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Mother Shares Photo of Baby Smoking & Sparks Internet Outrage

A mother has shared a ‘joke’ photo of her baby smoking on Instagram and created a storm of internet outrage. 

Whilst the photo was claimed to be for laughs only, the retort ‘For everyone getting offended she only had one puff…‘ seems to be the icing on the internet’s seriously angry cake.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone sees the funny side of a baby with a cigarette placed in its mouth.

The image was later shared on Reddit where it began to attract a lot of attention. In what has been described as one of the social news community’s most angry threads ever, thousands of people reacted in disgusted outrage. Many Reddit members have suggested the woman is not fit to be a mother and child protection services should be alerted.

baby smoking outrages internet

‘I think this is the angriest Reddit has ever made me,‘ a distressed reader commented.

‘If she is dumb enough to do this, I’m guessing she was dumb enough to smoke while pregnant as well. Poor kid,’ wrote one user.

‘Sweet Jesus. Please tell me they’ve been reported.’ wrote another.

And on, and on, and on. Just as you would expect.

The identity of the mother was hidden on the shared image on Reddit and the original Instagram post has now been deleted.

There has since been suggestion that the image is actually photo-shopped and that the outrage is misdirected. People have however disagreed with this sentiment, saying;

I don’t think the context is the problem – just the fact a child has a cigarette in their mouth.’

Is this child abuse? Do you think a child should be removed from their parent for a joke? Tell us below. 

Credit: Daily Mail.



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    Kel Okorie Reply

    Yes. I am a mandated notifier and I wish I could report her to the police and CPS.

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