend to try them for herself and her 3 year old. My friends 3 year old barely sleeps due to his body missing the vital ability to break down sugars (natural sugars included) meaning he literally bounces off the walls 24/7. He is also a highly functioning child who not only keeps her awake nightly but is draining her energy. My son is 3 weeks younger so I can sympathise but I will never truly understand their daily struggles. He is only one of 5 kids who keep her on her toes.

  61. Avatar of Mel

    As much as I’d love to try these due to many everyday factors of being a mum, I’d love for my best friend to try them for herself and her 3 year old. My friends 3 year old barely sleeps due to his body missing the vital ability to break down sugars (natural sugars included) meaning he literally bounces off the walls 24/7. He is also a highly functioning child who not only keeps her awake nightly but is draining her energy. My son is 3 weeks younger so I can sympathise but I will never truly understand their daily struggles. He is only one of 5 kids who keep her on her toe as well as her husband who has health issues and is in and out of hospital every month. .

  62. Avatar of Amy Petersen
    Amy Petersen Reply

    I’d love to try the energy mist, lately my energy is just long gone out the door and i’d love it back to keep up with day to day activities!

  63. Avatar of Leonie Jayne Nanotti
    Leonie Jayne Nanotti Reply

    Oh my.. I need better quality sleep …. but more energy would be awesome ! I would be happy with either !

  64. Avatar of Marina Chan
    Marina Chan Reply

    I would like to try sleep easy to try and allow my daughter and I to sleep through the night as much as possible. At the moment she’s waking up at least twice a night causing sleep deprivation! Happy to give anything that might help a go

  65. Avatar of Elizabeth Anderson
    Elizabeth Anderson Reply

    Sleep Aroma Mist, we have three members of our household who have trouble with sleep so we would be a great test group for this one.

  66. Avatar of Caroline

    Energy, breathe or sleep!! All sound amazing. Leaning towards energy, I am trying a whole new regime at home (for me – diet, exercise etc) and I could certainly use more energy =)

  67. Avatar of Melissaz

    I would love to give the sleep spray a try. I have a special needs son who spent years sleeping only a few hours a night and this has messed up my own ability to sleep. He is on medication now but im left struggling to sleep each night due to stress and overwhelming days. I would love you to pick me so I can report back on how much this improves my sleep.

  68. Avatar of Kylie

    I would love the energy spray. With 2 small children having any extra energy would be a bonus

  69. Avatar of kathryn

    the sleep aroma mist would help us all sleep easier. Sleep is something that is often missed in our household

  70. Avatar of Maria Gillies
    Maria Gillies Reply

    I could do with all 3 but as I have to settle for one, I will go with the Energy blend because facing your little ones each morning is a rather large challenge to start off anyone days!!! 😉

  71. Avatar of Tamiel

    I would love to trail the sleep aroma mist, I have just discovered Bosisto’s products and have loved what we have brought so far! Having a nearly 3 year old and a 6 month old, I think we could all benifit from a little help with unwinding at the end of the day.

  72. Avatar of Vicki McClay
    Vicki McClay Reply

    I would LOVE to try the Energy blend. I have a very active toddler and if I could have on tenth of his energy I would be happy. You should pick me as I love aromatherapy and love trying new products.

  73. Avatar of Brayjoe

    Sleep please pick me this would be great for my 2 young children

  74. Avatar of Tracey

    I need the sleep one because there is a lot of high stress medical ssues within my family at the moment and sleep has been eluding all of us lately.

  75. Avatar of Alison Humble
    Alison Humble Reply

    Sleep mist. Please! I have 3 high energy kids and a newborn and need them to calm down a bit more lol

  76. Avatar of ncbf

    Sleep aroma mist, me and my wife need quality sleep with all the hassles/problems happening in most aspects of our life. Have a set of essential oils used for aromatherapy on both energy, calming, and sleep, so we’re familiar with aroma therapy to be able to review the products.

  77. Avatar of Melanie McVey
    Melanie McVey Reply

    I’d love to trial the sleep mist- with 2 kids both with major sleep problems, been to sleep school, paediatrics and more! Anything to stop from daughter from having a restless sleep night after night, continually thrashing about her bed!

  78. Avatar of Belinda L

    I’d love to try the Energy mist! As a busy working mum of 3 I’m always on the go and sometimes really need a energy boost during the day!

  79. Avatar of M Okimoto

    The whole house has been feeling a little flat lately. Energy will hopefully gives us a little spark

  80. Avatar of Paula H

    I could really do with some extra energy for starting work at 5am, finishing the same time at school and doing all the mum chores by myself 🙂

  81. Avatar of caroline spencer
    caroline spencer Reply

    As the mum of ID twin girls with ADHD, behavioral problems and intellectual disability these mists look awesome. Anything that help are god send.

  82. Avatar of Juliane Gold
    Juliane Gold Reply

    Being a full time mum, wife and worker all I want is to have great energy during the day, to be able to stop and breathe when the challenges arise and to sleep well at night to start all again on the next day. This trio would be perfect to fit around my busy life 🙂

  83. Avatar of Samantha

    I’m already a user and huge fan of the Bosisto’s aerosol cans in nearly every room of our house! I would absolutely love to try either the Sleep for my children or Energy for me as a busy mumma! Fingers crossed!

  84. Avatar of Sarah B

    Bosisto’s Breathe. If you have any breathing difficulties any relief is so welcome.
    The ingredients are splendid, with the little known benefits of Wintergreen essential oil, will help those with depression and give you the boost if you’ve been struggling with debilitating asthma. The Eucalyptus will also help regulate your sleep to – perfect in a spray bottle to make it more accessible for the whole family.

  85. Avatar of Tracy Painter
    Tracy Painter Reply

    I would like the breath spray as we are constantly battling with the sniffles and this would definitely help.

  86. Avatar of Kerry

    With a little man who has, in his entire seventeen years of life, not understood what sound sleep is I could definately use the Aroma Mist Sleep in our lives. It is a part of their growing and learning but any help to speed the process along would be a blessing. I want us both to enjoy his second birthday together LOL!!!

  87. Avatar of Rebecca

    Sleep Mist please because it will be beneficial not only to me who is an insomniac and can’t switch off but also my Sons as well.

  88. Avatar of Donna Joy Leysley
    Donna Joy Leysley Reply

    I would love to try the sleep one to help me fall asleep easier, by mind thinks that when I lie down I need to start thinking of the 101 things I need to do the next day

  89. Avatar of Kylie Embury
    Kylie Embury Reply

    Sleep for my little guy who tends to get nervous before school and cant sleep. It’s his first day today and he was still awake at 11pm last night! It would also help with my anxious teen.

