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Why Baby Capsule Hire Makes Sense for New Parents

Oh the places you’ll go, the people you’ll see and the nappies you’ll buy during those first few weeks with a baby. Those of us who have been there before will tell you that if you have baby snug as a bug in a baby capsule, you can easily get ALL the errands done while your little one snoozes without interruption. That’s why we love baby capsule hire and why we think you should definitely consider it too.

Choosing the right capsule or car seat is hard when your baby hasn’t even arrived. It’s a lot of money to spend, there are dozens of features to choose from and who knows how long they will actually spend in the capsule.  Will they grow fast or slow? Will they hold their head up early? Or late? You won’t know what works for your baby until you actually meet that little bundle of joy and get to know their unique quirks.

That’s why more and more parents are choosing baby capsule hire, giving you time to make those choices. It allows you to determine what works for your family – when you actually are a family.

baby capsule hire is a smart choice
Capsules offer a simple, safe and secure option for transporting newborns. Photo: Max-Cosi

Uninterrupted sleep. That’s our biggest reason why you should hire a baby capsule. When the baby falls asleep in the car, you just unhook the capsule and pull the whole thing out.

Bone tired at 3am and the only way they will go to sleep is in the car? That removable baby capsule is going to save you a load of petrol and get you back some snooze time.

We even put our babies to sleep in the capsule at home if we had to go anywhere in the next hour because babies never wake up when you want them too. With a baby capsule, your newborn bub can sleep uninterrupted when you venture out for a coffee, head to (yet another) checkup at the health clinic or an attempt to do the shopping. You can even take a sleeping baby into a restaurant and pop them on the floor in the capsule while you eat dinner.

When you hire a baby capsule you get the comfort and convenience of having a capsule for the first few months without the cost of buying one. It costs just $2 a day to hire a baby capsule, compared with hundreds of dollars upfront to buy one.

Considering baby capsule hire? With FREE DELIVERY (for a limited time – see deets below), you don’t have to spend hours trawling the shops, just click and book and your capsule will come to you. Now’s a great time to get organised for baby’s upcoming arrival.

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What is a baby capsule anyway?

A baby capsule is the safest and most convenient way to travel with a newborn. Unlike a traditional car seat, capsules are designed to cradle your infant in a more comfortable and secure position.

Australia’s most popular baby capsule brand is Maxi-Cosi, especially their Mico Plus. This baby capsule is rated as the most trusted, intuitive and safe baby capsule in the world. It even has wicking fabric to keep baby cool in summer, drawing moisture away from their little bodies and an SPF50 hood to keep their tender skin safe from the harsh Aussie sun. Maxi-Cosi hires their baby capsules out directly and they have a 95 per cent satisfaction rating.

Here are a few things we love about the Mico Plus capsule.

1. Convenient

It can be tricky to get out of the house in the first few months. But a capsule makes outings a lot less stressful. Mico Plus capsules are safe, practical and easy to move from the car whilst your baby remains harnessed and hopefully asleep.

Babies fall asleep in the car often (pretty much every time you don’t want them to), so a capsule is a godsend. If your baby is still snoozing when you reach grandma’s, simply attach the capsule to your pram or carry it and place it gently on the floor.

Mico Plus baby capsule hire
Easy to click, unclick and carry to the coffee shop. Photo: Maxi-Cosi

2. Superior safety 

Mico Plus capsules come with the highest safety ratings and superior safety features such as Air Protect. This feature is designed to reduce the severity of side impact crash forces by absorbing the energy and transferring that energy away from your child’s head. It’s scary to think about, but an important feature to have.

3. Comfy for bub too

Most babies love napping or just chilling out on a capsule. The slightly-upright position is ideal for them and the gentle rocking is a great way to help them sleep. The innovative “Cool Baby” wicking fabric will keep them super cosy. Plus, newborns look SOOO cute in their capsules, all bundled up and ready for adventure.

4. Compatible with more prams brands 

Maxi-Cosi baby capsules are compatible with more leading stroller brands than any other capsule. They easily attach to popular pram models such as Maxi-Cosi, Bugaboo, UPPABaby, iCandy, Joolz and Redsbaby.

*Check our pram guide to compare pram and capsule compatibility* 

Mico Plus plus maxi-cosi pram
Move from car to pram with a baby capsule. Photo: Maxi-Cosi

Why baby capsule hire is such a smart option

Baby capsule hire offers parents a more affordable, space-saving alternative to buying. You can use them from newborn to around six months (sometimes less). After that, you will need to place your infant in a convertible car seat. It’s quite a hefty investment considering it is only good for a few months.

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Costs less than a cup of coffee 

Baby capsule hire starts at just $2 a day or $149 for three months, which is way cheaper than buying brand new.

Mico Plus capsule
Baby capsule hire is the way to go! Photo: Maxi-Cosi

Assurance the capsule is in perfect condition

Maxi-Cosi hire capsules have a manufacturer guarantee. Each one is put through the thorough Maxi-Cosi refurbishment process, for your complete peace of mind. On return, every single capsule undergoes the Maxi-Cosi certification process which includes sterilising and cleaning after every hire. They are thoroughly tested through a Maxi-Cosi safety and quality assessment. Don’t just take our word for it – Maxi-Cosi asked their customers to rate them and 95 per cent said they were incredibly satisfied with the quality and safety of the brand.

No need to store it 

When you hire a baby capsule you have one less baby item to store. You can hand it back when you have finished with it.

Keep it for as long or as little as your baby needs

Three months? Four months? Six months? You can choose how long you need it. Once your infant outgrows the baby capsule, give it back. No need to add it to the already overflowing pile of baby items currently taking over the house.

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Get out and about with your newborn without the stress. Photo: Maxi-Cosi

Protection and peace of mind 

Maxi-Cosi has safely carried more than 50 million babies home from the hospital.  When you hire a Maxi-Cosi baby capsule you deal with their company directly, there are no third parties involved. This peace of mind is priceless, especially during those precious first months.

Ready, set, hire!

Raising tiny humans isn’t easy. But transporting them from A to B should be, which is why we love the idea of hiring a baby capsule.

It’s incredibly easy to sort out too – much easier than shopping for a baby capsule. Head to the Maxi-Cosi website, choose your desired hire period – three months or six months. You can also hire for three months and then choose to extend it. Then choose the date you would like them to despatch your baby capsule to your chosen address and click on book now. 

Easy. Cost-effective, Flexible. Safe. What more could you want?

How about FREE delivery to your door? Sure!

Hire the popular Mico Plus baby capsule from Maxi-Cosi and you’ll get your new capsule without the standard $25 delivery fee. Just add the promo code Freedelivery to your cart. 

You’d better do it now though because, like the newborn stage, this offer isn’t valid for long.

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    In SA I believe you can hire them from Red Cross and I believe they install them for you. That way you know it is correctly fitted. They can be dangerous if it is incorrectly fitted. Possibly they may only be done in Adelaide. Red Cross test them for safety and clean them thoroughly between re-hiring them out.

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