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Best Prams on the Market: Features, Prices & Compatibility Guide

Decisions, decisions, decisions. When preparing for baby, there are A LOT of decisions to make! Feeding, sleeping, naming baby – all important things for starters.

But, of all the decisions we recently had to make when preparing for my (now-six-month-old) daughter’s arrival, the trickiest one for me was which pram to buy.

One quick look in any baby shop and you’ll realise just how many there are out there! And many of them look fantastic with stylish designs and convenient features. But how do I choose the right pram for me? Where do I even start?

It’s overwhelming, I know! I still remember googling different prams every night, reading pram reviews, eyeing a stranger’s pram whenever I was out, asking other mums what stroller they had and whether they liked it.

This is exactly why we wanted to put together a best prams guideto help new and expecting mums take the guesswork out of buying a pram. 

It’s a big decision and a massive investment. So let us help you find the right pram for you and your little one.

Choosing a Pram

Here are the six main questions to ask yourself: 

  1. What is your budget? Prams range from around $200 to $2,000!
  2. What will you be using it for? Running, basic errands, hopping on and off public transport? Shopping?
  3. Where do you intend to store the pram when not in use? In the garage, the front entrance of your apartment? Also, think about your car boot size.
  4. Will you be expanding your family? Do you need a pram that comes with a toddler board/extra seat?
  5. What matters most to you? Style? Size? Comfort?
  6. Are you looking for a compatibility option for capsules/travel systems?

Our Top Picks

  • Style: Silver Cross Wave Slate
  • Affordability: Phil&Teds go™ pram
  • Functional design: Joolz Day3
  • Versatility: Edwards & Co Oscar Mx
  • Comfort for bub: Maxi-Cosi Lila Stroller, Stokke Xplory 6 or Bugaboo Fox
  • Best to push: Silver Cross Wave Slate, Bugaboo Fox or Redsbaby METRO²
  • Compactness: iCandy Lime
  • Running/active living: Phil&Teds sport™ pram
  • Storage space: Redsbaby METRO²
  • Twins: Mountain Buggy Duet
  • Added accessories: Maxi-Cosi Lila Stroller
  • Growing families:  Baby Jogger City Select LUX , Silver Cross Wave Slate OR Phil&Teds voyager™ pram

Find out more about each pram, including price, our favourite features and compatibility with travel systems, below. Happy shopping!

1. Phil & Teds Voyager™ Pram 

Ride your way with voyager™, the intuitive and modular buggy for one or two kids that allows you to escape the nursery jail in style! It’s fun to push, stylish to boot and easily converts from a single to a double pram.

Phil&Teds voyager pram
Get out and about with the voyager™

Weight: 15 kg
Suitable for: Birth to 5 years
Price: $999
Compatible with: alpha baby car seat
Converts to double stroller: Yes
Great for: Everyday errands/adventures, two kids

Our fave features:

  • Comes in eight funky colours
  • Cushy, roomy seat for bub which converts from parent to front-facing
  • Easily reclines with one hand
  • Super easy to control, manoeuver and fold
  • Puncture-proof tyres and all-wheel suspension

Where to buy: Check it out in action at most baby stores including Babyology, Baby Kingdom, Baby Direct, or on the Phil&Teds website. Phil&Teds Voyager pram

2. Stokke Xplory 6 Pram

Not only is the luxury Xplory 6 a head-turner, but it’s also one of the best prams for bonding with baby. Every part of this height-adjustable stroller is designed to bring your baby closer for bonding and connection. Many babies are a little hesitant to sit in prams (especially when they know they can cry and be picked up) so the Stokke can make sitting in a pram more desirable for fussy babies and squirmy toddlers who just want ‘uppy’.

Stokke Xplory 6 best prams guide 2019
Closer connection to baby with Xplory 6

Weight: 12.8 kg
Suitable for: Newborn (with the additional Carry Cot) and toddlers up to 15kg
Price: From $1,799
Compatible with: Maxi Cosi and Peg Perego capsule and travel systems
Converts to double stroller: No
Great for: City cruising

Our fave features:

  • Raises your baby higher to promote eye contact and connection
  • Extended canopy with ventilation and UPF 50+ protection
  • Easy one-step foldable chassis and easy to wipe clean fabrics
  • 3 parent facing positions: sleep, rest and active, and 2 forward-facing positions: rest and active
  • Dream to push with swivel wheel function and one-hand maneuvering
Where to buy: Check out Kids Lifestyle – your one-stop shop for all Stokke prams and accessories.Stokke prams

