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APPLY TO REVIEW: Food Babies Love, Fresh Pots of Baby Food Goodness

Calling all mums with hungry bubs. Join us as we journey into the wonderful world of baby food.

Give your wee one a chance to test out some delicious, wholesome Fresh Pots, thanks to the author of the best-selling book, Food Babies Love.

Created with love (and fresh ingredients) by Melbourne mum Emily Dupuche, the Food Babies Love Fresh Pots range is sure to tantalise your tot’s taste-buds and satisfy their nutritional needs.

And we’re looking for 10 mums and bubs to try them free and tell our Mum Central audience what they think!

Whether your tot is just starting the weaning process or already a master of mealtime, your child is sure to love these clever little Fresh Pots! Prepared from recipes found in Food Babies Love, they really are a delicious lifesaver for all busy mums.

Food babies love fresh pots

Aussie-made by an Aussie mum

Designed for parents who sometimes (okay, often) don’t have time to serve up fresh dishes for their babies, these pots are the best thing since sliced bread.

Actually, they’re better than sliced bread. And healthier too.

Plus, they actually sound delicious. Each Fresh Pot is packed with meat, veggies and whole grains. The food is textured, which provides tots with a great introduction to solid foods and is great for sensory and speech development. You can serve them as is, or mash the meals slightly for babies just starting the weaning journey.

With no hidden nasties, Fresh Pots are all-natural, preservatives-free and contain no added salt or sugar – the way baby food is meant to be.

The recipes are all proven favourites from Emily’s best selling cook book, Food Babies Love. It’s as if you have cooked them yourself, minus the time, the mess and the rush to the shops for fresh ingredients.

food babies love book

As good as home made!  

One of the things we especially love about these Fresh Pots, apart from the fresh, local, Aussie-made ingredients, is the range of unique flavours.

With lamb casserole, bolognaise, curry, risotto and dahl on the menu, you can instil a love of fresh, diverse, wholesome foods at a young age.

Sorry, apple and banana mush. You’ve been replaced. By 100% fresh, textured, authentic baby food awesomeness.

  • Baby Bolognaise: Big on flavour and veggies. Light on the tomatoes. Easier on the bottom. Baby Bol is the perfect way to introduce your wee one to a dinner staple.
  • Chicken Curry: Winner winner chicken dinner! Easy to eat and pretty to look at, Fresh Pot’s Chicken Curry is a winner in our eyes.
  • Pumpkin and Sage Risotto: Comforting and creamy, this dish is packed full of veggies with a hint of sage.
  • Greek Lamb Casserole: Bring the Mediterranean to your baby with this delicious casserole, full of flavour and goodness.
  • Red Lentil Dahl: Introduce your little one to spice, but gently, with a tasty meal packed with protein!

No hidden nasties 

Stock your fridge with homemade deliciousness, for the days when there isn’t time to cook. You can pick up your own Fresh Pots of baby food goodness at Woolworths for $5.80 per pot. You’ll find them in the chiller section right next to the kids’ yoghurt.

mum central

Fresh Pots are vacuum-sealed to lock in the freshness and safe for both the freezer and microwave. Even the packaging is smart – you can reuse or recycle the pots, which are BPA-free and perfect for storing snacks, small toys and all sorts of other items around the house.

Food babies love fresh pots

Guilt-free wholesome goodness  

Children deserve the best start in life, especially when it comes to mealtime. And we parents are the ones who need to give it to them. Day after day, after day.

On those days when you simply don’t have time to cook, Fresh Pots can offer you a guilt-free alternative.  You are giving your little one the chance to experience a wide variety of tastes, textures, colours and flavours. You are setting them up for healthy eating success. And you don’t even have to dirty one single pot!

Honestly, these little Pots are the equivalent to your favourite homemade dishes, but for those days when you don’t have time to whip up a lamb casserole.

Because, sometimes (okay, often), kid wrangling takes precedence over cooking.

mum central

Want to be part of the Fresh Pots revolution? Come and join us!

We are on the hunt for 10 Mum Central parents (and their little ones) to test out Food Babies Love Fresh Pots and tell us what they think.

To apply, simply complete the application below and we will be in touch with our selected reviewers.

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Avatar of Jenna Galley

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of Anita

    I love that they are fresh, convenient and such delicious flavours!

    My daughter would be delighted to try these out

    • Avatar of Natalie

      Being a full time working mum by the time I get home from work and picking kids up I am riding to get dinner ready. This would help immensely in giving dinner to my 1 year old straightaway and loving that they are healthy wholesome meals

    • Avatar of Helen Neale
      Helen Neale Reply

      As a mum of 5 with children ranging 1-10 some days we just are wrecked from after school activities that it’s hard to get a decent meal on the table. At least with a product like Food Babies Love our little one will be ensured of a good quality nutritious dinner!

    • Avatar of Amanda-Jane Snell
      Amanda-Jane Snell Reply

      My youngest son would love to taste test these he would be in absolute Heaven

    • Avatar of Andreya

      My 17 month old loves food, I love to try and give her a range of different things to try but admittedly I’m not a great cook. These seem like great healthy meals for her to try!

  2. Avatar of Tina

    I love the convenience and also the variety – so important to try and encourage a broad palate!

  3. Avatar of Shalissa

    I love that its free from all the nasties. Its a great alternative when I may not have time to prepare something. I would love to try these with my bub. We are a month in to our food journey with my little man loving everything so far. We are giving him a mix of purees and BLW.

    • Avatar of Natline

      This is true we don’t always have the time to make it from scratch ourselves so it’s great when there is a alternative that’s healthy and has the nutritional value

  4. Avatar of Rebecca

    Just love that they are nice and conveident full of flavours and with all the good stuff just like home made

  5. Avatar of Claire

    I love that they are a healthy and convenient alternative to home made food. My bub is 9 months old, and the youngest of 5,and I’ve found that the enthusiasm and desire to make her tasty and nutritious food is just as strong as it was with my oldest, but the time and energy isn’t quite as high….

  6. Avatar of Tamara G

    Love that it’s quick, easy, good storage and good nutrients. My bubba loves trying new foods!

  7. Avatar of Shelby

    Having a baby who is starting to try new foods it is great to have a healthy option which is both quick and convenient for us both.

  8. Avatar of Jamie

    I love the diversity in flavours and textures. With my first I knew it was important to give him different flavours to try and he loves exploring new foods. I would love to try these for my daughter as she is just about to start her solids journey.

  9. Avatar of MV

    I’ve never tried this product before and it would be nice to have the opportunity to try it out.

