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We Unveil Babylove’s Fresh New Look and New Products – Amazing!

If you’re in the small-children phase of your parenting life then you will definitely know the much-trusted brand, Babylove. In fact, you’ve probably got a couple of their products in your home and/or car right now.

Known for their quality and strict adherence to Australian safety guidelines. Babylove is a household name when it comes to baby products such as child restraints, strollers, portacots, rockers and more.

But even our most favourite brands need a re-fresh every now and then and we are delighted to announce that Babylove has a brand new look.

What does that mean? Well, aside from having a spunky new image they have also added 13 NEW products to their range!

Here’s six of our favourites:

[mc_block_title custom_title=”1. Ezy Fold Travel System Stroller”]


Ezy Fold makes running errands and getting around with your child simple and any parent knows that simplifying life with a child is a daily goal! It includes Snap’n Go travel system compatibility, a compact, nimble fold and easy adjust multi position back rest.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”2. Urbanlite Travel System Stroller”]


You’ll also fall in love with the practical features making the Urbanlite Travel System Stroller your perfect mix of fashion and street smarts which is very important when hitting the streets with your offspring! Plus the reversing seat let’s you face your child so you can interact with them and make sure they’re not spilling food all over their ‘going-out’ clothes.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”3. Snap’n Go Safety Carrier”]


A Snap’n Go baby safety carrier is extremely convenient when it comes to transporting a young baby without disturbing them. And if this is your first rodeo, believe us when we tell you that you DO NOT want to disturb a happy/sleeping baby! The Snap n’ Go is also ideal for connection with the Babylove Ezy Fold and Urbanlite Travel System Strollers. Using them together will give extended use, convenience and flexibility. Tick, tick and tick!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”4.  Ezy Switch EP Convertible Car Seat”]


Safety of your little one is paramount and the integrated Babylove Ezy Switch Protect (EP) technology is revolutionary. Extra side impact protection can be provided for your child by adjusting the Ezy Protect headrest as they grow.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”5. Aura Hi Lo Highchair”]


With a brushed aluminium frame and innovative seat liner, Aura Hi Lo Highchair’s modern design looks great. But our favourite feature is the removable tray with second tray. If you’re new to the ‘experimental finger food stage’ then you will quickly learn how invaluable this twin-tray phenomenon is. The adjustable seat recline and leg rest for support is perfect for accommodating a small child who’s just starting to snack and experiment with food right up until they are ready to sit with the rest of the family.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”6. RockABaby Rocker”]


Baby rockers are fantastic when you need a break from being the baby rocker yourself and the clean lines and sleek curves of RockABaby will make it a welcome piece in your home. It not only looks good but it’s perfect for keeping your little one rockin’ while you’re sippin’… a well-earned cuppa!


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  1. Avatar of carly

    these are all great products for sure! i love the porta-cot as you can use it around home and for travelling

  2. Avatar of Cherry P

    The new Babylove high chair is my favourite product it looks easy to use, move and clean!

  3. Avatar of kathy clark
    kathy clarkReply

    Am a fan of the Baby Rocker perfect to get unsettled bubs off to sleep

  4. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah PhillipsReply

    I love the Aura Hi Lo Highchair because of the adjustable height and removable tray. What an innovative product!

  5. Avatar of Mandy Gebhard
    Mandy GebhardReply

    I LOVE the Aura Hi Lo Highchair. I’ve never seen one that will adjust to allow your child to sit at a normal table height. Brilliant!

  6. Avatar of LilMiss Kibby
    LilMiss KibbyReply

    Aura Hi Lo Highchair – great design and functionality!

  7. Avatar of Amy

    I love the Ezy Fold Stroller. So convenient… looks like it would make life a breeze!

  8. Avatar of susan stanley
    susan stanleyReply

    Ezy Fold makes running errands and getting around with your child u disturbed. It includes Snap’n Go travel system compatibility, a compact, nimble fold and easy adjust multi position back rest.

  9. Avatar of Nadia

    Ezy Fold Stroller. So convenient and great for first time Mums!

  10. Avatar of Leanne Cotte

    Time is of the essence and I know the Ezy Fold will help me run daily errands easily. With a new baby on the way the Ezy Fold will swap time fussing and with more time to play. 🙂

  11. Avatar of Ngoc Yen

    Quickie time out with coffee and cake while bub enjoys the curves of RockABaby

  12. Avatar of Vija Leitis
    Vija LeitisReply

    Ezy Fold Stroller. Minimises the stress of getting out and about

  13. Avatar of Sam Minshull
    Sam MinshullReply

    The Ezy Fold, being a busy mum on the go, I want to enjoy every precious moment, not waste it away… this is perfect <3

  14. Avatar of Nicole Rollo
    Nicole RolloReply

    How great the Aura hi lo chair would be for my little guy! I can’t feed him fast enough he could feed himself in that baby and I’d just wash it after! Easy….

  15. Avatar of Karen Turner
    Karen TurnerReply

    The Instant Carrier looks fabulous, easy to carry which will come in really handy.

  16. Avatar of Brooke Parker
    Brooke ParkerReply

    The Portable Cot. I love how it has mesh sides so baby can breath and so you can peak to see if they are awake ore not. I also love how their are wheels on one side so if you want to move it you can. Would be nice to put next to the bed when bub first comes home from the hospital.

  17. Avatar of Linda C

    I love the EZY Fold Stroller. It’s so handy and easy to use.

  18. Avatar of Jenny Woods
    Jenny WoodsReply

    The Urbanlite Travel System Stroller looks great & I love the reversing seat that lets the baby face you.

