Barbie and her best friends Teresa and Renee transform from hard-working gymnasts to undercover secret agents in her latest exciting, empowering adventure Barbie Spy Squad.

Join Barbie and her friends as they tumble into action in Barbie Spy Squad, available to own on DVD and Digital from March 24, 2016.

Barbie, Teresa and Renee are gymnasts training to be the best when their amazing gymnastics skills catch the eye of a top-secret spy agency. The friends are recruited to use their gymnast talents to become elite spies, following clues to a gem-stealing cat burglar who has escaped everyone on the case.

Equipped with their high-tech gadgets, glam disguises, cute robo-pets and the power of friendship, the girls spring into action to catch the elusive cat burglar. However, as the thief continues to escape them and the mission begins to seem impossible, can Barbie and her best friends prove that smarts and teamwork can get the mission accomplished? It’s girl power to the rescue!

Go undercover with Barbie and her friends in the all-new action-packed adventure, proving that friendship, working together and a bit of girl power can go a long way. Three secret agents become the ultimate spy squad in Barbie Spy Squad, available to own on DVD and Digital from March 24, 2016.

Mattel has also released a new line of Barbie Spy Squad toys, so kids can recreate all their favourite scenes from the movie. Visit for fun games, activities and more!


To celebrate we’re giving 10 lucky readers one of our pretty cool Barbie Spy Squad prizepacks containing the Barbie Spy Squad toy, a copy of the DVD and a gorgeous ‘fairyfloss’ headband. A further 10 runners up will get a copy of the DVD.

Simply complete the entry form and tell us in the comments below WHAT you love about Barbie &  and you’re in the running!




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  1. Paula Harris Reply

    I’ve been a Barbie fan since I was a kid….but I only ever had one Barbie with bendable knees (which I loved to bend in the wrong direction) that got that much use, the wires came out her knees and I was devastated when I had to part with her.

  2. Kasey Evans Reply

    I love Barbies many styles, my girls are big fans have about 30 different styles from vet barbie to pregnant barbie!

  3. Barbie gives short men everywhere hope, that they too, just like my action figures, could perhaps pair up with a tall, gorgeous, leggy blonde! As a kid, my sisters Barbies were treated to the time of their lives, living it up with He-Man, Skeletor, Han Solo, and even Spidey and the Hulk!

  4. Her outfits and accessories. The endless hours of fun provided, dressing & undressing her, trying these shoes, with that bag, ooooh and that hat. Barbie’s great for the imagination too, so many settings and life scenarios she can, and does, get to play out.

  5. sarah Ellwood Reply

    How versatile barbie is. Shes had plenty of experiences and career changes, and makes friends where ever she goes.

  6. marypreston Reply

    Barbie has the outfits, the car, the house etc – and even a Ken. Barbie makes dreams come true.

  7. Wendy Compergirl D'Arcy Reply

    Her style and outfits are vast , ever changing but staying Barbie

  8. christine morris Reply

    I love Barbie since i was a little girl which was a long time ago, i love how she has always maintained her looks and has always kept up with the Fashion trend. My Granddaughter has just playing with her first Barbie doll and is in love with her, would be lovely to add this Barbie to her collection., Thanks for the chance 🙂

  9. Janelle Dowton Reply

    Barbie has always been there for generations,
    Delighting girls and their imaginations,
    So versatile, always a ball of style,
    Where there’s Barbie there’s a smile!

  10. Leanne Baker Reply

    I love the girl power attitude and that my daughter can grow up and love he same doll I did as a young girl.

  11. Juanita Thorn Reply

    I spent hours playing Barbie’s with my bestie…we had a few different Barbie’s a Ken each and a Skipper each and we’d play families….we had so many clothes, we spent out pocket money on clothing every Saturday. We still have the Spa, Campervan and Sports Car in one of our storage cupboards…

  12. I love reminiscing about all the times my sister and I used to play barbies together, whilst watching my 2 young daughters playing barbies together. It allows the girls a great avenue for imaginative play as well as encouraging them to share, work together and communicate.

  13. What can’t Barbie do? So versatile, kids can get the theme they like, so many outfits and accessories, you can easily add to the collection at each birthday or Christmas, makes it easy for the whole family to buy something to go with Barbie.

  14. Nicole Williams Reply

    I loved her as a kid and she’s still going strong. My niece loves Barbie.

  15. Suzanne Ware Reply

    I love that my girls love to play Barbies just like I did when I was younger – and it’s great seeing Daddy playing with them too.

  16. Gervase Dsylva Reply

    I love the experiences and imagination that results from my daughter.

  17. I love that Barbie’s evolving with the times so new generations continue to enjoy playing with her

  18. Shannon Discombe Reply

    I love that barbie allows their minds to wander with creative play I love listening in on the girls playing how they talk and make up stories to go along a spy barbie would be amazing

  19. I love that Barbie is no longer seen as a “Bimbo” and that she can do all sorts of things and inspire my daughters to do the same, even a gymnastic spy 🙂

  20. We always loved Barbie for the imaginative play she and her friends inspired

  21. Kristy Nind Reply

    My 2 girls are OBSESSED with Barbie! We have EVERY movie so have been waiting for the new one! We love the music and dancing!