  10. Avatar of Jamie-lee Beale

    I regularly do review on brands that i love. Being a working mum these would be so convenient. My bub would love to try these and my followers would respond well to this sort of content

  11. Avatar of Helen B

    Recipes sound delicious, would love for my littlest to try these out

  12. Avatar of Melissa

    Just starting to wean to first foods and and not always having time to cook having a quick to grab healthy option available for bub wherever we are is defiantly will make it easier

  13. Avatar of Sara

    I love the sound of these. No nasties, healthy and a variety of flavours to tempt even the fussiest of palates. Do they come in adult serves? 😉

  14. Avatar of tara_smith53
    tara_smith53 Reply

    I love the connivence of prepared baby food. I use another brand at the moment so would love to compare.

  15. Avatar of Esther

    Knowing that I can feed my hungry little one at my fingertips with food that is healthy, easy and delicious will be a godsend on those days that I just simply need a helping hand!

  16. Avatar of Emma

    Would love to try these out for my 15 month old daughter who loves her food! She eats everything which I love as our son was so fussy!! She would be very happy to try these out for you!! And I’m always looking for yummy nutrious (quick and easy) meals for her to try!

  17. Avatar of Tahlia sweatman
    Tahlia sweatman Reply

    I recently saw these in the supermarket and thought brilliant idea. Seconds later I shook my head And said to myself. Don’t buy it you can make it!
    Reality is. I run my own business I work during the day juggling Mum life and general business admin then from 3-7pm every night I’m at work teaching kids how to dance :). Great life!! However someone always has to suffer or make a sacrifice. My now 13 month old comes with me 3-4 nights of the week. He usually has to wait until he’s well and truely over tired and starving before he gets dinner.
    These meals would save me some time and if they really are as good as they say make me not feel so guilty either. I try to be the wonder Mum that I want to be. But sometimes the crown needs adjusting.

    Having a small stash of these at the dance studio means he can have something filling and relatively homemade and nutritious that can be fed to him either by one of my assistance or even myself if he will let me while I teach.

    It will be a much nicer option than a cheese Stick, cheesy mite scroll and a Fruit pouch.
    I would LOVE to review these. As they mY just sVe my troubles.

  18. Avatar of Mel_anderson
    Mel_anderson Reply

    I love that they are compact, easy and have good ingrediants. My little 14 month old would love to try these as we are struggling to find something he loves!

  19. Avatar of Selena

    I love that they are fresh wholesome foods so even when your stretched for time or late home from work you know bubs is getting nutritous food in a quick convenient way

  20. Avatar of Jessica Q

    I love how convenient and nutritious they are! I have 3 little gobble guts who would love to give these a try

  21. Avatar of Natalie Fricker
    Natalie Fricker Reply

    So good to have a fresh alternative to home-made food. Great variety with lots of different flavours!

  22. Avatar of Narelle

    What a convenient product. So good to know your little one can have good food without having to cook it yourself. Always a worry what goes into premade baby food and this takes away the worry.
    Would love to get it for my sister and her 11 month old daughter. Plus she has a Instagram account dedicated to food and knows how to take a fantastic shot.

  23. Avatar of Lorna Morgan
    Lorna Morgan Reply

    I love that it is free from the nasty stuff. The range look amazing and I think my little man would love these flavours!!

  24. Avatar of Tracey

    I love that I can give my lil guy a healthy fresh meal when I’m run off my feet!

  25. Avatar of Karley

    I love that they are packed full of fresh ingredients so you know your child is getting nutritional value from them! Maybe my little man would finally eat veggies if he could test these out!

  26. Avatar of Ananda

    I love that it’s just like home made less the stress and mess. I also love that it has no additives like preservatives, salt and sugar.

  27. Avatar of Leanne

    My beautiful, charming 11 month old Granddaughter has a fabulous appetite and I know she would LOVE to taste test these pots of goodness

  28. Avatar of Bec

    With no kitchen at the moment these would be great for my 9 month old to try. They all sound delicious and im sure my 3 year old would enjoy too.

  29. Avatar of Heather

    How amazing! Real food, real lumps hassle free. These are going to truly revolutionise the way we view pre made baby food. Miss 8 month loves trying new flavours and textures, I cant wait to put her little.hands on and in these 🙂

  30. Avatar of BG5

    I have a 5yo that can be picky with his food, and a 10mo that is willing to try anything.. so would love to give this a go especially as I’ll be back at work soon and nothing beats the convenience of wholesome food when it looks like dinner isn’t going to be ready in time!

  31. Avatar of Ash

    My little ones would love to try these!! Great for late nights after work when you need a quick and healthy dinner for them

  32. Avatar of Emma Macleod
    Emma Macleod Reply

    These would be great for those busy night where you to to grab a quick meal for your little one. They are healthy and have great flavours so it gives you piece of mind about what you are feeding them. I look forward to giving them a go

  33. Avatar of Katie

    The convenience of these meals is just perfect. Being a full time worker with two children these would be ideal for my 8 month old

  34. Avatar of Cassi

    I would love to try these out. Me and hubby both work full time with opposite shifts so finding the time to make quick nutritional baby friendly meals inbetween our change over of parenting shifts is hard work.

  35. Avatar of Heera

    what I love about these is that they are fresh and full of great nutrition and flavour for my young babes. Easy and convenient for a busy working family on those days you just want to put your feet up and not stress about meal times. My 8month old would love these to try new things. My 2yr olds favourite would definitely be the spaghetti!

  36. Avatar of Magelli

    I love the “no nasties”
    I love how they are like home made and love the variety
    I would love to try these so my bub gets a great start with food

  37. Avatar of Kate

    Being a Mum to 3 boys makes life busy! My beautiful boys are 5, 2 and an 8 month old. Life is hectic but I love it. I also love the fact those nights I can’t whip up a meal for my 8 month old that I can rely on Food Babies Love delicious sounding range of Fresh Pots meals to feed my baby without any hidden nasties or added extras. This is a win for any busy Mum or Dad.

  38. Avatar of bridget Myles
    bridget Myles Reply

    My 10 month old son and I would love to try and review these. We have the food babies love cookbook and love so many of the recipes.
    Whilst the recipes are great, some times a mum needs the convenience of a fresh pot meal when out and about. Its awesome as it ensures healthy yummy food without the worry of fast food or hidden nasties

  39. Avatar of Casey

    I love the idea of having a healthy home cooked meal that is super convenient, just pop it into the microwave and ready to go. Perfect for busy families

    • Avatar of Rebekkah

      I love that they are full of fresh wholesome ingredients & a handy ready made meal i know is good for my little man

  40. Avatar of I

    They look amazing! Homemade healthy meals for my little one. I have 1 baby who has just turned 4 months and eating solids. This would be my first choice for ready to go baby meals.