  19. Avatar of Joy Lange

    LOVE THE ROCKABABY puts baby to sleep easy so I can just relax a bit THANKYOU

  20. Avatar of wella bloomfield
    wella bloomfieldReply

    love the stroller, would make my life so much easier

  21. Avatar of Candice

    The Ezy Fold Travel System Stroller – would make getting around so much quicker and easier

  22. Avatar of Jim Riddle

    Snap’n Go Safety Carrier makes transporting baby so much easier

  23. Avatar of Sarahmary92

    Ezy fold stroller. Strollers can be so frustrating especially when you’re in a rush (most of the time)

  24. Avatar of Tracy Andreatta
    Tracy AndreattaReply

    The Snap n’ Go baby carrier , so convenient for transferring a sleeping baby to the Babylove Ezy Fold stroller .

  25. Avatar of Jade o

    The baby rocker can take away the pain,
    When my little baby boy wants to play,
    With the house a mess, I have to clean,
    The RockABaby would be a dream!

  26. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TANReply

    I am currently LOVING the New BabyLove Cosifit nappies, it is so comfortable for bub, no more leaks and red marks on his bum, amazing product!

  27. Avatar of Mary Cole

    the Ezy Fold Stroller, easy to use and transport for the busy Mum or Carer.

  28. Avatar of disqus_LR5JJ2Fh9R

    My favourite new BabyLove product is definitely the Babylove Ezy Switch Protect (EP).

  29. Avatar of Beksmum

    Aura Hi Lo Highchair’s is awesome! To be able to remove the food tray completely or use the second smaller tray to quickly take away leftovers is such a great idea, obviously designed by a mother 🙂

  30. Avatar of Pamela Singleton
    Pamela SingletonReply

    My favourite is the Ezy fold stroller, designed by someone that has experienced the difficulties of trying to fold a stroller hassle free, This is a great product for mums to take and use anywhere.

  31. Avatar of amandagorton

    Fantastic……..The Ezy Switch EP Car Seat – to the age of 4 we’ll require no other and we are spoilt for choice with a range of colour

  32. Avatar of Marnie Grieve
    Marnie GrieveReply

    The Ezy fold stroller – looks great and easy to use

  33. Avatar of Kerry

    Wow which mother wouldn’t want these amazing prizes. My favourite thing is
    the Ezy Fold Stroller, looks so easy to use and transport would be a breeze for the busy Mum.

  34. Avatar of Alex Ho

    Aura Hi Lo Highchair looks brilliant. The second tray is very useful. Less mess on the floor means less headaches in my brain.

  35. Avatar of Joy

    The Aura Hi Lo Highchair is perfect for any table! With an adjustable height and seat recline, baby can sit comfortably with the adults

  36. Avatar of Paige Yang

    Adore the Urbanlite Trave System Stroller. It offers plenty of room for my shopping and its design is funky.

  37. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise PattersonReply

    I love the Urbanlite Travel System Stroller. Being able to reverse it is a wonderful feature enabling interaction and sometimes avoiding direct sunlight. 🙂

  38. Avatar of Kathy Anne Storer
    Kathy Anne StorerReply

    I love the light weight system and the easy fold and oh and the high chair wow its just what I need Hi Lo feature is awesome

  39. Avatar of Jill-Anne

    The BABYLOVE SPRINT 2 in 1 walker/pusher would be perfect and safe for our “speedy Gonzales” .

  40. Avatar of Kerri Pettigrew
    Kerri PettigrewReply

    I love the high low highchair with the extra tray for experimental finger food eaters.

  41. Avatar of Yunii Young
    Yunii YoungReply

    The high chair looks super comfortable for baby with cushions and the tray table- perfect for any type of eating! Would love my baby to have one of those!

  42. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole KentReply

    The Ezy Switch EP it is for me
    Lightweight, colourful and six point safety
    Perfect for a newborn and all the way til 4
    This Babylove car seat has everything and more!!

  43. Avatar of Debrah Bassett
    Debrah BassettReply

    i love the Aura Hi Lo highchair the adjustable seat that reclines and the second tray is a fantastic idea its great

  44. Avatar of spog777

    EzyFit Booster Seat is perfect for when they get a tad older and too big for a baby seat

  45. Avatar of Denise Cullinan
    Denise CullinanReply

    love the carrier & stroller makes life easier leaving baby asleep & putting straight out of car into stroller

  46. Avatar of noomby

    Infant carrier, can carry hubs with ease and there all snug

  47. Avatar of Di

    Ezy fold stroller, no more fiddling about like with our current one.

  48. Avatar of Jordan Sotiris
    Jordan SotirisReply

    I need baby stuff soon, because ima be a daddy!!

  49. Avatar of Jordan Sotiris
    Jordan SotirisReply

    I need baby stuff soon, because ima be a daddy soon.

  50. Avatar of ern

    Snap’n Go baby safety carrier- to transport baby without disturbing him, hell yes! They should come stock standard with all babies, issued at the hospital.

  51. Avatar of Jod

    The Rockababy rocker, love the mink fabric also love that it can be laid flat for easy storage and easy enough to slide in the car for trips away.

  52. Avatar of Karina Lee

    The versatile Aura High Lo Chair would be perfect for our little one in our little apartment!

  53. Avatar of Emma Emes

    Hands down the Snap’n Go baby safety carrier!!!
    New Mummy Secret Rule #76…NEVER wake a sleeping baby!

  54. Avatar of Sherry P

    Snap n Go baby carrier!
    Would make things so much easier as it takes soooo long to get baby to sleep

  55. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea NicolescuReply

    Snap’n Go baby safety carrier such a great and useful product to keep baby safe, sound and comfortable

  56. Avatar of Claire Thrower
    Claire ThrowerReply

    Love the Stroller looks absolutely amazing, love that it sits up so high, easier to have contact with baby. The design is so sleek and modern.

