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APPLY TO REVIEW: Modibodi, the Original Period and Leakproof Undies

Put the pads away, ladies, and experience a no mess, no fuss, no rubbish way to take care down there with Modibodi. 

We’ve got your golden ticket (actually, 10 of them!) to try Modibodi  – the #1 period and bladder leakage underwear on the market – for free! Hooray!

So, run, don’t walk (and leave the fear of weeing yourself behind) with this awesome trial review opportunity.

modibodi trial review

Why Modibodi?

It’s simple, really. Because our undies cop A LOT. We get random ’bouts of pee (thanks a lot, kids), monthly blood, as well as pregnancy and post-birth discharge. Sure, this quartet of discharge is not the most pleasant part of being a woman, but, hey, it’s part of it. And it’s the price we pay for having the superhero ability to have babies. So worth it, right?

The Modibodi line of leak-proof underwear acts as a daily defence against discharge, designed to take the place of liners, pads and tampons.

They look, feel and act like regular underwear but with a few superhero qualities of their own. They protect you from leaks, suck up all that extra moisture, eliminate unwanted odour and keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. Pretty awesome, huh?

Modibodi reader trial review

No trips to the toilet to remove/insert another tampon. No bunchy pad that you have to sneakily remove from your nether region when no one is looking. And no need to excuse yourself at dinner if you happen to laugh too hard at a joke.

Hop, skip, jump, run and sneeze without fear 

I found Modibodi after having my second baby and realising that pushing out two babies does a number to your pelvic floor and your bladder. Turns out, jumping on a trampoline, running around the block or chasing two kiddies around the backyard can end in a wet disaster.

Leaking urine is actually super common, especially after having kids. One in three mums admit it happens to them but most of us aren’t too keen on bringing it up in everyday conversation.

modibodi, leakproof underwear

But with Modibodi you don’t have to worry about this wee little problem. Chase your kids. Laugh at jokes. Go about your day without having to worry about a wet patch. Once you give Modibodi undies a go, you’ll see why so many mums LOVE them!

Underwear and oh so much more! 

Of course, there’s more to life than just the occasional pee problem. We’re talking leaky breasts and sweaty bodies, ladies!

That’s why Modibodi has a whole heap of different products in their range – including leggings, breastfeeding singlets and swimwear – all designed to combat sweat, breastmilk leakage and the occasional bout of sand in the bum.

  • Maternity wear – Breastfeeding-friendly and sweat-proof singlets and underwear.
  • Activewear – Helloooo leggings that keep you dry and make your butt look ace!
  • Swimwear Perfect for those family day trips to the beach.
  • Teen rangeKnown as Red and guaranteed to be a huge hit with your daughter! No awkward tampon runs needed.

We especially love the Modibodi leggings which are great for those sweaty spin classes but also comfy enough to wear around the house, on school runs and when kicking the ball around with the kiddies at the playground. Best of all? They have Modibodi’s revolutionary leak-proof technology built in, so you can go commando and still be protected.

modibodi underwear review

Smarter care down there 

There are several styles of leak-proof underwear and apparel to choose from including classic, seamfree, curvy, sensual, contour and Vegan. Pick up a pair in bikini, boy leg, full brief – Modibodi has them all!

Plus, you can choose from various absorbency levels:

  • Super Light – For occasional discharge and little drips
  • Light-Moderate –  For light-medium period days, sneaky leaks and/or heavy discharge
  • Moderate-Heavy – For heavy period days, overnights and/or heavy discharge
  • Heavy – For heavy period days, overnight and those “I almost weed my pants” leaks

Make the switch 

Comfy, water-repellent and sustainable, Modibodi ticks all the boxes. Plus, you NEVER have to buy another box of pads again! Think of the money you’ll save. And the plastic waste.

Reduce your carbon footprint, protect your pelvic floor, prepare for your period and get on with life, no matter what time of the month. Modibodi undies start at just $26.50 and there’s free shipping on orders over $120. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get shopping!

mum central


mum central

Join us as a Mum Central reviewer and give Modibodi a go!

We’re looking for 10 lucky ladies who have never tried Modibodi before to trial and review their range.

Our reviewers can choose from any style and size of underwear or test out their leggings (swimwear and singlets excluded from the review options). So choose your product, test out and report back to us.

Step 1: Jump on over to Modibodi and check out the range you’d like to trial

Step 2: Simply fill out the form below

Fill out my online form.

Here at Mum Central we absolutely LURVE Modibodi and we reckon you will too! So join the Modibodi Movement with this great opportunity. 

This is a sponsored post for Modibodi.


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