Disney’s classic animated film, “The Jungle Book” is an all-new live-action epic adventure about Mowgli, a man-cub who’s been raised by a family of wolves.

But Mowgli finds he is no longer welcome in the jungle when fearsome tiger Shere Khan, who bears the scars of Man, promises to eliminate what he sees as a threat. Urged to abandon the only home he’s ever known, Mowgli embarks on a captivating journey of self-discovery, guided by panther-turned-stern mentor Bagheera (voice of Ben Kingsley), and the free- spirited bear Baloo (voice of Bill Murray).

Along the way, Mowgli encounters jungle creatures who don’t exactly have his best interests at heart, including Kaa (voice of Scarlett Johannsson), a python whose seductive voice and gaze hypnotizes the man-cub, and the smooth-talking King Louie (voice of Christopher Walken), who tries to coerce Mowgli into giving up the secret to the elusive and deadly red flower: fire.

The all-star cast also includes Lupita Nyong’o as the voice of the fiercely protective mother wolf Raksha, and Giancarlo Esposito as the voice of wolf pack’s alpha male Akela. “The Jungle Book” seamlessly blends live-action with photorealistic CGI animals and environments, using up-to-the-minute technology and storytelling techniques to immerse audiences in an enchanting and lush world.



To celebrate we’re giving 10 lucky readers an in-season family pass for 4 to see the movie!

Simply complete the entry form and tell us in the comments below WHO you’d take to the movies and you’re in the running!


Win 1 of 10 In Season Passes to see Disney’s Jungle Book at the Cinema


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  1. Paula Harris Reply

    I’d love to take my kids to this movie….so I don’t look awkward going alone as I really want to see it too hahahaha

  2. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    OMG watched the preview of this movie and boy I would absolutely LOVE to bring my kids to this movie!!! They have certainly taken Jungle Book to a whole new level!!!

  3. I would take my birthday boy beacause he is mad for jungle animals!

  4. My 9 yr old daughter who is obsessed with any animal
    Don’t know if she thinks its fashionable
    But she is fanatical

  5. Kids and their cousin….but only if they’ve been good, very good!!

  6. Wife who is dying to see it, and I suppose we can let the kids tag along too 😉

  7. sarah Ellwood Reply

    My partner. We would love a romantic date to see an epic movie.

  8. Jenny Learmond Reply

    I would take my husband, and sons Dylan and Derick (10 & 13)

  9. I would take my daughters Liliana and Rosalea I may allow the husband to come as well we will see if he behaves LOL


    My grandchildren who I know will enjoy it thoroughly; just as their folks did and as I did..I regard the Jungle Book story as a timeless classic….in my own childhood it conjured up wonderful fantasies of adventure; and good and bad….I think it’s a must for all kids

  11. Kristy Winters Reply

    My older two children I think the younger two would get a bit scared this looks like a bit of a dark adaptation

  12. I’d take my father, with whom I first watched the original Disney Jungle book. I remember laughing at him dancing around to King Louie’s “I Wanna Be Like You!”

  13. I would take my 6 kids (10-2), they have all love jungle book since they were young. Always having the Disney versions on repeat. They have been so excited since they saw the trailer..

  14. Teresa Clark Reply

    My son and husband, they would both love the outing and the movie.

  15. I’d take my three sons for their first cinema experience, they’d love it!

  16. Kylie Clayton Reply

    My family, we are looking forward to seeing this version, it looks amazing. My husband and I both enjoy Rudyard Kipling’s original, “The jungle book” and are looking forward to sharing this with our youngest son (and his siblings!).

  17. Michelle Green Reply

    Love to take my Mother in law and my 2 step sons. They are super keen to see the new Jungle Book movie.

  18. Rebekah Duncan Reply

    My mother in law and my 2 kids, it has always been her favourite book and Disney movie

  19. Natalie Skinner Reply

    I would take my boys for a great family day out these school holidays

  20. Bronwyn Elmes Reply

    Misses 5 and 8 and mr 12 are all dying to see it. Even more so when I told them The Jungle Book has been around since I was a kid!

  21. Dying to take the kids…..love the book huge FANS please please pick us!

  22. Sally Marotti Reply

    My husband and three kids. My eldest is obsessed with the jungle book!