  57. Avatar of jody buhagiar
    jody buhagiarReply

    MAXIMA LAYBACK. I love that its self locking and compact fold is designed for ease of use and compact storage.

  58. Avatar of Amelia Jane
    Amelia JaneReply

    Hi-Lo high chair. It’s not easy to find a high chair with adjustable heights, but this looks like it has quite a height range. The best extreme!

  59. Avatar of Bec Taylor

    The Ezy Fold Stroller, easy to fold, makes life simple, no arguing with a stubborn stroller!

  60. Avatar of shantell thomas
    shantell thomasReply

    I love the Ezy Fold stroller, having a small car this is simply a perfect item for my lifestyle

  61. Avatar of paulie

    Ezy Fold Stroller, hopefully it is as easy as the name says, as a dad some strollers are quite hard to fold up

  62. Avatar of jayla1987

    I love the car seat perfect for bubba number 2 due shortly

  63. Avatar of Suzanne Ware
    Suzanne WareReply

    The Ezy Switch EP convertible carseat looks awesome. I’ve found it an extremely hard decision on what car seat to buy and even if I don’t win this fantastic prize I will be buying one.

  64. Avatar of Kristy Emilia Michelson
    Kristy Emilia MichelsonReply

    I have used both the carrier and ezy switch and they’re wonderful car seats!

  65. Avatar of Richelle Egan
    Richelle EganReply

    Tha Aurora Hi Lo chair looks amazing and will make a huge difference to meal times in our house!

  66. Avatar of Xandra Mei Abulencia
    Xandra Mei AbulenciaReply

    The rockababy rocker looks amazing and it will make it easier to put my baby down for here nap on one of this.

  67. Avatar of Hannah Beazley
    Hannah BeazleyReply

    Ezy Fold Travel System Stroller – love that it’s able to be fully reclined. This is INVALUABLE for sleeping little ones and toddlers.

  68. Avatar of HELLEN WALTHAM

    they all look awesome and with my first grandchild on the way I would spoil them rotten especially with the ultimate baby love package

  69. Avatar of Megan Heffernan
    Megan HeffernanReply

    This would be amazing with my 2nd in 20yrs on the way

  70. Avatar of Rachael Dickenson
    Rachael DickensonReply

    I would love a new set of Baby Love gear for my soon to be babt number 2, due in January 🙂

  71. Avatar of Kerrie Tullipan
    Kerrie TullipanReply

    The portable cot. I travel a lot, so this cot would have so many uses for me.

  72. Avatar of Nicole Knight
    Nicole KnightReply

    The portable cot we travel interstate a lot to visit family so the portable cot would be so handy

  73. Avatar of King Rai

    Baby Love bundle a dream to win, with six jam packed items that caters for everything. My Baby Love Baby will be spoilt

  74. Avatar of Emma Knight
    Emma KnightReply

    Infant carrier makes it easier to get the baby In and out of the car.

  75. Avatar of Daya Banks

    I can’t decide if I like the Ezy Switch EP Convertible Car Seat, Snap’n Go Safety Carrier or the Aura Hi Lo Highchair. The’re all amazing

  76. Avatar of Beenish Mumtaz
    Beenish MumtazReply

    i like the Aura Hi Lo Highchair because it has 2 position option which i haven’t seen in any other brand .

  77. Avatar of Jennifer Denney
    Jennifer DenneyReply

    I can’t decide, they all look great and would come in handy for the birth of our first child in February.

  78. Avatar of Margaret lennox
    Margaret lennoxReply

    I’m loving the high chair, light and compact. But still can’t go past the capsule system from car the stroller.

  79. Avatar of Kerrie Lawson
    Kerrie LawsonReply

    The baby rocker! What an awesome little item that is quite portable and might just be my lifesaver when trying to get ‘baby’ off to sleep!

  80. Avatar of Laura Coleman

    I love the baby rocker! Such a life saver for shower time, when the husband is out, or to be able to eat when you’re by yourself!

  81. Avatar of Kellie Duggan
    Kellie DugganReply

    Nina J Tomski. This baby love pack looks awesome xx

  82. Avatar of tracywed

    I love them all anything that makes taking the grand kids out and knowing they are safe is awesome

  83. Avatar of Amanda

    The High Chair – it looks simple to clean, always important!

  84. Avatar of Lisa Frankel
    Lisa FrankelReply

    The Aura Hi Lo High Chair, how easy and streamlined it looks, plus a great height for feeding

  85. Avatar of Rebecca

    I love the Ezy Switch EP Convertible Car Seat, great that it can accommodate newborns to 4+ years! And the thoughtful inclusions are just that.. Thoughtful!

  86. Avatar of Emma Guimaraes
    Emma GuimaraesReply

    I love the infant carrier as i do need a new one with bubs 2 coming within the month!!!!

  87. Avatar of Natalie

    12500km around Australia,
    slept in 9 different beds in 1 week,
    Cyclone Casey rips through Australia on her whirlwind tour,
    no relative left unvisited,
    travel bags = bed rails but wait there’s more,
    dads tool clamps = bed sheet pins,
    wiggle wiggle try not to let her fall,
    all by age 2.

    Just imaging what she could accomplish with a Mascot Portable Cot.

  88. Avatar of joolie86

    The ezy fold stroller makes getting out with a little one so much easier for a first time mum!

  89. Avatar of Laura Adams
    Laura AdamsReply

    Love Babylove! This would be perfect with bub number 3 due in Feb. The aura hi lo high chair looks fantastic 🙂

  90. Avatar of Bet Hogan

    The Ezy Switch EP Convertible Car Seat. It has everything, safe and compact.

