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It’s the Backyard Cabin With So Many Uses – Introducing the Fabulous SheShed!

Move over man caves, the backyard cabin has a whole new contender! Meet the ultra-chic SheShed, and boy oh boy, she’s a beauty! You won’t believe how easy it can be to create your very own backyard oasis, home office, or mini palace to escape the chaos and the kids every now and then.

You install the mini bar, and SheShed will sort the rest!

SheShed backyard cabin exterior
Meet the SheShed … your backyard oasis awaits. Photography: Mark Zeidler

A SheShed just for you, plus she offers so much more! 

These stunning backyard cabins make the perfect place to park yourself after a long day, with a glass of your favourite in hand.  But did you know there’s so much more you can do to the versatile SheShed?

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They even make a great onsite store. Source: Supplied

They can easily be transformed into a home gym, art studio or library to explore your hobbies, a gaming room, music room or teenage retreat for older kids. They can even convert into a fabulous granny flat or Air BnB studio for guests.

And that’s just the beginning!

SheShed backyard cabin oasis
A coat or two of paint, some funky chairs, perhaps some greenery, and you’re set! Photography: Vivien @HelloRenos
SheShed backyard cabin
What a beautiful escape into your own backyard! Photography: Lisa @waves_hairsalon

mum centralLisa’s Luxurious Studio

Plenty of clever parents across Australia have taken the humble SheShed and turned it into their very own home office.

One of these clever mums is Brisbane entrepreneur Lisa, who took the 3x4m Cabana Cabin Kitset from SheShed and turned it into “pure heaven.”

Rewind to 2021, before Lisa discovered her SheShed. With two little kids at home and a hair salon studio run from her kitchen, things were just a bit chaotic.  She and her husband got in touch with SheShed, and, from the first conversation, things simply clicked.

sheshed backyard cabins
Photography: Lisa @waves_hairsalon

[The SheShed service] was absolute perfection,” Lisa recalls. “I called to enquire back in November 2021. No question I had was too much, he was patient and he was just so lovely to chat to.

I was instantly sold because great customer service always wins.”

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Photography: Emma @sociallycreate

While Lisa and her husband didn’t have much DIY experience, they took on the project themselves and had a lot of fun putting it all together. It took six months, from start to finish and Lisa hired an interior designer to help with her stunning hair salon, Waves Hair Salon.

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Photography: Emma @sociallycreate

We didn’t stop at all, so it was amazing to see everything come together after all the hard work. It has been an incredible achievement for our little family!”

Lisa’s mission was to create a calming, indulgent experience for her clients and didn’t she go above and beyond?!

She absolutely loves “arriving” to work every morning – it’s only a 20-metre commute too! Plus her clients are blown away by how dreamy the space is.

SheShed hidden oasis
A hidden oasis in her own backyard! Photography: Emma @sociallycreate

“I love that I can drop my kids at kindy, come home and then walk straight into my work space with a fresh coffee in hand.

I can have peace for a moment to set up for the day and set my goals. I believe you can run any business you like from your home, if you have the right space and environment.” 

SheShed backyard cabin
The beautiful window is one of Lisa’s favourite features of her SheShed. Photography: Emma @sociallycreate

Space-saving and cost-effective too!

Another great thing about a SheShed? You actually don’t need a lot of space! These flat pack sheds work in most backyards, plus they are much cheaper than a house extension. Best of all, most locations do not require council approval for sheds that are 9 square metres like the SheShed Star Cabin.

You can run your own business from home, around your family schedule, and without having to pay commercial rent prices. Now that’s what we call a massive WIN!

Based in Sydney, but shipping all over Australia, SheShed have stock ready to deliver to your property quickly and cost-effectively. In the nine years they have been operating, they’ve seen countless SheShed backyard cabins transformed into beautiful spaces that not only add value to the property but value to their client’s lives.

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The perfect onsite dog grooming spa too! Source: Supplied

What can you use your SheShed for?

Super versatile, your SheShed can be used for a plethora of uses. You really are only limited by your imagination. Other uses for a SheShed have included home gyms, yoga studios, sewing rooms, reading nooks, craft rooms, playrooms, log cabins, and poolside guest rooms. The list goes on and on.