  22. Heather Hopley Reply

    Barbie is every little girls friend. She teaches them fashion and fun. Mum’s like them because they’re not big or cumbersome for the amount of enjoyment they give!

  23. My almost 2 year old daughter does not own anything Barbie yet and would love for her to be introduced to her by winning this!! Surely she will feel like Barbie is her lucky doll 🙂

  24. Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    Barbie is not just for ‘girly girls’ anymore. She’s tough and beautiful, just what every girl wants to strive for.

  25. Juanita Munro Reply

    I love Barbie’s smile, It never goes away & seeing it makes me smile & happy all day long!

  26. Debrah Bassett Reply

    Barbie has been a favourite of my daughters because she has such a lot of outfits and her own car and camper van pool and horse the list goes on hours of fun

  27. watching the girls play grownups with barbie and what they want to be so entertaining my she has some very imaginative adventures


    I think Barbie’s attraction is how she retains her looks and glam over such a long period….she was best mates with my children as they grew and now she hangs out happily entertaining my grandchildren….one heck of a gal….ageless….tireless

  29. Kathryn Barwick Reply

    Barbie gives everything a go. That is a great example for kids to follow.

  30. I love that Barbie really is the girl that can do anything! What a great role model for girls!

  31. Melissa Sneesby Reply

    I love the fact that my daughter is old enough to want to play with barbies, great excuse for me to join in!

  32. Leonie Walker-Rackebrandt Reply

    My daughters love barbie and watches the cartoons often they love how she helps others as well as her beautiful hair

  33. I love the way my daughter uses her imagination but also relates to real life activities using her barbies.

  34. I love that you name it, Barbie can do it, Barbie can be it- what a powerful thing to teach our little girls, the sky is the limit!

  35. Julia Morton Reply

    i love her fashion sense and her hair, she always looks so stylish and love how she mixes and matches her outfits

  36. Monica Huffer Reply

    I love the fact that she was around when l was a girl and still will be when my grand daughter is born!

  37. I love about Barbie most is that she isn’t affraid to re-invent herself.

  38. Caroline Kelly Reply

    Barbie has enjoyed a varied and long career and she has ensured that her wardrobe and personal items match her new adventures.

  39. Kristy Winters Reply

    Barbie allows imagination barbie encourages imaginative play and role playing and she has the best accessories, car, house dresses.

  40. Jasmine Stanford Reply

    I love that Barbie has gone from purely a fashion icon to a role model, she is teaching girls they can be whatever they imagine.

  41. Barbie is a classic they now how to appeal kids.. The dolls are fantastic different fashion, occupations, and more.. With endless accessories for continuous fun. The the movie they are the best the kids can watch them over & over and never get sick of them Tell you the truth I could to, songs are so catchy, the best.

  42. Stacey Hollis Reply

    My 5 year old and i play with Barbie all day I love the way my daughter is using her imagination more as we play togeter

  43. Linda Luczak Reply

    I love that Barbie is classic and timeless. She has adapted with the ages. Her fashion sense is impeccable! Barbie kept me entertained as a young girl and continues to keep my daughter’s imagination alive today.

  44. Samira Bousalim Al-Ekhtiyar Reply

    She still looks so good, considering her age 🙂

  45. Kylie Thomas Reply

    She is a jack of all trades, there is nothing she can’t do.

  46. Kim May Matt Tini Reply

    I love barbie. I grew up with it and my mum grew up with it and now my daughters.

  47. Lauren Neil Reply

    I’ve loved Barbie since I was a child myself. Barbie has been so many different occupations and characters, inspiring girls to be what ever they want to be.

  48. Scott Crumlin Reply

    She sparkles and I know a five year old little miss that’d love this.

  49. I like that she can be anything we can dream of. I like that she is evolving with time. I like that she makes my favourite girl smile.

  50. Debbie Dye Reply

    My 9 year old loves playing with Barbie because she can use her imagination & confde in her if she’s feeling scared or anxious, Barbie is a girl’s best friend!

  51. Catherine Gierak Reply

    She is timeless. Her sense of style is flawless. And she has shown that you can be whatever it is you want to be… even a spy in this instance.

  52. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    What I love most about Barbie is that it is one toy I can relate to and can tell my daughter about all of the Barbie dolls and accessories, including the classic Barbie Bus, that I enjoyed playing with as a child.

  53. How over the years she has become an icon for girls of all different occupational dreams.

  54. i love that i played with her as a child and now my children are doing the same – she has been around for sooooo long 🙂

  55. Samala Cambridge Reply

    I love the hours of fun and laughter it creates with our childrens imaginations. It is not always about changing her outfits and doing her hair which of course is great but my daughter loves to include them in games with her brothers and their toys.

  56. Leesa Massey Reply

    I love watching my daughter play with barbies just like I did,

  57. Teresa Clark Reply

    I love how much enjoyment Barbie gives to my nieces, if i were to win this is for them and they would love it and be so thankful for the prize.