  90. Avatar of julie morton
    julie morton Reply

    I would like to trial breathe please.I love trying new combinations and would find this calming and leave a fresh aroma throughout all the rooms in the house,great for a fresh burst of fragrance

  91. Avatar of Sarah Aspi
    Sarah Aspi Reply

    I would love to try beathe. Ive suffered chronic sinus issues my whole life, which causes all sorts of lovely infections everytime the weather changes. When you seem to have tried everything except surgery, youre happy to give anything a go.

  92. Avatar of Alexie

    I am in desperate need of all of these things and would love to try them out for myself and my family to see how they can help us sleep, breath and have more energy to chase my toddler who has just started walking

  93. Avatar of Helen

    I would truly and absolutely love to try the Breathe aroma mist, I’ve had two sinus operations over the last few years and my right nostril still gives me grief during the night. I struggle to breathe normally whist I sleep, I wake up most mornings feeling drained and not well rested , Bosisto and Mum Central please help this mama bear of three kids and two fur babies feel like Wonder Woman again .
    Is Breathe aroma mist the “miracle in a bottle” I’ve been desperately longing for?!?!

  94. Avatar of Kelly Eising
    Kelly Eising Reply

    Definitely the sleep mist!! My daughter won’t sleep without me and sleeps similar to trying to put a cat in a bath! I find it very hard to relax and get my self to sleep.

  95. Avatar of Seema

    I have a little angel/sleep fighter who I battle with 3 times a day to get him to sleep. He also seems to have a runny nose/hayfever type thing quite a lot. Trying these products could be the help I’m searching for!

  96. Avatar of Taylor Grummett
    Taylor Grummett Reply

    I need the sleep aroma. With two young kids, a busy house hold and work. I struggle getting to sleep at night.

  97. Avatar of Rhiannon

    I need the sleep! Will be fantastic being a mum with 4 kids to help everyone in the house sleep better

  98. Avatar of Lorraine Stuart
    Lorraine Stuart Reply

    Would love to try the energy mist with an anxiety disorder and a very energetic 4 year old something i could definitely use.

  99. Avatar of Luize

    I would love to try the Sleep Aroma mist. Busy family = hectic bed time. A peaceful sleep would be a dream

  100. Avatar of Sophie Low
    Sophie Low Reply

    I think I need the energy to keep up with my 3 and a half year old and 8 months old!!
    I am currently using a diffuser with a “winter rescue remedy” as the kids are both sick and it definitely seems to help! I love trying new natural things and would love to try and review the mist in a spray!

  101. Avatar of Kerri Smith
    Kerri Smith Reply

    To have a good night’s sleep without the use of prescription medicine

  102. Avatar of Amanda

    I would love to try the ‘sleep’ aroma mist, both for myself AND the kids,

  103. Avatar of Claudia2512
    Claudia2512 Reply

    I need some energy to help me keep up with the demands of being a carer, worker and fitness fanatic

  104. Avatar of Shelby

    I need the Energy mist, because my kids are running rings around me!

  105. Avatar of Rachael Maddock
    Rachael Maddock Reply

    I’d really love to try out the Energy Aroma Mist, as I find my energy levels somewhat lacking in the attempt to keep up with my two highly energetic children and their activities. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

  106. Avatar of Ann-maree Bostick
    Ann-maree Bostick Reply

    I would like to review the sleep mist as we could all benefit from it.

  107. Avatar of Mez

    I desperately need the Energy mist! My mornings need some zing and zest in them! I’m juggling a new school starter, a toddler and a baby and I often find myself dragging my feet before the day has even started. A refreshing and natural burst of energy is exactly what this frazzled mama needs!

  108. Avatar of Krystal Garner
    Krystal Garner Reply

    Energy Aroma Mist
    We are in the process of bathroom renovations, moving kids rooms from one to another.
    I’ve got 3 kids at Primary school, toddler at home and 7 months pregnant with baby number 5 and really need that extra energy in my life to keep up with my big family.
    Definitely need something to kick start my day so I can keep up to the kids all day long.

  109. Avatar of Kell

    With all of the sniffles and bugs that we end up with I’d be crazy not to choose Breathe.

  110. Avatar of LaurenG

    Energy! If it could help me wake up better in the morning it would be wonderful!

  111. Avatar of Teena

    I’d love to try the sleep mist, my youngest has no problems going to sleep but my eldest lays there for hours trying to sleep which makes night time a nightmare! I’d love to see if this makes a difference 🙂

  112. Avatar of LizB

    I need all 3 essential oils. My daughter has problems sleeping, I never have enough energy always feel drained. Breathe as I have allergies

  113. Avatar of Helen M

    Definitely “sleep” is what I need. My 11 month old baby wakes up several times a night, every night. I am craving a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep!

  114. Avatar of Bronnie Jonkers
    Bronnie Jonkers Reply

    Any of them would help alot in our house but if i could only choose one it would have to be sleep

  115. Avatar of chers

    breathe is all i need to catch my breath after running around toddlers all night after a long day of work

  116. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard Harrison Reply

    It’s a vicious cycle – can’t sleep so have no energy. Think Sleep would be the key to breaking that cycle!

  117. Avatar of Milly

    Energy – My 3 year old always has ants in his pants and I just can’t keep up

  118. Avatar of Lexi C

    Would love to try all three, they all sound amazing. Any help I can get as a new mum would be incredible.

  119. Avatar of rebecca foster-noble
    rebecca foster-noble Reply

    Sleep would be perfect for me and my husband as we both have trouble sleeping and this leaves us tired every day.

  120. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn Taylor Reply

    Definitely Energy as i am a mum of 3 boys and some days its hard to keep up although breathe would help when the sniffles pay us a visit . I already have the sleep spray and i love it!!

  121. Avatar of Susan M

    Wow…if any of these mist do as they say…then just WOW! Can’t wait to check them out for myself.

  122. Avatar of Skye Phillips
    Skye Phillips Reply

    I would love to try the sleeo one for my son, he is 6 and has so much trouble sleeping I’ve tried so many things but not this yet as they are never in stock.

  123. Avatar of Jeannine Barrett
    Jeannine Barrett Reply

    I would love to try the Sleep Aroma mist, for the past year I’ve been suffering insomnia and have tried everything. This might be the magic I need to get a decent nights sleep.

  124. Avatar of Joanne Cardamone
    Joanne Cardamone Reply

    Would love to try the Sleep one because my daughter really needs to go to bed on time so that she is not cranky when we have to wake her up in the morning

  125. Avatar of Jodi Matthews
    Jodi Matthews Reply

    I would be happy to have any of them, sleep – I need, energy – I need, Breathe – I need…. I would love to win any of them, they would all be amazing!

  126. Avatar of Elle

    Energy! It might help my 8 y.o. get through his big school weeks. He gets SO tired and lethargic towards the end of the week.