  91. Avatar of Kerry Milner
    Kerry MilnerReply

    The Aura Hi Lo Highchair with twin tray would come in handy.

  92. Avatar of Kirrah Louise
    Kirrah LouiseReply

    They’re all so great but my favourite would have to be the snap and go safety carrier, I wanted one of these for my first bub but never had one do id love the convenience for my second, due in Feb 2016 <3

  93. Avatar of Alane

    The Aura Hi Lo Highchair is awesome. Love the look of it plus so very handy.

  94. Avatar of Elsa Rankin
    Elsa RankinReply

    Love the look of the new BabyLove products including the RockABaby Rocker – a must have! They all look amazing!

  95. Avatar of Trudy Scott
    Trudy ScottReply

    Highchair, great design and with height adjustment and wheels makes it versatile and easy to use

  96. Avatar of Patrice Fernandes
    Patrice FernandesReply

    The Aura Hi Lo Highchair looks amazing and so versatile! But whole package would be an amazing gift for my sister due with her first baby!

  97. Avatar of Melissa Garrigan
    Melissa GarriganReply

    Ezy switch ep convertable car seat would be handy

  98. Avatar of Ling

    The highchair because it’s more than just a highchair! A feeding station, makeshift pram, babysitter while mummy does a few things. The adjustable recline and leg rest will make sure bubs is comfy.

  99. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie BernackiReply

    Love the baby rocker great to take to family and firends with our first angel being able to have play time anywhere….

  100. Avatar of Simone Nelson
    Simone NelsonReply

    The carrier would be so handy! As a mum of 5 this would make life 100 times easier

  101. Avatar of Kristy-andrew Wakely
    Kristy-andrew WakelyReply

    The travel system looks amazing especially handy when you also have a toddler

  102. Avatar of Matt Harrison
    Matt HarrisonReply

    that new travel system looks super portable and simple to use

  103. Avatar of rocky

    The Babylove snap and go safety carrier would make life so much more convenient! There’s nothing worse than a sleeping baby that has to be woken to be moved into a pram!

  104. Avatar of christine morris
    christine morrisReply

    The Aura Hi Lo High chair, this would be perfect for Daughter-inlaw , im not real happy with the one she is using, and she is trying for another child.

  105. Avatar of Tony Vella

    The whole package would suit my beautiful young family.

  106. Avatar of Warren

    Aura Hi-Lo Chair (you can adjust the height so can feed them while you are sitting on the lounge)

  107. Avatar of Shivonne Alison
    Shivonne AlisonReply

    Love the stroller. Will be fantastic when we have a new baby.

  108. Avatar of Katie Beck

    Love the EZ Convertible car seat! The fact that it has all the padding to protect a newborn and is comfy for when they are older is perfect!

  109. Avatar of austhome

    Aura Hi-Lo Chair as it’s an excellent idea, my mum could have done with one of these when I was a baby.

  110. Avatar of K Innes

    The rockababy rocker looks amazing and a lot sturdier than ones I have used in the past.

  111. Avatar of Gabby Anderson
    Gabby AndersonReply

    I love the Ezy Switch EP Convertible Car Seat I really like how it grows with the child!

  112. Avatar of Penny71

    The Aura Hi Lo Highchair – it’s so easy to clean, is easy to move to and from the table and it looks good too!

  113. Avatar of Aranea

    Ezy Switch Convertible Car Seat, for 12 months rear facing!

  114. Avatar of Michael

    The Urbanlite Travel System Stroller with the flexibility of the reversible seat and the compatibility with the carrier system makes it a must.

  115. Avatar of Emily Tynan
    Emily TynanReply

    The high low chair! I love how it can be high for easy feeding or lower to pull upto the table when eating as a family!

  116. Avatar of Katie Le Miere
    Katie Le MiereReply

    The Ez switch seat – need something super comfy and flexible for our little man 🙂

  117. Avatar of Kalina Batchelor
    Kalina BatchelorReply

    The travel system, everything you need all in one

  118. Avatar of Marilyn Long
    Marilyn LongReply

    The RockABaby Rocker is my favourite as its sleek and modern with out looking too babyish.

  119. Avatar of Jessica Charles
    Jessica CharlesReply

    The high chair would be so helpful when I want to give my 1 year old fresh food for lunch but there’s still old porridge dried on the tray from breakfast!

  120. Avatar of Natalie Passmore
    Natalie PassmoreReply

    I would love the Snap’n Go Safety Carrier for the boy I am expecting in November

  121. Avatar of Lesley Needham
    Lesley NeedhamReply

    Wow a highchair with twin trays, awesome. It seems so common sense. I must admit this could be very handy for disorganised mums like me.

  122. Avatar of 78DaysofSummer

    Snap’n Go Safety Carrier for easy transfers to and from the car, saves on the back too!

  123. Avatar of Milly Howells
    Milly HowellsReply

    I love the sound of the Urbanlite Travel System Stroller. It’s lightweight, so easy to manoeuvre and get in and out of car, I’d love the reversable seating so I could chat to my little one and keep an eye on her, I’d seriously appreciate the east of the Snap’n Go Travel System and I would love the puncture-free tires, just one less thing to worry about.

  124. Avatar of Carolyn Gough
    Carolyn GoughReply

    The BabyLove Ezy Grow EP is a brilliant child car seat for a safety conscious Aunty and Grandma who regularly minds their ‘specials’ and wants security up to 8 years of age.

  125. Avatar of Julia Burford
    Julia BurfordReply

    My new favourite is the hi lo high chair, because my little boy is at the stage where everything gets smooshed in the process of eating, and easy removal and cleaning would be amazing!!

