Baby Vomits on Mum’s Cousin’s Blouse: Mum Asked to Cough Up $3,200 to Replace it

Have baby, expect spew. This is pretty much the first rule of babyhood. 

However, one enraged woman clearly didn’t get this memo after she experienced a baby vomiting episode all over her expensive blouse.

Rather than give an uncomfortable laugh and wipe the spew away, like normal people do, she spat the dummy and demanded that the mum reimburse her for the damaged blouse, which happened to cost £1,800 (that’s over $3,000). EEEEK!

The baffled new mum posted the situation on Reddit, asking for advice on whether she made the right choice by refusing to pay.

‘Am I the A*Hole’?

According to the new mum,

I gave birth four weeks ago, and we decided to have a ‘baby ceremony’, where everyone gets to meet our lovely daughter Charlotte. My cousin, Alice was among the guests.

It was Alice’s turn to hold the baby and she was happy to at first, but suddenly Charlotte vomited on her. Alice handed Charlotte back to me and ran off crying, and spent the rest of the event crying in the car.

I went to see her to apologise but she didn’t want to hear any of it. My mum gave her one of her shirts which was too big for her and she felt completely upset and humiliated.”

Most Expensive Baby Vomiting Episode EVER

After the party, the new mum receives a phone call. Alice would like to be reimbursed for her damaged baby spew blouse. And the price tag on this blouse? £1,800 ($3,214 AUD). You know how many spew rags you can buy for that kinda cash?? Hell, you can even go to Kmart and pick up like 250 different blouses for that kind of money!

The new mum put her foot down and refuses to pay up.

As she explains on Reddit, “At the end of the day, we all know what babies can be like. I feel bad for her but it was not my fault.”

What Goes in Must Come Out

Many Reddit users agree with her, suggesting that not paying for her baby vomiting was definitely the right call:

“It’s a newborn. Newborns spit-up. Don’t wear £1,800 shirts around newborns if you can’t afford to have them get messy.”

“Seriously. If you’re going to be holding an infant, be ready to be sh**/urinated/vomited on. Babies can’t control it.”

However, others could see Alice’s side of the story:

“It wasn’t like you asked her to babysit and she wore expensive clothing. Everyone else showed up and didn’t get vomited on, so why would she expect to?”

What do you reckon? Should she have paid for the blouse or not? We love a good ‘ol fashion debate so let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Avatar of T

    What an absolute joke.

    If you can’t afford to be wearing clothing that expensive without it getting dirty then don’t buy it at all.
    It’s a baby, babies spew.
    How incredibly rude of her to even ask for it to be replaced.

  2. Avatar of Cazza

    Has Alice never heard of washing clothes? Baby vomit washes out. You can always soak it in any one of myriad stain removal products.
    I’m a mother of 6 and grandmother of 20, and I’ve never had to throw away an item of clothing because of baby vomit, or poo or anything else. Alice sounds like a very unreasonable and demanding spoilt woman – crying in the car for Heavens sake! Who is the baby in this story!

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