  127. Avatar of Anna Ryan-Punch
    Anna Ryan-Punch Reply

    I’d love the sleep mist – I have a really strong talent for getting super tired but then being wide awake as soon as my head hits the pillow.

  128. Avatar of Julie Parsons
    Julie Parsons Reply

    I’d love to try the Energy aroma mist. I’m disabled in a wheelchair and keeping up our energetic 5 year old son is almost impossible!,,,,

  129. Avatar of Lynsey S

    I would LOVE to try the ENERGY aroma mist! As a single mother of two very energetic young children I am constantly on the move!

  130. Avatar of Kim

    My family & I would love to try Bosisto’s Sleep Aroma Mist as our 9 year old son is missing alot of school through having trouble sleeping at night. Aromatherapy is something we have not considered so if our son gets sleep, he is healthy & revitalised ready for school & we get our much needed sleep also! Can you help us Bosisto?

  131. Avatar of Carol Rittner
    Carol Rittner Reply

    I would like to try the Energy mist, as I struggle with lack of energy, and clarity.

  132. Avatar of Linda Luczak

    Definitely BREATHE. I would find this one most useful. I have an 18 year old with constant post-nasal drip and seasonal hay fever, an 11 year old with allergic rhinitis and myself with occasional sinus problems. I have tried OTC meds and scripts. Would love to trial Bosistos for their natural approach to treatment. If you were to pick me, not only would it benefit my family but I’d also give 100% dedication to reporting back with my findings including photos.

  133. Avatar of Paige Yang
    Paige Yang Reply

    I need energy to look after my three kids. I often feel exhausted and hope this mist would help me out.

  134. Avatar of Moira Lynch
    Moira Lynch Reply

    I need Energy, most definitely! Does it come in a 5 litre bottle???lol

  135. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    Def8 alley sleep it’s something I have a lot of trouble with

  136. Avatar of Andrea

    I need the breath!!! I myself and my dear daughter struggle through the days with high allergies. So sniffles at night is a constant problem!

  137. Avatar of Danielle

    Please. We have been through so much sleep deprivation when our 2 year old twins were younger and one of them will still not sleep through the night. Please. I’d love to try the sleep mist. Thanks.

  138. Avatar of Jo Rogers

    I have three teenagers that have turned into vampires – SLEEP spray would be magic, and some breathe spray for me when I take myself off to timeout.

  139. Avatar of Jodie

    You need someone to test out your sprays?

    I’m your girl, I work full time and am the primary parent to 3 kids, two with special needs. I need the sleep aroma mist to help relax and turn my “to do lists” off in my head and have a restful sleep, the Energy mist to get us all going in the early mornings for our busy days and the breathe mist to help us through all of the sniffles that we pick up out in the world.

  140. Avatar of melissa walters
    melissa walters Reply

    i would like to try the sleep spray and see if this will help my son with sleeping during the night and i would also like to try the energy spray aswell.

  141. Avatar of Kylie

    If i was a lucky enough to trial this amazing producti would choose sleep Aroma mist this would be perfect fr my children

  142. Avatar of Frodosmum

    I would love to trial the sleep mist. My son has trouble falling off to sleep and I think this would calm him and allow him to drift off easier.

  143. Avatar of Linh.TN

    I’m a busy mum and am always looking for ways to freshen, brighten and cleanse my home. From candles to purifiers to air fresheners to humidifiers, you name it – I’ve tried it!

    We’d love to trial these products, it seems so quick and easy to use, just a spray and you’re off!!!

    I’m especially interested in the Sleep aroma mist! I’d love to try anything to help my daughter sleep at night! Maybe this calm and tranquil mist is exactly what she needs to stay asleep!

  144. Avatar of Stef

    I would like to win this because my kids have breathing problems whenever they are lying down, so I’m hoping this would greatly help them.

  145. Avatar of Kim

    Definitely Breath if I’m lucky enough to win. My little boy suffers with Croup and anything that can gently assist with his breathing would be AMAZING

  146. Avatar of lina

    I’a a mum to 8 year old who seems to never sleep, he is up till 1-2 am and has trouble waking up. I would like to try sleep aroma mist and am hopeful that will help him and myself to sleep

  147. Avatar of Chelsea

    I would like to try the sleep aroma mist, as i think my whole family would benefit from it, including my teenagers.

  148. Avatar of Mandy Graham
    Mandy Graham Reply

    I am all over Lavender. It’s such a beautiful smell I love.

  149. Avatar of Belinda M

    I’d love to try Breathe, we always have stuffy noses in our household and it really upsets the kids when they can’t breathe properly. I hate to see them sad because they’re snuffly and can’t really do anything about it.

  150. Avatar of PaulaW

    With my eldest starting Kindy and ending up with the sniffles in the first week (which was then passed onto her little sis)… we need the Breathe Aroma spray in our home.

  151. Avatar of Laura Power
    Laura Power Reply

    Baby number 3 arriving this week i would choose the Sleep!!

  152. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia Warrick Reply

    The Sleep Aroma mist, because I toss and turn with insomnia many nights.

  153. Avatar of Candice mackie
    Candice mackie Reply

    Pass me the energy aroma mist for sure love rosemary oil , im always on the lookout for more natural and healther options for our fam bam !
    I can smell the kids room allready wile trying the sleep aroma mist for befor bed time, heck even mumma bears room as well ! Who dosent like the slightest hint of lavender

  154. Avatar of Pavlova

    Breathe Aroma spray because it’s difficult breathing at night with the heat . It would be nice to have breathing encouraged back.

  155. Avatar of Ruth Walker
    Ruth Walker Reply

    I need both sleep and energy. I’m an insomniac who works two jobs.
    My husband needs the aroma, he is constantly congested.

  156. Avatar of elizabeth agha
    elizabeth agha Reply

    Would love the Sleep Aroma Mist. Would love to rest, relax and sleep to a beautiful scent.

  157. Avatar of Wendy Mather
    Wendy Mather Reply

    I would love to try the Sleep fragrance. I am having trouble sleeping and have had problems for a long time. Since my car accident and my financial problems. To have a good nights sleep would be great.

  158. Avatar of Tamara Robinson
    Tamara Robinson Reply

    I would absolutely LOVE to try the SLEEP aroma mist! As my children have so much trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep especially my eldest. She always fears going to sleep without mummy by her side since we have had a huge lifestyle change and moved etc, but needs to be using her ‘big girl bed’ now that she’s nearly 6, so finds it hard to drift off. This would be an absolute lifesaver to review this product. My daughter wakes several times a night and I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to review the bosititos SLEEP aroma mist!

  159. Avatar of Kathy Ferguson Clark
    Kathy Ferguson Clark Reply

    Sleep as my daughter is really sick and she needs all the sleep that she can get to get better

  160. Avatar of Casey Quin
    Casey Quin Reply

    I would love to try the sleep blend. I struggle to fall asleep at night and get back to sleep after being woken by my toddler! A little extra help would be fantastic.