  41. Avatar of Danielle Pooley
    Danielle Pooley Reply

    My daughter would rather throw her food on the floor so I’d love to try these! I’ve heard they are healthy and delicious. Just what she needs 🙂

  42. Avatar of Rhiannon Melderis
    Rhiannon Melderis Reply

    These look so good! Mu son loves to eat, i would love to try these.

  43. Avatar of Natalie

    I love that they are made with fresh ingredients, are healthy and full of flavour. we are just starting bub on solids and i would love for her introduction to food to be a positive and healthy experience!

  44. Avatar of Elisa (Lisa)

    I have never tried my 7mth old on your food before, however I have read all the reviews & I would love to give this a go for meal time sounds so great & convenient. Would be great to know that there is a quick yet healthy option for dinner on very busy days thank you for the opportunity & hopefully we get a chance too try your meals Good Luck to everyone

  45. Avatar of Rebecca

    Love how delicious and nutritious they look for my little girl. And how convenient it will be when I go back to work to give a fresh cooked meal to her.

  46. Avatar of Kim

    I love the food babies love recipe book and am excited that you can now buy the same recipes at Woolworths. I’m looking forward to trying them when I take Bub on a holiday.

  47. Avatar of MCP75

    I love that they are fresh and free from ‘nasties’ and with my cooking probably taste better than what I can dish up
    I’m about to return to work part time tomorrow from maternity leave so this will help me out so much in the transition and with my time management plus my LO is 12 months old but premmie so still struggling with his solids journey so the variety and healthy options I hope would assist him to get more interested in more solid food than purees

  48. Avatar of Cherie

    These look fantastic. Im a busy mum of 4 so having something ready to go knowing its fresh and wholesome for bub is a huge plus.

  49. Avatar of Tara Tasker
    Tara Tasker Reply

    I love the idea of having access to nutritionally prepared, conveniently packaged meals that look tasty, are textured (for fussy eaters)- that I can prepare for my child without feeling guilty about them consuming. I am time-poor on the days I work, when I get home very late and find that getting my son off to bed early is sometimes an impossibility after cooking him a healthy meal (which sometimes takes more time than intended). I am so keen to try this product out!!!

  50. Avatar of Jade Bax

    This is such a great idea.

    I love the fact these are interesting flavours and allowing babies to explore new flavours instead of just your typical combinations.

    I’m sure my baby would love love love to try out the bolognaise.

  51. Avatar of chers

    a easy perfect way to ensure my kids have the best meals for their growing little tum tums

  52. Avatar of Laura

    Given how premature my little guy was, ive always worked hard to ensure he eats only the most nutritious homemade food. You wouldn’t know he was so premmie by looking at him- he eats soooo much! I am heading back to work at the end of the month and I’m nervous about how I’m going to keep up cooking nutritious meals for him as well as everything else, so we’d love to try these pots, and hopefully they will be my easy fix!!

  53. Avatar of Kristie King
    Kristie King Reply

    A wonderful fresh and easy alternative for busy families.

  54. Avatar of Ione L

    I love that they are fresh and convenient. Being a working mum some nights baby just gets whatever can be scrounged out of the fridge and pantry. Whilst these dinners may be filling they are not full of the nutrition that baby needs.

  55. Avatar of MERINDAH E

    I have 2 children & work fulltime, so the convenience of these meals looks just perfect.
    I would love for my 6 1/2 month old to try these & I think she would really love them too.

  56. Avatar of Rebecca

    I love that they are fresh but you can freeze them for later if you need. I also like the idea of reusable pots, very clever! As a working mum of 3, youngest being 13 months it would be so handy to try these on my baby for nights that the rest of us have the sneaky takeaway.

  57. Avatar of Alodie

    I love that its as good as homemade food but healthier and tastier!

  58. Avatar of Lauren

    I love that it’s as good as homemade without any of the effort!! The more effort I put in, the less likely it is my kids will eat it, so these are sure to be a hit! Also, they sound DELICIOUS is she making a version for adults!? Haha yumm pumpkin risotto!

  59. Avatar of sarah

    I love the convenience of it. Ive got a 5.5 month old girl who id love to start introducing solids to but haventbeen able to yet as my 3 year old boy is a such a handful

  60. Avatar of Laura

    Being a busy mum of 5. These would come in handy to feed bubs. Knowing that there is no nasties in it takes a big pressure ofd

  61. Avatar of NicoleF

    My 6 month old would love these as they are made with fresh ingredients, no hidden nasties and they are very convenient, especially for feeding on the go!

  62. Avatar of Annie

    These yummy, fresh pots will be perfect for my daughter, who is six months old and just starting her food journey. I love that they are designed to be both nutritious and delicious for little ones 🙂

  63. Avatar of Shannon howard
    Shannon howard Reply

    I love that they are made from local, aussie ingredients! And i love that these Fresh Pots are made for convenience! Perfect for those busy days, just grab, mash for my babies needs and heat without compromising on taste! I love they’re homemade with no hidden nasties, full of unique flavour for my little one and that I can reuse the pots for our fav snacks!
    Id love you to pick me as i start our feeding journey with my 5 month old, I’m a busy mum of 3 with school and preschool older kiddos, these guilt-free pots would come in very handy!

  64. Avatar of Sandy Fisher
    Sandy Fisher Reply

    With a beautiful six month old bub we would love to have the opportunity to try these Fresh Pots ! They sound super delicious and super healthy which is very important to mums. Thanks

  65. Avatar of Jennifer

    With a 1 year old, an incredibly fussy 2 year old, my own career, a husband who travels most weeks and a mindset of being particular about what goes into my children’s mouth, these sound perfect!

  66. Avatar of Sheryl

    I love the vast variety of food cuisines that Fresh Pots has to offer. It is also convenient for busy mums as well as Fresh with no hidden nasties!

  67. Avatar of Alexandra

    I love knowing that I am feeding my babies fresh, healthy baby food. Having 7 month old twins I don’t always (never) get the time to make it myself! Knowing there is an option out there that, lets face it, the kids will love more than my home cooking, is amazing. And I love that I can stop feeling guilty about giving them packaged foods!

  68. Avatar of Carissa Allford
    Carissa Allford Reply

    I loooove these!
    As a busy Mum of two full on girls, going back to work and starting school for miss 5, these are the perfect go to on nights I can’t get tea cooked!
    Healthy and delicious, it makes me so happy knowing by girls are well fed, even if I’m having a lazy Mum night!