3. Mountain Buggy Duet 

The duet is our top pick for twins! It can be used as a single or double pram with several different sibling configurations. It’s no wider than a normal pram (so you don’t have to fight with it every time there’s a doorway) and it offers great control too, which is especially handy when you’re pushing precious cargo x 2!

mountain buggy duet best prams 2019
Two babies, same width with the duet

Weight: 14.7kg
Suitable for: Newborn (with the additional capsule) to age 4
Price: From $999
Compatible with: Safe ‘n’ Sound Unity, Chicco Keyfit 30, Mountain Buggy protect + Phil&Teds alpha™ + Maxi Cosi CabrioFix, Pebble and Mico
Converts to double stroller: Yes
Great for: Getting out and about with two bambinos

Our fave features:

  • Five cool colours/designs, plus reversible liners
  • No wider than the average pram
  • One hand ultra fast compact fold
  • Compatible with twin car seat capsule or twin carrycot capability (purchased separately)

Where to buy: Find out more about the duet, read duet pram reviews and buy it through the Mountain Buggy website. Check out our Mountain Buggy Nano review for another dual pram option. Foam Alive

4. Redsbaby METRO² Pram

The Redsbaby METRO² is a lightweight pram but with all the bells and whistles of a regular pram. It’s easy to just grab-and-go and a great choice for smaller cars. Suitable from birth with an optional bassinet, super-sized basket and reversible, three-position seat, the METRO² makes exploring the world with your little one easy.

Redsbaby Metro pram - best prams guide
Affordable, compact and stylish – Three big ticks for the Redsbaby METRO²

Weight: 10.5kg
Suitable for: Newborn (with bassinet) to 20kg
Price: From $649 (for main seat only), $749 (for the bassinet too)
Compatible with: Maxi Cosi or Britax
Converts to double stroller: No but you can buy a Toddler Board to attach to the back ($99).
Great for: Smaller cars and spaces, everyday cruising

Our fave features:

  • Super-sized 10kg basket to store all your extra gear
  • Compact fold, perfect for smaller cars and spaces
  • Extra-large UPF50+ extension canopy – provides optimum sun protection and maximum air flow
  • Reversible and reclinable seat – 20kg capacity with 3 recline and footrest positions
  • Effortless push and easy to put together

Where to buy: Check the Redsbaby website for more info on the METRO² . RedsBaby Metro pram

5. iCandy Lime

iCandy is literally the eye candy of prams and the Lime is no exception. Of the high-end prams on the market, the Lime is packed with plenty of drool-worthy features, especially the all-in-one compact fold and its built-in toddler board, perfect for older siblings who want to catch a ride.

Icandy Lime best prams guide
All-in-one fold AND built-in toddler board with the Lime

Weight: 10.2 kg
Suitable for: Newborn to 25kg
Price: From $1,399
Compatible with: Maxi Cosi
Converts to double stroller: No, but it does have a built-in toddler board
Great for: Trips with a baby and toddler, compact spaces, smaller cars

Our fave features:

  • Integrated ride-on board for older sibling (the only full-sized pram on the market to have one!)
  • Five different ‘flavours’ including lime, cedar (red), ice blue, onyx and gray
  • Large carrycot for overnight sleeping, 5-position recline seat, and spacious basket holds up to 10kg
  • New ‘TotalFold’ All-In-One system
  • All-round suspension and puncture-proof ERP tyres for a smooth ride

Where to buy: Check the iCandy website for more info on the Lime. Foam Alive

6. Phil&Teds Sport™ Pram

Sporty and stylish to boot, the sport™ gives you 3 wheelin’ freedom for a dynamic lifestyle from newborn right up to toddler. This is a great pram for active mums who wants a pram that will keep up with their busy lifestyle.

Phil and Teds sport best prams
Active mums unite with the sport™

Weight: 12 kg
Suitable for: Birth to 5 years
Price: $849
Compatible with: alpha baby car seat
Converts to double stroller: Yes
Great for: Jogging, running, cruising around town with your tot

Our fave features:
  • All-wheel suspension for all-terrain adventures
  • 3 wheels with a swivel front wheel for cruisy walks and runs
  • Unparallelled maneuverability and stability (able to effortlessly ‘pop’ up kerbs)
  • Several recline modes for the seat and compatible with newborn using the Carrycot
  • Can be converted into a double pram with the double seat accessory kit

Where to buy: Check it out in action at most baby stores including Babyology, Baby Kingdom, Baby Direct, or on the Phil & Teds website.