  161. Avatar of Deanne Deluca
    Deanne Deluca Reply

    id love to put a pep in my step and more importantly see if it calms the kids helps them sleep and gives them energy during the day.

  162. Avatar of Sally

    I really need the Energy mist, just to get me through the tiring afternoons. My mornings are very busy, including gym classes and the odd job, afternoon slump is my downfall.

  163. Avatar of Heidi O'Day
    Heidi O'Day Reply

    Keep calm and SLEEP – This is the one that is playing my tune. My brain refuses to chill out at night sometimes and likes to wind me up especially after one of THOSE days. I am lucky to be one of the women who feels the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy blends so would love to test any one of these blends but especially the lavender and chamomile infusion.

  164. Avatar of Georgia Thiesfield
    Georgia Thiesfield Reply

    Sleep –
    lavender and chamomile,
    Would be sure to produce a smile,
    Especially after chasing after 7 kids all day,
    A restful sleep is something I need it’s safe to say!

  165. Avatar of Carol Mason
    Carol Mason Reply

    Would love to trial the sleep mist as I have aged I have noticed that sleep evades me more & more & when I have slept I wake up unrefreshed & still tired so am eager to trial for a perfect nights sleep

  166. Avatar of abihowson

    this would be absolutely perfect, just what we need right now

  167. Avatar of Karlia

    I’d love to try both the sleep (to help put my 5 month old to sleep on those restless nights) & the energy (so I can keep up with him as he’s started to be on the move already! And mummy wasn’t prepared for this! So i need all the energy I can get)

  168. Avatar of cleo

    Breath aroma mist to give our family a pleasant and comfortable experience especially now during the hot season which makes it unbearable.

  169. Avatar of lisa m bull
    lisa m bull Reply

    i have a full time job and a casual job and a almost two year old this would be incredible to give me a boost to my day!

  170. Avatar of Anjie

    I work full time and we do shift work so the sleep aroma therapy is the one for me , with a busy social and work like sleep is essential but very scarce for me most of the time .

  171. Avatar of Kathy Clark
    Kathy Clark Reply

    Breathe as my daughter is in the process of giving up smoking so this would help heaps

  172. Avatar of Mel

    Energy – I love how rejuvenating aromas can give me a lift to help with decision making and being in the moment..

  173. Avatar of Wendy Woo

    I need to breath! I think that breath aroma mist will provide just that for me at home as a busy Mum of two I need all the help I can get!

  174. Avatar of Vanessa Ahern
    Vanessa Ahern Reply

    I would love to try the Sleep Aroma Mist for my son as he often stays up late fighting sleep which affects his behaviour during the day.

  175. Avatar of Renee Quilliam
    Renee Quilliam Reply

    As a full time worker and a single mum I would love to either try the sleep mist as at night I still have 100 things running through my mind like most mum’s or the energy mist to keep up at home as well as work

  176. Avatar of Melanie O

    I need the energy ine cos miss 7 needs the sleep one. Due to miss 7 needing the sleep one the mr needs the calming one
    We could all use it

  177. Avatar of Vonney

    As I struggle to get enough sleep through the night and therefore am tired every day I would like to trial the sleep one. Thankyou

  178. Avatar of Aleena Smith
    Aleena Smith Reply

    We’d love to try the Sleep mist! With 2 under 2 both babes get restless quite a lot, especially with our eldest having severe eczema who spends a lot of time awake and itchy. Perhaps this could become part of her health regime! Fingers crossed! ☺

  179. Avatar of Stacey Henry
    Stacey Henry Reply

    I’d love to try the energy spray for my afternoon slumps

  180. Avatar of Deborah de Geeter
    Deborah de Geeter Reply

    I would love to try the Energy mist to keep up with my active twin boys!

  181. Avatar of Julia

    I would like to try the sleep spray. My 4 kids all have trouble falling asleep. Anything to help them would be wonderful.

  182. Avatar of Lesley Olariu
    Lesley Olariu Reply

    The Energy blend would be great to keep in the car, a scent to promote alertness and positive energy!

  183. Avatar of Millie

    Energy mist would have to be my top choice. All mums could do with super powers, this could be the next best thing!

  184. Avatar of Hayley Masson
    Hayley Masson Reply

    I’d happily try any of them but Breathe would probably work well for me due to having constant sinus issues, made worse by living with 2 little germ factories! Breathe would help clear the congestion, which would then give me more energy for my kids and would also help me sleep better, win win win!

  185. Avatar of Kate Slack
    Kate Slack Reply

    The Sleep mist would be awesome, my son sleep walks and makes it into my bed every night then takes up all the king size bed and kicks me!! This would help me to relax and drift off to sleep earlier before i am disrupted!

  186. Avatar of Isabeau Jane
    Isabeau Jane Reply

    I would love to try the sleep spray. My kids have a hard time falling asleep with constant anxiety and worries of growing up and getting hormonal. This would be wonderful to help them.

  187. Avatar of Tracey D

    Keep calm and sleep mist would be great. My 9 year old always takes a while to get to sleep, i struggle as i have one of those snoring husbands next to me plus a new puppy thrown into the mix. Help Me please lol

  188. Avatar of Jacinta Nimmo
    Jacinta Nimmo Reply

    Energy to keep me going through the day, though if I had a good sleep I wouldnt need energy, and to be able to breath easy would be really nice!! any of these would come in super handy for not just me, but my whole family!

  189. Avatar of Lizzy D.

    SLEEP is a great idea. I use lavender for many purposes and my favourite colour is purple for relaxation and grace.

  190. Avatar of Anna

    I need sleep.
    After baby burping, kid raising, kid wrangling and studying on bright screens into the wee hours….I have forgotten how to properly shut my eyes! Could use some essential oil coaxing and a good sleep coach!

  191. Avatar of bydesign

    As with most things in life its all about compromise!
    My sleep is compromised by our busy work/life existance 🙂
    And I’m in need of a better (regular) nights sleep and I need more energy – what parent doesn’t?!?!
    Bosisto’s eucalyptus is already added to every washload. I’m excited they’ve got some new products to help make my life better

  192. Avatar of Summer Hinaki-McDade
    Summer Hinaki-McDade Reply

    ENERGRY…i have two sporty boys and so any bit of help i can get to keep up with them would be superb! thanks for the chance.

  193. Avatar of Nicole

    ENERGY – for my senses to feel uplifted, awake, refreshed and ready to take on the day.