  69. Avatar of C attard

    I love that they seem fresh and good for your children and would be great for if I don’t have time before I go to work (which is often) my partner can feed him one of these quick and easy for both of us

  70. Avatar of Hanedi naje
    Hanedi naje Reply

    I love that it’s all fresh products and no additives , it’s prefect for both my children and the flavors sound amazing. I would love to be picked as I’m trying to find a healthy fresh food product for my daughter and son, and this is healthy and great portion size.
    Awesome product

  71. Avatar of Emma H

    I love the fact they have no preservatives and no added sugar or salt! Fresh ingredients used and the Containers can be reused for snacks!

    I have a busy lifestyle, working from home, running after my 10 year old commitments and a new 5 month old Bub. These pods are handy to have on those days where you are on the go, running late to sport commitments and haven’t had time to prepare or forgot to get bubs food out of the freezer.

  72. Avatar of Yvette

    I love that they are balanced with meat, veggies and whole grains. Also that the tubs are reusable! So handy

  73. Avatar of Elisa

    I have always cooked my babies food I only ever bought fruit or custard, ok with number one I even cooked the fruit. But now with my last baby miss nearly 7 month old I do not have the time. I buy food, every single meal and yes I feel guilty I shouldn’t she is healthy and all but I do. When I go out I put the bought food in a container one night I had no time to do that it’s hard getting 4 people ready (3 under 5 + myself) and packing the car and my cousin had to ask what I was feeding and told me how she makes all her babies food. Yes that’s her first baby enjoy. After that I did get upset but to bad the baby food stays in its packets, I would love to try “Food babies love, fresh pots” I won’t feel guilty then and I can hold my baby food up with pride.

  74. Avatar of Rebecca Cauchi

    I love that it’s like homemade food without any nasties. Sometimes you just don’t have the time and energy to prepare. I would love my 11 month old Bub to try these “foods babies love” fresh pots!

  75. Avatar of Nicole G

    As a working mum of a pre-schooler and a baby exploring food for the first time, this is about as close as hiring a personal chef for my kids! Miss 6mo would LOVE this as she is really getting into her foods, flavours and textures right now. As for Miss 4, she’s a garbage guts who craves variety in her diet that I don’t always have the time to give her.

  76. Avatar of Joey

    Being so health conscious, these sound perfect for my bubs. I also like that the containers are BPA free.

  77. Avatar of Anne Johnson
    Anne Johnson Reply

    Meals times are the most enjoyable time at our household said no mum ever!! It would be great to have an option that is healthy, nutritious, tasty and mum friendly to have on those nights when it is just too much effort! My 10 month old is just finding her feet in the food world and is loving exploring new tastes and textures and my 3 1/2 year old is a battle most nights just getting him at the table. We would love to give these a try as I know that they are getting healthy meals and hopefully find an easy go to meal that the kids love.

  78. Avatar of Kerry-Anne
    Kerry-Anne Reply

    I love that it’s Aussie made by an Aussie mum and just as good as home made food with no nasties in them. They look and sound yummy. Babies will love them. I love that they are great for freezer and microwave which is our lifeline sometimes. And love that the pots can be reused or recycled.

  79. Avatar of Trudie A

    I love that the fresh pots are made from delicious, wholesome, fresh ingredients that contain no hidden nasties. I think there is a fantastic variety of flavours that are on offer which is great for my 9 month old to try. This would be great for us because I’m always struggling to find new and exciting food for my baby to try (especially since I’m really bad at planning meals in advance).

  80. Avatar of Helln78

    I love that the Fresh Pots are just like food I would make at home. For my first 2 children I made most of their food at home but with my 3rd baby, I’m just finding it so difficult to have the time to make him a meal as well as get my 5 year old and fist 3 year old fed. I’d be keen to try these yummy sounding meals out on my baby

  81. Avatar of Elle

    Love the the variety! So much has changed in the world of baby food since my first born!

  82. Avatar of HannahA

    I love that I have no mummy-guilt in feeding my baby! They’re fresh and wholesome meals that I know are good for him.

  83. Avatar of Amy Ginis

    I work full time, and making home cooked meals can be challenging at the end of a long day~ I love that these don’t have any nasties, and I am sure my 1 year old will love them!

  84. Avatar of Katjay

    Reality is these days mum are expected to be masters of everything… Healthy, convenient meals like this take some stress away and allow our time to be better placed… With our kids.

  85. Avatar of Mel

    Would love to find something fresh and convenient for my toddler who’s so fussy!

  86. Avatar of Kylie Marks
    Kylie Marks Reply

    Love that they are fresh and convenient. As a busy mum to 4 kids this would be perfect and my littlest miss would love to try them as she loves trying new foods

  87. Avatar of Mary Irwin
    Mary Irwin Reply

    I love that it is additive free and those containers! Easy to stack and transport! Love the while concept!

  88. Avatar of Jordana Hodgetts
    Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    As a pregnant mum who also has a very busy little toddler (32w pregnant and 15 month old toddler) somedays I find it harder than others to get all of my job done!
    With cleaning and lots of active play time on top of having to cook fresh healthy meals for my family everyday, I often find myself running out of time.
    My young toddler eats dinner at 4.30pm and is bathed and asleep by 5.30pm – if dinner is not ready on time for him, he ends up having a “picnic” of a peanut butter sandwich, fruits, and yoghurt for dinner.
    I would love to try these out, it would be amazing to have a few of these quick, easy meals on hand for those busy days. As much as my toddler likes his picnic dinners, I would much rather serve him one of these fresh pots so at least I know he has gotten a balanced, healthy meal – just like home made without the fuss on my part!

  89. Avatar of Marija

    Looks so yummy and nutritious. I trust baby Jack will get into it and ask for more. If not, mummy will gladly finish it of for him.

  90. Avatar of Trace75

    With a large busy family having such an awesome product available to use is a great help

  91. Avatar of Lori-Anne Grosse
    Lori-Anne Grosse Reply

    I find it hard with a family of 5 kids to find the time to create healthy meals catering for all the different needs in our home. These handy little pots of goodness are fantastic for the two little ones when I am time poor but want to provide them with a goodies packed meal.

  92. Avatar of Danielle Wilkins
    Danielle Wilkins Reply

    I have a very fussy 20 month old so finding healthy and easy foods is often a struggle.

    I love that these are healthy and convenient for those times I don’t have time to cook.

    I would love to be a part of this trial

  93. Avatar of Laura Power
    Laura Power Reply

    Great healthy and very easy to use, would love to give these a try , with 2 older children and a baby these would come in super handy

  94. Avatar of Bernarda Robinson
    Bernarda Robinson Reply

    My baby is a little food monster and we’re having a great time trying new foods but having an older brother and a busy household there isn’t always time to prepare fresh baby friendly meals! I’d love to try this with my gorgeous baby girl, especially with back to work and school time getting ever closer!

