#NailedIt Extra Long Toe Nails Are Set to Scrape Footpaths This Summer!

We’re almost done with winter and the toes are ready to come out of hibernation. And guess what’s hot in nail designs this summer? Yep, super-duper long toenails. These people are literally #nailingit.

Book your post-winter pedi in now guys because achieving this look is going to take some time. Plus you’ll need to spend a whole lot MORE time thinking about your summer footwear.

So tell us, will you be rocking extra-long toenails this summer? For us, the jury is still out on whether this trending nail design is going to be hot or not?

It’s fashion, baby

Back in the old days, the biggest decision you’d have to make about your pedicure would be if you wanted a matte or a high-gloss nail polish. Not now though, because farrrrshun is dictating something else entirely. And it’s not particularly pleasant. AT ALL.

toe nail designs
Classic square tips? Source: Instagram

But how?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to toenail maintenance many of us have let ourselves go. We might spend money on a manicure every now and then, but toes? Meh – no one sees them bad boys. Cut, whack some polish on them and wear shoes. It’s a DIY job at best.

With this latest nail trend though, you can bet you’re going to be BFFs with your manicurist by the time the season is out. Yes, you could choose to grow your toenails, au naturel, but no one has time for that. A nail trend is here for a good time, not a long time. Acrylic nails are the way to go here. #fakeittilyoumakeit

nail designs
Matching mani and pedi for the self-care WIN. Source: Instagram @NailSunny

Making a full-time job out of nail design

Given the time it takes to grow your toenails super long, I suppose it makes sense that you should want to show them off in more ways than one. We stumbled across one such lady (but chances are there are many more weirdos¬† women out there) who’s dedicated her entire Instagram account to her long toenails.

Long toenail trend nail design

nail design long toenails
Tantalising talons. Source: Instagram @rosna_footmodel

A nail design where footwear could be an issue

Wearing shoes might be an issue with these trending nail designs. Depending on the length of your toe talons, it could mean months of wearing thongs, platform shoes.. or flippers could potentially work! Alternatively, buy all shoes a size bigger. See, we have ANSWERS.

nail designs
Pretty (and curly) in pink. Source: Instagram

Prepare for injuries

Considering our toes are still tucked up tight in Ugg boots here in Australia, we can only imagine the kind of injuries that might occur from this nail design trend. For those who like the dramatic long-nail look, expect there to be a constant filing of nails from the footpath. Silver lining – you’re going to save LOTS on the cost of emery boards.

nail design, toe nails
A ‘manageable’, low maintenance nail length in comparison. Source: Instagram @paaparast

Also, for the love of Sally Hansen, avoid stubbing your toes on anything. That’s going to hurt like HELL. #fact

Get excited about putting your best foot forward this summer folks, she’s going to be a ripper! (of socks!) Got time for a manicure too? Book in your ultrasound or vagina nail art proto!

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