  194. Avatar of Leicia Mathers
    Leicia Mathers Reply

    Energy, with a 4 year old grandson to look after I need as much energy as I can get, having sleep apnea doesn’t help

  195. Avatar of adrienne harries
    adrienne harries Reply

    Energy for all that i do
    family, work, socialising and exercise too
    Energy for the 3pm slump
    hopefully helping to get over that bump

  196. Avatar of Jess

    I need the breathe aroma mist, suffering from hayfever means constantly having stuffy buckled nose.
    Would be great to try a more natural approach to help me breath easier

  197. Avatar of VeronicaDe
    VeronicaDe Reply

    Energy Armona Mist is the one that I seek. To sharpen the senses and offer freshness, clarity and balance, would be a dream, to help me better function through out the day. The scents are all lovely and to have them mixed together to a special mist, to spray around, would be just blist.

  198. Avatar of Kylie

    Breathe Aroma Mist would be blissful as Sinusitis runs rampant in our household year round. If I was willing to get rid of the fur babies I’d be much better, but since they’re here to stay, Breathe Aroma Mist sounds like a fantastic solution to not being able to breathe at all well somedays.

    • Avatar of Kylie

      PS I already use Bosisto’s Eucalyptus oil straight – a few drops on a tissue slipped inside the pillowcase works wonders, but the Aroma Mist sounds fantastic. I’d love to combine both.

  199. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnane Reply

    I would love to try the sleep mist, a good deep sleep to wake up refreshed sound just what I need.

  200. Avatar of s griffiths
    s griffiths Reply

    Back to school, no more primary student in this home. energise is what I need. #teenages

  201. Avatar of Jea

    I definitely need the sleep mist for my kids. I feel like sleep is a myth in our household, an dtrying to deal with 3 little ones is doing my head in.

  202. Avatar of Donna

    I need to sleep!!
    I need energy too!!
    I need to breath also!!!
    I can’t remember the last time I had a good night sleep its been so long.
    I haven’t got any energy at all.
    I suffer from hay fever and allergies so I am always having trouble breathing.
    I would try any one of these.

  203. Avatar of Tamara

    Energy would be the mist I need, hopefully it will help with the get up and go in the morning.

  204. Avatar of Alice

    I love that these are going to be easily avaliable and natural. Ideal for my sensitive family

  205. Avatar of Sonia Chang
    Sonia Chang Reply

    The true is that most chemical-based fragrances used harmful petrochemicals and phthalates . Bosisto’s products are made from finest botanical ingredients and Australian made. I have using Bosisto products for years because its outstanding quality. I would love to try Sleep Aroma Mist to provide therapeutic health benefits for helping me combat stress and quality of sleep hours. I am sure that I would enjoy this toxic-free and smelling divine Sleep Aroma Mist .

  206. Avatar of Kristy F

    Sleep please to make bed time a better process in this household and calm everyone a little easier…….including mummy

  207. Avatar of Rebecca gillett
    Rebecca gillett Reply

    Would love to try to sleep blend and see if it helps my bub settle easier at night.

  208. Avatar of Pamela Dark
    Pamela Dark Reply

    With a home full of night owls, we’re always on the lookout for natural remedies. The sleep mist would be well worth the try.

  209. Avatar of james pizzey
    james pizzey Reply

    a easier nights sleep would be a dream trying to get to sleep is hard

  210. Avatar of Sara

    I need sleep!! Miss 4 still doesn’t sleep through the night, and now that we’ve also got Miss 8 months I would love to try something to help get everyone to bed calmly each night. My asthma is set off by some chemical sprays, so a natural product is always important in our house.

  211. Avatar of LorraineC

    I would love to trial the energy mist. Sometimes it seems like my kids have approximately 273 more times energy than I do, so I need all the help I can get!

  212. Avatar of Lara Haynes

    I would love to try all 3 I have asthma so breathe easy would be great but I also have 4 kids 2 of them toddlers so sleep is not on my agenda when it comes to bed so that’s where the energy one would come in bit all in all would be happy with any

  213. Avatar of Gwen Menzies
    Gwen Menzies Reply

    “Sleep” please. I need this for when my 11 month old Grand Daughter has a Sleepover at Grandma’s and decides that it is Party Time at 4 AM (If not sooner !! ) I need your help please Bosisto’s.

  214. Avatar of Cassy26

    I’d love to try all three of these,
    I really cannot pick
    I’m having trouble sleeping
    so the “Sleep”might do the trick!
    But then I have three crazy kids
    Who go and go all day,
    So “Energy” sure would be a help,
    when they’re begging me to “play”
    But it’s almost the change of season
    When blocked noses ruin the day
    So breathe might be the winner,
    To keep the stuffiness at bay.

  215. Avatar of Bronwynne McLean
    Bronwynne McLean Reply

    I would love to try Bosisto’s Aroma Mists Sleep formula. I have a lot of trouble falling asleep and it would be great to have a natural alternative to help entering the land of nod.

  216. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    I’d love to try the Sleep Aroma Mist and see whether it would be able to combat my insomnia. I’ve tried so many different things over they years but haven’t had much luck yet.

  217. Avatar of claire evans
    claire evans Reply

    good night sleep tigt with the sleep aroma mist a must for a mum that cant wind down

  218. Avatar of JOHANNE STONE

    I would love to try the SLEEP AROMA MIST. I have suffered chronic Insomnia for 2 years now, living off an average of 3 hours sleep a night. Being divorced with 2 young kids plus i copped a neuropathic illness 5 years ago (Gullian Barre Syndrome) which gives me chronic nerve pain in my legs/feet and hands 24/7.
    Thankyou Mums Central for the opportunity in trialing this product.

  219. Avatar of Liz

    It’s depressing. My fit bit tells me I’m averaging 4-5 hours sleep a night due to over 2 hours being restless or awake. I NEED more sleep. Struggling to function and keep it together. Guess which one I’m desperate for…..Zzzzz

  220. Avatar of Lea

    would love to try any of these mist’s energy for me to keep up with him, sleep/calm for my bundle of energy and breathe just because it sounds lovely!

  221. Avatar of Robyn Tilley
    Robyn Tilley Reply

    Could this great product, Breathe Easy, be the answer to years of little sleep due to sinus problems.
    My sleep patterns are extremely poor, if I can clear my air ways , sleeping may then come more easily. Have sought professional help, my airways are too too narrow. Sad to say my adult son also struggles with same issue. Could this be the product that gives us both a peaceful easy good nights sleep.

  222. Avatar of Christine B
    Christine B Reply

    I love the sound of the Breathe mist and definitely need some to help my stuffy allergy-prone nose. It also sounds like it would wake me up a tad too, which is always handy. You should pick me because I’m an awesome reviewer! I’m smart, honest and kind: It’s a no-brainer for you 🙂

  223. Avatar of Kim

    Oh my! I really need all three!! However if I have to choose I will go energy, even though our youngest is still coming into our bed every night, I feel the energy mist will help me combat the day ahead! I would love to trial this product and give an honest response to my thoughts to help others make a more educated decision on purchasing the product.