  95. Avatar of kathryn

    I love that they are all fresh food. They are very convenient for when I don’t have the time for cooking and to try flavours I wouldn’t usually cook. My little one has just started to eat and these would be perfect!

  96. Avatar of Stef

    I love them because they are homemade, contains no preservatives and comes in various choices for my fussy toddler.

  97. Avatar of Nichelle

    Always looking for healthy go to options to have on hand for the younger ones for those times we all experience every now and then.

  98. Avatar of AmandaC

    My 2 little ones would love these! I like that it’s not only convenient but also fresh and a variety of meals available.

  99. Avatar of Nicole Littlewood
    Nicole Littlewood Reply

    I love that they are so fresh, and I can feel less guilty about not having the time to prepare as many healthy meals as I would for my bubs.

  100. Avatar of Kristy

    My 7 month old would LOVE to try these and help Mummy give a review! I love that they look to be wholesome, fresh meals – the next best thing to home made 🙂

  101. Avatar of Bonnie

    These would relieve the guilt of “another sachet for dinner” when I don’t have time to make something. They would also broaden my baby’s tastes by serving foods that I may not cook myself.

  102. Avatar of Susan B

    Everything Mia needs all in one convenient pot, easy to heat up and perfect healthy choice with lots of variety for her to try, fresh is best.

  103. Avatar of Laurie

    These sound amazing! Would be lovely to have a look at the book too

  104. Avatar of Amber cubis
    Amber cubis Reply

    I love the convenience of something quick an easy for those days where work has been hectic, but I also love that I don’t have to worry about artificial ingredients. Home made food made with the same love I make it with.

  105. Avatar of Rheannon

    These would be amazing to try for my Bub.
    I make things at home but it’s always great to have an option to bring when your out and about and what’s better for bubs than something fresh!

  106. Avatar of Sharee

    We love that they’re easy, convenient, easy to store, fresh & a healthy alternative to homemade food.

  107. Avatar of Karlia w

    The fact that fresh, healthy food for my baby is available at such a convenience. Especially when you don’t have the time to always make home made food it’s a great alternative to the other pre packaged options which are full of nasty.

  108. Avatar of Annie Hudson
    Annie Hudson Reply

    Great for a busy mum that cares about what goes into their precious little bodies.

  109. Avatar of Nikki

    My 18 month old would love these & I love that there are no nasties

  110. Avatar of Peggy O’Sullivan
    Peggy O’Sullivan Reply

    I’m a working mum of 2 kids, one which is about to start solids. I am about to begin studying at university as well so time will be a huge factor in the choices of food we eat. I am a very health conscious mum and I do not like giving my children food from the pouches on the shelves, though I do when I don’t have time to prepare food for the baby. I would love to try these fresh pots as a healthy alternative when I can not cook. It would put a stop to the mummy guilt of giving another pouch from the shelf!

  111. Avatar of Alexandram
    Alexandram Reply

    With s husband who works night. Feeding my two children can be very stressful some night. The food babies love fresh pots are easy and convenient when feeding two young children these would be amazing to trial and review

  112. Avatar of Rachel Tindale
    Rachel Tindale Reply

    I love the idea of a quick and easy meal for my toddler. I hate having to retreat to the boring sandwich or give him hot chips and chicken nuggets just to know hes eaten.
    I would feel relieved knowing he will be eating with all the nutrients he needs.
    And, I love the idea of reausable containers!

  113. Avatar of Sharon

    As a busy full time working Mum of 2 I can grab a quick, easy nutritious meal and feed my sons without any guilt.

  114. Avatar of Lauren Flemming
    Lauren Flemming Reply

    I love the idea of no nasties, 99% of the time my 7 month old twin girls get home cooked food, they love it and I love that its fresh and doesn’t have any yucky extras added. When we are out and about they get the packet stuff.. I can tell it doesn’t agree with them as well as they bring it back up again a short time later. Id love to try them on the fresh pots that are convenient and full of all the good stuff on those days we are out and about.

  115. Avatar of julie morton
    julie morton Reply

    As i struggle to find healthy flavoursome meals for my children, these are simple and so easy with great variety and ingredients to benefit my kids

  116. Avatar of Kathy Clark
    Kathy Clark Reply

    As its so Healthy it would be terrific to try and easy to eat sounds tasty too, wish i was a bub would eat it myself lol

  117. Avatar of Gwen Menzies
    Gwen Menzies Reply

    These Fresh Pots sound delicious ! My baby Grand daughter is enjoying different falvours, and these would be such a help for busy Grandma. ( Who also Babysit’s Olivia’s 3 1/2 year old brother.)

  118. Avatar of Alise Headlam
    Alise Headlam Reply

    I love that it’s Australian and healthy. Would love to be chosen as I work full time, breastfeed and am trying to introduce solids. So far not having much luck, but with new flavours by someone I can trust I might have a win

  119. Avatar of Leonie Jayne Nanotti
    Leonie Jayne Nanotti Reply

    My little grandson LOVES his mealtimes !! He would be the perfect candidate to try these out. We haven’t found anything he doesn’t like ..yet.

  120. Avatar of Megan T

    I love that these are quick and easy, but that they are real food! When you don’t have time to cook, it’s nice to know that there is a nutritious option that is fresh and full of flavour.

  121. Avatar of Allan

    I love them as they provide a fantastic range of healthy options my baby loves them all . This means he won’t be picky as he gets older. Win win

  122. Avatar of gray lane

    I love these because my kids love them. What they love makes me happy

  123. Avatar of Vanessa

    I love that they come in a clear container so you can see the food. I also love that they are in a container which can easily be fed from… saving washing

  124. Avatar of Leicia Mathers
    Leicia Mathers Reply

    I love that they are Australian and healthy which my granddaughter would love as she is a food machine and loves her food. Will save a lot of washing up afterwards to

  125. Avatar of Aimee McCloy
    Aimee McCloy Reply

    I love the convenience, variety and no added nasties! The worst thing about most premade baby food is the amount of cr@p in them. I love that these are Aussie made healthy meals!

  126. Avatar of Melinda Roche
    Melinda Roche Reply

    I like that they have the basics plus a few different flavours like dahl for baby to try.

  127. Avatar of Roz

    My son is 7month. And we’ve started him on solids at 6 months. This is a great product and knowing that it’s made from fresh ingredients. And gotta love the wholegrain meals. My son will love it.

  128. Avatar of Jo bishop

    We all want to give our babies the best start in life and these healthy convienant pots would be perfect

  129. Avatar of Amy

    How convenient! Very much looking forward to giving these a try with my little one.