  58. Margot Mck Reply

    Barbie to me shows that through the generations, women have evolved and reinvented themselves to embrace the environment and challenges that may lay ahead. Barbie uses her intelligence and skills of collaboration with friends to get the job done in a positive and enthusiastic manner.

  59. Valerie Wee Reply

    I love Barbie as my little girl enjoys dressing up and makes her pretty all the time. My girl is always tidy and neat because of Barbie.

  60. Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess Reply

    I love barbie as it shows my daughter she can do and be anything that she dreams of. Its great to see her imagination run wild while playing with barbie

  61. I loved playing with my Barbies when I was young – now I have 3 daughters who love them just as much.

  62. Tamara Lamb Reply

    The memories of playing with my sisters for hours with our Barbies.

  63. Melissa Durell Reply

    I love how excited my daughters get every time they see a Barbie doll.

  64. Samantha Bentley Reply

    As an adult I love how barbie can be anything or anyone and do anything ! She doesn’t give up and she finds a way. Empowering young girls to believe that they too can be and do anything !

  65. LilMiss Kibby Reply

    Barbie reminds me of my childhood… I always looked forwards to my birthday and getting a new Barbie!

  66. I love how barbie has adapted to new trends and moved through time capturing the love from children everywhere!

  67. rebecca blackmore Reply

    I loved Barbie as a little girl and now watch my daughter enjoy them.

  68. jaime farrands Reply

    My favourite thing about barbie is she’s such a career girl. If she’s not being a vet or an astronaut she’s a spy. Something we can all aspire to

  69. My girl loves dressing up the Barbies and makes different stories with them.

  70. Tennille Ince Richardson Reply

    I love how Barbie empowers young girls to believe in themselves and aspire to be and do anything they want to. I love seeing my daughters imagination develop and evolve when she plays with her Barbie’s.

  71. Kylie Clayton Reply

    Barbie can either do anything or will try to do anything – nothing will stop this character from achieving her girls. I love this ‘can do’ attitude as it’s such a positive message for children. Plus, that although Barbie may be scared (which is ok too) she will still have a go.

  72. Louise Patterson Reply

    I love how Barbie can fit into those teeny tiny clothes!

  73. Love that she can be whatever she wants to be, anything from a Doctor to a rockstar!

  74. Tracey Ralph Reply

    I love how my daughter happily gets lost in the world of Barbie for hours on end.

  75. Sarah Phillips Reply

    I love her style, that girl sure knows how to accessorise!

  76. Mikaela Cowan Reply

    Her inspirational message to girls that they can do anything!

  77. Zoë Redman Reply

    I enjoy seeing my daughters create a world with Barbie playing all the important roles. Lets them know there’s a wide range of possible roles for them to aspire to.

  78. I love that Barbie movies help my 6 year old daughter learn about friendships and the ups and downs of life. It is a wonderful world of make believe but still has a lot of reality .. providing valuable experiences for growth as well as imagination.

  79. Barbie enlightens our hearts with a fun, fascinating kaleidoscope of fashion forward fabulousness, beautifully inspirational friendships and bright, bubbly girl power. A harmoniously graceful signature of smarts, team work and that colourful pop of iconic empowerment is what we love most!.

  80. I’m loving the fact that Barbie is becoming less superficial and fashion/looks obsessed and become a woman with strength and intelligence who actually helps others. Great to see that change

  81. Lena McDowell Reply

    I love that my daughter can enjoy playing with something that I loved as a kid, and it’s still relevant today

  82. Sacha Pech Reply

    Barbie makes it easy for kids to encourage imaginary play; they can be teachers, doctors, mums or secret agents. So versatile.

  83. Tess Howard Reply

    She’s smart, sassy and stylish! And she always has a smile on her face.

  84. Bronwyn Elmes Reply

    Barbie shows children that they can grow up to be anything. She is one strong minded independent lady.

  85. Laura Scriven Reply

    Barbie gives them dress up fun,
    Played outside or in the sun.
    Better than a computer game,
    And it keeps them entertained!

  86. Margaret O'Shea Reply

    Barbie has been around for so long and has brought joy to many little girls. My own Daughters had some and now my Granddaughters love her. She has so many personas that she can be anyone an imagination can create.

  87. Barbie Claire Reply

    Barbie is an age old toy
    Amazing memories as a child
    Beautiful and powerful
    Inspirational for people of all ages
    Ellegant and sporty

  88. chicken 1505 Reply

    Barbie teaches children to never give up on there dreams. She also lets girls go wild with there imaginary play.

  89. I love that Barbie is instantly recognizable generation after generation and that she is constantly evolving to reflect a woman in today’s society.

  90. mustangmum Reply

    Barbie has always been a large part of the girls life, because Barbie shows girls that they can want and be anything that they like…I grew up with Barbie and now my girls do too.aka Caroline Gunnulson

  91. Elizabeth Davey Reply

    I love that Barbie encourages girls to believe in themselves and that they can be anything and anyone

  92. She’s kind to everyone and always has a great positive attitude. I love how she really hasn’t changed since I was a kid.

