Newborn Baby’s Head Sliced Open During ‘Nightmare’ Caesarean Delivery

Having a baby? Expect the unexpected. 

But no mum expects her baby’s head to be sliced open during the delivery process.

This is exactly what happened to new mum, Helene. She has shared her horrific experience after a botch cesarean section birth left her newborn requiring stitches to fix a head wound.

The mum, who lives in northeastern France, has revealed her horrible story, outlining the mistreatment and asking for an explanation.

Or, at the very least, an apology.

Planned cesarean goes wrong

Helene, who already has two daughters, was more than prepared to welcome her third daughter. But after the planned c-section, she noticed something was very wrong with her daughter’s head.

The scalpel left a noticeable wound on the side of baby’s head and required six stitches to close up.

‘What inhumane treatment’

Now Helene is accusing the gynaecologist of playing down the incident. She claims the doctor offered no explanation or apology, only saying it wasn’t so bad because the cut was in an area covered by the baby’s hair.

“It is only her hair. He did not even apologise. What inhumane treatment.” – Helene

The hospital made a public statement, describing it as a “rare incident”. The statement says they “regret the situation”, but believe their doctors “performed their job well”.

Bub has since recovered from the injury, but will have a small scar from the stitched wound.

Accidents happen, even in birth. There are always certain risks involved in all types of births. But for Helene, it wasn’t just the scarring that has her furious.

“What bothers me the most is that we did not get an explanation or an apology,” she says.

Helene is considering suing the hospital for malpractice.

This isn’t the first time a birth has gone very wrong (and it won’t be the last). Have a look at this story of a mum who discovered an epidural needle lodged in her spine, 14 years after giving birth. 

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