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Rare Woolworths Ooshie Sits at $99,400 in eBay Bidding War

Have a spare $100,000 to spend on a rare  Ooshies this week? Get in quick to make your bid on eBay! Word to the wise though – DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS NEAR YOUR eBay APP.

Parents, never mind how obsessed your kids are with Woolworths Ooshies, now is the time to raid their collection if this out-of-this-world eBay listing is anything to go by.

Woolworths ooshies
MIND. BLOWN. Rare Ooshie potentially collects ALL the funds. Source: eBay

Ooshies fetch BIG money

Considering the collecting of Woolworths Ooshies is purely by chance (unless you swap with friends), this is one very happy Woolworths shopper indeed. Or at least they will be in a few days when the auction ends.

Say, what?

A single listing for a single Ooshie, the current bid stands at $99,400 with three more days until the auction ends. There are 95 bids on the single item which begs me to ask: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

Um, yep. *gulp* The FREE Ooshie you get with your shopping is earning BIG BUCKS.

Check out the listing for yourself here.

Selling description seems legit

The popular Woolworths collectable toy is an extremely rare Baby Yoda Ooshies released in Australia. And as the eBay listing states, its selling points are “First on eBay, individually numbered 059. Not to be confused with the normal green Yoda, this one has felt/fur clothing.” Obviously, worth the money then.

Woolworths Ooshies
Sellers description is kept short and sweet. Source: eBay

Keep the children AWAY

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of parents fall foul of their kids’ accidental purchases online when messing about with their parents’ phone or laptop, but aye Karumba, this kind of winning bid is the type that will most definitely land you into some sort of eye-watering messed up PayPal dispute. Temporarily deleting the eBay app until the auction ends is a great idea. For the safety of your mortgage’s sake.

One must ask though, if you’re willing to pay ALL THE MONIES for a Woolworths Ooshie, surely you’d have it couriered to your door and not delivered by standard Australia Post?  (which by the way, is an additional charge of $8.95 to the buyer). Food for thought people, food for thought!

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