  130. Avatar of Jessica Morris
    Jessica Morris Reply

    I love that there are no hidden nasties. Working full time with two kiddies or makes it easier to know they are having a healthy meal when I’m running short of time

  131. Avatar of Bridget

    I’m a busy Mum of 5 and would love the chance to give my baby your great nutritional food. I’m sure she would love it too.

  132. Avatar of alex g

    With a fussy 4 year old I’ll give anything a try and whatever he doesn’t eat my 1 year old with gobble down.

  133. Avatar of Ang

    Just about to negin weaning and i don’t know where to start. These pots look like a fantastic healthy start for my lo <3

  134. Avatar of Renee Bolton
    Renee Bolton Reply

    These look amazing! And so healthy! They would be great on trips or them busy days, making it much easier for us mums.

  135. Avatar of Alana Wilkinson
    Alana Wilkinson Reply

    So my 2nd one is starting solids and with a demanding 3 year old im a little pressed for time. It would be great to try these out especially since they are full of goodness!

  136. Avatar of Teegan

    Love the convenience of these! As a full time working (and studying) mum of 3, I often have days that I couldn’t be bothered preparing meals for my bub.

  137. Avatar of Lorn

    I have a hungry bubba who loves her food and doesn’t like most pouches, mummas cooking has been too good!
    However, I’m about to go back to work and need some help. Fresh Pots are awesome they fit with everything I’ve been trying to do so far and are healthy and nutritious, she loves them. I’ be buying them anyway so would love to review them for you.

  138. Avatar of Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith Reply

    I’m a stay at home mummy to 3 under 5. Although I’m a stay at home mum I often find myself stressing over making sure that I am providing enough nutritional meals for my little ones. My days can get very hectic and having something that I can grab quickly on the go is a godsend for me. Plus, I have had the odd sneaky lick of the spoon and they taste great

  139. Avatar of

    I love the convenience of the packaging. I’m a busy mum to a hungry baby and she absolutely loves variety in meals. Every time I try something different she will smash her whole bowl. I love the nutritional benefit in each pot as I know bubs is putting nothing but the good stuff in her belly

  140. Avatar of Beck mh

    These pots would make busy weeknights so easy when little one is starving and I’m rushing to do dinner after work. Trialling these would be sooo great to make one part of my crazy busy life easier

  141. Avatar of Amanda Tonks
    Amanda Tonks Reply

    It’s reassuring to know that babies can get healthy, wholesome meals that are good for them with no nasties. Takes the added stress of starting solids.

  142. Avatar of Jacinta

    I would love to have my little one try out these yummy recipes as quite honestly I am a terrible cook and am always on the look out for great alternatives that are delicious and also nutritious!

    The recipes sound wonderful

  143. Avatar of Talitha

    My twins love eating all the different recipes. Our girls prefer these delicious varieties over my cooking any day and get so excited during dinner, that they bounce in their high chairs while I’m feeding them. I am so grateful that there is nutritious pre-made food available to buy that is always so convenient. Very happy mummy here.

  144. Avatar of Elicias12

    We would love to have the chance to review your amazing fresh pots! Little Mia is an absolute goody at 10 months she loves trying new things! We where very excited to see your pots at our local Safeway’s and Mia already loves your baby Bolognaise and Greek lamb casserole!

  145. Avatar of Burkey

    My 8 month old son loves the food I serve him from the easy to follow and make book Food Babies Love. If I’m not going to cook a meal for him, surely the next best thing is a serve of Food Babies Love straight from the fridge at the supermarket.

  146. Avatar of Lana

    We would love to review these delicous little pots of goodness. Mira (16months) has been quiet fussy with tmy cooking but really enjoys brought food. I reckon she would really enjoy these and I no they are full of nutrition and no hidden nasties.

  147. Avatar of Katie

    Love the idea of being able to give my darling daughter a wider variety.

  148. Avatar of Gabrielle

    As a working mum with 2 kids these make it so so easy sometimes even my 6 year old feeds her brother so i can cook our dinner. My boy loves lentals so loves the dahl and we sometimes pair it with some toast. He eats everything and i know he would love to try more of your products

  149. Avatar of Charmaine

    Being able to have fresh eaay to get food for my little man after a full day of work makes dinner time so much easier.

  150. Avatar of Anna

    I own the book and have made most of the recipes for my little girl, she LOVES them. I’m now back to work full time and find myself time poor- I would love to try these options as it would give me great comfort knowing she was eating a healthy, nutritious meal (even if I don’t have the time to make it myself!) that she would enjoy.

  151. Avatar of Chelsea

    I have a serious fussy eater on my hands, he wasn’t always, but is now. The only meals he eats are gourmet meals that take me hours to prepare (#foodie)…I’m not the best cook and who has this kind of time! I think these Food Babies Love Fresh Pots may just change my life! x

  152. Avatar of Mel Wimmershoff
    Mel Wimmershoff Reply

    My son is such a fussy eater, I think these would be amazing for him to try.

  153. Avatar of Anita

    We love the Food Babies Love book – having some of the yummy meals ready to go after s busy day at work would be super handy!

  154. Avatar of Lisa Summerell
    Lisa Summerell Reply

    I have not tried these yet, but i do love the fact they are a wholesome, healthy meal that can be heated quickly for those busy nights with sport. I love that the container is clear because i can actually see inside (no mould/nasties). They are a healthy nutritious meal, no hidden extras/nasties like preservatives and added sugars, which at the end of the day is what us mummas want- to know we have made a healthy and filling choice for our precious little ones.

  155. Avatar of Emily Barnes
    Emily Barnes Reply

    As a first time Mum with terrible food intolerances myself and a type 1 diabetic husband, I am already pushed to the limit preparing at least 4 different meals a day. Now with a beautiful 6 month old baby boy, I am trying to come up with meal ideas that are tasty and fun for my son, as well as friendly and age for me and my husband. The Food Babies Love fresh pots will give my baby a nutritious and tasty meal that is simple for me to serve and also full of all the good flavours and nutrients that he could miss if sharing food with me. I m very excited to try these out!

  156. Avatar of Simone Lewis
    Simone Lewis Reply

    I can’t wait to try these. I’m always looking for healthy quick available meals when I do t get time to make or runout of my supply.

  157. Avatar of Cassandra

    Honestly I love anything real food. Some days dinner isn’t ready in time and you need something quick these would be perfect!

  158. Avatar of EmmaS

    I love the idea of having something freshly prepared that I can conveniently and easily give bub when I don’t have time to cook myself, and also provide great variety in her diet!