  126. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara FehmelReply

    The “Hi Lo high chair is a great invention, it makes it so easy to change from highh to low.

  127. Avatar of Maree Gray

    Wow – I love them all but if I have to pick one then it would have to be the rocker. It is a world away from the rocker Mum used for me and my brother when we were babies! What a lovely design.

  128. Avatar of sharon

    Wow they are all great I especially like the stoller how you can have either bub facing you or facing the other way while you go for a walk around the street or a stroll around the shops

  129. Avatar of Emma Gunn

    Aura hi lo high chair would be fanastic to own. The adjustable height means you can have it at any table and hub will be the same height. Great idea

  130. Avatar of Bianca de Lima
    Bianca de LimaReply

    The Aura Hi Lo chair
    Would look fantastic
    Absolutely anywhere!
    Adjustable heights that are stable
    For picnics on the floor
    Or meals at the table.
    Perfect little table for one
    The Aura Hi Lo chair
    Makes meal times fun!

  131. Avatar of Heyley Marett
    Heyley MarettReply

    The Ezy Switch EP Convertible Car Seat would be my ultimate! Perfectly safe, comfortable car seat for when baby comes 🙂

  132. Avatar of AmyMcC

    The new RockABaby Rocker is my favourite. It looks really sleek and like it doesn’t take up too much floor space – which is a major win to me with our very small house were in and already having two older girls (4.5 and 2.5) who are not likely to give up their small play area to a new baby siblings rocker!

  133. Avatar of Belinda Belinda
    Belinda BelindaReply

    The Ezy Fold Stroller because it’s quick and makes life easy!

  134. Avatar of Christina

    All the products are fabulous, especially the stroller & how you can just clip in the car seat without disrupting baby..

  135. Avatar of Rachel K

    I love the rocker it provides a little oasis of rest and sweet dreams!

  136. Avatar of empressjo

    The Portable Cot has come so far from the old days & it’s now become an necessary rather than ‘a throw in the back of the car’

  137. Avatar of Nazesh Kanwal
    Nazesh KanwalReply

    Urbanlite Travel System Stroller becuase its a perfect package. I can face my child when she gets angry

  138. Avatar of AMANDA


  139. Avatar of kori

    I love the RockABaby Rocker because any mum knows rocking the baby for an hour plus is a workout on its own.

  140. Avatar of Elizabeth Davey
    Elizabeth DaveyReply

    I love the adjustable height high chair – perfect for anyone to help with feeding times

  141. Avatar of Jon Donovan
    Jon DonovanReply

    Snap’n Go Safety Carrier – would make life so much easier to take our little one in and out of the car

  142. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie HodsmanReply

    The rocker certainly looks much better than the ugly one we had. And it looks very comfy for bub.

  143. Avatar of Tonia

    The Aura Hi Lo High Chair looks amazing! Certainly didn’t see many like that when my first was born over 6 years ago!

  144. Avatar of Marianne Douglas
    Marianne DouglasReply

    The Urbanlite stroller as I love that it can be used with the baby carrier as well as a normal stroller. Seems much more convenient than lugging around the carrier or trying to fit it into a shopping trolley!

  145. Avatar of salvatore greedy
    salvatore greedyReply

    I like the The Aura Hi Lo High Chair. Many great features that only Babylove has.

  146. Avatar of Jo

    The rockababy rocker would be a fantastic addition to our home from our new baby on the way 🙂

  147. Avatar of Nicole

    The Rockababy rocker (and everything else!) would be perfect for us with a new baby on the way. It would sure make our lives a little easier

  148. Avatar of Tamara Soccio
    Tamara SoccioReply

    The rocker. My dd loves being rocked to sleep and this mumma is tired!

  149. Avatar of Steph Mac

    The rocker is a dream. Hours of entertainment give me a little time to do the fun stuff.. Like tidying up..

  150. Avatar of Connie Christensen
    Connie ChristensenReply

    the urbanlite travel system stroller such a great invention for not disturbing bub on a very functional stroller I can get my bub in and out of the car or around town without waking him up!

  151. Avatar of Kate Marconi
    Kate MarconiReply

    My favourite new item is the urban lite travel system stroller. I love the idea that you can easily turn Bub to face you whilst walking or out and about.

  152. Avatar of Kris Ryan

    The “Ezy Switch EP Convertible Car Seat” – the safety features & adjustments are great.

  153. Avatar of Kelly Ashton
    Kelly AshtonReply

    I like the rockababy rocker – looks nice, more supportive than other rockers and has a mobile attached.

  154. Avatar of Jasmine Stanford
    Jasmine StanfordReply

    I love the portable cot, it looks so comfortable and is so handy

  155. Avatar of staceyshailer

    I love the highchair, great design and I love that the height is so easily adjustable!

  156. Avatar of Geometric Fro
    Geometric FroReply

    ALWAYS looking for a great portable cot – really makes the difference when going out for a weekend!

  157. Avatar of Scott Crumlin
    Scott CrumlinReply

    The rocker so simple and effective. Just to think of baby rocking and giggling is fun!

  158. Avatar of Sarah

    I have so many friends pregnant wouldn’t it be nice to spoil these new angels!

  159. Avatar of tizz lipp

    The Snap ‘n Go Safety Carrier. Easy, secure and baby doesnt get disturbed, perfect.

  160. Avatar of Jill Hamilton
    Jill HamiltonReply

    THe Snap n Go Carrier, perfect for out and about with bub, I dont need lots of different things to carry him around…

  161. Avatar of Sann

    BabyLove Easy Switch Protect Convertable Car Seat! SSS for Safety – Snugness – and Sshhh… quieter Bub!