  23. George Postans Reply

    I would take my three grandchildren Paige,Riley and Mia to watch The Jungle Book and buy one more ticket for my wife Olga

  24. Taking the hubby, bub is too little and we are still big kids at heart

  25. All of us will be together as a family, wifey, hubby and two bratties.

  26. I’d give the tickets to my Mum and Dad to take my sons. With a newborn in the house this would give me a perfect chance to sleep! 🙂

  27. jaime farrands Reply

    I’d take my partner as she doesn’t get out much at the moment with a sick infant

  28. All my 4 kids. This is a great movie for the whole family to enjoy.

  29. I would take my Grandchildren, they missed out on their holidays because my 7 yr old grandson had a terrible accident and had surgery and Dr’s visits almost all of the school holidays. Going to see the Jungle Book would be perfect for them 🙂

  30. My husband and son, we’re all really looking forward to seeing this movie!

  31. I would love to take my almost four year old son, his best friend and his best friends Mum. best friend and his Mum are having a bit of a rough time of things and could do with a bit of an escape from the everyday. My boy has seen the original jungle book on dvd and loves the story so would be a great experience for him.

  32. Claire Armstrong Reply

    My husband and I grew up reading The Jungle Book. I can’t wait to share it with our kids.

  33. Voula Gueit Reply

    My son is 11 and is really keen to watch it – not only for the story line but the graphics look terrific too!

  34. My 10 year old son and I would love to see it. Think this version may be too scary for my daughter on the big screen so will take a couple of his friends instead.

  35. Belinda Mouk Reply

    My 4 year old niece and 8 year old nephew would love to see the Jungle Book.

  36. Jenny Woods Reply

    Would love to take my 2 grand children to see the Jungle Book.

  37. Love an excuse to see the animated movies with Sarah my adorable neice

  38. Our youngsters love anything with animals in it, animated or otherwise.

  39. Will love to take my god-kids, the Jungle Book is such a delight for the entire family.

  40. Angel Boyd Reply

    This is great family movie, so would definitely take our little family to enjoy and have some bonding time.

  41. I grew up reading the book and watching the original movie, my first daughter and I then enjoyed revisiting the movie as well as watching the sequel and now my 2-year old fell in love with Baloo and all the wonderful characters. We cannot wait to see the new Jungle Book.

  42. Julie Hodsman Reply

    We would take our son and a friend. Our daughter is a bit young yet.

  43. I would love to take my husband who, like me, is a massive Disney fan and my two little girls who love the original jungle book and anything to do with animals! They would absolutely be delighted to see this movie, as it would be a lovely family treat! Amanda Giffard

  44. Kirstin Trehan Reply

    My mum as we both love this movie and my daughter does not want to go ?

  45. Elizabeth Tysoe Reply

    I’d take my daughter and son who both love this story and have a thing for real bears – my son’s first words were growling crawling around the floor pretending to be a bear with his sister and neither will sleep without their cuddly bears which look like real bears not teddy bears!

  46. Tanya Berglund Reply

    I’d love to take my three kids, we watched the preview when we went to see Zootopia last Month and it looked fantastic.

  47. Heidi-May Tregeagle Reply

    I ideally would like to take my three nearly four year old to this and my mother whom loved the cartoon

  48. Gervase Dsylva Reply

    My wife and kids! My wife and I grew up on the original one so this is a definite “not miss”. And the kids will love this version!

  49. Celeste Goodman Reply

    I would take my boys who are looking forward to seeing The Jungle Book.

  50. Judith Maunders Reply

    I’d take my animal loving daughter and her best friend. And hubby too .. he wouldn’t want to miss out either!

  51. My big 9 year old will be my date! We haven’t had much mummy & son time since bub number 2 came along 8 months ago. He is a Cub Scout and super excited to see the movie that was the original inspirarion!

  52. Karyn Munro - Reply

    It would have to be my 9 year old daughter she loves animals and has already told me when she grows up she would love to work with animals!

  53. I would love to take my 2 children to see this remake of a truly classic movie. I loved the original and I’m sure the new update won’t disappoint!

  54. I would take my daughter and my mum. My daughter LOVES the jungle book and has now got the book and cd which was mine when I was a little girl. She loves singing and dancing to the songs and She sings the Bare Necessities throughout he day! I also love to join in with her. I just Love this film and my mum remembers doing the same with me as a little girl.

  55. Mandy Graham Reply

    My hubby and boys would love to see this with me. Looks so good.

