4 Baby Travel Products You Need For a Smooth Holiday

It takes a little extra time and effort to prepare your tiny traveller for a family holiday, no matter whether it’s your first trip, or you’re a baby travel pro. Don’t be discouraged, with a few nifty products and a bit of planning, you can board a plane to holiday bliss.

To help you plan your trip away, we’ve tracked down four essential baby travel buys and created a handy baby travel checklist to help make travelling with a baby or toddler just that little bit easier.

After all, we mums deserve to enjoy our holiday too. The more prepared we are, the easier it is to relax.

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The innovative Bagrider is one of our top picks for baby travel products. See the rest below. Photo: @mama_and_triplets

Baby on board: Baby travel gear that goes the distance

What’s on the list? We’ve got a travel pram that folds to next-to-nothing, luggage that doubles as a ride-on, a clip-anywhere chair and a lightweight carrier for hands-free family fun, all made by one of the leaders in baby travel accessories – Mountain Buggy.

Fasten your seatbelts, secure all baggage and enjoy an easier way to travel with your baby.

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Fly without fear thanks to the Bagrider and Nano pram. Photo: Supplied

Best travel stroller

Our Pick: Mountain Buggy Nano
Price: $399
What we love about it: Compact, lightweight and ideal for all types of travel

Stroll through the airport, the resort and the streets with ease with this nifty little travel companion. Nano weighs in at just 5.9kg and measures 54x31x51cm when folded. This is around the same size as a small carry-on bag and will easily fit into most onboard luggage bins on planes, trains and automobiles. With the Mountain Buggy Nano, you can skip the extra step of heading to the oversized baggage area and bring your stroller on the flight with you! Hooray!!

Although it folds down to next to nothing, the Nano is surprisingly sturdy. It can hold kiddies up to 20kg (around the age of four). With the infant cocoon accessory little ones can lay flat for naps or sit up to take in the sights.

You can easily fold the Mountain Buggy Nano with one hand and it also comes with a travel bag so you can roll it onboard or attach a shoulder strap for easy carry-on.  The compact design makes it easy for parents to get their kid from A to B and ensure baby is comfortable once at the destination.

Baby travel accessories - Mountain Buggy Nano stroller
Ready, set, stroll with the compact Nano travel stroller. Photo: Supplied

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Best travel carrier

Our pick: Mountain Buggy Juno
Price: $229
Why we love it: Ideal for hiking, walking, exploring or simply pacing the airport

Sometimes babies simply want to be held and this is where the Juno carrier comes in extra handy. The Juno is lightweight and easy to throw into your carry-on bag for those extra fussy moments. It’s also great to wear on long-haul flights when you find yourself pacing the aisle mid-flight – Hey, it happens to the best of us!

baby travel Mountain Buggy Juno
The Mountain Buggy Juno makes travel with a baby easy.

The Juno is suitable for newborns all the way up to toddlers and is one of the easier carriers to use. It’s got a handy magnetic sternum strap which fastens to the shoulder strap. This magnetic clip makes strapping baby in a breeze – no more wriggling and twisting to get the carrier on.

Juno’s hands-through connection pouch allows you to stay even more connected to your baby. We all know babies settle better when they are on top of you and can hear your heartbeat. It also has a protective hood, so you can keep the sun, rain or wind off your bub when sightseeing.

This baby carrier has four medically-approved carry modes including back carrying for older kids, facing-in for naps on the go and facing out for watching the world go by. If you are planning on doing some hiking, walking or exploring when away, a carrier is definitely worth investing in!

baby travel carrier - Mountain Buggy's Juno Carrier
A carrier offers a more relaxed way to see the world with bub. Photo: Supplied

Best luggage for all baby’s stuff 

Our Pick: Mountain Buggy Bagrider
Price: $189
Why we love it: It’s spacious luggage AND a stroller in one. How cool is that??

Lessen your load with the innovative Bagrider. This incredible baby travel product carries your stuff, and it carries your kid! The Bagrider looks and acts like the typical wheelable luggage but it also has a cute little seat at the top so you can strap your tired tot in for a ride. It fits 35 litres worth of stuff and it can even be used as a carry-on so you can wheel your little one all the way to the plane.

This is one of the coolest family travel products we’ve seen and it’s such a great idea for travel, especially airport travel where you have a few stopovers planned. The Mountain Buggy Bagrider can hold kids up to 15kg and makes the journey extra fun for them – after all, it’s not every day they get to ride on luggage!

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Oh the places they’ll go with the ultra-cool Bagrider! Photo: @hallweneed

Best travel high chair

Our pick: Mountain Buggy Pod
Price: $79
Why we love it: Great for holidays and at home

Our final favourite find for family travel is this handy highchair on-the-go, called the Pod. It’s especially great if you’re staying in accommodation that won’t have a high chair. On our last trip away we had to lug our bulky chair with us and it was such an inconvenient waste of space!

This compact little seat clips to most surfaces without leaving a mark thanks to the large clamps with non-slip rubber grips. It’s light, strong, safe and great for meals out.

It even doubles as a portable seat at home, perfect for little helpers wanting a front-row seat in the kitchen when chopping veggies. We also love how it comes with a safety harness for little escape artists and a carry bag for trips away.

Mountain Buggy Pod travel gear
The cute and clever Pod for easy meals everywhere. Photo: @stephiesmith_NZ

Make travelling with baby easier for everyone 

It can be daunting to leave the comforts of home and venture overseas or even away for a weekend with a baby. But, you’ll enjoy a much more relaxed holiday if you’re baby is comfortable and content.

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Three peas in a pod. Photo: @gracetairua

We highly suggest having a look at these Mountain Buggy products, especially if you are feeling a little bit uneasy about the journey, have a long-haul flight or are planning on doing a few trips away.

Trust us, Mountian Buggy know their travel stuff! Their Nano stroller started the ‘travel stroller’ trend and, since developing the Nano, they have been busy building on several other key travel products to help families live life without limit.

Each of their products is designed to make life easier and more efficient when you’re travelling with a baby or a toddler.  With these products, you don’t have to overpack, get hit with extra luggage costs or worry about not being prepared when away from home.

Whether you’re basking on the beaches in Bali or simply heading down the coast to visit relatives, the right travel gear can make a world of difference. Ditch the stress and make memories wherever you are with Mountain Buggy’s range of baby travel accessories.

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Travelling with baby: what else do you need?

What else do you need when it comes to baby travel gear? We’re so glad you asked! Below is our handy checklist to help you pack, prepare and prevent mid-flight panic attacks.

  • Travel pram
  • Carrier
  • Luggage
  • High chair
  • Warm/cold clothes depending on where you’re headed
  • Breast pump/bottles/formula
  • Medications and toiletries
  • Busy activities such as puzzles and books
  • Comfort objects including dummies, blankets and softies
  • Sleep aids – sleeping bag, night light or white noise machine
  • Baby monitor
  • Car seat (you can hire these)
  • Travel cot (or check that the hotel can supply one)
  • Nappies and wipes (bring a pack and buy the rest when you arrive)
  • Food pouches and quick grab and go items (check the airline too to see if they have rules on bringing your own food/milk). You can pick up additional baby snacks when you arrive.


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