  93. Leanne Turner Reply

    My 3 girls are all addicted to Barbie! They are empowered and encouraged to be themselves and to always be kind. Thanks!

  94. Barbie does everything! You can always guarantee the perfect gift with Barbie because she has such a wide range of interests!

  95. Samara McRae Reply

    I love that she reminds me of my childhood. I used to play with her all the time. I also love that she has so many accessories.

  96. Sarah K
    My daughter has just discovered Barbie and refers to Barbie and friends as pretty princesses and is fixated on all the pretties (Hollie is just coming up to age 2).
    I love how the movies give me a little time out as she will sit down and watch the whole thing. Yay! Winning!

  97. I love that Barbie can keep my daughter entertained for hours!

  98. Heidi-May Tregeagle Reply

    Barbie has different sides to her and can be all these different things like a spy, fairy, princess, mermaid and a regular girl. I love that in some ways she is a positive female influence just need to work on the realistic body issues.

  99. Claire Armstrong Reply

    My daughter will happily play with her Barbies for hours. Bliss!

  100. Kate Slack Reply

    I love how Barbie has continued to be popular with further generations, I loved playing with my Barbie when I was little and now my daughter and her friends have them!

  101. Tina Hopkinson Reply

    Love Barbie,have awesome memories playing with my sisters and us doing fashion shows and now my daughter loves barbie also,awesome giveaway.

  102. Belinda Mouk Reply

    My four sisters and I loved playing with Barbie when we were younger. Now my six nieces enjoy dressing up Barbie and watching her adventures on DVD.

  103. Jenny Woods Reply

    My granddaughter loved playing with her Barbie dolls & would love to give my great daughter the same experience with this awesome prize.

  104. Samantha Byrne Reply

    My girls all happily play together with their barbies 🙂

  105. Barbie has worn designer gowns designed by Calvin Klein and Vera Wang.
    She drives a pink Corvette and a Jeep. She has lots of exotic pets,
    including a panda and a zebra. Is there anything this girl doesn’t have.

  106. She’s gorgeous, sweet, smart… everything little girls could possibly want to be. Sure, she’s dealt with her share of controversy, but I adore Barbie,

  107. Dale Pearce Reply

    Barbie has been around forever 🙂 Love the fact that she has changed for the better over the years 🙂

  108. Robyn Elizabeth Reply

    I love that my girls play together and use their imaginations when playing with their barbie house. Also love the peace and quiet a barbie DVD gives me

  109. Tracey Ibbott Reply

    I think my little boy likes them more than his older sister!!!

  110. Barbie has progressed to looking like the average woman, not “skinny as a rake” as she used to be. I was recently shown Barbie’s pink plane with folding wings. Jay is into spies and science fiction at the moment so she would love this.

  111. Oldermumalmost41 Reply

    Spent many hours with my barbies as a kid & so much time just admiring them in store was always saving to add to my collection. Now my daughters are just old enough & I love that they are choosing the superhero/ faries & mermaid barbies they were never around when I was little. I dont see much barbie fashion in store anymore.

  112. Amy Turnbull Reply

    I have always loved Barbie as a kid and now i get to enjoy it with my girls! They have quite a collection already, including my ones as a child. We even watch the BARBIE DVDs! It’s a girls best toy.

  113. Nikki Cashion Reply

    Love watching these with my grand daughter when we get to spend time together. Miss 7 has just started getting into collecting Barbie stuff , she would so love this.

  114. Brooke Parker Reply

    I love that Barbie has so many different things that she has done. I love that their is usually music involved and is just so innocent and no horrible stuff like the movies today have.

  115. Mel Cochrane-Finlay Reply

    Barbie is always there to have fun with everyone of all ages, girl or boy!

  116. Michelle Lalezari Reply

    Barbie always has & always will be a fashion icon and forever my heroine

  117. Kristy Sinkovic Reply

    My girls LOVE Barbie. Especially Erica and Courtney in the Rock N Royals movie. They can’t wait to get this one!

  118. Melinda Bolitho Reply

    Unlimited ways to play
    Barbie ignites imaginations
    The freedom to create any kind of scenario
    Playing in the park or superhero!
    Now she’s undercover!
    Barbie’s a multi-generational doll like no other!

  119. Julie Hodsman Reply

    The memories of hours spent as a young girl with my sister playing with her and Ken. I still have them all and the campervan etc. so my daughter can now play with them.

  120. Patricia Comer Reply

    Who doesn’t LOVE Barbie’s hair? I’d spend endless hours combing, brushing and plaiting her hair. Her hair be it blonde, or brunette, curly or straight, totally rocks. With infallible taste to match, and undeterred by other’s opinions, Barbie is confident, and a positive role model for young girl’s and old girl’s alike. Barbie possesses the attributes that easily evoke spontaneous, interactive play and I honestly believe that she will be around for many more years to come. I think others would agree, “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie World, Life in plastic, is Fantastic….” and high heels or flats, this girl knows where she’s going. As Marilyn Munroe once said “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the World” Barbie, YOU are this girl! and w can’t wait to see what you unveil for us next.