  56. Rachypie84 Reply

    My mum and little sister would LOVE to see this. Our family adores the Jungle Book!!

  57. I’d take the family to the movies. Nothing better then family time.

  58. Jane Whitelaw Reply

    My 6 year old as life tends to orientate itself more around my 12 and 14 year old and it seems she misses out!

  59. Sam Pearce Reply

    I’d take some of my children, whichever was the most behaved on the day!

  60. I would take a dear friend of mine and her children, what a great Mother’s day pressie for both of us!

  61. Bronie Elson Reply

    My husband and daughter and one of her friends. As a descendant of Rudyard Kipling it would be great to introduce them to this great dtory

  62. Lauren Barnes Reply

    My mum and son would be sitting next to me with this jungle adventure, and munch munch munching popcorn

  63. I would have to take my 3 kids and hubby would have to miss out.

  64. I would take my mum, dad and brother because we used to watch the old cartoon version together as a family when I was a kid and it is a cherished memory

  65. My friend and her kid plus me and mine, enjoyment for both of us as fans of the original and the remakes over the years and for the young ones too, nice family friendly day out.

  66. Night out with the hubby to watch what was his favourite movie as a kid be reborn.

  67. shelbyward Reply

    My 6 year old boy because Nanna took his older brother and it is not helping the middle child syndrome.

  68. They border on wild,
    always happy and free.
    Craving adventure like Mowgli,
    So it’s my children that I’ll take with me!

  69. I’d take three of my dearest friends! We all grew up watching and loving the old Jungle Book movies and this would be the perfect nostalgic outing for us 😀

  70. We would make it a family outing, my husband, my two girls and I

  71. rebecca blackmore Reply

    my husband. We are in need of a well earned night out.

  72. My three nephews, gotta keep up my reputation as the cool aunt!

  73. Hubby – he keeps going on about how he read these books as a kid and I’d love to surprise him!

  74. Sarah Phillips Reply

    Hubby and the kids, we are all looking forward to seeing this. Looks amazing!

  75. Leisa Sandles Reply

    I’d love to take my twin girls and my partner. I just had a baby (their new baby brother) a couple of weeks ago and my girls are getting cabin fever from being stuck at home!

  76. I’d take my stepdaughter, we’d watch the first Jungle Book at home than go see the new one!

  77. My brother Joe (to relive our childhood), and my youngest niece and nephew (to create good memories for them to take into their adult lives). Loved the Jungle Book as a kid!

  78. Lana Adele Wood Reply

    I.would take my husband and two boys. My boys haven’t seen the jungle book so they will enjoy it!

  79. Rebecca O'Connell Reply

    I have 3 daughters that my partner and I would love to take. With a new baby on the way it would be lovely to spend some extra special time with our older children before the new baby comes along!

  80. My partner and son, it would be great to spend some special time together and I know they’d both love the jungle book!

  81. Michelle Cooper Reply

    I would be super excited to take the kids to see this movie.

  82. My sister, first time viewing the movie as we both enjoyed acting out JUNGLE BOOK as kids… then again with my own children… It’s a generational thing to enjoy!

  83. Ashley Beech Reply

    Definitely the kids, they would really enjoy this….well maybe minus the youngest, he’s a downright terror at the movies!

  84. Lynnette Bull Reply

    I would take my niece and nephew. Seeing as they have not seen any Jungle book movies I think seeing this one would be a magical experience as it is so life like

  85. I would take my brother, we used to watch this over and over as kids – so it would be nice to watch it together to be a bit nostalgic

  86. Felicity Turner Reply

    I can remember taking my children to see the original jungle book when they were little so it would be lovely if I could take me granddaughter. Would be a great memory.

  87. Id take my partner and our 6 year old, they are both hounding me to see it!

  88. Jade Flynn-O'Brien Reply

    I’d take my mum, and my two younger siblings because they need cheering up after almost losing mum.

  89. Andieharrie Reply

    My grand daughter would love to see Baloo, Bagheera and Mowgli
    The Rudyard Kipling story of character who are quite motley

  90. Leanne Baker Reply

    I would take my daughter, she hasn’t yet experienced a movie at the cinema and this looks like a great place to start. She is mesmerised watching the trailers so I have no doubt she would love the movie. Thank you.

  91. Stacey Lee Brown Reply

    My children. A great family outing to share such a classic story that I grew up with as a child.