  224. Avatar of Louise

    I need sleep. I am tired . I have an 18 month old who keeps me on my toes

  225. Avatar of SUE

    I would love to try these as l suffer badly from insomnia and have an Autistic son to take care of who always gets up before 7am. My day is extremely busy taking care of him and by 3pm I’m thoroughly exhausted.

  226. Avatar of Christie Majorek
    Christie Majorek Reply

    The energise mist- I’m a single mum of 3 kids and working 2 jobs (just reduced from 3 jobs) so I’m forever falling flat. So any ‘natural’ form of boost would be greatly appreciated!!!!
    And, with the cold system coming out way soon, I think every mother would LOVE a little extra help with kids (and adults) colds and flus that can absolutely floor us!!!! Any help to get threw these days would be eternally greatful! And being all natural has my vote- if they help, I’ll stock up!!!

  227. Avatar of Alex Nalder
    Alex Nalder Reply

    I need them all!!! All of them sound very beneficial to my family

  228. Avatar of Belinda Gallagher
    Belinda Gallagher Reply

    I would love to try all, but in particular the energy! With a new baby and toddler I need all the energy I can get!!

  229. Avatar of Jordana Hodgetts
    Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    I’d love to trial the sleep blend. I am 35w pregnant with my second bub. My first born is a very active 15month old toddler, he keeps me busy all day with no breaks. I am exhausted by the end of the day, but still struggling to get to sleep. When I do finally get to sleep, I struggle to stay asleep! I would also be interested in trying this blend out as a calming spray to use during my labour and delivery – anything to keep me nice and relaxed would be amazing and make for a calming enviornment for my newborn daughter to come into!

  230. Avatar of daniel dalirazar
    daniel dalirazar Reply

    I would love to try the sleep mist for me and my kids.

  231. Avatar of Caroline White
    Caroline White Reply

    I would love to trial the sleep one because of past abuse i have sleep issues and can be awake till 4am and then wake up at 7 or 8am. i am always tired.

  232. Avatar of Ang t

    Need to try sleep my kids are older but when my daughter was a baby she would not sleep over night and stop breathing at times it was very traumatic and affected my sleep all this time later
    I check on her every night around 8-10 times to make sure she is still breathing im so tired. Im a horrible sleeper

  233. Avatar of Jasmine Stanford
    Jasmine Stanford Reply

    Energy! I am definitely lacking n energy as of late and this would be be the perfect boost!!!

  234. Avatar of Matcha

    I’d like to try the Breathe easy. With kids always with cold n flu we all not getting a good night sleep .
    Also like to try calm and sleep. So we all get peaceful night Zzzzzz

  235. Avatar of Helen Payne
    Helen Payne Reply

    The Energy mist would be great, I need some energy to get back on track with my health and having 3 kids and being a carer for my mum and plus studying can be very draining, having a bit of a boost to help would be great so trying the energy mist would be pretty cool .

  236. Avatar of Kas

    Love to trial the Sleep spray to try and get my kids to sleep at night.

  237. Avatar of Ally

    A friend and fellow scout leader introduced me to these she had the breathe one.
    I went searching and found the energy one.
    Both are lifesavers after battling my own kids plus 30 of other people’s just a quick blast of energy or breathe and I’m a fresh and new again
    It wakes one up and the smells… nice!!!!

  238. Avatar of Marie

    I would definitely love to try the breath option. As the weather is constantly changing having a option to help with one aspect would be beneficial!

  239. Avatar of Stacey lagana
    Stacey lagana Reply

    I love essential oils and natural products. I am currently use a lavender scented mist each day to relax and refresh. It’s especially good in the hot days. I’d love to give the Energy blend a try and see if it has an uplifting effect on me. I could sure use it.

  240. Avatar of Brianna Taylor
    Brianna Taylor Reply

    I would absolutely love to try the energy mist to see if it would give me a boost! Between my 4 year old and 2 year old running around all day, working at night, and trying to plan a wedding in between…i need all the energy boosts i can get!

  241. Avatar of Caroline

    I would definitely like to try the energy one as I always wake up tired and definately need a kick start. I can’t drink coffee too much as it sends my anxiety through the roof so this would definitely help!

  242. Avatar of felicity Turner
    felicity Turner Reply

    I would love to try the Breathe Aroma Mist. My daughter gets terrible hay fever. Im sure this would be a wonderful product that could give her some relief.

  243. Avatar of KylieH

    I need energy. With looking after a 7 month old, working and being a housewife I am tired by early afternoon. I would love the energy spray to get me through the day

  244. Avatar of Amanda

    I need “Breathe”! My family of 7 all have coughs and colds at the moment – would be great to relieve some of their congestion with a natural alternative.

  245. Avatar of Kate M

    I’d love to try the breathe aroma mist. We are having a new baby in winter and with a toddler who catches colds easily and a dad who gets “man flu” we all need to stay healthy and this would be awesome to try out!

  246. Avatar of Cass

    Would love to try the Energy Aroma mist, trying to find a work/mum life balance. Need all the energy I can get.

  247. Avatar of Sue

    The older I get the more sleep evades me .
    I’m praying the Sleep Mist will be my dream come true .

  248. Avatar of Amanda

    I would live to try Bosisto’s Aroma Mists my morning would have been so much better, I would have used the Sleep mist durning the night so I got a wonderful night sleep, so when I woke up my day would have been better.
    I would have been more awake while cooking bacon and eggs and not been so clumsy and not burnt myself and not dropped the oil smashed an egg, or set the smoke alarms off when I sat down to eat a glass of milk wouldn’t have been spilt all over my bacon and eggs and me.
    If I had the Energise mist I would have had the energy to cook more breakfast but due to the lack of sleep and lack of energy to cook more food I am run down and now require the aid of Breath to help fight off the start of a cold due to being run down.

  249. Avatar of Natalie

    I desperately need something to help me get to sleep and stay asleep! Stress and kids have taken my sleep 🙁

  250. Avatar of Kylie Marks
    Kylie Marks Reply

    I need sleep. With starting a new job amd having 4 kids i need a good nights rest and this sounds exactly what i need

  251. Avatar of Matt R

    I would happily try any of these but Sleep would be the most relevant for me and my bubs. You should pick me because Me and my girls all struggle to fall asleep at night and this would make our lives so much easier

  252. Avatar of Tara Smith
    Tara Smith Reply

    I would love to try the Sleep/relax. My husband works long hours at work and then home. He finds switching off at the end of the night usually after midnight extremely hard. This might help relax him.