Phil&Teds sport

7. Baby Jogger City Select LUX

Cute and convenient to boot, the BJ City Select Lux is another good choice for the growing family. Functional and stylish, if you are looking at adding a sibling down the road, then we suggest having a closer look at the City Select LUX. 

Baby Jogger City Select LUX
Effortlessly transport your little ones with the LUX

Weight: 13.9kg
Suitable for: Birth (with Capsule or Bassinet) to 20.5kg
Price: From $1,295
Compatible with: City Go Capsule
Converts to double stroller: Yes, even a triple with glider board!
Great for: Growing families, cruising around town, all-terrain everyday stroller

Our fave features:
  • Most riding options of any single to double stroller, with over 20 configurations
  • Easily transforms into a travel system, a double stroller, or even a triple with the glider board
  • Easy to fold and automatically locks, so it’s easy to carry too
  • Comfortable to control with all-wheel suspension and a decelerating hand brake
  • Great for all-terrain adventures with the entire tribe

Where to buy: City Select LUX is available through the Baby Jogger Australia website, Baby Bunting and independent baby stores.City Select Lux

8. Bugaboo Fox 

If you’re a fan of comfortable prams, then the Bugaboo Fox is a great option. Bugaboo is all about combining timeless elegance with modern features and their foxy Fox is as sleek as they come. Super cosy for bub, comfortable steering for you, the Bugaboo Fox has been designed to make navigating corners, busy streets and tight spaces a breeze.

It also happens to be the pram of choice for Meghan Markle and baby Archie Harrison.

Bugaboo Fox best prams round upWeight: 9.9kg
Suitable for: Birth to 22kg
Price: From $1,899
Compatible with: Masi Cosi, Britax Römer, Chicco, Nuna travel systems
Converts to double stroller: No
Great for: All-terrain adventures, everyday living, super-style and comfort

Our fave features:

  • All-wheel suspension and big tyres for a smooth ride
  • Light to push and effortless steering
  • Comes with both the bassinet (for newborn) and the ergonomic seat (for 6 months +)
  • Transport it easily with the one-piece, self-standing fold
  • Built to last with high-quality materials and fabrics made with recycled materials

Where to buy: Check out the Fox on the Bugaboo website.

Foam Alive

9. Joolz Day3

A better way to enjoy the day with your tot, Joolz Day3 is all about blending style and functionality. With comfortable steering, easy fold system and sleek style, this is one of the more high-end prams on the market but the design and quality are second to none.

Joolz Day3 Pram
Brighten every day with the Day3

Weight: 12.9kg
Suitable for: Birth to 20kg
Price: From $1,849
Compatible with: Maxi Cosi, Nuna Pipa, Pipa Klik, Joie iGemm, Cybex, Cloud Q.
Converts to double stroller: No
Great for: All-terrain adventures, everyday living, super-style and comfort

Our fave features:

  • Lifetime warranty! Enjoy carefree strolling for a lifetime
  • Super-sleek design – this pram is made to turn heads left, right and center
  • Comes with both a bassinet (for newborn) and seat (for 6+ months)
  • Upright storage and easy to steer
  • Extra high seat, perfect to use as a portable high chair when out for meals

Where to buy: You can buy the Day3 through the Joolz website, Baby Bunting and Baby Kingdom.

Foam Alive

10. Phil&Teds Go™ Pram

Phil&Teds go™ pram is our top pick for a city cruiser. It’s one of the lightest full seat buggies on the market and affordable too! It’s especially awesome for travelling through airports, around the city or on public transport.

phil-and-teds-go-stroller phil&teds go
Go explore without effort with the go™

Weight: 5 kg
Suitable for: Birth to 4 years
Price: $299
Compatible with: alpha baby car seat
Converts to double stroller: No
Great for: Smaller cars, compact spaces, public transport, city cruising, travel

Our fave features:
  • Extremely lightweight at just 5kg
  • Compact stand fold – folds small enough to fit in ANY car boot or small space
  • Sturdy, easy to steer and comfortable for bub
  • Suitable for newborns with the flat full-size sling seat and several recline positions (for naps on the go)
  • Puncture-proof wheels and all-wheel suspension, to cruise the city streets with ease

Where to buy: Check it out in action at most baby stores including Baby Bunting, Baby Kingdom, Baby Direct, or on the Phil&Teds website. We’ve also got a review of the Phil&Teds go™ buggy that you may be interested in reading. Phil&Teds Go Pram

11. Silver Cross Wave Slate

When it comes to pram design, Silver Cross is one of the top contenders. Its prams are absolutely gorgeous and the Wave Slate is no exception. What we especially love about the all-new and improved Wave Slate is its innovative One Plus One® system that grows with your newborn and easily makes room for other siblings as they come.  It’s great for parents too, with a convenient cup holder for coffees on the go and easy-fold system for quick adventures out.