  92. SteveandMelita Malone Reply

    Husband and our 2 kids for my birthday this month

  93. Sue Pickthorne Reply

    my 4 oldest grandkids and I would love to go and see this

  94. Anne Costello Reply

    I’d love to take my son and his two sons. When my son was in Cubs and Scouts the leaders had names of the characters in The Jungle Book.

  95. Roslyn Spawton Reply

    I’d take my son and daughter with me, to experience the wonderful magic of The Jungle Book.

  96. Ann Maree Sculley Reply

    My daughter and her best friend and hubby and myself , I think my husband would get most excited though he loves this movie .

  97. stephen elsworthy Reply

    This would be great for the school holidays, it just means I would only have to buy 2 tickets so we could all go

  98. Would love to take my three boys! They love Jungle Book, so it would make their day!! 🙂

  99. Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    I’d take my 3.5yo daughter. One of her favourite books at the moment is The Jungle Book. She watches the Disney version of the movie at least once at week. She would be so excited to see this one! (And I would too haha)

  100. I would take my son who’s starting to show interest in movies and live show

  101. I loved Jungle Book as a child and would really enjoy this movie myself 🙂 We will go together as a family with my husband and our daughter and son. I’m sure they will love it!

  102. Heather E Wales Reply

    i would take both my children because they are cub scouts and they are based around the jungle book.

  103. Nicola James Reply

    My grand-daughter Emelia who adores the tale and would love to see it on the big screen!

  104. Renee Graham Reply

    I’d take my Miss 8. We need some us time with Miss 9wks a handful of a bubs

  105. Cathy Bailey Reply

    I would take my 4y/o granddaughter.She has the Jungle Book book & loves it.

  106. my daughter, i have promised her but haven’t had the means to do so, so i had to break my promise

  107. Karen Sharp Reply

    My grandson, I would love him to enjoy this amazing story as much as I did.

  108. Id love to take my 6 year old daughter as an excuse for me to see it on the big screen. Id love to share the story, adventure, friendships and music. To bond over an old favorite would be a treasured memory.

  109. Scott Crumlin Reply

    Little Zoey who is all of four and just loves jungle animals! This would be so exciting for her.

  110. Little miss 3 & 5…we looooove jungle book & little miss 3 has not been to the movies yet so a wonderful adventure for the whole family!!!

  111. Barbara-Rose Townsend Reply

    Blue Rock and Black & White Pearl as a way to celebrate our love of animals and us all learning to face our fears and be brave as Mowgli does.

  112. Nicole Woods Reply

    I’d give the pass to my brother so he and his wife could take their kids to see it.

  113. My daughters husband and myself . To have some family time after having a new baby would love to spend the time with my daughter and dad. Special time for her after her being so wonderful of 9 months looking After me

  114. Tess Howard Reply

    The whole family! Mum and Dad (thats me and hubby) can’t wait to see modern showing of our childhood classic. The kids are really interested in the story as a first time exposure!

  115. Ross Powell Reply

    my great nieces Chloe and Grace and my wife we just adore those two little princesses

  116. Jane Gardam Reply

    My grandson who is 6 he loves the jungle book stories/movies and this one looks like the ultimate movie, he would be very excited.

  117. Kathryn Thomas Reply

    I would take my 2 sons and my step daughter, they would love to see this movie.

  118. Panda Jess Reply

    I would take my mum, sister and nanna, for a girls night out.

  119. My three gorgeous boys would enjoy this movie so much!!! Animal crazy, they would want to take them all home!!!! 🙂 Thanks

  120. Isabeau Jane Reply

    My 3 children 😉 They are excited about this movie from the previews they have seen 🙂

  121. I’d take my son, Master 5, along with one of his friends & parent and it would be a perfect way to build a fun day out during the school holidays.

  122. Heather Hopley Reply

    He has a love and affinity to all animals; so gentle and caring and I know he would love The Jungle Book. I would love to take my grandson.

  123. Larissa Gayle Andrews Reply

    I would take my eldest son Ethan. He is in cub scouts and so the Jungle Book story is a huge part of his life. i would love to go with him to share it.

  124. I would take my two boys who play make believe that they are characters in Jungle book ever since reading it to them. Nothing better than a heart warming kids show without all this violence and dark themes.

