Ouch! Mum Nails the Baby Manicure. Literally.

Those of us who have newborns will know that those adorable paper-thin, teeny tiny baby fingernails are actually weapons of mass destruction. So this mum filing her baby’s nails into a shape reminiscent of a five-pack of steak knives has ignited the internet.

Is it a baby manicure gone wrong?

The image, first spotted on Reddit, sparked a flurry of comments – all pretty much alluding to IS SHE CRAZY? We know the scratches and gouges babies can give themselves on their beautiful cherub-like faces with short nails, let alone with them shaped into a sharp point.

Baby manicure? Surely not.

It’s not known if the original image is photoshopped or if it was a joke before actually cutting the nails – the details are scarce. But that hasn’t stopped the internet from commenting. And as you can imagine, the Reddit comments came thick and fast.

“Baby nails are sharp enough as it is, those things would tear your face right up.”

“More importantly, THE BABIES face. An itchy eye could result in permanent blindness.”

“Imagine kitten’s claws.”

“This is something out of a horror movie..little baby claws.”

“Chucky’s bride (Jennifer Tilly) had the same manicure set up.”

“Why does it look like a little goblin hand?”

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Cute or an accident waiting to happen? Source: Reddit.

Baby fingernails are… tricky.

I can understand wanting to put off clipping baby fingernails. Those pint-sized, hard to see fingernails are a mission to cut, even with equally tiny fingernail clippers. And let’s not talk about when you cut your baby’s fingertip in the process. No, you’re not alone, many of us have done it.

But still, I’m not convinced this Edwards Scissorhands style manicure is the answer. Mittens or not, surely these nails would saw straight through fabric?

And for breastfeeding mothers, think about the mid-feed boob claw. Holy Batman. That would maybe scar you for life, both mentally and physically.

So guys, cut your bub’s nails and leave the mani for MUCH later. Preferably when they’ve outgrown the startle reflex and scratching the bejeebus out of their own face.

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