Cupcakes, pies, cakes and tarts—they’re what you’re all about. You don’t have to be a culinary genius to love baking!

Even if you’re a “bake it from the box” type of girl, you may still need some extra help.

That’s where baking cheat sheets come in. These sweet little charts make everything from baking the best chocolate chip cookies in the neighbourhood (or at least at your kid’s school) to converting measurements easy.

So, go ahead and check out these charts that make baking—well, better. Don’t worry, you don’t need crazy-awesome cooking skills to whip up something special for your child’s birthday, the school bake sale or a daytime dessert treat.

1. Cookie Science

You’re totally into those chewy, gooey chocolate chip cookies. How can you make sure that every batch is just right? Figure out which ingredients get you the perfect texture! That’s where this oh-so-useful chart comes into the picture. Learn the science behind perfect cookies—in other words, which ingredients, type of heat and size gets you the type of treat you’re looking for.

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2. Kitchen Conversations

A pinch? A dash? A drop? Um, what? If you have no clue what grandma’s recipe is really saying, take a look at this handy conversion chart. Okay, so even if you’re just converting perfectly normal quantities (such as pints to cups or ounces), this chart is still something you totally need.

Kitchen Volume Conversion Aid Infographic
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3.This For That

The recipe calls for molasses. But, all you have is honey. Oh well, guess you’ll have to give up. Or not. This chart gives you food to food equivalencies. So, if you need lemon juice, but only have apple cider vinegar, you’re in luck!

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4. Cookware Choices

Your BFF says that you absolutely must try silicone when it comes to cupcake baking. But, your cousin says to go with a good nonstick muffin pan. What to do? This convenient chart spells out which cooking surfaces are best for what.

From Cast Iron to Stainless Steel A Comprehensive Comparison of Cookware Materials #infographic
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5. Swap Out The Sugar

If filling your cakes, frosting and pies with cup after cup of sugar isn’t for you, take a look at your alternatives. Whether you’re going for a non-sugar sweetener or something more natural (such as honey or maple syrup), this chart gives you equivalent alternative options.

Sugar Replacements Chart
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6. Oven Awareness

Do you know how your oven works? Of course you do! You turn it on, set the temperature and wait for the little buzzer to sound. Right? Well, yes. But, there’s also a world of oven awareness that you might not know about. This infographic breaks down what you need to know in a completely easy-to-understand way (bonus, it also gives you a few cleaning tips too).

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7. Gluten Free

Is wheat flour a no-go? This chart gives you equivalent amounts of other options. So, now you can go ahead and bake cakes (or anything else) that will fit into the school’s “No Gluten” policy!

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