  125. Fiona Loadsman Reply

    I would take my 23 year old daughter, we loved reading the story together over and over when she was younger!

  126. Dale Pearce Reply

    I would take my niece (7) and my nephew (10). They would enjoy this movie and I would be able to relive my childhood seeing The Jungle Book all over again.

  127. Alicia Mesonero Reply

    I’d be taking my two beautiful daughters, Mia and Emma.

  128. christine morris Reply

    I wold love to take my Grand children to see this , im sure i would enjoy it as much as them. thank you 🙂

  129. Jo Connell Reply

    I would take my Son as he loves animals and his best friend Alyssa, then i get to go with my best friend her mum. x

  130. I’d take my son Jay – it’ll be his first movie, he’ll be stoked because he loves jungle animals!

  131. Hayley Kirby Reply

    I would take my son Xavier – he’s seen the preview for it and would love to see it.

  132. Melanie J Patterson Reply

    I would take my eldest little guy, he’s almost 4 and loves Snakes and lizards, and Bears… Not sure what he’ll think of the Tiger. But the graphics look awesome.

  133. Katherine Spanos Reply

    My two adorable grandsons who are besotted with Jungle Book

  134. I would take my 3 kids! My youngest has never been to the cinema before so it would be a very exciting experience for her!

  135. Lisa Loizou Reply

    My 7 year old son! He loves the jungle book! Baloo is his fave

  136. I would take my daughter Darcy and her cousins Lee Anne and Gavin to see The Jungle Book.

  137. Calisto Brady Reply

    My daughter. She’s 9 and already scaling trees and branches with ease. I think she’s definitely following Tarzan’s footsteps now.

  138. Amanda-Jane Snell Reply

    I would take my family to see this movie they would love it.

  139. I’d take My Wife and Three Kids, They’d all love to see it. I remember seeing the original version when I was young!

  140. Samara Cassidy Reply

    I would take my 12yo daughter and my 4yo son. It would be a real treat for them as they don’t get to go to the movies as we live out of town and only really go to town to do grocery shopping.

  141. Catherine Gierak Reply

    I’d take my husband and two kids.. a perfect opportunity for some quiet family time together in an otherwise crazily busy life.

  142. Tindi Crosbie Reply

    I’d take my adorable grandchildren= Darling Alicia and Sweet Liliane!

  143. My 4 little munchkin grandies..Maddie, Xavie, Harry and Hannah!! I was Bagheera when I was a Cub Leader many moons ago, so this movie is rather special to me! 🙂

  144. I would love to take my kids to see the Jungle Book. They both attend cub scouts and have been looking forward to seeing the movie.

  145. Helen Cooper Reply

    I don’t think my daughter is ready for this version yet, although she loves the animated one, so I would give the pass to a friend to take her 2 girls.

  146. My 7 year old son, a real jungle lover and cheeky monkey extraordinaire!

  147. Heather Pitkeathly Reply

    My little miss her bestie and his mum.They would have a ball.

  148. Shannon Discombe Reply

    I’d love to spoil my two kids and my amazing man for a family outing as it seems never happen much lately

  149. Stav Mataia Reply

    Would love to take hubby and the kids, my girls have been talking about this movie and really would love to see it. Thanks❤️

  150. I would take Miss 6 and Master 4 and myself of course. I loved this movie as a kid and I cant wait to share it with my children.

  151. Julia Morton Reply

    i would take my 7 year old daughter, she would love the animation and the animals talking, the bear is her favourite.

  152. I will take our 8 years old who loves Jungle Book and her elder sister 12 years old.

  153. Kathie Holmes Reply

    I would take my daughters Stephanie and Rhiannon and my good friend Donna with me as Disney is a favourite for all of us.

  154. My little brother (and probably my other brother), as he’s excited to see the film!

  155. I would take my 4 kids. They don’t go to the cinema much, as it costs to much.

  156. My young boy and his cousin, they’d love to see this on the big screen. Disney means magic & brings stories to life!…

  157. my kids have been waiting for this movie so its them who will be enjoying it next to me!

  158. I would take my 2 beautiful children who never get to go to the movies, this would be such a treat 🙂

  159. Jemma Hansen Reply

    I would take the whole family. My 2 sons, husband and myself. My boys have been glued to the screen when the previews for Jungle Book are playing and amazed by the animals.

