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CASTING CALL: Be the Star of the Show Unboxing a FurReal Friends Unicorn or Dragon

It’s going to be a day of magical fun, excitement, surprise, and delight as your child is one of the first in Australia to unbox one of the two brand new FurReal Friends landing in Australia!

Due to hit the shelves this October, perfectly in time for Christmas gifting, Moodwings Baby Dragon and Blossom, My Bestiecorn the whimsical pink unicorn are sure to bring hours of endless joy and companionship to your child.

Both equally gorgeous, these interactive ‘friends’ come to life with personalities of their own. They move, make sounds … and just wait until you see what these mythical mates can do!

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Join us for our exclusive unboxing event of Moodwings Baby Dragon and Blossom, My Bestiecorn

We are looking for 4 x mums with kids aged 4-8 years, who aren’t shy in front of the camera, to join us in Sydney as they unwrap ‘their gift’ and discover, on camera, just how incredible these creatures are. 

If your little one loves animals and you can make it to our film location in Leichardt, then we’d love to hear from you!

But ssshhhh, don’t tell the kids!

This event is going to be so much fun and one that your child will LOVE being a part of, especially when they discover they get to keep their new friend! But, part of the magic in this whole film experience is discovering the JOY, and WOW and WONDER on their face as they discover for themselves, just how magical and interactive these toys are.

So without further adieu, let’s meet the two stars of the show … Blossom, My Bestiecorn and Moodwings Baby Dragon. We know you’re going to absolutely LOVE them!

Blossom, My Bestiecorn

How many times has your little one asked for a pet unicorn? Well, here’s your chance to deliver (minus the need to clean up rainbow glitter poop daily!).

Blossom my bestiecorn
Surprise your little lady with a pet unicorn of her very own. Source: Supplied

Blossom, My Bestiecorn is not your average unicorn pet. She is full of magic with a multicoloured mane, a bright blue horn and a fluffy tail … the newest unicorn toy on the block and ready to fly into your home and into the heart of your child!

furReal friend unicorn
Pat her, feed her, brush her mane – so many ways to play with Blossom My Bestiecorn. Source: Supplied

Like all the FurReal Friends, Blossom, My Bestiecorn is as real as it gets with 100+ sounds and reactions and interacts with your child in a way that is so beautiful to watch. 

What can Blossom, My Bestiecorn do?

Below are just a few tricks to try:

  • Pat her on her back – The FurReal unicorn responds with a very happy sound!
  • Brush her mane – Blossom, My Bestiecorn loves to be groomed so much that she responds with music when you comb her hair! She comes with a blush and barrettes.
  • Feed her ice cream – Yep, unicorn toys LOVE ice cream – didn’t you know? When you feed Blossom My Bestiecorn a treat, she will make happy eating sounds.
  • Give her a magical makeover – Blossom, My Bestiecorn also comes with a box of hidden gems – decorate her horn and hooves!
  • Friendship necklaces included – Blossom, My Bestiecorn even comes with two friendship necklaces, one for her and one for your child. How sweet is that? Now everyone will know they are besties for life.
Blossom furreal unicorn toy
Special BFF necklaces included! Source: Supplied

Moodwings Baby Dragon

Add another fantastical friend to your child’s wish list with Moodwings Baby Dragon – the cutest interactive dragon. She comes with 50+ sounds and responses AND different moods. Yep – she’s like a mood ring but so much cuter and loads more fun to play with!

mum central

Moodwings Baby Dragon is not only an electronic dragon, but a colour changing dragon too!

Her mood is revealed in her eyes and tummy:

  • Green means she’s hungry
  • Blue means she’s sleepy
  • Red means she’s a bit cranky, and
  • Yellow means she’s happy.

And when she’s extra happy? Well, you’ll have to see it for yourself! 😉

mum central

What can Moodwings Baby Dragon do? 

Moodwings Baby Dragon comes with 50+ responses and sounds. Below are just a few things to try with her.

  • Feed her a bottle and soothe her with a pacifier – She’ll make sucking sounds. Both accessories included.
  • Rock her in your arms – Help her to fall asleep.
  • Kiss her special gem – She will respond with plenty of happy sounds.
  • Fly her around – Spin her and tip her upsidedown and she will squeal with silly noises. So cute!
  • Play with her wings – They open and close and shimmer as she unfolds them. Plus, they act like a little blanket to keep her warm while she sleeps.

mum central

A Fur-Ever friend 

One of the things we love most about the FurReal Friends is that they are so life-like. It’s not just a one-play sort of toy. Kids can play with them in so many different ways – care for them, interact with them, discover the various features and surprises.  They really bring out the nurturing side and perfect for those who are looking for a pet (or friend) of their own.

Furreal friends unicorn blossom my bestiecorn
Blossom, My Bestiecorn is the perfect Unicorn friend for boys and girls. Source: Supplied

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They are soft enough to cuddle in bed, the perfect size to bring along on outings, and an ideal guest at any tea party. They are also experts at commanding spaceships, exploring the seven seas, and guarding blanket forts (naturally).

[mc_block_title custom_title=”A pet for life”]

Through Moodwings Baby Dragon and Blossom, My Bestiecorn, kids can also explore their nurturing side – especially with Moodwings Baby Dragon who can get fussy when she’s hungry or tired!

Your child will love having the responsibility of a pet. And you will love having a pet that you can shut off at the end of a big day of play!

mum central
Yellow eyes and tummy mean Moodwings Baby Dragon is happy. Source: Supplied

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There has never been a fantasy pet quite like Moodwings Baby Dragon or Blossom, My Bestiecorn before. We’re predicting these toys will fly off the shelves when they arrive in stores in October, especially with Christmas just around the corner. I can imagine my daughter literally squealing down the house if she FINALLY gets a unicorn for Christmas.

Both FurReal Friends are also ideal presents for any child who’s been asking for a pet, but who perhaps isn’t quite ready for a real pet just yet.

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Moodwings Baby Dragon and Blossom, My Bestiecorn will be available at Target, Big W and independent retailers when they hit the shelves in October. Moodwings Baby Dragon will retail for $89.99 while Blossom My Bestiecorn will be $199.99.

If you’re in Sydney, be sure to apply for our FurReal Reveal: LIVE Unboxing Event and be one of the first to meet both Moodwings Baby Dragon and Blossom, My Bestiecorn. 

mum central

 Be Part of Mum Central’s Exclusive Sydney FurReal Reveal Event!

We’re looking for four Sydney mums to join us with their son/daughter aged 4-8 years at an exclusive FurReal Friends Unboxing Event in Leichardt, Sydney on Saturday October 3, 2020. You will need to be available for the day for filming and photos. 

We’ll begin by surprising your child with their new FurReal Friend – either Moodwings Baby Dragon or Blossom, My Bestiecorn. But, sssh, let’s keep it a secret from them until the big reveal! Our videographer will capture the magic, wonder and joy as they begin to discover their amazing new FurReal Friend and build a relationship with their new pet.

We’ll do some candid interviews with your child, but also with you and your thoughts around motherhood, the toy and what’s important when caring for a pet. We have done a similar event in the past and it was a magical day – and we know just how much you and your child will treasure this experience.

We cannot wait to capture the magic as your child learns to nurture and care for their special creature.

It’s going to be a truly memorable event. Best of all, your child will get to bring home their very own Moodwings Baby Dragon or Blossom, My Bestiecorn, which is when the true magic really begins.

Fill out my online form.

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