APPLY TO REVIEW: Baby Alive – The Doll That Grows from Newborn to Child

The world of pretend play just got a whole lot more magical thanks to the brand new Baby Alive Baby Grows Up Merry Meadow and Baby Alive Baby Grows Up Happy Hope.

What makes these Baby Alive dolls so special? They actually grow up. From an itty bitty squishy newborn to a cheeky little girl.


We know, right???!! And that’s just the beginning of their surprises. 

Both are talking, interactive and realistic baby dolls but these ones are more special than any toy we’ve ever come across. They also aren’t yet released in Australia or New Zealand so this is your sneak peek into what’s coming to a toy shelf near you soon!

Baby Alive doll
Imagine the excitement of having a baby doll that actually grows! Source: Supplied

Baby Alive Baby Grows Up

Baby Alive dolls are known for their interactive lifelike features. Some can go to the potty, some can crawl, some can talk.

But Baby Alive Baby Grows Up is the first doll ever to actually GROW UP before your eyes (plus do heaps of other cool things too). And watching her grow is all sorts of magic, especially for your child.  After all, it’s not every day they get a Baby Alive that grows just like them!

It’s also not every day that an opportunity to be the first to own one of these dolls comes knocking at your door. But, knock, knock, it’s here!

Baby Alive doll that grows
Grows from newborn to baby to toddler before your eyes. Source: Supplied

Baby Alive reviewers wanted

We are beyond excited about this all-new Baby Alive surprise doll and we would love for you to share in this excitement. We have an opportunity for 10 children to review and keep Baby Alive Baby Grows Up as part of our exclusive unboxing.

If your little one is between the ages of 3 and 5 years, loves babies and is comfortable on camera, then we’d love to hear from you.

But ssshhhh, don’t tell them just yet! 

Let’s make it even more exciting for them by keeping the Baby Alive surprise doll a surprise! As part of the review process, we’d love for you to capture the moment they unbox the doll and discover the MANY surprises in store.

But before you apply, allow us to introduce you to the two new interactive babies on the block … Baby Alive Baby Grows Up Merry Meadow and Baby Alive Baby Grows Up Happy Hope. 

Baby Alive Grows Up doll
So many surprises in store with the all-new Baby Alive Grows Up Doll. Source: Supplied

A baby for now, a friend forever

There’s a lot to love about Baby Alive Baby Grows Up dolls. They have realistic features, they talk and they are as cute as can be … all big plusses in the eyes of little mums and dads in training.

These dolls are cuddly enough to bring to bed, but can also sit, stand and move, ideal for playing school, tea party and any other pretend play game. Plus, they are great listeners, especially when it to when it comes to little girl and boy secrets.

Whether your child is looking for a newborn to care for, a baby to play with or a friend for life, she’ll find it in Baby Alive. 

Baby Alive doll that grows
Discover the many ages and stages of Baby Alive. Source: Supplied

[mc_block_title custom_title=”So many surprises”]

Baby Alive Baby Grows Up comes with the element of surprise which kids simply LOVE! The first surprise is waiting for them as soon as they open the box and reveal which doll they got – will it be Baby Alive Baby Grows Up Merry Meadow or Baby Alive Baby Grows Up Happy Hope?

Other surprises include:

  • What colour of eyes will your baby have? Discover baby’s eye colour when they first give Baby Alive a bottle and she opens her eyes for the first time.
  • What about her hair colour? Remove her little hat to reveal her pretty hair colour.
  • When will she kick out of her swaddle? Eventually, she outgrows the blankie!
  • What will her first word be? Mamma? Dadda? Bottle?
  • When will she sit up and start to grow? So many magical milestones to watch!
  • What surprise accessories will you find? Both surprise dolls come with a swaddle blanket, bottle, food pouch, bib, hat, brush, skirt and shoes to unwrap.
Baby Alive interactive doll
Which Baby Alive will you get? Source: Supplied

[mc_block_title custom_title=”She really grows”]

It sounds impossible – how can a toy actually grow? But, hey, she really does. Baby Alive Baby Grows Up transforms from newborn to baby to big girl. She grows a full 10 cm, outgrowing her swaddle and growing into her skirt and shoes.

And it’s not just her body that grows – her hair does too.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”So many ways to play”]

Below are just some of the ways your little one can interact with the growing doll.

  • Help her grow by rocking and bottle feeding her.
  • When she outgrows her blanket, help her to learn to sit up.
  • Teach her to talk (there are 75 phrases and sounds to discover).
  • Feed her the first foods – she even makes yummy noises when she eats from her food pouch.
  • Hold her hands to teach her to stand up.
  • Dress her in her big girl skirt and shoes.
  • Brush her hair as it grows.
  • Reset to play again.
Baby Alive doll that grows
Newborn to little girl and back again. Source: Supplied

[mc_block_title custom_title=”A beautiful bond”]

There are a lot of great features about Baby Alive Baby Grows Up that will appeal to kids. But what we especially love as mothers is being able to watch our children interact with this doll.

It’s pure magic to see their eyes light up when they discover which surprise doll they got, to hear their nurturing side as they shush their newborn to sleep, to witness them take on the responsibility of caring for a baby, and best of all to watch a friendship grow.

This type of engagement is play at its purest form. And it really is beautiful to watch.

Baby Alive Grows Up
A friend for life. Source: Supplied

[mc_block_title custom_title=”The perfect present”]

Baby Alive Baby Grows Up will hit the shelves in October this year, which is perfect timing for Christmas as these will make an absolutely delightful gift.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Where to buy”]

You will be able to pick up your very own Baby Alive Baby Grows Up at Big W, Target, Myer and Independent stores and they will retail for $119.99. They’ll make a great birthday gift too, and perfect for a big sister or brother if a new baby is joining the family! Just imagine the gorgeous reactions when unwrapping one of these surprise dolls on Christmas morning!

In the meantime, apply to become one of our reviewer families below and experience the wonder, joy and surprises that Baby Alive can bring.

mum central

Be Part of Mum Central’s Review Team and Test out the New Baby Alive That Grows!

We’re looking for 10 kids between the ages of 3 and 5 years to share their unboxing experiences on video, with some still images and through a survey.

Each reviewer child will receive:

  • Either a Baby Alive Baby Grows Up Merry Meadow or Baby Alive Baby Grows Up Happy Hope. It’s a surprise!

Each reviewer parent will need to: 

  • Film and take photos of the unboxing, capturing the reactions as the child discovers the Baby Alive and the many surprises.
  • Take photos of the product and your child playing and interacting with Baby Alive.
  • Submit a video of the unboxing and toy review and a questionnaire at the end of the trial period.

OH AND REMEMBER – MUM’S THE WORD! Let’s keep the review a secret until the product arrives and the camera is rolling – we can’t wait to see their reactions!

Apply now!

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