  160. I would love to take my two nature loving man-cubs to see this movie – it looks spectacular!

  161. stacey coppin Reply

    I would take my partner, daughter and nephew. They would love it!

  162. Tony Avery Reply

    I’d love to take my kids, but I must admit I am sure I would enjoy it just as much as they would!

  163. Julia Todd Reply

    My almost 3 and almost 6 year old boys saw the preview at the movies recently and would be SO excited to see this one!!

  164. Alison Briggs Reply

    I would love a mum and son date with my master 7. He has seen all the super hero and dinosaur movies with his dad and I have my heart set on seeing this with him.

  165. Louise Patterson Reply

    My husband and our two daughters. We would all love this!

  166. Stephanie West Reply

    My mother as she has been so excitedly talking about this for the last week and a bit 🙂

  167. Adele Smith Reply

    My husband, teenage daughter and her best friend as the story is of course marvellous and it looks simply visually stunning.

  168. marypreston Reply

    I’d take my children. They love this story as much as I do.

  169. Debbie Moody Reply

    I would love to take my daughter-in-law and my two grandsons to this movie, it would be so much fun and a great day for us to remember being together, enjoying ourselves.

  170. Linda Luczak Reply

    It would be a joy to take my 3 children. Jungle Book is such a classic!

  171. If her fascination with The Lion King is anything to go by, my little one, Erin, will love The Jungle Book.

  172. Michelle Lalezari Reply

    Definitely would take my 2 boys aged 2 & 4 to see The Jungle Book.

  173. teigan jeffery Reply

    Id love to take my girls to see this. Ive always loved the cartoon movie.

  174. Mardi Storken Reply

    my 3 boys. It was the 1st movie my eldest watched at the age of 2 and he was rolling around laughing at Ka the snake!

  175. Katharine Dowling Reply

    The jungle book was my favourite movie as a child, and my boyfriend has apparently never seen it?! I’d love to take him to this to share in the magic for both of us for a first time.

  176. Yunita Wijaya Reply

    My 2 kids and my husband. We had our first movie outting 2 weeks ago and the kids want to do it again!

  177. Maria Braund Reply

    My kids, always loved the story line of The Jungle Book, would love to watch it with my kids

  178. I’d take my animal loving daughter…. & let her choose 2 people to take with us.

  179. This was my favourite movie as a child (yes I’m old) and I would love to share my passion for the movie’s characters and songs with my 3 children.

  180. Dianne Childs Reply

    I’d take my son and husband to the movies, because they love adventure-filled tales like The Jungle Book!

  181. Gillian Harridge Reply

    My kids and my Mum, we all adore the Jungle Book. Have been busting for this movie to come out 🙂

  182. I would love to take the two “boys” in my life for the movie. It would be a nice family activity for us.

  183. Ree Ree Cunningham Reply

    Malachi my son. This is his favorite bed time story.

  184. Nicole Gurney Reply

    I would take my son daughter and niece. They would live it thanks 🙂

  185. Katie Sara Winderlich Reply

    I loved the jungle book when I was younger, and my daughter is so excited about seeing the new movie!!! 🙂

  186. Sarah Hickey Reply

    I would take my 2 children Giselle & Eagan & my husband which he & I remember the old movie The Jungle Book.

  187. Nicole Jennings Reply

    I would take my 8 year old boy to reconnect with him as he has been jealous of his little 2 year old brother

  188. My son and my daughter and maybe my husband if we can convince him to come along.

  189. Bianca de Lima Reply

    My husband and our two children. I think the jungle book is a good introduction to their culture on daddy’s side. Much safer to take them to the movies than to India lol

  190. My partner and my son, loved The jungle book when I was a young girl, would love to see the story again especially with my darling boy

  191. Would love to Pay It Forward as my kids are a bit older now and I would have trouble getting them to sit down at the same time so I would love to share the prize with someone else who is less fortunate and just have one adult ticket for myself as I am a big kid at heart and would love this.

  192. Kate Slack Reply

    My daughter and son we all want to see this so much it would be a great treat in the school holidays!

  193. Katherine Bamford Reply

    I’d love to take my 2 little monkeys to see The Jungle Book! Being animals at heart, their cheeky little cub faces will be alight during this classic story with much delight 🙂

  194. Julie Pelegrin Reply

    I would Love to take my 2 beautiful girls 17 and 5. They would both get alot of enjoyment out of this movie. I would also love to take all their cousins :))

  195. I’d definitely have to take my daughter to this and her older brothers would have an excuse to go as well.

  196. Maria Kuli Reply

    I’d take our 2 kiddies who sometimes act as though they were raised by a pack of animals! They’d love to see how it’s really done!

