It’s Both Clever and Hilarious. This School Fundraising Campaign is Like No Other

Without a doubt, school fundraising can often be challenging, especially trying to rally the whole school community behind each and every one you do.  

Now here’s one clever (and we suspect very tongue-in-cheek approach) that’s got the internet buzzing.


Probably because they’re saying what we’re all thinking!

As a member of my son’s school P&F Committee, I feel the pain (and challenge) so many schools face and let me tell you, the struggle can be VERY real.

Let’s face it. It’s hard to be creative to come up with new and exciting ways to raise money for your school or charity cause.

Shut up and take my money

That’s why this cleverly worded fundraising letter is absolutely perfect. The PTA there are asking parents to donate money based on what they WOULDN’T have done over the coming year rather than what they WILL.  Less hassle, less energy and a whole lot more efficient!

NOTE: Make sure you read through to the very last option – it’s my absolute favourite and I’m sure there’d be a few of you out there who’d be rather keen to tick that box and smile!

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  1. Avatar of Blossom

    Guess what, I would donate the amount I want to, not what they state on the list.
    What a con !!!

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