Easter Baby Names Inspired by the Season

Why not try a baby name inspired by the season? Due to give birth in the next few weeks? Still unsure of what to call your new addition? If you’re due very soon you might like to consider an Easter baby name. 

Hop to it and take your inspiration from this lovely time of year. Celebrate new life, blessings and love with a beautiful Easter inspired name.

Naming your little one is always a tricky decision. But if you’re about to pop this Easter long weekend you might find some unique baby name inspiration below! Whether Easter holds religious significance for your family or it’s just a great excuse for chocolate and celebration, there’s gorgeous names to mark the holiday for boys and girls.

Baby Names Inspired by Easter for Girls

Anastasia – The saint by the same name is the patron for weavers. This elegant girls name means resurrection or one who is reborn.

April – The month which Easter often falls. April is also the month of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

Ari – a gender neutral name with a nod to Aries, the star sign which your baby’s birth  is likely to fall under.

Bethany – a beautiful Hebrew name which is also the name of the town near where Jesus ascended into heaven.

Esther – a subtle nod to the word Easter, means star in Persian.

Evangeline – of both Greek and English origin, this classy girls name means “good news”.

Joanna – the female form of John, which means “gift from God”.

Lulu – a Native American name which means “rabbit” – the symbol of Easter.

Mary – the mother of Jesus and queen of heaven, this name means “wished for child” and “beloved”.

Marguerite – the beautiful Marguerite daisy is known for blooming around Easter time. This French name is a form of Margaret, and means pearl.

Octavia – meaning eight, a number of high significance to Christians. The week after Easter is often referred to as the second octave and eight days after Easter Sunday is marked with a feast day.

Sunday – the day on which Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Actor Nicole Kidman and singer Keith Urban helped popularise the name when they called their daughter Sunday Rose.

Tamara – a female version of the Hebrew name Tamar, meaning date palm. Palm leaves were used to line the path of Jesus on Palm Sunday as he entered Jerusalem.

Baby Names Easter

Baby Names Inspired by Easter for Boys

Andrew – meaning manly and strong, Andrew was one of Jesus’ apostles.

Cruz – of Spanish origin, Cruz translates as cross.

Elijah – This Hebrew name literally translates as “the Lord is my God”.

Joseph – the father of Jesus and a carpenter, this Hebrew name means “he will add”.

Leif – why not take inspiration from the beauty of Autumn? This Scandinavian name means beloved.

Owen – meaning lamb – one of the symbols of Easter’s new life and renewal.

Pascal – A gender neutral Latin name which roughly translates as a “child of Easter”.

Peter – meaning stone, this traditional boys name is not just an apostles name. It also has a sweet nod to perhaps the most famous bunny of all, Peter Rabbit.

Simon – a Hebrew name meaning listen, Simon Peter was also one of Jesus’ apostles.

Thomas – it was the apostle Thomas who doubted Jesus had resurrected from the dead, and asked to see his scars from the cross to prove his identity. The Greek name means twin, making it perfect for a multiple birth baby.

From us to you, we wish you a wonderful birth. Your little one will always know they were an Easter babe with one of these truly seasonal monikers! 

Have we forgotten an Easter baby name you’re familiar with? Please let us know below! 

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