  159. Avatar of Amanda Dallinger
    Amanda Dallinger Reply

    I have 4 children and have always made my own baby food. For a long time I have wondered if I would find lready made baby food that is convenient and healthy. I am interested to see how she would like different flavours to what I make. We would love to trial these to see whether they could become a part of her normal routine. Thank you

  160. Avatar of Sabrina Kelly
    Sabrina Kelly Reply

    My daughter is a very fussy eater and I struggle to get any vegetables and certain meats into her. She’s very sensory aware so yogurts and purees I seem to have luck with.
    I’d love for her to try these to sneakily get some goodness into her without it being obvious! These pots are easy to take on the go or make a mess with at home!

  161. Avatar of Madeleine Clarkin
    Madeleine Clarkin Reply

    I would love to be able to review Food Babies Love Fresh Pots! My son is an absolute food machine (4 months old) and knowing these have no nasties and are wholesome foods I would love for him to try these. I also have a daughter who is 2 years old and it seems like she is constantly wanting something to eat, so I would much rather give her one of these meals instead of her going for biscuits or cheese just because it is right there. I love that there are a wide variety of meals to ensure my son and daughter get used to different tastes and textures so they can hopefully continue eating well as they get older. As i have the two children the Food Babies Love Fresh Pots would be a huge convenience for me and would make going out that bit easier!

  162. Avatar of Lynley

    Great sized meals for my hungry bub. I also like the range of cuisines and great diversity of flavours.

  163. Avatar of Rebecca Dewar
    Rebecca Dewar Reply

    We would love the opportunity to try these out! Scarlet loves her food and is always interested in trying new flavours.

  164. Avatar of Stella

    These sound great! As a student and a mother it’s hard to find food that isn’t full of sodium and preservatives. So much Mum guilt for finding an easier option for working mums.

  165. Avatar of Juanita Munro

    I believe fresh is best, fresh produce so my child can experience all the natural ingredients and nutrients offered to him for future growth & development.

  166. Avatar of Zoe

    We’ve done BLW with my youngest from 6 months of age. He’s used to always having good, REAL food and these would be the perfect, guilt-free option for those odd occasions that we’re time poor and have no choice but to get takeout for the rest of the family!

  167. Avatar of Xanthie

    I love how convenient they are.. for mums like me with a full time job & a 1 year old, I don’t have time to do food prep and have a whole bunch of food ready.

  168. Avatar of Ashii

    I love the convenience of them, they are healthier than the pouches you get at the supermarket and they look amazing

  169. Avatar of Sarah Black
    Sarah Black Reply

    At the moment we are homeschooling 3 kids and also have a 1 year old so life is very busy.. The 1 year old has become really hard to find healthy things that he will eat. These look amazing and they type of food that he actually would eat and love.

  170. Avatar of Diane Kerr
    Diane Kerr Reply

    I love how they’re made fresh and stored in recyclable and functional containers that are BPA free! And you should pick me because I’ll go that extra mile when I’m taking the photos because it needs to be #instaworthy.

  171. Avatar of Rianna J

    Although I have never tried these pots, I love the idea of the food being fresh and ready to go, rather than heavily preserved and stored as it is in the pouches. I cannot wait to try these with my son who is 1 month into baby led weaning

  172. Avatar of Lisa S

    Ooooohhhh! I’d LOOOOVE to try these!!! I currently use a different brand of something quite similar, with a toddler & a baby I just don’t have the time to always prepare nutritional meals so having something like this as back up is awesome…one less thing to feel mothers guilt about.
    I would love to give these ones a try & see how they compare 🙂

  173. Avatar of Amy

    I love that these are nutritional and an easy transition to home cooked meals. Appealing packaging & easy storing also is a big plus!

  174. Avatar of Nikola B.

    My son is venturing out and trying new foods with amazing flavours.
    I just know that he will LOVE the fresh and fullfilling taste that the Homemade Fresh Pots have !!!

    We would love to also be an ambassador for your amazing product telling all our baby friends about their wholesome deliciousness!!!

    Please please pick us to give these awesome dishes amazing reviews

  175. Avatar of Kathryn

    I’m always looking for new, fresh and exciting foods for my son.

  176. Avatar of Natalie

    We are trying to get a healthy balance, after being under the 3rd percentile for the last 7 months and noted as ‘failure to thrive’, so these nutritional little pots would be the perfect way to start!

  177. Avatar of Jaymi

    As a busy mum of 4, i love that they are quick and easy but still full of goodness.
    I am struggling to get my 13mo to eat much at all so would love to try her with these

  178. Avatar of Mallory

    Being heavily pregnant, I sometimes don’t have the energy to cook for my 18month old. Having these meals for him already prepared, and knowing that they are completely nutritional is beyond amazing! We have never tried these but I know that my son will definitely love your products!
    I would just love the opportunity to try these out for my son

  179. Avatar of Emma Bingham
    Emma Bingham Reply

    What a great way to get all the goodness in a healthy and convenient way I can’t wait to try them.

  180. Avatar of Bec Dalton
    Bec Dalton Reply

    Fresh Pots are so handy, being a full time working mum sometimes coming home it’s hard to get dinner orgnIsed for myself and bub. So grabbing them from the shops on the way takes all the worry about of our evening routine!

  181. Avatar of Ellie Browne
    Ellie Browne Reply

    If my daughter (19months) could live off eating the baby bolognase and Greek casserole she would! Our woolies only sells these pots.
    They are beautiful, fresh and provide such a nutritious meal which leaves me feeling satisfied and confident in what Iv fed her and leaves my daughter with a lovely full belly full of goodness!! For the lunch or dinners where I have not been able to cook, food babies love provides the perfect back up! It also helps give my daughter a variety and different tastes which I appreciate as I eat very much the same thing every day….. My daughter has not refused a food babies love meal yet! And she would be over the moon to try some of the new creations!

  182. Avatar of Montana

    Ohhh so excited to try thus! As a mum who has just gone back to work after my first bub – time certainly is scarse! Having food that is as close to home made as possible would be fantastic!

  183. Avatar of Sophie C

    My Cohey-Bear (18 months) loves the pumpkin and sage risotto. Whenever we go to woolies I will grab him a pot for his lunch. He has now realised and when i put the pot in the trolley he will say in a very excited tone “mine, mine”
    The delight when we arrive home and hes in his chair is hilarious, he loves to squish the rice between his fingers while he chows down. By the time hes done there is risotto everywhere but who cares.. not only did he have a nutritious meal, we also created fun memories (and have gotten some great photos) at the same time.

  184. Avatar of Tim Browne
    Tim Browne Reply

    I know these meals are a great option when i’m in charge for the day and not sure what to feed our daughter, or have not had the time to prepare meals. She eats them, she thoroughly enjoys them, her mouth is open for more the whole time, they are a balanced nutritious meal and i am happy to eat the left overs when she is full. Thanks for creating great healthy meals for our kids.

