Share Your Elf on the Shelf Photos and WIN a $699 FujiFilm Camera

Clear some space on your phone, unpack that cheeky Elf and get ready to share your Elf on the Shelf photos for yet another year of Elf shenanigans.

Sure, the kids love it, but there’s another reason to partake in the Elf antics this year – your Elf efforts could win you a sweet prize!

Pose your Elf, win a camera 

We’re not just talking about the metaphorical prize of watching your kids’ eyes light up every morning. That’s nice, but, we’ve got an actual tangible prize to give away. And it could be ALL YOURS.

What is it you ask? One lucky mum or dad will walk away with a $699 FujiFilm camera from CameraPro in our annual Elf on the Shelf competition.

Simply snap a picture of your Elf, fill out the form below, SHARE your picture on social media using the hashtags #MCElfComp and #CameraProAu and you could WIN a Fujifilm XF10 Digital Camera.

Don’t have an elf? Don’t fret. We will have another incredible prize up for grabs in our people’s choice voting comp – so sit tight – you can still win.

This is one of our favourite competitions of the year and we cannot wait to see what everyone’s Elf gets up to! Keep scrolling to find the competition form and more details on how it all works below. 

Elf on the Shelf competition winner 2018
Last year’s winner – All Wrapped Up by Leigh Bignell. Can you top it this year?

Lights, camera, action with the compact Fujifilm XF10 Digital Camera 

Before you start googling Elf on the Shelf ideas, let’s take a closer look at just what’s up for grabs. Trust us, it’s a goodie!

Drumroll, please… To reward you for your Elf photography skills, you could win a camera that will take your photography to the next level. How cool is that?

The camera on offer is the Fujifilm XF10 Compact Digital Camera in Champagne Gold. And, let me tell you, this camera is something else! It’s compact, lightweight and durable.  You can take it anywhere to record those magic moments with the kids. Pop it in your bag as you head to the park and you can capture stunning photos of the kids sliding down the slides and playing in the dirt (perhaps even eating it). It’s so durable that you can even let the kids have a turn so they can learn a new skill over the loooong summer holiday.

Best of all, it takes professional-quality pics. After you’ve proven your cred snapping stills of your Elf you can use the Fujifilm XF10 Compact Digital Camera for landscapes, action shots and family photos. This could be the start of a whole new hobby.

Fujifilm from CameraPro
The compact Fujifilm XF10 delivers quality photos without the heavy-duty equipment. Photo: Supplied

Below are just a few of the things we love about it.

So easy to use!

Simply snap and shoot. The fixed18.5mm lens is perfect for shooting all angles and ISO ranges, from 200-12,800 and expandable to 100-51,200. What that tech talk means is it’s awesome for portraits, landscapes and all light conditions. Just get busy being snappy!

Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Transfer your photos and videos over to your phone, computer, etc without having to plug in anywhere. This is such an awesome feature. It allows you to take and share superior quality photos and upload them super fast to social media or Google Photos.

Video recording too

This is such a great plus. My kids are constantly asking, “Mum, can you take a video of me jumping on the tramp/doing ballet in the backyard/making stupid faces/.” On a side note, WHY must kids feel the need to record everything?

Intelligent Hybrid Auto Focus system

If you’re struggling with manual mode, never fear. This nifty little camera has a super-intelligent auto-focus system to ensure your shots stay crisp and clear even in low light, low contrast situations or when a toddler is pulling on your leg for attention. Yes, auto mode is your best friend with this camera.

Pretty nifty little gadget, right? If you can’t wait for the competition to come to an end, then head over to CameraPro. They have several different cameras, many on special for Christmas, designed to take your love of photography to the next level.

You can even get a $10 birthday voucher, 35% off Australian Photography Magazine Subscription and 10% off Luminar 3 and 4 editing software by signing up to their Basecamp silver membership. It’s free and easy to do.

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Now that we know what’s on the table, let’s get back to how you can WIN IT.

How the Elf on the Shelf competition works

Add an extra dash of awesome to your Elf’s nightly adventures and you could take home the grand prize! It really is that simple. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Dust off your Elf. Or, if you are new to the Elf world, head to your nearest Elf Adoption Centre in Myer, Dymocks and speciality retailers to buy your very own. It’s game on come December 1 when all the Elves let loose!

2. Stage and snap. You’ve got 21 days of nightly Elf antics ahead of you. Take photos of your Elf every night (or on the nights that you actually remember to move him).

3. Fill out the form below. This just helps us find your photos without you having to submit them every time you take a picture.

4. Share your favourite pics on social media. Ensure they’re public so we can see them and use the hashtags #MCElfComp and #CameraProAu and make sure the post is public. Share as many photos as you want – as long as you have the hashtags then your photo will count. You have until Monday 21st December 2019 to fill in the form and get as many photos uploaded as you can.

mum central
Another finalist from last year

5. We’ll pick our favourite 10 photos as finalists and then the public gets to vote (so be sure to tell ALL your friends). To be a finalist we are searching for three main things: clever ideas – both naughty and nice elves welcome!; great lighting; and excellent staging.

6. The Elf on the Shelf photo with the most VOTES will win the shiny prize – a snappy new Fujifilm XF10!

Need some Elf on the Shelf ideas?

Have a look at some of our previous finalists and Elf on the Shelf ideas:

Elf on the Shelf photos 2018
Get inspired with our collection of Elf on the Shelf ideas


Ready to play? Great! Simply fill out the form below and you’re one step closer to winning a Fujifilm camera from CameraPro!

Entries close 21 December 2019 so get your Elf on the Shelf photos in before then! Make sure you follow Mum Central on Facebook to watch for Elf updates.

Our 10 finalists will be announced 23 December 2019 before we let our readers VOTE for their favourite Elf photo. Will it be yours? Only one way to find out…

Fill out my online form.

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