The Latest in the Running for Coolest Baby Names

Louis. Jack. Diadora. Wait, what?

The good people at Baby Center have predicted which names they think will rule the newborn school in 2019. Surprisingly, their coolest baby name picks includes sneaker brand names like Fila, Puma and, you got it, Diadora.

But that’s not all. There’s a whole list of sneaker names that Baby Center reckon might just sneak up on us. Try on Chuck and Taylor for size. No? How about Nike names Max, Jordan Monarch or Cortez? From the Adidas shoe stable comes Falcon, Stan and Smith. The name experts also predict big things ahead for Brooks.

Well, all this sneaker talk has us thinking about other brand names that might work as baby names. So, if you’re stuck trying to name your baby and need some inspo, never fear, Mum Central is here.

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Breakfast cereal

There are some baby name gems to be found hidden away in the world of breakfast cereal brands:

Toby – As in Uncle Tobys. Aww. This is actually cute.

Honey – Sweet and delicious. Makes for a delightful girl’s name.

Carman – Who knew muesli could look so good on your baby?

Coco – This could work for both boys and girls. How efficient.

Bix – A tasty Weet-Bix inspired twist on the three-letter name trend. Like Pax or Jax. Only edible.

Corn flakes – OK. We went too far.

Pram brands

In keeping with the new baby theme, let’s explore pram names!

Jane – Classic. Traditional. What more could you ask for?

Rozi – A modern twist on the already popular Rosie.

Phil/Ted – Both work, if you ask us. Even better if you have twins.

Mima – Stylish. Something a bit different.

Bugaboo – Yeah. Maybe don’t name your baby Bugaboo.

Celeb baby names

You can’t have a list of coolest baby names without the obligatory ‘celeb baby names’ section. Let’s put a new spin on an old favourite.

Kat Von D welcomed baby Leafer at the beginning of this month. But we think Tree-er could work too, or maybe Brancher.

Kulture joined us in July this year to parents Cardi B & Offset. The whole changing a C to a K thing is very trendy right now. Just ask little Korn flakes.

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz named his daughter Marvel back in May. Surely this finally opens the door to superhero names. Spiderman, anyone? The Flash? (First name The, middle name Flash. Obviously.)

Singer and rapper Macklemore – aka Ben Haggerty – gave a nod to an Aussie icon with his daughter’s name: Colette Koala. We love this. Here are some others in a similar style you could try: Katie Kangaroo, Daniel Dingo or William Wombat.

Macklemore and the super-cute Colette Koala
Macklemore and his super-cute kid, Colette Koala. Image source: Instagram

Wow. So many to choose from. Frankly, if you can’t find a good name in this lot, you’re just not trying hard enough.

On the off chance you’d rather not name your baby The Flash, though, check out the most popular Australian baby names of 2018, or these royal suggestions for Meghan and Prince Harry.

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