  185. Avatar of Emily P

    As a working Mum with two children of different ages meal prep time can take a while, I love the convenience of the pack and that I can ensure my little one receives a healthy meal.

    We cannot wait to try!

  186. Avatar of Acacia Urso
    Acacia Urso Reply

    My oldest started school last week and having these ready made post, made by a mum with no hidden nasties to take on the go would be amazing for my little man who’s just started solids! We would love to try them because I’m constantly on the go and it would give me one less thing to worry about!

  187. Avatar of Jessica HP
    Jessica HP Reply

    My little girl would love to give these nutritious meals a try. Especially after her brothers terrible eating habits we are trying to break, we are determined to start our little girl on the right path. Making it convenient for us all.

  188. Avatar of Kelly Doecke
    Kelly Doecke Reply

    I like that it’s like a home made product. Something like I might make but don’t always have the to do now I’ve returned to work.

  189. Avatar of Bec Scully

    I have started my 6 month old on solids but I am sick of nearly everything in the supermarkets giving her constipation! And the options that are meant to help with that just smell and taste so unappealing. I want to give my baby REAL food! Food that is actually good for her, that is delicious and nutritious and that looks like the food the rest of her family eats as well to encourage good food habits for life.

  190. Avatar of Sharna

    My daughter would love to try these nrw food options out. She has recently been a bit fussy with her food, so some new options with great ingredients would be great.

  191. Avatar of Esta

    When I had no.1 I cooked most of his meals but once no.2 cake along life seemed so much busier with a toddler, housework, work and a baby to look after so these would be perfect for us and alleviate some of my guilt for not cooking more for baby!

  192. Avatar of Kerru

    Love that they are free of nasties and full of all the good things. We would love to give these a try as I’ve found with other brands they look dry even before cooking.

  193. Avatar of Leah

    I love the connivence of having prepared baby food. I currently use another brand at the moment so would love to compare.

  194. Avatar of Keshia M

    With baby 1 I had so much more time to prepare foods for him, with a 2 year old life is so busy and some days I’m sure I’ll be caught out! These would be perfect. They also are a great way to give them the ‘taste’ of not just your usual meat and veg or spag bowl! I also love the container sizes that I will be able to reuse too!

  195. Avatar of Callie

    These look like yummy home cooked meals which my baby would love to try

  196. Avatar of Rebecca

    The quality is amazing! I have a daughter who has allergies and we have to be careful with preservatives and other hidden nasties but Food That Babies Love is free of all of these! My girl just absolutely loves them and Mum is extremely happy knowing that my daughter is getting the best, quality food out there.

  197. Avatar of Kara

    Now days finding fresh quality baby food can be so hard, these however look amazing being both a convenient and healthy option for at home or on the go.
    Absolutly love the look of them cant wait for my babies to try 🙂

  198. Avatar of Elaine

    As a working mom It’s hard to find time in the kitchen. I protise making memories with my little one, beach, park, playing, reading & cuddling. I don’t want to be cooking all day so it’s great to have the option to buy meals packed with goodness of home cooking.

  199. Avatar of Rhiannon Smith
    Rhiannon Smith Reply

    I love how healthy they are and super convenient! I also love that they’re made by a mum and not conjured up in a factory as just another product. Can’t wait to try them for my little girl!

  200. Avatar of Kirsty

    We haven’t had a chance to try these yet as we’ve just moved and haven’t had a chance to search our local supermarket for them.

    I’ve read so many amazing reviews though and as my little Quinn refuses normal baby food, these could be an amazing substitute when on the go and needing a quick, convenient dinner for her that is nutritious, real food.

    Would love to try them!

  201. Avatar of CyndiS

    I love the fact that it contains all the goodness and daily recommended in take for bub. The flavours are an added bonus. Those flavours sounds amazing that I want to try it myself.

  202. Avatar of Katie

    I’m heading back to work soon. These convenience meals would be a great way to get dinner on the table for my bub while managing to give her plenty of variety.

  203. Avatar of Rebecca

    I love how convenient they are whilst being so nutritionally good for kids. My son loves his food and i love the different varieties on offer.

  204. Avatar of Laura

    I love the fact that it has all the good nutrients in it in a convenient pack for us busy mums. There are never enough hours in the day between school drop off and pick up, washing, cleaning and everything else to make sure we can give bubs the best and nutritious foods she needs.

  205. Avatar of Kiarne

    I love that they are easy to use, great for working mums, fresh and they look tasty!

  206. Avatar of Amie-Lee Mifsud
    Amie-Lee Mifsud Reply

    My kids are very fussy eaters so anything I can get them to eat is better than them eating nothing! I love feeding my kids healthy food.

  207. Avatar of Abigail

    I love that they are easy to use for busy mums and that they all sound really tasty!

  208. Avatar of Shayna Louise Fernando
    Shayna Louise Fernando Reply

    My little man has just turned 6 months old and just getting interested in FOOD! I love the idea of knowing exactly what he’s eating, that it’s fresh…good for his growing little body, and of course, DELICIOUS! What better way to teach him to love food!

  209. Avatar of Maryann Toth
    Maryann Toth Reply

    I love that these are textured and have such a delicious variety of flavours, sure to excite their palates

  210. Avatar of Lauren rangi
    Lauren rangi Reply

    I’m a busy mum of 3 kids under 5 years old and would love to test these out on my youngest as it would be one less job to do on busy days. I like that they are a fresh, healthy and convenient option without guilt that other products on the market may give you.

  211. Avatar of Rebecca Jarvis
    Rebecca Jarvis Reply

    I love how convenient they are if you are short for time. Much better than puree which my bub has gone off now and healthy! Can’t beat that!

  212. Avatar of Cass

    I love that it is all fresh and the meals all sound absolutely delicious

  213. Avatar of Tamara

    I love that they’re made fresh & super easy to prepare! It’s exactly what I need some days after running around with a 3 year old and 6 month old.

    They’re priced really affordable also!

  214. Avatar of Jess Wilkinson
    Jess Wilkinson Reply

    As a mum of three I’m all about convenience and I love that with these meals you don’t have to sacrifice nutrition and taste for convenience! The selections sound delicious, and it’s great they are Australian made, I have two little kiddies who would love to try them all (I’m sure my 7 year old son wouldn’t mind them either!)

  215. Avatar of AmyM

    This was the only book I bought when I started cooking for my first born. She’s now three and a half and still loves them! I love the fact that the foods I’m cooking out of this book are now conveniently available for me to pick up from the shops; a healthier option than the alternatives! My son has also started solids now and he’s loving the recipes and pots too!

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