Baby Shark What? This Might Be the Stupidest Challenge We’ve EVER Seen

The internet is riddled with weird sh*t.

I swear I mutter what in the actual f??!! to myself 35 times a day when scrolling through my newsfeed. And that’s on a relatively quiet day.

But this latest challenge takes the WTF cake. And it’s like the biggest WFT cake ever. With seven tiers of WTF. And WTF fondue flowers on top. Probably a WTF cake topper too.

Known as the Baby Shark challenge, it involves a moving car, an incredibly annoying children’s song and a bunch of strange hand gestures. I can’t even begin to explain it. So just watch.

YouTube video

Baby Shark Do Do Do Do Do… 

So, if the video serves me correctly, people jump out of their moving car to dance to the mind-numbing Baby Shark song. Some people go the extra mile and dress up. Like this mum.

YouTube video

And these guys.

YouTube video

Even dads aren’t immune. But at least he’s got the moves, so we’ll forgive him. Or not.

YouTube video

And this isn’t the only song people choose to endanger their lives to. Drake’s In My Feelings is another popular dance-off challenge circulating the interwebs.

Some parents even proudly shove their kids out of the car to try this trend.

YouTube video

What’s wrong with jumping out of a moving car to dance to a weird kid’s song?

Sounds completely normal to me. But, alas, it’s actually not a good idea to jump out of a moving vehicle, even if it’s only going 4km an hour.

Just ask Jordan Foster, cyber safety expert and child psychologist.

It’s simply dangerous to be jumping out of your moving car to perform this dance. My main concern is parents are prioritising their audiences rather than their own safety.” Jordan Foster

What’s even more baffling about this craze is that it attracts heaps of attention on social media, with more and more people giving it a go in hopes of inspiring laughs and likes.

But, as Jordan eloquently puts it, “Parents need to stop thinking about getting more ‘likes’ and be good role models for their children.”

Parents, teachers, random people on the internet, can we please all agree to step away from the moving vehicles and stop with the Baby Shark?

If you’re looking for some more weird trends to take on instead, check out the glitter butt trend. Or you might want to try your luck with some of these interesting vagina trends. Or just stay home and read a book.

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