Brotherly Love: Teen’s Costume Antics Surprise (Embarrass) Little Bro at Bus Stop Every Day

It’s the start of a brand new school year in America and 12-year-old Max Tingle is just one of the countless kids who take the bus home.¬†

However, none of the other kids get an after-school greeting quite like Max.

Every day, as Max hops off the bus, big brother Noah, 17, is waiting for him.

Noah and Max Tingle - the bus stop brothers

And not just in everyday garb. No, that would be too ordinary. Instead, Noah, who arrives home from his school earlier than Max, changes into a new and different costume.

Hey Brother!


Noah Tingle dressed up for little brother at bus stopRain, hail or shine, Noah heads out the front to greet his little brother and surprise him in a different outfit. He always meets his brother with a big wave, a huge smile and a bear hug. Nawww!

Max has been greeted by all sorts of strange and wonderful characters – a Minion, Wally, a Fortnite character, a massive gorilla, Santa, a ninja, T-Rex, and even Chewbacca.

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Big brother dresses up for little brother at bus stop

Sometimes Max will give in to a high five, but usually, he runs away from the weird characters trying to cuddle him in the front yard.

Take a look at the boys in action through the cute video below:

YouTube video

Video credit: Inside Edition

Brothers’ Final Year Together Before College¬†

What started out as a mission to embarrass his little brother has now turned into a daily ritual that both boys are enjoying.

Even their mum is loving the bonding experience and films most afternoon antics. She has also started a Facebook page, The Bus Brother, to keep the public up to date on Noah’s funny costumes. Noah has since received heaps of unusual and hilarious outfits to surprise Max with moving forward.

Noah Tingle waiting for little brother at bus stop

Noah, who heads off to college next year, hopes that the ritual will make their final year at home together one to remember. Although Max admits that, at first, he was mortified to see his brother standing at the bus stop in costume, he now looks forward to it.

The school year (in America) goes until June – do you reckon Noah can keep up the costume antics until then? We certainly hope so!

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