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Best Australian Maternity Brands 2024: Maternity Clothing Capsule for Every Season


No one is more deserving of comfortable and flattering clothing than A pregnant mum! There is enough discomfort that comes with pregnancy without worrying about pokey underwires and chafe-inducing pants. That’s why we love to pull together our this maternity brand guide, just for you! 

Check out our top Australian maternity brands of 2024 that bring maximum comfort and convenience that will make you feel radiant. Unleash that glow, mummas!

Here are the maternity brands that will take you from the first trimester to postpartum and back again (if you decide to add to the tribe, of course!). 

But before we dive into the best Australian maternity brands of 2024, let’s first look at what you may need clothing-wise when preparing to grow a human. For all things baby, we have a checklist of the must-have newborn items, but for mums-to-be, these maternity items are just for you! 

Your Maternity Clothing Capsule

MATERNITY LEGGINGS & SWEATPANTS: We recommend at least three pairs of super comfy leggings, sweatpants or shorts (if you’re somewhere tropical during summer). Non-negotiable: Pockets to hold keys, phone and of course, snacks. Snack pockets are 100% essential. 

MATERNITY WORK CLOTHING: If you have to head to the office, then think comfortable dresses, trousers and blouses. If you work from home, you may be able to get away with leggings and a nice top (for Zoom meetings). 

MATERNITY BRAS & UNDIES: Pregnancy is not the time you want to deal with wires poking you so a non-negotiable for us is wire-free! You’ve got baby arms and legs poking you enough. Be sure to also invest in comfortable cotton undies. 

MATERNITY MAXI DRESS: While this isn’t exactly a non-negotiable, we think every pregnant mum should have at least one flowy fancy dress to wear for special occasions like a baby shower, gender reveal or maternity photos. 

MATERNITY SWIMWEAR:  This depends on the season but we suggest investing in one maternity swimsuit, especially if you are pregnant during summer. 

COMFY SHOES: You might need to invest in new shoes for work but we also recommend a decent pair of walking shoes to keep your fitness up. Uggs are also a pregnant mum staple. 

MATERNITY PYJAMAS:  For night time as well as a robe for during/after labour. Nightshirts are extra comfy during pregnancy and will grow with you. 

MATERNITY NURSING SHIRTS, TOPS & SINGLETS: It’s a good idea to buy these during pregnancy as they are designed to grow with you and then are perfect for breastfeeding. 

RECOVERY SHORTS / COMPRESSION LEGGINGS: For postpartum and a quicker recovery. 

Now, onto the best maternity brands of 2024. 

8 Australian Maternity Brands we Love


Our Pick For Maternity Leggings

RRP: $139.99
Where to buy: Emamaco

Emamaco Best Maternity Clothing 2024
Source: Supplied

Emamaco is a trusted name in the maternity clothing business and their maternity leggings are the bees knees! So much so, no pregnant mumma should be without them! They are completely specialised for maternity, from the shape, fit, and fabric all the way up to every little stitch. You only need to buy one size – they grow with you from the first to the fourth trimester and they are extra smooth and have just the right amount of compression support. 

Don’t worry about pet hair, fluff or skin irritation. Emamaco’s custom fabrics are designed to repel fluff and pet hair with speciality stitching to prevent skin irritation. There’s no annoying seam down the crotch area so no chance of camel toe either! And FYI ladies, Pregnant Camel Toe is even worse than your Everyday Camel Toe. Best to be avoided! 

Emamaco Maternity Leggings are also moisture-wicking, breathable and stretchy and even come with back and belly support. The waistband is designed to go around the whole bump for extra support.

Our top pick in the Emamaco brand has to be their maternity leggings but they also have a wide range of other maternity products including maternity activewear, post-pregnancy recovery activewear, nursing crop tops, shapewear and regular activewear

EXPIRY: 31 JULY 2024

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Our Pick For Leakproof Nursing Bralettes

RRP: $69.00
Where to buy: MUMMA MILLA

mumma mila best maternity clothing 2024
Source: Supplied

As we mentioned above, nursing or maternity bras are a must for every pregnant mum. We recommend purchasing one or two before bub comes as your breasts will do some pretty radical things during pregnancy, not just when breastfeeding.

MUMMA MILLA’s nursing bras and camis are designed for everyday use and are cool, comfortable and of course, extra convenient for breastfeeding. We especially love how they come with built-in leakproof layers which will catch your breastfeeding spills without the need to rely on nursing pads. This feature is also great during pregnancy, especially the third trimester when you may find your breasts decide to leak at random times and without any warning at all. 

MUMMA MILLA’s nursing bras and tops are perfect for day or night and made to last your entire pregnancy journey, from those first days when your breasts have a big growth spurt to postpartum and beyond. You’ll feel confident and comfortable no matter how many weeks pregnant or postpartum.

We especially love the Bandeau Bralette which is not only practical but also flattering (because you might as well show off your extra-large assets while you can!). 


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Bamboo Body 

Our Pick For Bamboo Maternity wear

RRP: $49.95 – $139.95
Where to buy: Bamboo Body

Bamboo Body Best Maternity Clothing 2024
Source: Supplied

For comfort and sustainability, you cannot go past Bamboo Body. Their range of luxurious soft bamboo clothing is next-level comfortable, which is especially important for a maternity range.  The bamboo fabric is not only stretchy but also feels wonderfully soft against the skin, making their clothes perfect for expecting mums.