  121. Alison Henderson Reply

    30 years on my daughters are playing with the sams doll I did at their age.
    I still love Barbie!

  122. Kirstin Trehan Reply

    I love playing imagine games with my daughter and her barbies

  123. Karyn Munro - Reply

    I have to admit cutting barbies hair as a child was the best fun… I caught my 6 year old daughter the other week cutting her barbies hair and all I could do was smile!!!!!

  124. Sharna Fielding Reply

    I love that Barbie keeps my 3 kids entertained for long periods of time 🙂 Nothing better than throwing on a barbie DVD in the car for some instant peace n quiet of tipping out their box full of barbies for them to play with so I can clean the kitchen 🙂

  125. I loved barbie as a little girl and my daughter has just starting playing with them after I brought all mine down from storage for her. I love that she is so imaginative and it brings back good memories of my sister and I playing all through our childhood home with them and loving them as my daughter now does.

  126. Allison Monkhouse Reply

    I love that Barbie can be anything. A mum, a doctor and now a spy she shows my daughter that girls can do and achieve anything

  127. Matthew Toby Reply

    I love that Barbie has entertained my daughter’s for over ten years, the movies have taught them to challenge their limits, respect others and to use their imagination. The dolls have given them hours of creative fun. Barbie has bought them and us as parents lots of fun fond memories.

  128. lovelyloves Reply

    She is fab! She has been around for a long, long time! She’s always been so fashionable.

  129. Amanda Sherman Reply

    I love that Barbie is timeless! There was nothing more exciting than sitting down with my girls (4 and 6) and playing Barbies with my dolls! Changing the shoes, clothes and accessories. I think I had more fun then them! A classic toy!

  130. I wasn’t sure if I would want to encourage the Barbie thing but I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of the stories and the messages – plus we just love dressing them up!

  131. Tessa St Clair Reply

    My daughter loves to play ‘mums and dads’, barbie will soon have every career available, be mum, dad, baby, sister, brother, Aunty, or Uncle. Keeps my daughter entertained for hours, yay.

  132. My daughter loves her, but is not obsessed, I love that she enjoys playing with my dolls as I did

  133. Modern Barbie is a great example to my little girl, she’s always kind, smart and hard working. My daughter loves her!

  134. Sam Pearce Reply

    I cannot wait for my daughter to love Barbie as much as I did. Peaches and Cream Barbie was the BEST EVER.

  135. Stephanie Canellis Reply

    My daughter loves Barbie! She’s watches Life In The Dream House on repeat, watches her movies everyday. I love that Barbie has a positive message in everything she does.

  136. Kit Man Ha Hau Reply

    Definitely the variety of clothes and style babies has. Barbie was one of the first few words my daughter say when she learning to talk. She’s a big fan too.

  137. Alice Molony Reply

    My daughter loves playing make believe with her Barbies and in particular the barbie movies that bring her to life and show her she can be anything she wants to be.

  138. Linda Wallace Reply

    Barbies have been part of our family’s play time for four generations now and the fun is neverending

  139. As a kid I loved Barbies and now I get to share that with my daughter Chelsea…

  140. Elisabeth Martins Reply

    The biggest thing I love about Barbie as she is a timeless piece. My mother loved her, I loved her, my sisters loved her, now my daughter and nieces, even my nephews love her.

  141. I love that Barbie opens the door to unlimited imagination! She can be anyone and do anything. Such a great toy for anyone to act out their dreams and experiences. My girls and I love Barbie!

  142. I love that my daughter creates her own world with Barbie. Just listening to her play and create magical stories with her Barbies brings so much joy to my heart.

  143. She adds some class to dress ups (unlike those skanky Bratz dolls!)

  144. I love that she covers all styles of clothing there is a Barbie for everyone

  145. I love that Barbie is timeless, she can do anything she sets her mind to, even at 44 years of age I will happily sit down with my niece and play Barbie with her.

  146. Katherine Bamford Reply

    I have so many happy memories of playing Barbie with my sister as kids. It makes my heart smile seeing my daughter enjoying and making the same beautiful memories I did all those years ago 🙂

  147. Her amazing outfits (& how great she looks in every single one f them too!)

  148. Sarah McKenzie Reply

    I actually thoroughly enjoy Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse tv show! It’s hilarious! I also love the endless amount of accessories that Barbie has…always a very easy present choice!

  149. The Barbie Doll has been around since 9th March 1959 and every house has had one @ some stage. It has made little & big girls & boys very happy. So why do some people feel the need to change the figure etc of such a beautiful Doll that has wonderful memories for every child.

  150. I love how Barbie is more than 50 years old, but little girls the world over still love her. She’s timeless, and that’s why I adore her.

  151. Natalie Hage Reply

    my daughter has all the movies so far. the stories give her hints about appropriate behaviour and friendship

  152. Tanya Berglund Reply

    I love how Barbie is always stylish and can be anyone from a Superhero to the girl next door.