  253. Avatar of Jessica H

    Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep for sure. I’ve been so stressed out at work and only managing about 4-5 hours a night because my brain wakes me up going, “Eeeep! You have 18 massive spreadsheets to fix tomorrow!” and the like. And normally I’m an 8-hours-of-sleep-a-night kinda girl, so 4-5 hours is not cutting it. The Sleep mist would be great to try!

  254. Avatar of M. J. Lao

    Breathe or sleep please. we are a family of airway allergies so hopefully this would be helpful. my daughter and i are very light sleepers so we’re looking for something that could give us good quality sleep

  255. Avatar of Cozmic

    I need ‘Sleep’ … as a F/T working mum, I’ll try anything once to help me and the kids settle at night, and more than once if it works!

  256. Avatar of Amanda

    I would love the sleep. I have a newborn who is a great sleeper, but this mumma is having trouble switching herself off. Help!

  257. Avatar of Brittany

    Hi i would really love to try the sleep one because i have lots of trouble getting to sleep. I’m hoping that this will bring me some relief so im able to get to sleep. 🙂

  258. Avatar of Alisha Forbes
    Alisha Forbes Reply

    I would love to try the Breathe Aroma Mist
    Both my daughters both suffer from asthma and I just found out my daughter is allergic to dust so she is constantly sneezing, watery eyes and coughing so the breathe mist would help in my household.

  259. Avatar of Michelle

    I really would
    like to try the energy spray, I seel to run around like a constantly fatigued muddle headed wombat

  260. Avatar of Monica Evans
    Monica Evans Reply

    I would love to try the breathe spray, We always seem to get sick at the change of season and this would be great for us

  261. Avatar of Shannon

    Where do I start?? I could very easily use any of these!
    With 4 kids, we could constantly use the cold & flu spray.
    My 10 year old daughter has anxiety issues and could benefit greatly from the relaxation spray.
    Pregnant with baby #5, I could definitely use the energy spray to keep up with everyone else!!

  262. Avatar of Kelly lucas
    Kelly lucas Reply

    I would pick the energy one. This year is all about being a better, healthier me so I can keep up with my kids and this looks like it could help with that goal as well

  263. Avatar of Kylie-Marie
    Kylie-Marie Reply

    ENERGISE! With 2 boys 5 and 7 i need all the energy i can get. Not only to keep up with them but also with the day to day challenges. Currently studying and looking for work all while being a single parent. PLEEEEAAAAASE pick me

  264. Avatar of Alyx Case

    I’d love to try out the energy for myself. Being a first time mum and experiencing a toddler for the first time is really keeping me on my toes. The sleep would be great for my husband as he is a light sleeper and often has issues sleeping. The breathe would be great to test as the cooler months roll in.

  265. Avatar of Chris D

    Would love to try the sleep one to help get to sleep more easily. This would help boost my mood and energy.

  266. Avatar of Xanthie

    I would love to try the sleep mist as well.. my daughter won’t sleep ❣️

  267. Avatar of Danielle

    I would love to try the sleep one as I have a 10yr who just doesnt sleep and never has and Im would love to try something new and natural to help them and this sleep deprived mumma

  268. Avatar of Kayla

    I would love to try any of these products as I have a daughter who has recently started getting anxiety, a toddler boy who doesn’t believe in sleeping and a Mummy who is very tired!

  269. Avatar of Jayelle76

    I would love to try out these products. I have a 7 year old son who has a very hard time winding down of a night time. These could really help 🙂

  270. Avatar of Angela


    I want to try the Bosistos ENERGY mist – there’s something so beautiful about smelling Citrus!! It’s fresh and does exactly that – make you feel energized.

    And why – I am great at reviewing products, in particular ones I am passionate about. Bosistos gives people the opportunity to explore products for a very reasonable price that can assist the WHOLE family ALL year round. Winning!

  271. Avatar of Emma Shuker
    Emma Shuker Reply

    I would love to try BREATHE mist. I have a little boy who frequently gives himself infection of the eye due to tummy sleeping and having a snotty nose. He’s rarely ‘sick’ but seems to pick up a runny nose quite often and it usually ends in needing a tube of chlorsig to clear! It would be great to have something that can keep that runny nose at bay and prevent the infections!

  272. Avatar of Natalie Power
    Natalie Power Reply

    As a stay at home mum of 5 kids a little extra Energy is always welcome!!

  273. Avatar of Hayley

    I would love to trial sleep for my 5 year old who thinks sleep is seriously overrated and spends her days cranky from talking to herself until 10pm!

    I’m passionate about using products as natural as possible for my family, and Bosistos tick that box for me!

  274. Avatar of Lisa L

    I would love to trial the energy mist as it’s the thing I’m lacking most in my life with two young kids, a stressful job and about to start studying! Please pick me!

  275. Avatar of Candice

    Would love to try breathe. 2 asthmatics 2 hayfever sufferers in my house need to keep the colds away. I am great at convincing my family and friends to try stuff.

  276. Avatar of Deb Daly

    With 3 kids aged 8,6 & 12 weeks… between school runs, after school activities and nursing bubs I’d love more ‘Energy’ and am willing to try anything at this point

  277. Avatar of Caitlin pabst
    Caitlin pabst Reply

    With a newborn and a toddler i need all the energy i can get!!

  278. Avatar of Carolyn

    I really need the sleep mist. Single mum of 4 kids, and my 6 year old has decided that its great to go to sleep at 930…. zzzzzz

  279. Avatar of Anna G

    I believe I need ALL 4 as having started the school year we are struggling as a family to settle at night so making mornings a drag. Also the weather has brought some sinus issues so would love to try a natural alternative

  280. Avatar of Zoe Riddle
    Zoe Riddle Reply

    I love a good energy boost and as a busy Mum of 2 would love to see if this product could help me pick up my pace keeping up with my 2 boys. Thank-you

  281. Avatar of Lara Hamlyn
    Lara Hamlyn Reply

    With 4 kids 6 and under (including 12 month old twins), I need all the energy I can get! I’d love the opportunity to trial one of these fabulous sprays and share with my mum networks!

  282. Avatar of Shelley

    I would like the “breathe” mist for allergy and asthma sufferers in our house.

  283. Avatar of Margaret Ann Davies
    Margaret Ann Davies Reply

    Hi I would really love to try breath as I suffer bad from sinus and hayfever I am always burning oils and using vicks along with tablets to help this would be so easy to use

  284. Avatar of Toni

    The Breathe Mist would be a God send in our house. Between my husband & I who suffer with sinus issues, esp during winter, and my daughters coughs & colds this would be great to use. And no nasty chemicals – winning.

  285. Avatar of Brooke

    I would love both the energy and sleep mists! With an energetic 2yr old who’s starting to drop her day nap, i need the energy to keep up with her and the help to get her sound asleep at night!