  162. Avatar of Irene Fernandas
    Irene FernandasReply

    Aura Hi Lo Highchair’s modern design looks great.My favourite feature is the removable tray with second tray.

  163. Avatar of Catherine Burns
    Catherine BurnsReply

    The Babylove Ezy Switch Protect (EP), its technology is revolutionary. Safety is number one. Babylove has the best!

  164. Avatar of Ashlee Ford
    Ashlee FordReply

    Oh I love the Babylove Ezy Fold Snap’n Go travel system compatibility, a compact, nimble fold and easy adjust multi position back rest., LOVE!!

  165. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon MarkwellReply

    Rockababy Rocker from Babylove is the love of our whole household. Such a handy wonderful design.

  166. Avatar of Angela Rhodes
    Angela RhodesReply

    Urbanlite Travel System Stroller perfect for my family Babylove.

  167. Avatar of Maria Stone
    Maria StoneReply

    The RockABaby rocker !! Love the stylish look – and yes would love some hands free time to get housework done or relax with a cuppa! 🙂 thank you !

  168. Avatar of Krissy Butler
    Krissy ButlerReply

    The urbanlite Travel System Stroller looks stylish and so easy to push!

  169. Avatar of Megan marett
    Megan marettReply

    The Aura Hi Lo Highchair would be perfect for me for my first expected grandchild! I love the height adjustments and the modern design!

  170. Avatar of Sally Wheaton
    Sally WheatonReply

    The RockABbaby Rocker would be handy and lots of fun.

  171. Avatar of Kitty Belle
    Kitty BelleReply

    Convertible car seat, it means i don’t have to wake my sleeping baby just because we get to where we are going!

  172. Avatar of Tegan

    snap’n go safety carrier as they are so practical with a little one. no need to to get them in and out of a car seat and wake them up!

  173. Avatar of Danielle P

    The Aura Hi Lo Highchair, I like that it has wheels and is adjustable with the height.

  174. Avatar of lisa conolley
    lisa conolleyReply

    Rockababy Rocker from Babylove. Everything works for b aby and mum.

  175. Avatar of Amy B

    Love a the baby love infant carrier,would certainly make transporting Bub a breeze.

  176. Avatar of Jo Mets

    Love the Hi-lo chair. So inovative and practical. Great quality. Great product x

  177. Avatar of Rachel Wilson
    Rachel WilsonReply

    love the aura high low chair’s removable tray with 2nd tray looks easy to clean too.

  178. Avatar of Lucy Fracassi Robins
    Lucy Fracassi RobinsReply

    I love the high chair. Love the folding feature and the wheels!

  179. Avatar of Jenny Chen

    Bub will be starting solids soon so I’ve been looking at highchairs. The Aura Hi Lo looks fantastic, can’t wait to check it out in stores!

  180. Avatar of Snorf

    Rockababy will keep my Snorfling entertained while I take a breather and focus on my 3 year old

  181. Avatar of Laura Heart
    Laura HeartReply

    I have never really used baby love before cause I’m having my first child. But I have heard some really good things about baby love so i can’t wait to try out the products you have and looks like they are such a life saver to use and easy to use as well.

  182. Avatar of Sarah Rewita
    Sarah RewitaReply

    I Love the Strollers, Babylove’s an awesome trusted brand.

  183. Avatar of Min Kim

    Great Ezy Switch EP Convertible Car Seat for both parents and kids. I admire your safety protection and convertible technology!

  184. Avatar of Baby2

    Loving the high chair – simple structure, easy to use and it’s on wheels!

  185. Avatar of Bianca Anna Kolve
    Bianca Anna KolveReply

    I love the new strollers! Just what I was looking for

  186. Avatar of Kaz Purtill-Wright
    Kaz Purtill-WrightReply

    The urbanlite travel stroller for sure, we do lots of travelling, but don’t have much boot space, but we still don’t want to compromise on quality and the urbanlite allows us to face our baby which is hard to find among travel strollers.

  187. Avatar of joburkey

    The safe and go safety carrier, a great thing to have so you can let bub sleep when getting out and about with the car

  188. Avatar of Eva Kiraly

    Snap’n Go baby safety carrier , let sleeping babies lie, usually as soon as I move bub from the car or carrier, he starts to cry!

  189. Avatar of Alyce

    The Ezy Switch Car Seat is super practical. Compact in size so it fits easily into small cars or with multiple seats. The special clips to hold the seat belt out of the way while you pop your child in the seat will prevent a lot of tantrums and parental wrist injuries from trying to find those elusive little straps underneath your child!

  190. Avatar of olivia

    Urbanlite travel stroller I have a massing big heavy pram that take up all my boot space something small and compact is the way to go

  191. Avatar of Anne

    The Ezy Switch Car Seat looks like it solves the issues of getting in and out of cars.

  192. Avatar of Lorraine

    The Urbanlite Travel System Stroller is fantastic, so many functions and adaptability for all stages. It also looks really classy but still modern. Would be proud to walk everywhere with my baby in this. I also love the Aura Hi Lo highchair as it is compact, looks really comfortable for baby and most importantly looks super easy to keep clean and hygienic, All the products look amazing!

  193. Avatar of Angela Persello
    Angela PerselloReply

    Snap and go safety carrier, capsules are the most helpful item with a newborn/small baby, being able to get them in and out the car without disturbing them

  194. Avatar of Bronwyn Kelly
    Bronwyn KellyReply

    I love the baby rocker, lightweight and portable, a safe way to put baby down without the worry.

  195. Avatar of Nicole Zoia
    Nicole ZoiaReply

    Hard to narrow it down but I think the rocker is the ideal product for me. I can see my 6 yr old entertaining baby while he sits back relaxing in style.