What makes this gorgeous maternity collection stand out is the thoughtful design tailored to grow with you. The collection includes everything you need for pregnancy – pants, shorts, skirts and leggings, all with stretchy, comfortable waistbands as well as tops with extra length or side ruching to accommodate a growing baby bump. Bamboo Body also has a stunning range of dresses in either a relaxed fit or side ruching, and they even carry bamboo maternity PJs, perfect for lounging. 

If you are looking for core pieces to build your maternity capsule wardrobe, Bamboo Body is certainly worth a look! Versatility is key in their collection, with items designed for mixing and matching to maximise your wardrobe’s potential. They’ve also got a great range of maternity workwear options which, as anyone who works in an office may realise, is rare to find! All their pieces are designed to be worn throughout pregnancy and beyond, ensuring you get the most out of each garment.


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Angel Maternity

Our Pick For Maternity PJs and Robe Sets

RRP: $39.95- 119.95
Where to buy: Angel Maternity

Angel Maternity Best Maternity Clothing 2024
Source: Supplied

Angel Maternity has been a favourite among pregnant mamas for over 20 years. Trendy styles, ultra-soft premium fabrics, and affordable prices, what’s there not to love? Angel Maternity has a divine and extensive collection of maternity clothes for work, play, activity and sleep. They’ve even got a beautiful range of dresses perfect for special occasions like baby showers.

But, if we had to pick our favourite item from this popular Australian maternity brand, it HAS to be their hospital robe sets. Their sets come with a robe, nursing nightie and matching wrap for bub, perfect for cuddles, snuggles and newborn photo shoots. 

Another great thing about Angel Maternity is their knitwear collection which is especially perfect if you’re shopping during the cooler months. Super soft and cozy, you’ll find pieces that are ideal for work but also for weekend outings and lounging at home. 


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Mama Movement

Our Pick For Bright and Bold Activewear 

RRP: $89-119
Where to buy: Mama Movement

Mama Movement Best Maternity Clothing 2024
Source: Supplied

If you are a fan of bright, bold colours, then Mama Movement is your go-to maternity brand. Specialising in bright hues and rainbow patterns, this activewear will match your colourful personality. 

Designed by a Melbourne mum, Mama Movement’s maternity leggings feature an extra stretchy over-the-bump waistband that will take you from the first trimester to full term and are also suitable for postpartum recovery. Designed to ease pregnancy discomfort, they offer firm, all-around support for the back, hips, and pelvis. The gentle yet firm compression also helps reduce leg swelling.

The innovative nursing crops feature fully adjustable straps, an adjustable bottom band, and easy-to-use nursing drop clips for one-handed access, plus signature sewn-in pads

And, of course, the range features the most gorgeous prints designed in collaboration with female Australian artists. Ideal for everyday wear, we also love how Mama Movement embrace body diversity and offers flattering styles for all shapes. Pregnancy is your time to glow and Mama Movement’s collection will help you feel like the glowing, confident goddess you are. 


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Active Truth

Our Pick For Thermal Pregnancy & Postnatal Leggings

RRP: $119
Where to buy: Active Truth

Active Truth Best Maternity Clothing 2024
Source: Supplied

Another one of the best Australian maternity brands that we’ve loved for a long time is Active Truth. Their maternity leggings continue to tick all the boxes but it’s their thermal maternity leggings that we especially want to share with you. 

Leggings are lightweight which is great in summer, but what about winter? Experience unparalleled comfort and warmth with Active Truth’s Thermal Pregnancy Pocket Full Length Tights. These are the only thermal tights in Australia and we just love them!

These tights are crafted from a premium, thermal fabric that provides exceptional insulation without compromising on breathability. Perfect for exercise, running errands or cuddling up on the couch, you’ll love how supportive and flattering these tights are. And, of course, they come with added pockets to hold your valuables and chocolate bars. 

Active Truth also has a range of Postnatal Thermal Recovery Tights, which are a game-changer for new mums preparing to welcome their winter babies. They offer targeted compression to aid in postpartum recovery and feature a supportive high waistband, pockets and warmth. 

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Bendon Nurture by Bendon Lingerie

Our Pick For Maternity Bras

RRP: $69.95 
Where to buy: Bendon Lingerie

Bendon Best Maternity Clothing 2024
Source: Supplied

Bendon Lingerie is a staple for our bras and undies, but did you know they also have a dedicated maternity range? Introducing the newly expanded Bendon Nurture Maternity Bras, designed to support new and expectant mums with comfortable construction and easy fit.

The new styles feature extra soft wire-free marshmallow padding or a pretty lace option, providing ultimate comfort that moves and flexes with the body to ensure an accommodating fit for all shapes and sizes.

  • Easy Nursing Access: The drop-down front clips offer easy access for nursing.
  • Enhanced Support: The internal cotton sling provides added comfort and support.
  • Adjustable Fit: Adjustable straps and a long six-row hook and eye adjustment guarantee the perfect fit throughout different stages of pregnancy and nursing.
  • Extended Sizing: Bendon Nurture Maternity Bras are also available up to an F cup, which is hard to find.

Bendon Nurture has you – and your breasts – covered from pregnancy to breastfeeding. Explore the new collection and find your perfect fit with Bendon’s commitment to quality and comfort.mum central

So there you have it ladies, that about wraps up our best Australian maternity brands for 2024 and how to build a maternity clothing capsule. Check out our other buying guides to help you prepare for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond:

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