  153. Leisa Sandles Reply

    I love sharing all my old barbies with my twin girls, it reminds me of my childhood. And I absolutely love all the new versions of barbie too.

  154. Rebecca O'Connell Reply

    My 3 daughters adore Barbie much the same as I did as a kid. What I love most about Barbie is that her possibilities are endless and so my girls use their imaginations in a multitude of ways and imagine all sorts of different lives for themselves to live!

  155. Michelle Cooper Reply

    Tegan loves the super cool adventures that Barbie has and she has a super cool singing voice which Tegan loves

  156. My girls enjoy a barbie “girls’ night in” sleepover with their friends involving all their Barbies in all sorts of adventures. The Barbie DVD would quieten them all down before the inevitable bedtime.

  157. I love how Barbie sparks my girls imaginations, AND that they now have realistic body types.

  158. Lynnette Bull Reply

    I love how Barbie has evolved over the years and that now she has evolved into realistic versions of what kids see in real life. I love that Barbie has had so many jobs over the years and has an outfit to suit any occasions. My daughter loves Barbie’s hair, clothes and shoes. She does not take notice of what body shape Barbie is.

  159. I love that Barbie can be anything and teaches young children that there is no limits to what you can achieve.

  160. James Pizzey Reply

    my daughter,s barbie collection has now been passed on to her daughter she spends hours dressing and undressing

  161. Girls and boys, young and old, every child has experienced Barbie at some stage of their life. Plus she shows children you can be anything you want, from a doctor to a superhero!

  162. Felicity Turner Reply

    Barbie is the classic toy that every little girl should have.

  163. Andieharrie Reply

    Barbie has been a part of my life since i was small
    Now it my grand daughters chance to enjoy Barbies and accessories all

  164. My daughter plays with barbie all the time they are her friends

  165. Sue Pickthorne Reply

    my 3 grand daughters love the Barbie movies so would love this one to add to their collection

  166. I love watching my daughter play with the Barbie’s that I played with when I was her age, it brings back so many memories.

  167. Linda Cleary Reply

    As a young girl we couldn’t afford to have barbie dolls, so I was always envious of cousins with their ones. My daughter now has a few dolls to treasure and just had her birthday party with the theme Barbie. We now create beautiful moments dressing up and reenacting barbie movie scenes together, reading barbie reader books and cherishing the barbie bond between us.

  168. Aneira Webb Reply

    “I like Barbie’s because they can be the girls in games with my brother’s Starwars boys and the spy barbie would have fun playing with us. I like their beautiful hair too.”-Aneira age 4

  169. stephen elsworthy Reply


  170. Barbie has the guts to attempt things that others could only dream of. actually the thing i like most about Barbie is the lack of procrastination. she gets things done! If you want something done, call Barbie, she’s a problem solver.

  171. Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    I love that Barbie is a jack of all trades. She shows girls that they can do anything they put their mind to. AND according to my 3.5yo..she has the best clothes EVERRRRRR haha

  172. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    My daughter had the first original Barbie doll then my 2 Granddaughter added to the collection and we [Grandparents]had a barbie dolls house made for them no my Great Granddaughters twins 4 are starting to play with the enormous collection we had over now 3 generations. you could say that we giorls loved BARBIE DOLLS.

  173. Emmi Collins Reply

    Because Barbie is beautiful, smart, brave, and ready to go out on a limb for a friend

  174. Rebecca Evans Reply

    I love that Barbie can do anything and encourages my daughter to do the same. My daughter doesn’t notice that she’s tall, or her proportions or that she’s pretty. My daughter notices that she gives everything a go and in the movies she is kind and encouraging of her little sisters.

  175. Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    I grew up with barbie always loved her clothes, shoes & hair

  176. Had a few barbies growing up i remember used to twirl their hair in this device that twisted it.

  177. My daughter spends hours playing with her barbies, I love listening to her play and being creative.

  178. Melanie Melaniedarrin Farrugia Reply

    love the variety, dolls, clothing, dvds, accessories there is always an item for your price range

  179. I love that she is a free spirit and can do whatever she needs to do… with the help from her friends… and that my almost miss 4 is transfixed to the screen when she is in or in a world of her own when playing with her or her plane, car etc.

  180. We love Barbie in our house…we believe Barbie shows us you can be anyone you want & can do anything you put your mind too!! Usually she needs the help of her friends…which is just like real life really!! A fun role model who has loads of fun adventures. ☺

  181. Hayley Maree Reply

    I have such fond memories of all the hours I spent playing with my barbies with my friends & I love seeing my daughter getting the same enjoyment as I did. What is not to love, the outfits, the accessories, the imagination they encourage, we love it all!

  182. Kelly Wade Reply

    We love that barbie helps show how you can be anything you want if you put your mind to it. She’s kind hearted in everything she chooses to do and is never held back by things that people tend to use as an excuse. Lovely little subtle life advice to the children while they just think it’s movie time.
    My daughter and son both love the barbie movies. Not to mention the endless imagination they have when they are playing with the dolls.u

  183. My 3 year old has just discovered Barbie and we can spend hours together playing. It brings back so many memories from my childhood and just love the evolution of Barbie from the many races and now shape.