Silver Cross Wave Slate best prams 2019
Make room for one more with the Wave Slate

Weight: 11kg – chassis (carrycot = 4.2kg, pushchair seat = 3.3kg)
Suitable for: Birth to 25 kg (around age 5)
Price: $2,299
Compatible with: Maxi Cosi, Nuna Pipa
Converts to double stroller: Yes – in fact, it comes with BOTH the bassinet for newborn AND the push seat for older kiddies, plus the seat adaptors
Great for: Growing families (an optional accessory is the ride-on toddler board, which holds up to three kids), city cruising, high-end style

Our fave features:
  • 30 different ways to configure the pram!
  • Comes with ventilated carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping and reversible pushchair (to face you or the world), plus additional carrycots, pushchairs and car capsules available (sold separately)
  • Two hoods & aprons, plus two mosquito nets and rain covers for both the carrycot and pushchair
  • Four-way independent wheel suspension with puncture-proof tyres
  • Coordinating fabrics and trims for extra pretty pram pushing!

Where to buy: Buy the Silver Cross Wave through the Silver Cross website, independent baby stores and online. You may also be interested in some of the other Silver Cross prams including the Surf Henley.
Foam Alive

12. Edwards & Co Oscar Mx 

Oscar Mx is the all-new addition to the Edwards & Co family.  It’s a 3-wheel buggy and travel system that’s designed with sharp styling, one-click convenience, and long-term ‘family value’ in mind. There’s a lot to love about this functional pram, but it’s the versatility and the ability to keep delivering as your kids grow and change that really sets the Oscar Mx apart.

mum central
Oscar Mx – designed for everyday adventure

Weight: 10.3kg
Suitable for: Birth to 20 kg
Price: $899
Compatible with: Maxi Cosi, Cybex or Nuna
Converts to double stroller: No
Great for: Adventure, every day, the ultimate all-rounder pram

Our fave features:

  • Easy to adjust parent or forward-facing seat – Oscar is one of the only 3 wheelers with this ability
  • A smooth all-terrain 3 wheeler, you can jog with, or go off-road, without the risk of punctures
  • Lightweight (10.3kg) and so easy to fold.  Plus it fits into any car boot (including a Suzuki Swift!)
  • XL canopy with UPF50+ certification.
  • Optional Carry Cot includes a UFP50 sunshade (no more muslin cloths!) AND EN 1466 safety certifications for overnight sleep.

Where to buy: The Oscar Mx 3 is brand new to the pram market. You can get it through the Edwards & Co website.

shop now

13. Maxi-Cosi Lila Comfort Stroller

Stroll in comfort with the new Lila Stroller, a perfectly-polished pram that puts bub’s comfort first! What we especially love about Lila is the ShapeofYou newborn inlay.  An ergonomic memory foam cocoon inlay, it reduces space around the child’s body, providing the ultimate feeling of security. The shaped cavity also reduces pressure under the child’s head, helping to prevent flat-head syndrome.

best prams lula
Cosy adventures await!

Weight: 12.8 kg
Suitable for: Birth to 20 kg
Price: $1,199
Compatible with: Maxi Cosi (adaptors included)
Converts to double stroller: Yes
Great for: Comfort for baby, added accessories

  • Comes with an Accessories Value Pack worth $295 for FREE including the ShapeOfYou Inlay $149.95, Boot cover $49.95, Rain cover $45.95 and Adapters $49.95
  • Unique “Nap Keeper” creates additional shade and protection from the weather and visitors peeping into the pram
  • Transformable seat with multiple recline positions for use from birth. It’s also reversible
  • Light reflectors on the canopy for safe walks with baby at night
  • SmoothRide long-lasting, biomaterial wheels for greater durability

Where to buy: You can pick up the Lila Stroller through the Maxi-Cosi website.
shop now

Happy Pram Hunting!

We hope our best prams guide can help you narrow down your search and find the right stroller for your specific needs.

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