Looking for some SheShed inspo? You can check out their SheShed Gallery for more Inspiration – there are so many beautiful backyard cabins featured! #SheShedGoals

sheshed cabins
A music room, a lakeside cottage, a BnB and an art studio – so many choices for your space. Source: Supplied.

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Mark and Loni’s Outdoor Oasis

Loni Parker is the editor of Adore Home Magazine, both her and her husband Mark, work from home and decided to create an oasis by purchasing their own SheShed. Somewhere for Mark to work, leaving Loni inside to work separately. Best of all it’s essentially created an extra room, transforming their 3 bedroom home into a 4 bedroom home.

SheShed backyard office exterior
We absolutely adore the darker tones! Photography: Mark Zeidler

Both Mark and I work from home which isn’t an ideal situation in a small house,” Loni explains. “We had always dreamed of having a backyard studio where Mark could work from and I can work in peace and quiet inside.

We stumbled across SheShed online and knew it was a perfect fit with it’s barn-like feel, pitched ceiling and exposed beams.

What I love about our Star Cabin, is that it’s given us an extra room. It’s essentially turned our three bedroom house into four bedrooms.” 

SheShed backyard office exterior
Gorgeous styling and impactful design, what a lovely space to work and relax in. Photography: Mark Zeidler

mum centralEmily’s Earthy Escape

Emily from Eyecatcher Flowers runs a business out of her SheShed studio office in New Zealand and has decorated it with earthy tones to highlight the airy space.

mum central
Photography: Emily @eyecatcherflowers

It’s created a space for me to be free and have fun with my work. I can leave the mess till the end of the day and not worry.

I can display all my beautiful creations, and number one I can have people in my space to talk flowers where they feel like it’s an actual shop and not my home. …I think every day when I walk in it’s like a ‘wow, I do this’ moment.”

mum central
Photography: Emily @eyecatcherflowers

Can I Really Install a Backyard Cabin?? 

Yes, you sure can!

And it’s a lot easier and more affordable than you think! Even if you don’t have a DIY bone in your body, the step-by-step instructions are really simple to follow.

If you have a level area with adequate drainage, you can simply build a 9m2 Star Cabin on top of 6 treated timber bearers, as shown in the pictures below. (No concrete pad required!)

The cabins come as flatpack kits and include everything from the asphalt shingle tiles or ColourBond roof, to the double-glazed doors and windows, timber flooring and floor joists.

sheshed backyard cabin step by step
DIY goals and easier than you think! Photography: Emily @eyecatcherflowers

Every backyard cabin comes with step-by-step instructions written in plain English, with pictures and videos for those who want to build the cabin themselves.

Many SheSheders will also hire contractors to help them along the way. For example, you may want to build the shed on top of a timber subframe like is used to support a deck, (while you’re at it, you might as well get them to add a small deck out the front too!), but you can easily handle the panting and furnishings (Bunnings and Kmart we’re coming at you!).

Plus the team at SheShed are there to support you every step of the way. Don’t worry that they’ll turn their back on you … they love seeing the finished project and are always available to have a chat, offer advice or even offer paint colour suggestions!

There are 13 different-sized SheSheds to choose from, with various options available. Prices start at just $7,000 – and for what you get – we think this is brilliant value! Click below to see all the SheShed flatpack shed options and pricing.

The team at SheShed also offer video tours via Zoom to go over the different backyard cabin sizes and styles. Call the SheShed Team to book a free personalised walkthrough of any display cabin on 1800 316 583.

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A place to call your own (sorry kids!)

You don’t have to wait until the kids are older or until you can afford a bigger house to make space for yourself.

Regardless of what you want to do with this space – be it a home office, studio to explore your art, a place to sew or create, or simply an area to escape and hang out with your girlfriends, SheShed can make it happen.

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SheShed can offer the ultimate spare bedroom, BnB or guest room. Source: Supplied

Click here to DOWNLOAD A FREE PDF GUIDE on everything you need to know about building a backyard cabin, and to see their MUM CENTRAL SPECIAL OFFER!  

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