  184. She’s ageless and now can be played with by the grandchildren of original users (owners? pretend mothers?), and she’s small enough for a child to play with several at once.

  185. Kristy Smith Reply

    She is a lady of every power and can do anything she puts her mind to my daughter says. And also she added she is perfect even if she is around the age of 50 she never gets old mum. I want to be like Barbie mum she is the best and can be anything she wants to be and look the best at doing it.

  186. My 9 year old daughter says that she is girl power and her own super hero . She doesn’t need a boy to rescue her !

  187. Philippa Tudor Reply

    She inspires little imaginations and provides endless role playing options that my daughter and I can play together

  188. Kirsty Bunyan Reply

    Barbie was a big part of my childhood, she was a friend and companion, when things were tough or uncertain in my life, I knew she’d be there for me no matter what. She’s kind, considerate, thoughtful, smart, respectful, strong and most importantly she brings out these things in you, you are the one controlling her after all!

  189. Jane Gardam Reply

    Barbie is timeless, I played with her, my daughters played with her and now my grandchildren. She has redefined herself in many ways but most importantly now that she is showing young girls that they can achieve anything in life and be what ever they want to be.

  190. Lorraine Kong Reply

    Barbie brings the inner girl in me. I express myself through her- pretty clothes, beautiful body, fashion fabulous, talented girl and best girlfriend ever. She is everything I want to be, until today he beautiful smile melts my heart. I would want my girl to be connected to her just like I do because I believe the MAGIC of Barbie still lives on!

  191. Christine Kirk Reply

    my daughter loves the fact she is down to earth and cares for everyone.. And i love that about her 🙂

  192. Working together – every girl loves being in an awesome team and having lots of fun together!

  193. Dawn Taylor Reply

    I wanted a Barbie doll so much when I was little, but i had to settle for a Wendy doll (they were cheaper) I bought Barbies for my daughter, and if I’m blessed with grandddaughters, I will once again have fun playing with Barbies.

  194. Corrin Fleming-Morris Reply

    I love that Barbie can be anything she wants, and do anything she wants. There is no prejudice that she is a girl and can only do “girl like” things. As a mother to a 5 year old girl, I am trying to encourage her to chase her dreams no matter how big or outrageous they may be.

  195. As a child there wasn’t a day that would go by that I would not get my Barbies out to play with them. Now that I am a mum I have bought my daughter all of the Barbie products that I wanted as a child. The latest purchase was the Barbie Dreamhouse which she is in love with. We have 6 Barbie movies and she is an inspiration to young girls everywhere as she is always trying something new in each and every movie.

  196. Faye Hannam Reply

    I love Barbie. How many tiny outfits I have made to fit various Barbies…Very stylish Barbie lives here….

  197. Neva Beaumont Reply

    I love that Barbie has a go at everything and anything and that she is being a powerful and interesting role model for the modern little girl!

  198. Sarah Kennedy Reply

    I spent hours playing with my Barbies as a young girl, and now my own daughter is building her own Barbie collection. The appeal of Barbie to me was the many outfits, accessories and the wonderful fantasy worlds she lived in. Barbie holds the key to dreams and imagination. What little girl wouldn’t love that!

  199. My partners grand daughter would totally love this . I personally dont get into Barbie

  200. Lynne Lillington Reply

    I love that there are so many babies, that kids can pick Safari Barbie, Dr Barbie , action Barbie, she isn’t stereotyped just as a bikini Model. And boys love playing with them also.

  201. Fotini Christmass Reply

    I love all the different Barbies and all the costumes available. Gives inspiration to my little fashionista.

  202. I love that Barbie can be anyone and do anything. She is also beautiful and has great fashion sense!

  203. Sally Louise Reply

    Barbie can do anything, be anyone – it’s great for people to see!

  204. kelly jones Reply

    I love Barbie because she is moving with the times an empowering girls now to be what they want to be and also showing girls they don’t have to be the same as everyone else to fit in.

  205. I love Barbie because she is always trying her best at everything she does and can be anything she wants to be.

  206. Sharon Markwell Reply

    Barbie has so much style, and she is timeless (bit like me, haha)

  207. Adele Smith Reply

    I love Barbie’s lifestyle, her sense of fun and her awesome friendships.

  208. A Barbie Q and a Barbie doll are 2 of my favourite memories; fun friends and treasure.

  209. Gillian Harridge Reply

    I love Barbie and the endless fun that you can have. Loved playing Barbies with my younger sister, best memories.

  210. Rachel Cheel Reply

    I have ALWAYS been a fan of Barbie (and now my daughter!)! I love and admire how much Barbie has evolved throughout the decades. I love how she is timeless yet ‘girly’, playful yet regal while all together showing girl-power, kindness, love, compassion and friendships. BARBIE RULES! 😀

  211. As a female engineer, I have always loved that Barbie has engaged in a range of strong and non-traditional female roles. I have encouraged my daughter to keep her eyes open to all vocational possibilities without curtailing her love of fashion, glitz and glamour. Just like Barbie really.