  196. Avatar of Ten

    My fave is the high chair – the twin tray idea is fabulous and it looks easy to keep clean!

  197. Avatar of Bonnie Wallace
    Bonnie WallaceReply

    I love the Snap’n Go Safety Carrier system. This will be absolutely ideal for any newborn baby. A + on any mum to be’s list.

  198. Avatar of Stephanie H Beauchamp
    Stephanie H BeauchampReply

    Ezy Fold Travel System Stroller – Need this when running around with 5 kids!

  199. Avatar of Jo Tan

    Favourite product Urbanlite Travel System Stroller,
    Suitable from newborn to toddler.
    Parent-facing makes bonding, smiling and eye contact easier,
    Infant carrier makes transition effortless from car to stroller.
    Versatile, adjustable, adaptable, compact and durable,
    Lightweight, stylish, sleek and comfortable.
    Safe and outstanding, in Urbanlite we trust,
    For our newborn it is a must!!

  200. Avatar of Holly Simpson
    Holly SimpsonReply

    Easy Fold Travel System Stroller – great for people like me with dodgy backs!

  201. Avatar of hannah baxter
    hannah baxterReply

    Easy Fold Travel System Stroller = amazing one of the best strollers to use in the market today

  202. Avatar of Kodie Gibb

    easy fold travel system- have a light easy to fold pram after a c section is a god send

  203. Avatar of Jenni

    The rocker – I love the colours. We need a new one with now having twins on the way.

  204. Avatar of Kerri

    Love the high chair! We got a second hand one with our first and its wheels don’t even turn!

  205. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey EvansReply

    I love the Urbanlite Travel System Stroller, it’s super sleek & converts so I could see bub when she’s little then later on convert it the other way for her to see the world!

  206. Avatar of Nicole McMichan
    Nicole McMichanReply

    I love my capsule that can go from car to pram so easily without waking anyone up!

  207. Avatar of Peggy Wilson
    Peggy WilsonReply

    I love the urbanlite travel system…i love the idea of keeping baby asleep from the car to the shops while shopping etc.

  208. Avatar of Kim

    The babylove rocker looks fantastic for helping with settling a unhappy baby..cant wait to try it

  209. Avatar of Simone Callis
    Simone CallisReply

    I love the convertible car seat – it is slim line, nice and padded and easy to wash.

  210. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole WilliamsReply

    I love the high chair, how convenient that it can be used at different levels and it still quite basic…not bulky and hard to clean

  211. Avatar of Amie Davis

    I love the urbanlite travel system! The access to the basket looks fantastic! And of course being able to transfer baby from car to pram without disturbing is essential in my opinion.

  212. Avatar of sue perry

    aura hi lo highchair
    love the second tray love love love the adjustable seat recline and leg rest

  213. Avatar of sars_angelchik

    I love the rocker because it is the perfect place to put bub while we are eating dinner so that he can still feel a part of things and I can bounce him to help settle him. It is also great for giving him his very first tastes of food.

  214. Avatar of Andieharrie

    URBANLITE TRAVEL SYSTEM STROLLER is perfect for our family, Light and usage is easy peasy, facing front or back, great BASKET and storage rack

  215. Avatar of Maria Stringer
    Maria StringerReply

    Rockababy rocker, these look so comfy and have come a long way from the earlier versions I had for my babies.

  216. Avatar of Teri crowhurst
    Teri crowhurstReply

    I really love the idea of the Aura hi Lo high chair – adjustable heights and second tray are very appealing

  217. Avatar of Lauren Hodgson
    Lauren HodgsonReply

    I really lover the new look and would love to win. I love the Highchair.

  218. Avatar of Keely R G Brandon
    Keely R G BrandonReply

    The RockABaby Rocker looks amazing! Never found a rocker that could soothe my little guy, maybe this one could do the trick for my next!

  219. Avatar of Karla Oleinikoff
    Karla OleinikoffReply

    The Aura Hi Lo Highchair. Neat, compact, and SO practical! Adjustable heights and twin trays are fantastic features!

  220. Avatar of Mel Milliken
    Mel MillikenReply

    The high chair looks great. I love that it is height adjustable so I can keep bub at the right height for what I’m doing at the time of feeding (or just keeping them off the floor!)

  221. Avatar of Deb Lee

    The Ezy Fold stroller – so practical and convenient to use

  222. Avatar of Richard H

    definitely the cosifit nappies! easy to use and no red marks

  223. Avatar of Kodie Gibb

    the ezy fold stroller ,best stroller to fold up and put in the boot with ease

  224. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn TaylorReply

    The Rock A Baby Rockef. My babies loved the bouncer we had for them many years ago, but oh my goodness, the almost falls, and the couple of falls my husband and I had with the parts of the frame theatre stuck out. This bouncer looks like there will be no falls for my now grown babies, with my daughters in law, and brand new grand baby.

  225. Avatar of Melanie Battistel
    Melanie BattistelReply

    The Rock A Baby Rocker is exciting, I adore the Mulberry
    colour, its functional and stylish. I am also fond of the 2 position back rest,
    so many times I wished I had that option with my first bub. Folding away flat
    is also an awesome space saver.

  226. Avatar of Lauren Attwood
    Lauren AttwoodReply

    The Urbanlite Travel System Stroller looks lightweight and easy to use. I love that you can use it as part of a travel system with the car seat capsule too!

  227. Avatar of Liana

    I love the RockABaby Rocker from Babylove! The colours are just fabulous and the style has a royal feel to it. Simply amazing.

  228. Avatar of Susan

    The travel system stroller that you can just snap the capsule into and keep going without waking baby (hopefully! )

  229. Avatar of Alison Henderson
    Alison HendersonReply

    The Ezy fold stroller. 5 kids anything with ezy in it is a winner

  230. Avatar of Helen

    The Ezy fold stroller for sure!!! Going out wouldn’t be such a chore if I had a stroller as easy to use as that!!

