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Plush Toy Storage: 12 Cute Ways to Store and Display Soft Toys

Every Teddy deserves a home – a place to curl up at the end of a long day of play, preferably not on the floor.

There are plenty of great storage options for soft toys – wicker baskets, toy boxes, hammocks all readily available at major retailers. However, if you’re looking for something outside the box, then check out these clever DIY soft toy storage ideas. We love them all! 

1. Toy Hammock

One of the easiest and cheapest options you have for plush toy storage is a hammock that hangs neatly in the corner of a room. Little Mager House did their own DIY rendition of the toy hammock using cute dinosaur fabric – this is a great idea for any themed bedrooms.

soft toy storage hammock
Source: Little Mager House

Simply pick up some fabric in the theme of your child’s choice and voila! Check out Little Mager House for the how-to. 

2. Rod hammock

Another super clever idea, perfect for closet space, is this rod hammock. Again, so simple to make check out how good it looks! Read the tutorial here. 

plush toy storage solutions
Source: Bowdenisms

3. Baskets galore

Another easy way to keep soft toys stored OFF the floor is to attach baskets to the wall. Easy peasy! 

mum central
Source: Amazing Interior Design and Clean My Home Today

4. Towel rack hack

We also love the idea of using a towel rack and sliding the storage baskets onto it. How clever Muddle Huddle! 

soft toy storage
Source: Mother Huddle

5. Wall planter

Another fun alternative to typical storage baskets is a funky wall planter! Head over to Organize It Challenge to see how it’s done. 

stuffed toy storage wall planter
Source: Organize it Challenge

6. Stuffie Swing

This toy swing is a beautiful DIY plush toy storage project for those who fancy a bit of DIY. Check out the full tutorial here.

Stuffed toy storage - swing
Source: It’s Always Autumn

7. Teddy Zoo

Next, we have a cute little zoo for Ted and his friends. This one takes a bit of timber and a lot of DIY love but it’s so worth it! Check out the tutorial from Down Redbud Drive. 

mum central
Source: Rebeccah Harmer and Down Redbud Drive

You can also hack the Kmart towel rack into your very own Teddy Zoo like this clever mumma did! 

mum central


8. Toy Corral

Strong, sturdy and a perfect addition to the end of your child’s bed, this adorable toy corral is a perfect home for plush toys to rest their heads at the end of the day. See how to make it at Shades of Blue Interiors. 

toy storage ideas
Source: Shades of Blue Interiors

9. Stuffed beanbag

Stuffed teddy beanbags are hugely popular these days and you can buy them online from heaps of stores including Amazon and Wish. However, we like this one better because it’s DIY and one-of-a-kind!

plush toy beanbag
Source: Thread Riding Hood

Check out Thread Riding Hood for instructions on how to make your own. 

10. Teddy Rope 

This one is so much easier than it looks and allows you to make use of that extra ceiling space. You’ll need to pick up some plastic chain, ceiling hooks and clip hooks to hold each stuffed toy in place. 

plush toy storage ideas
Source: Rain on a Tin Roof

See the full tutorial at Rain on a Tin Roof. 

11. Stuffed animal shoe rack

This one requires ZERO DIY skills (Score!). Simply buy a shoe rack and place the stuffed animals into each slot. How easy and effective.

plush toy storage
Source: Pinterest

This one is great for kids who play with their stuffed toys a lot too as it’s accessible and easy for them to put each plush toy back when they’re done with it. 

12. Pillow case for plushies 

Our final plush toy storage idea is a goodie – it’s a simple pillow case made awesome with the powers of a quilting hoop! See how to make it at Houseologie. 

plush toy storage
Source: Houseologie

So there we are – 12 clever ways to store and display plush toys. Trust us, your kids’ teddies will thank you! And how great will it be to walk into their room and NOT trip over 15 Beanie Boos!?

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