Women Are Glittering Their Butts and We’re Not Sure Whether to Laugh or Cry

Feeling like your bum could use a bit of glam? Well, you’re in luck! Because you can now cover your cellulite AND be on trend. All it takes is a pinch (okay, probably A LOT more than a pinch) of glitter.

Yes. You can now decorate your butt and add a bit of shimmer to your step, all thanks to the latest trend – glitter butts.

glitter butts trend
Image via @halloween_adventure

In today’s instalment of “weird trends you really didn’t see coming”, we bring you glitter butts, a hot new trend where people glue a truckload of glitter to their bums and parade around in public.

What’s up, Sparkle Butt?

Last year it was all about the vagina. Don’t believe us – take a trip down memory lane with the most popular vagina trends of 2017.

But, this year, the backside is getting all the attention. Well, in America at least where heaps of women are taking pictures of their glittery bums for the world to see.

rainbow glitter butts trend
Image via @Itsfestivalszn
jewelled glitter butts trend
Image via @annestheticdesign

There’s rainbow glitter butts. And bejewelled glitter butts.

glitter butts trend 2018
Image via @amyglenham
go get glitter butts trend 2018
Image via @Gogetglitter

There’s even peachy glitter butts.

What’s with all the bum glitter?

Why has this cheeky trend come into existence? Well, it’s festival season over in America. And wearing actual clothes to festivals went out of style in 2014 (which also happened to be the last year I attended a festival that didn’t have the word “Kids” in front of it).

glitter butts trend you didn't see coming
Image via @matisoncard

Instead, people prefer to douche their bodies in glitter. Including their behinds.

Butt wait (see what we did there)! That’s not all…. you can also glitter your boobs. And your tongue. Or your armpits.

glitter armpits trend
Image via @kleos_bubble

You can even glitter your vagina (but we don’t recommend this one and neither do doctors). After all, your vagina sparkles just fine, without adding glitter.

Hell, I’m sure there’s also a glitter dick trend out there somewhere too. But I’m not game to look.

All thats glitters

So, mums, will you be jumping on board this cheeky trend? Perhaps make it an arts and crafts project for Sunday afternoon with the kids? In between baking biscuits and practicing sight words, we can glue glitter to mummy’s bum.

Yeah, nah.

glitter butts trend 2018
Image via @AsshlynFaith

I reckon I’ll leave this trend to the stretch-mark free festival-goers and celebs (and hopefully Celeste Barber who desperately needs to recreate this one for us all to enjoy)! And we’ll save the glitter for a different arts and crafts project that doesn’t involve my rear end. These glitter jars look fun.

Ready for some more super strange trends we’re confused about? Check out the hot trend of going to nightclubs in underwear made of gaff tape.

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