  197. Donna Joy Leysley Reply

    my kids of course … plus I REALLY want to see it, I LOVED The Jungle Book as a kid.

  198. Courtney Cunningham Reply

    I would love to take my sister as we grew up watching and reading the original Jungle Book. Plus i would also take my son. It would be his first cinema experience.

  199. my son and two young nephews for a fun day out over the school holidays

  200. Christine Dean Reply

    My husband and 2 boys. They are all super excited about this movie.

  201. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    My 4.5 year old son and his best friend, for a treat and great day out

  202. Kate Marshall Reply

    my 4 year old grandson Patrick would love to come with nanna to see this great movie

  203. Aaron Richard Kaczmarczyk Reply

    My partner, the jungle book is her favourite movie!

  204. Milly Howells Reply

    My husband (it was his favourite book as a kid), my niece and my eldest daughter.

  205. Linda Dibiase Reply

    My husband has the whole kids collection of movies, The jungle book is on the top shelf followed by The Lion King, both have been watched so often that he knows the words off by heart
    This will be a family outing for all of sudden!

  206. Valerie Wee Reply

    My little girl would love to watch this movie with her daddy.

  207. Michele Collins Reply

    I would take hubby since he makes me see the movies he wants and I’ve wanted to see this every since I heard about it last year..

  208. Stevee-Lee Anderson Reply

    I would take my sister and her two darling kids because they would love it! We have fond memories of watching The Jungle Book!

  209. Maree Daniels Reply

    Hubby and our two kids would find this very enjoyable. We’d make a real day of it for them so it would be very exciting for all 🙂

  210. Michelle Halusko Tsimouris Reply

    I’d take hubby & the kids for a family day out complete with popcorn & choc tops!

  211. Cherie Stokes Reply

    My family – can’t remember the last time we went to the movies!

  212. Charl Lowther Reply

    My family! My daughter has been asking if we can see The Jungle Book, so fingers crossed! Love seeing movies, and this looks good 🙂

  213. My kids – going to the movies together is our favourite family activity.

  214. michelle brown Reply

    My son is dying to see this, would love to take him, he always loved Baloo in the cartoon and Bill Murray is an awesome casting for the role 🙂

  215. I’d take my landlord, because he has helped care for me with a broken leg

  216. sars_angelchik Reply

    I’d love to take my husband and my daughter they both love Disney and my little girl would love feeling so grown up getting to go to a cinema!

  217. jodie young Reply

    I would love to take my daughter to see this I’m lucky enough that our cinema cators for special needs children

  218. Joni Gephart Reply

    Want to take my 3 kids. We saw the 10 minute 3D preview and they are very excited. Love them to see a modern version of an old classic.

  219. My daughter, she would find it absolutely amazing and going to the movies is a huge treat for her!

  220. Adam Brooker Reply

    I would take my little brother Liam and my little sister Caitlin 🙂

  221. Eva Kiraly Reply

    I’d take my son to see this movie, I think we’d both love to see it!

  222. Leandrea Lance Reply

    As a kid, the classic Jungle Book was one of the first movies I saw on Cinema. I would love to “re-live” such a happy memory with my 2 munchkins and Hubby with this modern re-make 🙂

  223. Elizabeth S Reply

    My daughters who are huge fans and hoping I take them to see it!

  224. My wife and the two daughters. They love animals and we are looking forward to watching this movie.

  225. Michelle Budge Reply

    I would take my 89 year old father….He’s just a big kid at heart…love you dad.. <3

  226. I would be taking my husband 2 daughters Kiera and Jacinta I think it’s a movie for the whole family xxx

  227. Id take my 2 kids 7 and 4 and boyfriend, we have never been to the movies together.

  228. My boy. He loves a movie experience, complete with the “massive TV” and popcorn!

  229. Angela Tennent Reply

    my kids and amazing man what a awesone way to celebrate my daughters birthday and mothers day together then to watch the jungle book our.favourite movie

  230. Rachel Cheel Reply

    My WHOLE family (myself, hubby, daughter and little man!) have been dying to watch this since we saw a preview of it a few months ago!! It looks absolutely incredible 😀 Such a Disney crazy family 😀

  231. I’d take my son, who hasn’t been to the movies yet (except for mums & bubs sessions as an infant). Along with his two best friends, as a birthday celebration.