  231. Avatar of Julie Hearn
    Julie HearnReply

    The Snap n Go System looks like it would make life so much simpler! Didn’t have one for the first 2, but think it’s going to be essential for this one, with all the running around!

  232. Avatar of Amy Berich

    Love the snap and go system, anything thst makes life easier is a winner.

  233. Avatar of Samantha Dalby
    Samantha DalbyReply

    I love all of these products so much my baby has hand me downs from his other 5 siblings lol new stroller would be wonderful 🙂

  234. Avatar of Colin Burt

    what agreat set of prizes, will really set us up well.

  235. Avatar of Christy

    The urbanlite travel stroller. Perfect for my small car and easy for me to use!

  236. Avatar of Tracey Ralph
    Tracey RalphReply

    The new look rockers are a must. A great place to put down bub.

  237. Avatar of Nicole Trustnoone
    Nicole TrustnooneReply

    Snap’n go carrier would be a dream to use as I’ve only used the older style car seat where you have to get bubs out

  238. Avatar of patti milfort
    patti milfortReply

    baby love products is what my friends have and rave about im expecting in november this bundel woulod be a dream

  239. Avatar of Danielle Parker
    Danielle ParkerReply

    I love all the products the prams look nice and easy to lift in and out of a boot

  240. Avatar of Tegan Watson
    Tegan WatsonReply

    All the new range looks fantastic & funky! Love the colours of the RockaBaby rocker too.

  241. Avatar of Naomie Nolan
    Naomie NolanReply

    Great looking range – I like the versatility of the hi-lo chair.

  242. Avatar of teressa clark
    teressa clarkReply

    all babylove products they a very easy to use, stylish and very reasonably priced!!!

  243. Avatar of lisa

    all products look really good and would make a great addition to my household

  244. Avatar of Regine Kong
    Regine KongReply

    They all look good but i never had a high chair with my first so that would be my favourite 🙂

  245. Avatar of Mel Bickley
    Mel BickleyReply

    The snap and go system looks amazing and would make getting on and out the car so much easier with a toddler and new baby!

  246. Avatar of Jennifer

    Baby Love products I think are the best on the market.

  247. Avatar of Kirsty P

    I love the look of the Aura Hi Lo Highchair! Can’t wait to give this a go!

  248. Avatar of Annie

    I love the look of the rockababy rocker and it comes in my favourite colour

  249. Avatar of TanyaCrerar

    The compact size and safety features of the BabyLove car seat make it the best choice for my family.

  250. Avatar of tracylc

    love love the rockababy rocker and it comes in a great colour too!

  251. Avatar of Vanessa Ahern
    Vanessa AhernReply

    My favourite new Babylove product is the rocker as it is stylish and looks comfortable for babyl

  252. Avatar of cnkalways

    The RockABaby Rocker is one of the most awesome products ever!!!

  253. Avatar of barebear

    I love the car seat, it looks very comfortable and I love the fact that you can adjust the Ezy Protect headrest as your child grows

  254. Avatar of Leanne Campbell
    Leanne CampbellReply

    I love the EZY SWITCH EP CONVERTIBLE CAR SEAT a the compact size, safety features & the fact that it is convertible makes its ideal for me to use for my grandchildren when they are in my car.

  255. Avatar of Jennalee Izzard
    Jennalee IzzardReply

    I love the Ezy Fold travel System Stroller, its everything the name says!! Its easy to fold, conpact for easy storage in the boot, I can adjust the back rest to the needs of my son whether he is eating, sleeping or just being social. Its got heaps of basket space fpr storage and its easy to access and overall i love the look and design of the stroller

  256. Avatar of Amanda Pope
    Amanda PopeReply

    The ezy switch car seat with it’s clever clips to keep the buckle apart when putting baby in the seat. Perfect for squirmers and makes that awkward dig under a seated child unnecessary.

  257. Avatar of Debrah Bassett
    Debrah BassettReply

    The stroller so easy to fold and its compact and light weight just what you need when you are on the go with a baby

  258. Avatar of Sally

    Love the high chair. Simple and easy to clean, yet stylish

  259. Avatar of Justine Hordyk
    Justine HordykReply

    Love the high chair high low setting no metal bits sticking out very safe and yes it has wheels no more lifting

  260. Avatar of antoniaodwyer

    The Aura Hi Lo Highchair, so incredibly versatile, perfect for babysitting duties of my many grandchildren.

  261. Avatar of Kathryn Radford
    Kathryn RadfordReply

    Love the high chair on wheels that bub can sit up and watch us wherever we are in the house.

  262. Avatar of Michelle Roberts
    Michelle RobertsReply

    rocker, these are awesome, bubs can watch the activities happening and be entertained whilst trying to get meals and do the essential tasks, they are so versatile and transportable.

  263. Avatar of Phillipa Harman
    Phillipa HarmanReply

    The BabyLove Bundle Package has everything that Matthew & Dani need for their first baby which is due early next year. The stroller and infant carrier were going to be their first purchases.

  264. Avatar of Jessica De Feudis
    Jessica De FeudisReply

    I like the idea of the porta cot would be good when my bubbas are visiting there nanny and grandpas workshop to have a nap after all there playing.

  265. Avatar of Alexandra Horvath
    Alexandra HorvathReply

    This would be a blessing to not only me but my best friend whos heavily pregna t and without a pram! This would be a god sent

  266. Avatar of Sara Johnston
    Sara JohnstonReply

    Woop woop, Babylove has such a wonderful range of quality products!! ❤️

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