  212. britishstorm Reply

    I love her girlieness and the oh so pretty hair.. #hairenvy

  213. John Harris Reply

    I love that my gf grew up watching barbie and playing with barbies, and now I have children of my own I think its wonderful my children also get to fall in love with barbie many yrs on.

  214. Stephanie H Beauchamp Reply

    That she can be anything you want her to be. My 5 daughters love playing with their barbies together creating stories and different scenarios

  215. Tegan McDoanld Reply

    that fact that she’s so many different characters/personalities. means there is something for everyone!

  216. Kelly Price Reply

    I love the different story lines and how she is always willing to help others no questions asked,being friendly, no judging and there are so many different roles. Not just gender based.

  217. Sarah Armstrong Reply

    She’s finally empowering our younger generation and has killer heels

  218. Nicole Gurney Reply

    I always loved barbies as a kid. Dressing them and talking to them. Still have my old ones from over 30 years ago. I can’t wait till my daughter loves them too 🙂

  219. She’s kind, independent and giving, all things I find inspiring… even if her body shape is unattainable by me, haha!

  220. lisa conolley Reply

    having had Barbie when I was younger she gave me so much fun with dressups and imaginitive play with friends. Shes an icon 😀

  221. Ashlee Ford Reply

    Barbi is the friend to have. Shes kind, rich and beautiful.

  222. Matt Brown Reply

    The joy Barbie brings is superb. Lovely to watch smiles on faces.

  223. Catherine Burns Reply

    I like how Barbie instantly puts smiles on little faces!

  224. Irene Fernandas Reply

    I love Barbie. She can change into anything she desires and always looks hot!

  225. I love that Barbi shows women they can be anything if they put their mind to it .

  226. Alicia Bardsley Reply

    Barbie keeps evolving and showing our little girls (and boys) that girls can do anything

  227. jody buhagiar Reply

    Barbi is an icon. For years and years providing fun and happiness.

  228. Andrew McKeown Reply

    My daughters really love everything Barbie and all the amazing experiences that they can imagine for her.

  229. What I love most about Barbie is being able to share my own childhood memories with my now Barbie mad daughter.

  230. Charl Lowther Reply

    Love that Barbie is moving with the times and letting girls know that they can be anything!

  231. She shows my girls that they can do whatever job they want to in life.

  232. michelle brown Reply

    Barbie is strong and independent
    and a kind and caring friend, everything I want my daughter to be!

  233. Ali Hillier Reply

    I love that Barbie is a strong, independent woman and even she pick on herself if she mucks up!

  234. jodie young Reply

    I love that she lives a life of great fashion and fame
    living the high life with ken and imagination games.

  235. I love that Barbie is fun, confident and always reinventing herself to be current.

  236. Elizabeth S Reply

    Barbie is bright, fun, positive, independent and active. Plus she has fabulous dress sense!

  237. I loved Barbies when I was a little girl and passed them on to my daughter who has now passed them on to her daughter. They have become family heirlooms.

  238. Sarah Butcher Reply

    That she shows girls that they can be anything the aspire to be.

  239. I love that she teaches my daughter to live her dreams and be herself.

  240. I love the way my little miss six delights,
    in watching Barbie on TV.
    I love the way her eyes light up and sparkle,
    when she explains what Barbie is doing, to me.
    I love it when she requests her hair in “Barbie style”, and then she announces to anyone who’ll listen – that she’s Barbie- with her beautiful smile spreading a mile! 🙂

  241. I like the innocence of Barbie. She may look grown up but she has pink everything and lots of toys. No violence.

  242. I love that my daughter dresses Barbie up when we are going out as she needs to change clothes to look good too!!!

  243. Katt Dowling Reply

    I love that barbie can be anything! she is teaching little girls its okay to be anything they want

  244. Nicole Muller Reply

    My daughter loves how barbie can do anything she puts her mind to. Thank you kind regard nicole

  245. I have 3 beautiful granddaughters who absolutely love Barbie and have all of her previous movies to which they watch over and over continuously so I consider them to be 3 of Barbies biggest fans and deserving of winning her new Barbie Spy Squad Pack.

  246. There’s no way Barbie could be a fashion model, airline pilot, astronaut, doctor, and NASCAR driver if she wasn’t brilliant.

  247. I grew up with Barbie and 30 years later my daughter my daughter loves her and also has the added bonus of watching her on DVDs.

  248. melanie whittle Reply

    I love that barbie created imaginative play for me as a child and now for my own children

  249. I love that Barbie has been around for years and is the ultimate doll

  250. Sarah Fairley Reply

    She reminds me of my youth……when political correctness wasn’t ridiculous

  251. Tanya Berglund Reply

    I received the Barbie Spy Squad Prize pack today, very nice surprise. My girls will love it. Thanks again Mum Central.

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