  232. Julie Nguyen Reply

    My hubby and kids! I was terribly sick for the past few weeks and he took care of everything, cooking cleaning etc.. Isn’t he amazing?! 😉

  233. Vanessa Lampre Reply

    I would take my son & my nephews to see it. They would have such a awesome time!. Fingers crossed x

  234. Lisa Webster Reply

    Definitely my son, daughter and husband. It would be a fabulous family outing!

  235. Courtney Foster Reply

    I would love to take my son to his first ever movie theatre experience, before his little brother or sister arrives in August. Need to make the most of mummy and son dates 🙂

  236. I would love to take my 2 girl’s and maybe their dad as he is the big kid who loves the Jungle book

  237. Angela Rutherford Reply

    My 4 year old. He loves animals and movies and comments every time we see a billboard for The Jungle Book film. Angela Rutherford

  238. Both my 2 boys Lachlan 10 & Hayden 8 are hanging out to see this amazing movie

  239. My two kids who love movie outings and any movies with animals! There hasn’t been a great jungle story for a long time 🙂

  240. Melissa Mckeown Reply

    Definitely my son and daughter! They’ve been dying to see this movie!

  241. Julia Hermann Reply

    I would like to take my son, daughter and husband. This was the first Walt Disney movie we sat down and watched as a family.

  242. Michelle Cleland Reply

    A bare necessity for enjoying the Jungle book movie would be taking my big bear boy Brayden

  243. Sam Coppack Reply

    My own monkeys (aka my daughters and my hubby) would be coming along with me.

  244. Definitely My boys because they are looking forward to watch this movie.

  245. Nicole Muller Reply

    I would take my daughter as we don’t get out anymore due to our circumstances. And I’d love to take some of her friends. That would be such a buzz for her.thank you kind regards nicole

  246. Linda Wallace Reply

    LOVE TO take Destineey, at three she’d be mesmerized by this movie.

  247. Id love to take my kiddies and my hubby we grew up watching this Disney movie and to be able to watch it recreated with my whole family would be magical !!

  248. Jenny Mains Reply

    My 10 year old Son is desperate to see ‘The Jungle Book’! So I would take him for sure!

  249. Sharon Lorman Reply

    I’d take my son to experience the wonderful magic of Disney so he can enjoy the fantasy too.

  250. Buggeritliz Reply

    I’d be taking my niece and nephew as they would not expect a show like Disney on Ice even exists. I will just that them in the threatre sit them down and see their reactions.

  251. Andrew McKeown Reply

    My three kids are huge animal lovers and they’d definitely love to see this movie

  252. Stephanie Merrington Reply

    I’d take my son, my little sister and my mum. Haven’t been to the movies with my mum in many of years. This would be hugely special as the very first film I saw as a child in cinemas was the jungle book

  253. I would love to take my 3 little granddaughters to see this movie as they would be truly amazed, delighted and fascinated, and undoubtedly would not want it to finish…

  254. Leanne Murphy Reply

    I would take my two girls they really would like to see this great movie the reviews are fantastic with school holidays on at the moment they would love this fingers crossed

  255. Not been to cinemas in years,
    With my daughter for Mothers Day,
    A movie to make us smile,
    Please send tickets my way!

  256. I would take my two grandchildren, with them along I can pretend that I am only there for them!

  257. Claire Bansagi Reply

    I would take my mother in law and my daughter, so all 3 generations can appreciate a new classic 🙂

  258. Natalie McCann Reply

    I would take my 3 sons. My youngest broke his arm at Easter so we have had a very quiet school holidays. It was his birthday Tuesday and Jungle Book is the movie he has been asking to see

  259. Jane Copeland Reply

    I would take my my Husband and my two boys, sometime I feel like we live in the jungle so I think the movie is totally appropriate for us.

  260. I would take 3 of my great-grandchildren…but which 3 of the 13 will be a difficult decision.

  261. humptydumpedme Reply

    I’d take my daughter and her two sons, I know we’d absolutely love it

  262. Samala Cambridge Reply

    My son! He loves the jungle book. Once a week we make a little tee pee in his room and read the whole book together before bed! Loves it!

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