  286. Avatar of Cassandra

    Oh this mumma bear needs SLEEP please!!!! Plus I live doung reviews of products

  287. Avatar of Lisa Lillis
    Lisa Lillis Reply

    I would love to try the sleep mist. Both of our children have a hard time winding down at night. My daughter also loves to sleep in in the morning because she is always so exhausted!

  288. Avatar of Chloe

    Energy for myself! To keep up with my 2 school age kids and my toddler! Sleep for husband, we will try anything for a good nights sleep. It’s been so long! Help!

  289. Avatar of sarah

    I really need the sleep! My kods haven’t slept a full night in 5 years, so neither have I… id love to try this and see if it helps

  290. Avatar of Darcie

    I’d love to try the sleep, our 1 year old is not a great sleeper would love to try this to see if it helps her. We already love Bosisto’s eucalyptus spray and use it for everything from freshening the toilet to mossie bites!

  291. Avatar of SuzyK

    I need to breathe please. I live on a dirt road and air quality is poor. Would love something nice to breathe in other then dirt.

  292. Avatar of Jessica

    I would love to try them all but especially sleep as I have so much trouble winding down and getting to sleep then struggling every morning to wake and I’m back to work soon

  293. Avatar of Jessica s

    I need the energy one with 3 young kids its not easy having min energy

  294. Avatar of Michelle

    I need all three! Always wish I had more energy, could try the sleep one with my son (who takes a while to go to sleep), and we could all do with breathing easier too!

  295. Avatar of Grace W

    I could use all of these on a daily basis!!!! Between our 8 month old going through leaps and teething, and our two year old going through a phase of *very* early waking sleep and energy are a precious commodity. We also love a good, natural breathing aid whenever there are sniffles around!

  296. Avatar of Kelly

    Breathe, breastfeeding & having 5 other kiddies, 1 in daycare who always has the sniffles this would be perfect as I can’t take medications due to feeding our youngest

  297. Avatar of AmyMcC

    I need the Bosistos Breathe. I have a husband whose had a snotty nose for 3 weeks and has passed it onto our 6 year old daughter and 2 year old son. Would love them to all be breathing easily again!!

  298. Avatar of Merle

    I need the sleep mist. I rarely get more than one decent sleep a week, so would love to test the sleep mist.

  299. Avatar of Tamara

    I would love the ENERGY one! With a 2.8 year old and a newborn it’s tiring and coffee is my best friend. I would love something time try that’s more natural and gives me a boost!

  300. Avatar of Joni

    Would love to be able to try this to help with keeping with the kids. A proper sleep would be a great start!

  301. Avatar of Nadienr

    I need to try the sleep mist!!!! I can’t remember the last time I had a good night sleep. Between health issues and two young kids my sleep routine needs all the help it can get.

  302. Avatar of Krystle

    I would love to try the sleep mist, to try help my 2 children relax at bedtime after a busy day at school

  303. Avatar of Raelene

    We would love to try the sleepy aroma as sometimes it’s struggle to relax at bedtime and switch off .

  304. Avatar of Karin

    Breathe, with chronic hayfever and sinus issues I would love to try a product that give me some relief and clear my head.

  305. Avatar of Fran D

    Energy Aroma Mist, please give me energy I am an exhausted mess just trying to get through each day.

  306. Avatar of Charley Tankard
    Charley Tankard Reply

    I’d love to try the breathe mist, my daughter has just started kindergarten and knowing the germs carried around this will be great for her when she catches those bugs

  307. Avatar of Jill-Anne

    This family of wheezy, sneezy allergy-prone members really needs BOSISTO’s Breathe to infuse the air with blended eucalyptus oil and menthol.

  308. Avatar of Melanie

    I’d love to try breathe for my son who always seems to have a bit of trouble breathing at nighttime. A better rested kid is a happier kid!

  309. Avatar of Bree

    Sleep for my partner some nights he doesn’t sleep at all and when he does fall asleep his alarm is going off to get up for work. Also for sleep for my son who is the worst at getting to sleep and staying asleep he is almost 7. Energy one for my self I have zero energy some days it’s even hard to get out of bed but with 6 kids you do what you have to do.

  310. Avatar of Tara

    I need the Breathe Aroma Mist! With a son who is in daycare a few days a week, we seem to have all the grotty germs brought into our house. Having this would mean we can all get on with the chaos that is day to day living with a toddler, even when we are feeling a bit sniffly and under the weather.

  311. Avatar of Barbara

    I would like to trial the Sleep one as I have terrible trouble getting off to sleep on a regular basis and then when, waking up during the night, it is almost impossible to go back to sleep.

  312. Avatar of K8

    A spritz of Bosisto’s Energy Aroma Mist sounds like what I need to kick-start my day so I can keep up with an energetic 3 & 4 year old. Let’s face it though, I think any parent could easily put all of them to good use.

  313. Avatar of rachelvk

    We need to “Breathe”! My two little grubs bring home all sorts of bugs from child care so we’d love a product that can help with all the sniffles.

  314. Avatar of Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess
    Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess Reply

    To hard to choose. Sleep would lie amazing as I’m a little insomniac, energy as it’s what I really need in the mornings. Oh can’t forget breath, which would be amazing during hay fever seasons. Any or all to test and review would be greatly appreciated.

  315. Avatar of Valerie Wee
    Valerie Wee Reply

    A good sleep helps me to be more energetic the next day to look after the kids and do my housework. This is what I need the most.

  316. Avatar of karina l

    Sleep – both my kids hate it and I don’t get enough of it!

  317. Avatar of Kristie thompson
    Kristie thompson Reply

    I need the energy one for me and the sleep on for my kids as a mum of 3 do i need to explain why !!

  318. Avatar of Rachel P

    Definitely sleep – I have 3 wild boys who fight bed time so this would be perfect for them to help calm them down.

  319. Avatar of Maddisonw

    I would love to try the sleep mist out, though I am lucky enough to have a toddler that sleeps well I still find it difficult to get to sleep, would be good to see if this works so I can wake up as fresh as my little one

  320. Avatar of Monika

    Would live to try Bosistos ENERGY mist. After being ill with a virus I am feeling run down and am desperate for some energy to keep up with my family. Even an extra tiny bit of energy would make a difference

  321. Avatar of Bella Ri

    My partner and I find it hard to sleep and with our busy schedules, we lack energy, sleep deprived most of the time and that prevents us from being our best! I’d love to be able to feel energised, which would get me motivated to do what I love, making sure my family is happy and creating amazing memories together! Having a good nights sleep would definitely help me wake up with more energy!

  322. Avatar of Trudy M

    Sleep as I feel I spend so much time and energy getting my 3 darlings to sleep and this could just change my life helping them sleep.

  323. Avatar of Angie C

    If I SLEEP better, than I would have more ENERGY, and be able to BREATHE better, so I would love all of them please!

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